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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day  – Herman Cain Edition Part Deux

Holy sh&$ they missed it?

“I’m on a train and haven’t seen the Cain press conf yet. Was it really that terrible as my Twitter stream seems to indicate?” — Human Events‘ infamous ambusher Jason Materra.

“Will be on an underground train during Cain presser. I understand that my entire career is at risk because of this.” — Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody.

The Atlantic reporter goes on Canadian TV to discuss Mr. C

“Just went on Canadian TV, where I was asked what I think ‘aboot’ Herman Cain.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

And the good news is…

“The one thing that can be said about Romney is no one would ever accused him of making sexual advances…including Mrs. Romney. #Robot” — contributor and periodic radio host Derek Hunter.

Stalking journos

“The Hilton hotel chain will not release any information about Herman Cain’s stays or upgrades at their hotel.” See here. — National Review Online‘s Jim Geraghty.

“It is gross that the press is going after Cain’s family. Still the question about his wife’s height is something we gotta check out.” — Slate and CBS’s John Dickerson.

It’s Caining Women

“Dangerous for Cain to say he has no memory of ‘this woman.’ If any connection demonstrated, it will be…inconvenient. #ItsCainingWomen” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn.

Cain family pimping? So far, out of the question

“I’m also glad Cain didn’t have his family up there. You can’t say stay away from my family then pimp them for a photo op.” — Washington Watch’s Roland Martin.

Where’s Mark Sanford when you need him?

“Fox, please, for the sake of all that is good, bring in contributor Mark Sanford for his analysis.” – Politico‘s Alexander Burns.

Talking jive with Conroy

“Also should be noted that I have weirdly been known to confuse jibe with/jive with.” — RCP‘s Scott Conroy.

Journos poke fun of Cain’s third person usage

“A reporter named Sam Youngman has a lot of unanswered questions #funwiththirdperson” — The Hill‘s (soon to be Reuter‘s) Sam Youngman.

“Ron Fournier finds it a bit sketchy when people talk about themselves in the 3rd person.” — NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier.

Premiere Vs. Premier

“Like @RealClearScott, I have many pet grammar peeves and one surfaced in a release today: The use of ‘premiere’ to mean the best. #premier — Las Vegas political TV reporter.” Jon Ralston.

Journo on mend after dental surgery

“Oral Surgery 2 week check up: very good! Return to normal eating habits! I’m so happy!!!” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art.

Bio of the Day: She dined with the Prez. Does Michelle know?

Roll Call‘s Christina Bellantoni: “Christina Bellantoni has covered Washington, D.C. for Talking Points Memo, The Washington Times, and Roll Call. She has helped TPM and Roll Call expand exponentially, including by securing TPM a place in the White House Correspondents Association and the White House press pool. She has dined with the President, profiled Michelle Bachmann, and has appeared on TV numerous times, including times on Fox, Friends, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. She will also discuss how the media landscape and political journalism has changed thanks to social networking and technological tools.”

UPDATE: Bellantoni wrote in to clarify a couple things. First off, as an Institute of Politics fellow at Harvard this fall,  the blurb above is from one of her undergraduate student liaisons to advertise her weekly study group via Facebook and via internal Harvard list servs.  Secondly, there is a student typo, which she had them correct weeks back – it should read Fox & Friends. Duly noted.


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Fishbowl5 With Eagle Pub’s VP Joe Guerriero

Human Events is playing a game of musical chairs in its editorial department. Jason Materra, who came on board in April 2010, is out and Cathy Taylor, an op-ed writer at the Orange County Register, is in. Materra, the infamous ambusher, isn’t leaving Human Events. But he has been on his way out of his role as Editor for quite sometime as an outside recruiter has been slowly but methodically conducting a nationwide search for his replacement. Oddly, Materra, who is working on a new book called Hollywood Hypocrites, knew this was coming — higher-ups sensed he wasn’t a good fit for the top spot and told him so. Several inside sources say he wept over the news in an office meeting in early 2011. Brass swears it never happened and say those who may want to stick it to him are lying. By and large, employees are not surprised or upset about Materra switching roles. Furthermore, they don’t really care about his departure from the top role and some wouldn’t mind if he left altogether. As it was explained to FBDC, “He’s in a position where his talents are not being used properly. He should be in a role where he can roam around and do videos and the stuff he is known for. So there is a mismatch between the position and skill set.” So as Materra shifts into his new role after a recent surge of attention surrounding his dust-up with V.P. Biden, we spoke with his boss, Eagle Publishing’s VP and Group Publisher Joe Guerriero by phone Thursday morning. He was in a busy, noisy Manhattan hotel lobby, but stepped out into the street (car horns, traffic, etc..) to find some quiet and chat about the company shuffle. In his past…Prior to Eagle Publishing, Guerriero worked at Success as Publisher and Senior V.P. Before that he was the head of sales and marketing at Billboard Magazine. A Bronx native, he was a Catholic schoolboy who graduated from Mount St. Michael High School and Manhattanville College, where he taught for a few years. In 1982 he began his career selling advertising in the medical business followed by a decade at Crain Communications. For more on Guerriero, read Politico Patrick Gavin‘s story from earlier in the week in which he breaks the news of Materra’s in-house move.

1. How did you first meet Jason Materra? I met Jason after during 2010 CPAC. I had read a galley of his book Obama Zombies. I thought it was really well done, pretty expensively researched.

2. How did you come to hire him as Editor of Human Events? We had been looking to make a change [with] the editor position. But there was really nobody that was really emerging as terrific. Here is a talented, charismatic, young guy. Let’s give him a shot. We knew we were taking a chance putting him in this position. Is he really enjoying himself? It was clear that it wasn’t singing to him.

3. When did you realize that it wasn’t, as you say, singing for him? There was no moment really. There was no defining moment. I said, ‘Do you want to be a star in the conservative movement or do you want to be an editor?’ Basically he was enjoying the radio show and working on his book so much. I would always say, ‘Are you sure you want to be doing this, chained to your desk?’ He was honest. We were like, we love you, we want to support your career. I have weekly one-on-ones with all my staff [to discuss their lives and careers]. We determined right now that he needs to be doing books and TV and not building an editorial operation that we need to be competitive. There was no animus, no bad feelings.

4. Several sources have said they saw Jason cry about the news when it was first brought up to him earlier in the year. What do you make of that? Not once have I see him come close to shedding a tear. Whoever you’re speaking with clearly has a bone to pick. Jason is from Brooklyn. He’s not going to cry.

5. Tell me about the search to replace him. We had a number of people in and out of D.C. We had a recruiter out of New York handle the search. The search itself started with about 40 to 42 candidates in the U.S. and UK. Some were eliminated immediately. We got it down to five candidates. [Guerrriero suddenly returns to the previous question on Jason crying.] “If you just thought about it for a minute, it’s comical. I happen to love the person who would say something like that too.”

Bonus Q: Was Cathy the clear pick? She was number 1. The 1a was not from D.C. and had just relocated their family, and were not wanting to relocate their family. We had excellent candidates. I’d say she wasn’t our top choice from the beginning [but emerged as 1 in the end.]

More on Materra’s ambush techniques after the jump as Guerriero compares him to the Beatles…yes, you read that right, The BEATLES

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Separated at Birth: Jason Mattera Part Deux

We sincerely thought Human Events Editor Jason Mattera, who likes to wear wife beaters in professional work videos, was Washington, D.C.’s version of MTV “Jersey Shore’s” The Situation. But a devious Anonymous Tipster this afternoon has challenged our assumptions and made us look at things in a whole new light.

Mattera may really be Sasha Baron Cohen as “Bruno.”