The Franklin Center, a conservative nonprofit that covers local governments nationwide, is hosting a conference call this afternoon to draw attention to a lawsuit it’s battling by a car company founded by Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D).

“We’re hoping to get more attention to this free-speech infringing action and that those with big spheres of influence could help the effort,” reads an email from Melissa Clouthier, who does blogger outreach for the Center. “There are such important implications for us all. Every blogger/writer is vulnerable to being sued to be shut up. To be suing an organization like the Franklin Center is ballsy.”

GreenTech, the car company, is suing the Center for $85 million for stories reported by its website that suggest the company is a type of scam and in bed with the federal government. McAuliffe resigned from the company in December, though during his campaign he had often cited its creation as proof of his business savvy. Read more