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Morning Reading List 09.14.09

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Congratulations to WaPo‘s Ed O’Keefe who married Valerie Hallow this weekend. What know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



Upcoming TV interviews (via Playbook): The President sits down with Bloomberg News and CNBC’s John Harwood. Christina Romer, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, is doing the financial and news cable channels right after the speech from Wall Street. The CEA’s Austan Goolsbee pre-taped a “Morning Joe” interview yesterday. Treasury Secretary Geithner is sitting down with Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the “CBS Evening News,” and ABC’s Diane Sawyer, for “Good Morning America,” to air tomorrow.

Steve Kroft‘s interview with President Obama aired on last night’s “60 Minutes.”

Tonight’s Jay Leno‘s prime time debut on NBC.

“Even if the Leno show fails, this still points to the way the future of television is changing… Audiences are smaller and smaller in television.” -Time‘s James Poniewozik on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” yesterday.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” is on the west coast this week. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough pretaped today’s show from the Ronald Reagan Library with Nancy Reagan, Pat Buchanan and a live studio audience.


Unauthorized pop-ups on


With hope to make some money, Newsweek is changing its subscription policy.


WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz and Paul Duggan‘s take on the CNN coast guard debacle on Friday. “The “news,” such as it was, quickly hit the media echo chamber.”

And Dana Milbank‘s take.

Related? AP: Nearly two-thirds of Americans think the news stories they read, hear and watch are frequently inaccurate, according to a poll released Sunday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. That marks the highest level of skepticism recorded since 1985, when this study of public perceptions of the media was first done.

Tom Ricks and the military’s new philosophical embeds in CJR: The doctrine of counterinsurgency has received almost uniformly positive press coverage, at times making it appear to be the only possible avenue for the U.S. military, and in the process that coverage has cast it in the most positive light.

And Newsweek‘s Jon Meacham in NYT: Our Reporter, Ahmadinejad’s Prisoner.


“I spent all day… working the phones, pestering, cajoling, asking as many questions as possible and they really did not have much detail.” -WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly on difficulties in dealing with administration officials on the health care plan on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN. Connolly made the Sunday show rounds- she also appeared on the “Chris Matthews Show.”

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Morning Reading List 08.20.09

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'Moment of Zen – Why Do They Call You Wolf?
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Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

Above, Jon Stewart‘s “moment of Zen,” starring CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and kid-journo-genius Damon Weaver. “Why do they call you Wolf… is that because you have a lot of hair on your face?”

After work tonight, join Bloomberg’s Karen Leigh at Stetson’s on U St. for goodbyes before her re-location to Cambodia. What know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



Former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill and Meghan McCain will be filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View,” starting in September while Hasselbeck is out on maternity leave.

Variety fills us in on “The Jay Leno Show.” They’ll keep his best-known comedy bits, such as the “Jaywalking” segment, his riffs on headlines and 99¢ Only Store advertisements, which will run in the final quarter-hour of the new NBC series.

The editors of TVNewser read Playboy– for the articles, like this one on “Family Guy” creator and FOX comedy mastermind Seth MacFarlane. “There are things I don’t like about FOX, most notably Fox News, but [Rupert] Murdoch is clearly a shrewd businessman first and a conservative second… He seems to be much more of a critical thinker than the guys he employs at Fox News. If Sean Hannity could think as critically as Rupert, I might like him,” McFarlane said in Playboy.


There’s another hottest list in DC– and it’s not FBDC’s hottest media types! Mediaite takes a look at the “new hottest-on-the-Hill list in town -The 50 Most Fabulous People on the Hill- the brainchild of two wet-behind-the-ears congressional aides, who think that there are some flaws with The Hill‘s list.”


CBS News has announced that this Sunday “60 Minutes” will devote its entire hour to the news magazine’s creator and former executive producer, Don Hewitt, who passed away yesterday. The “60 Minutes” correspondents are working on individual segments that will tell the story of the legendary newsman’s life, and lasting contributions to the TV news industry.

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Morning Reading List 08.17.09

Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

Catching up on the Morning Reading List after a week out sick… Belated Happy Birthdays to Nora McAlvanah, Kelley McCormick and Sol Levine who celebrated last week. Happy Birthday today to Ron Bonjean! What know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



The Boston Globe takes a look at filling the void of a city paper after it closes.

Is the Tribune‘s boss Sam Zell on his way out?


The Daily Beast brings us the 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk.

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Howard Kurtz yesterday: “I always thought that he should have gone on “Oprah,” because, you know, Oprah is a dog lover herself.” -sports columnist Drew Sharp on Michael Vick seeking forgiveness through the media.

For the fourth time this year, Fox News beat the combined totals of MSNBC, CNN, HLN and CNBC in primetime in both Total Viewers and the A25-54 demo. More on how Fox is flourishing during the Obama administration on FBDC later today.

President Obama had a town hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado Saturday, where he commented on TV coverage. “Yesterday I held a town hall in Belgrade, Montana. And we had a pretty good crowd. Some were big supporters of reform, some had concerns and questions, some were completely skeptical. And I got tough questions, but even though Montanans had strong opinions, they didn’t shout at one another, they were there to listen and that reflects the American people and what our democracy is about. A lot more than what’s been covered on TV the last several days.”

Jerry Seinfeld will be Jay Leno‘s first guest when his new show debuts on NBC Sept. 14th.

More funny guys in the media news this morning… Steve Harvey‘s joining ABC’s “GMA.”


HuffPost is launching a feature today called “HuffPost Social News” using Facebook Connect, which will allow readers to create a personalized social networking-like HuffPost news page.

Arianna Huffington needs some help picking 100 people who are using new media to change the world.

How’s AOL doing as print news is having a hard time? Pretty OK, according to the NYT.


Is Gibbs too jolly? Former Nixon and Ford deputy press secretary Jerry Warren visited the White House Friday, where he told Politico White House press secretary Robert Gibbs can be “too jovial about serious things.” “That can be dangerous,” he said. “Otherwise, I think he’s a fine man.”

President Obama has issued an “informal edict” for White House profiles, in light of long pieces on Valerie Jarrett and other staffers in the NYT magazine. From Peter Baker and Jeff Zeleny online Saturday: “But when a New York Times Magazine profile of Ms. Jarrett last month explored the old scratchiness [between her and Emanuel], White House officials said the normally calm Mr. Obama erupted with anger. An informal edict went out: no more cooperating with staff profiles. As a result, Mr. Emanuel declined a formal interview for this article.” (h/t Politico‘s Calderone)

President Obama had this editorial “Why We Need Health Care Reform” in NYT Saturday.


Laura Ling and Euna Lee posted a video to say thank you on CurrentTV.

And just for fun this morning… like “Mad Men?” Like media? Mediaite combines your loves here.

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Morning Reading List 08.06.09

Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

What we know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



Bloomberg will start to rebroadcast Charlie Rose, the PBS interview program, in prime time.

Does NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams have a future as a Jay Leno correspondent?

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly vs. GE and NBC News, on TVNewser.


White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton has joined us on Twitter- @billburton44. You can follow FishbowlDC here too.


This week in Time magazine, Michael Scherer has a piece about how Obama’s golf game has evolved, chatting with some of his golf buddies. “His game is severely handicapped, as is mine,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says of the President. Even better: “As in basketball, Obama is a trash-talk enthusiast who tries to get into the heads of his opponents and sucker them into taking more difficult shots,” Eugene Kang, the 25-year-old White House special-projects coordinator who played with the President at Andrews Air Force Base tells Scherer.


FT: Rupert Murdoch has vowed to charge for all the online content of his newspapers and television news channels, going well beyond his prediction in May that the company would test pay models on one of its stronger papers within the year.

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, TVNewser

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Morning Reading List 06.01.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

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Catching up on birthdays… Happy Birthday to Pete Seat, CBS’ Frank Thorp.

What we know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



CNN was launched 29 years ago today.

Daily Beast has the 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk.

AP’s David BauderCheney, Powell interviews winners for Schieffer“: “The interviews continued a good run for “Face the Nation,” which had its largest audience in five years when Obama appeared on March 29. With an average of 2.55 million viewers each week during May, “Face the Nation” is right behind ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, at 2.72 million viewers. Both broadcasts are up 3 percent over May 2008, according to Nielsen Media Research.”

Brian Williams will anchor an NBC News special “Inside the Obama White House” tomorrow and Wednesday night at 9pmET/PT. Playbook reports NBC taped 150 hours at the White House- and the specials are each one-hour long. You can follow InsideObamaWH on Twitter here, check out and more details here.

WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz‘s Media Notes: “A tired-sounding Willliams, who covered the Clinton White House and was an intern in the Carter White House, was delighted at the level of access, which will continue with interviews tomorrow. ‘There’s stuff we’ve never seen of how the White House operates,’ he says. ‘We were pretty stunned at how much we were able to record and how natural events seemed to be.’”

TVNewser also reports NBC may have violated pool rules in the Prince Harry interview.

Campbell Brown returns to CNN tonight from maternity leave. Playbook reports her guest on “No Bias, No Bull” will be former president Jimmy Carter, who will tell her “the advice he’d give Obama before he heads to the hotbed of the Middle East.”

Friday was Jay Leno‘s last night on NBC’s The Tonight Show. Conan O’Brien takes the reins tonight and Leno moves to primetime. NYT asks will it work?


Friday was Peter Kaplan‘s last day at The Observer- a history of the “Kaplan era” here.


AP: As global powers debate how to punish North Korea for its nuclear defiance, two American journalists seized nearly three months ago face a trial this week in Pyongyang on charges that could land them in one of the country’s notorious labor camps.


TNR: Since the inauguration, Washington Post legend Bob Woodward has been quietly reporting a new book on the Obama White House. “I’m in the preliminary stages of working on it,” Woodward confirmed recently. “I’m working on it and making progress.”

Richard Wolffe‘s book “Renegade: The Making of a President” hits book shelves. HuffPost has an excerpt.

HAT TIPS: Mediabistro, Playbook

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Morning Reading List 03.24.09

Good Morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 64 covering the Obama administration and week eight for us. Happy Birthday to Mary Ann “The Sleuth” Akers (Playbook). What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



The Ann Arbor News will close in July after publishing as the city’s daily newspaper since 1835, publisher Laurel Champion announced. Heavy losses in revenue drove the decision. Champion said the current “business model is not sustainable.”

Bill Kristol on who many have called his “replacement,” Ross Douthat: “He’ll do a great job.

NYT on anonymous sources.


President Obama hits the airwaves with his economic message. Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal says Jay Leno may just be the start- and he has some interesting ideas for the President. “He could empathize with the boys of ‘Two and a Half Men’ if their mother has to move in. He could explain to folks on ’90210′ why they should have bought homes in less-glitzy ZIP codes they could actually afford. He could visit ‘Flip This House’ and tell them to just knock it off already.”

Fox’s Glenn Beck responded to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann on his show last night, invoking Tim Russert. “If you miss him, you should become him… When journalists decide that the only thing that sends a chill down their leg is integrity, well then maybe America will be able to trust them again.”


NPR audiences reached a record last year, driven by widespread interest in the presidential election, and the general decline of radio news elsewhere. Audiences for its daily news programs hit 20.9 million a week, a 9 percent increase.


FishbowlNY: Perhaps those newspaper folks currently directing their ire at Arianna Huffington may want to reconsider their target in the hopes that she will divulge her company’s “mostly secret” Google search-engine optimization tactics. AdAge is reporting that major media companies are pressuring Google to elevate their “expensive online content” to the top sphere of Google’s search results.

From DCist, When Snarky Local News Blogging Goes Wrong- is NBC4′s website over the top?


Yesterday, WaPo book critic Ron Charles posted on Twitter that The New Yorker was considering reducing its frequency. You could practically hear the sound of 600 media reporters picking up their phones in response, but soon New Yorker editor David Remnick denied the rumor.


Secretary Hillary Clinton’s State Department has “embarked on a digital diplomacy drive aimed at spreading the word about American foreign policy and restoring Washington’s image.” Read more here.

In a report called “Getting Away With Murder 2009,” the Committee to Protect Journalists has found that violence against the press often goes unpunished. “Our findings indicate that the failure to solve journalist murders perpetuates further violence against the press,” said CPJ’s Joel Simon.

HAT TIPS: Mediabistro; Romenesko

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Taking Out the Trash

What we almost missed today…

Coming off a visit from President Obama last week, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to stop by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” tomorrow.

Fox Business Network filed a lawsuit against the SEC this afternoon for “a failure to respond to a FOIA request submitted regarding R. Allen Stanford.” The SEC has yet to respond to FBN.

FishPoolDC: Our Insider’s Notes from Today’s Press Briefing

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: Responding to questions on the Congressional Budget Office’s release of new numbers this morning on the trillion-gazillion-bajillion-sized deficit and its potential growth in the coming years, Robert Gibbs said it’d be “hard to predict seven to ten years into the future” but added that the president is still confident he can cut the budget in half by the end of his first term. (So to clarify: He can only predict four years into the future.)

Filling the Analogy Quota: Gibbs, also on budget predictions: “It’s like naming the winner of the NCAA bracket in six years. I’m extending my sports analogy for yet another important fiscal issue.”

“Special”-gate: CBS’s Chip Reid drilled Gibbs with several questions on whether the president had lost hold of his message this week, including the one line from his Jay Leno appearance that has been taking laps in the news. Gibbs responded generally that the president has never been interested in “day-to-day scorekeeping,” adding, “We’ve been called idiots before.” Pressed later on the bowling gaffe, Gibbs called it a “thoughtless joke” and noted the president’s apology. In a West Wing-area stakeout following the briefing, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger answered the same inquiry by insisting he knows what’s in Obama’s heart.

Secrets, Secrets, are No Fun: Following on the president’s midnight video message to Iran coordinated with the start of their New Year, Gibbs was asked about the next steps in a diplomatic process with one-third of the Bush-era Axis of Evil. “There are many more,” he said, teasing, “none of which I’m going to get into today.”

Ticked off by the Tick-Tock: Several reporters pressed on the issue of Geithner’s what-I-knew-and-when-I-knew-it explanation of the AIG bonuses, pointing to parsing of the Treasury Secretary’s language about what exactly he had only learned from staffers last week. A visibly uncomfortable Gibbs repeatedly referred to reports on Geithner’s statement, and attempted to lighten the tension by offering to buy a reporter a newspaper to review the comments. Evasive phraseology from the podium included: “point you to the report,” “I’m just going to leave it at that,” “refer you to comments,” and “I don’t want to repeat the answers I’ve given.”

Excerpts of President Obama’s Appearance on Tonight Show

Last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, featuring a historic appearance by President Barack Obama, as you’ve heard, was the biggest Tonight rating in four years (since the special tribute to Johnny Carson) and matched its highest number in 11 years, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Here are some excerpts:

THE PRESIDENT: You know, I was mentioning earlier, we landed yesterday and then — this is an example of life in the bubble. We landed at the fairground down in Costa Mesa. And I see the fairground where I think we’re having this town hall and I said, well, why don’t we walk over there? Secret Service says, no, sir, it’s 750 yards.

So I was trying to calculate — well, that’s like a five-minute walk? “Yes, sir. Sorry.”

Now, they let me walk on the way back. But, you know, the doctor is behind me with the defibrillator. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: I do think in Washington it’s a little bit like “American Idol,” except everybody is Simon Cowell. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Here’s the dirty little secret, though. Most of the stuff that got us into trouble was perfectly legal. And that is a sign of how much we’ve got to change our laws — right?

LENO: I mentioned we all saw A Wonderful Life — Mr. Potter, the meanest man — remember he owned the whole town? You know what he charged on a mortgage? Two percent. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: He’s like Mother Teresa now. (Laughter.)

Check out the full interview here.

Morning Media Menu: 02.11.09

From FishbowlNY… Today on the Menu: Former TVNewser editor, and current New York Times reporter, Brian Stelter joins us to discuss his story in today’s paper about NBC’s controversial new war criminals show. Also, will the Guild actually press charges against Jay Leno for penning his own material during last year’s WGA strike? (Stelter thinks not). And finally, have we officially moved into the age of niche journalism?

You can listen to the podcast live every morning at 9amET on and call in at 646-929-0321. You can also subscribe to the iTunes feed of the podcast by clicking the “iTunes” button.