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D.C. Journalists Get VIP Status With Santa

What’s better than Santa?

Well, not much apparently. Or getting put on the Very Nice list, which is what happened for about 50 VIPs and “children of” at Tysons Corner Center.  On Saturday morning, Tysons hosted area VIPs for a party with Santa, complete with breakfast, balloon animals, facepainting, caricature artists and music (and of chats and photos with Mr. Claus).  Attendees included Washingtonian publisher Cathy Merrill Williams, Washingtonian fashion editor Kate Bennett (pictured here), K St. Kate’s Kate Michael, freelance writer and author Cathy Alter, Urban Daddy Washington editor Jeff Dufour and Vocus VP Erin McCahill. (We hear Dufour had such a long list that Mr. Claus had to move him along. He then allegedly tried to remove Santa’s beard. We can’t fathom how he got himself a spot on Santa’s VIP list.)

“She’s sure this Santa is the real deal,” said Bennett of her daughter, Tess. “He had me pretty convinced, too.”
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Fatherly Advice

With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time for the media to start acting like it’s just as important as Mother’s Day. (It’s not.) Refinery29′s Holly E. Thomas takes a look at 9 of the “coolest” dads in D.C. and gets their best fatherly advice. Speaking as the only father on the FBDC team, I think it’s important to point out that a good dad is rarely a “cool” dad. So, right off the bat, I’m skeptical of this piece. But, what the hell. We might even learn something from these cool dads. Let’s start with Urban Daddy’s Jeff Dufour. He gives us this sage advice on having a young one. “”The best part about fatherhood is how it changes your perspective for the better almost instantly. For instance, never before would I have thought it possible to find humor in someone peeing all over me.” Believe it or not, some people would pay GOOD money have someone pee all over them, so this isn’t quite so crazy.

Up next, we hear from Chris Cillizza from WaPo who talks about his young son, who says, “”Being a dad has taught me about context. My son doesn’t care about the people yelling at me on Twitter about my blog posts.” At least Cillizza seems to have his priorities in order. There are a lot of journos in the town who would actually prefer to have people yell at them on Twitter over spending time with their kids.

We also get advice from WaPo’s Joe Heim, who says, “I feel like they are always teaching me something new and making me rethink assumptions and beliefs. The only really valuable thing I’ve tried to teach them is how to make coffee for Mom and Dad.” Nothing like a little forced child labor to tell your kids that you love them, Joe. The last time we heard from Heim was when he stuck his over-parenting nose into the recent situation involving WaPo‘s Rosie the Intern. Joe, maybe you should have those kids switch your brew to decaf and stop trying to play father-at-large in fights you don’t belong in.

Not that anyone asked, but if you’re looking for parenting advice, I’ll just tell you this. Kids practically raise themselves. The more you stress over them being model citizens, the more likely they are to turn out like Lindsay Lohan. If these helpful tips weren’t enough for you, feel free to write in to all week as we lead into Father’s Day. It might be worth getting some advice from someone who is anything but a “cool” dad.

Separated at Birth: UrbanDaddy Jeff Dufour

Today we pair’s Washington Editor Jeff Dufour and actor Gary Oldman (the bottom two pictures are both of Oldman). We also think we spot a dash of Keanu Reeves.


Washington D.C. is in Jeopardy

To cash in on the election year hype, Jeopardy has announced that they’re coming to Washington D.C. for their “Power Players” week. Longtime host of the show, Alex Trebek will be testing the knowledge of “political figures, authors, journalists and newsmakers.” While there’s still no word on WHO those contestants will be, we’re hoping to see Meghan McCain have to choose “Emoticons for 400, Alex.” We spoke to Paul Woodhull, from Media Syndication Services. He had a successful run as Jeopardy champion in 1986. As some of us know, UrbanDaddy’s smartypants Jeff Dufour had a relatively successful run at being on the show last year.

We wanted to find out how to succeed at the game show. Woodhull tells us, “If Alex likes you, he’ll help you. Just the tone he takes and the way he addresses you.” Good to know. Butter up the host should work just fine in this town of schmoozers. Woodhull also says, “DO NOT GUESS. If you don’t know the answer, don’t try to answer.” A canned Trebek says in a release, ““I’m thrilled about going to Washington, D.C. and hosting the show in front of such a large audience.”     “The Power Players shows will not only be incredibly entertaining to watch, but also enlightening.” Enlightening, Alex!? You really think so? It must have been a LONG time since he’s been to Washington, because when it comes to enlightenment, Washington is about as deep as it’s iconic reflecting pool.

The shows will tape on April 20 and 21 at DAR Constitution Hall and will air locally on WJLA the week of May 14-18. Visit for details.

And They Say Journalism is Dying…

TBD’s Jenny Rogers has an extensive profile of Jane Jayne Sandman and Barbara Martin of BrandLinkDC this week in which she follows the powerful pair over the course of a working day (GQ has declared them powerful; NYT gave them the Sunday Style section treatment).

Rogers, who recently announced she was leaving the confines of the TBD Titanic to join Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays column, begins her day with the gals at the gym in a kickboxing class. Rogers writes that she struggles to keep up with Sandman, “who gave birth 10 months ago.” I don’t mean to downplay the miracle of childbirth, but it doesn’t exactly keep you on bed-rest for 10 months. She had a baby almost a year ago. She didn’t have a leg amputated last week. When the workout is over, Sandman “slips into a blue second-skin of a dress and thigh-high black stiletto boots (to cover the “giant shiner” on her shin, she explains).” Rogers doesn’t bother following up on that nugget, because she must feel compelled to protect us from the horror of producing any actually interesting details in the piece.

After the gym, the ladies dash to the salon to get their hair done. As Sandman is getting styled, Rogers writes, “She covers her eyes with her hands as her stylist spritzes her Little Mermaid-esque waves.” I think the phrase “Little Mermaid-esque waves” is “Stab-myself-in-the-eye-with-a-blunt-object-while-children-cry-and-women-weep-and-men-gnash-their-teeth-as-they-watch-in-horror” in terms of bad writing. As the day moves along, we follow the ladies to a book party they’re handling at the W Hotel. Before the event kicks off, we get to hear about Sandman’s exchange with her 10-month-old son, Owen.

Sandman takes a minute to FaceTime with her husband and baby on her phone. “Hi Owen!” she coos. “Hey Owen, clap for Mommy? Want to clap?” She claps. “Now he’s eating the phone,” she says with delight, to no one in particular. “All I can see is Owen’s mouth on the camera.”

We can only imagine this must be what it’s like to have a video chat with Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff. Sandman’s husband, by the way, is UrbanDaddy’s D.C. Editor Jeff Dufour.

Side note

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Journo Puts Himself in Serious Jeopardy

On Oct. 17, this Washington Editor will risk everything — his peace of mind, his reputation, his public image and his self-esteem — to appear on this game show.

Answer: Who is Jeff Dufour, Washington Editor of UrbanDaddy and what is Jeopardy!?

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Getting on Jeopardy! was no cake walk. Dufour had to apply, study his ass off, take an online test and go through a tryout at the St. Regis so producers could make sure he wasn’t an idiot.”Yeah, it’s a lot of fun,” he told FishbowlDC the other night. He wouldn’t divulge any other details, such as if he bombed, froze, cussed out Alex Trebek or won the game.

We look forward to watching our favorite UrbanDaddy show off his intelligence and debriefing with him after.


Lewis Black Says Fox News Gives Him Eczema

Comedian Lewis Black likes to make a scene out of clearing his throat. He has been known to tell audiences to “Shut the f-ck up” and to heckle anyone who even looks at him funny during a performance. Last night at the grand opening of The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md., Black stole the show for about 10 minutes while the audience laughed at his jokes. The event was sponsored by Live Nation, which owns House of Blues and The Fillmore. “This whole area was a sh*thole,” the comedian said, explaining that it actually “pisses him off” how nice it has become. “I’m Quacky the Clown because of this,” he groused. When the performance ended too quickly, they demanded that he remain on stage and “be funny.” He shooed them away and told them to come back in a few weeks when he’ll be performing for real.

Journalists in attendance included Politico‘s Alex Trowbridge and Patrick Gavin as well as D.C.’s UrbanDaddy Jeff Dufour (all pictured below). Also in attendance was the Washington Examiner‘s gossip guru Nikki Schwab and friend, Amy McLean, whose sister used to work at the Examiner (pictured at right). There was another journalist there who begged for anonymity for certain unmentionable reasons. So we’re granting it. Former Politico scribe turned media consultant Anne Schroeder Mullins, who was handling press for the event, was milling about.

We asked Black to react to the following in as many or few words as he wished and to answer a couple questions.

President Obama: “Ineffectual”
The U.S. economy: “Depressed”
Conservative pundit Ann Coulter: “Idiot”
CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer: “Tries.  (Has to get rid of those scrolls and all the other nonsense that clutters the screen.)”
Fox News: “A waste of time and opinionated to the point it gives me eczema.”
Osama Bin Laden: “A waste of flesh.”
Jon Stewart: Lives inside the funny, gets it.
Washington, D.C.: A great place to be from.

A few questions…
How do you think a comedian is supposed to handle Sept. 11? By doing what he is supposed to do, be funny.
What is your must-read newspaper, magazine or website? The Week.
Who is your favorite Sunday morning political talk show host and do you watch the shows? “[CBS's] Bob Schieffer…… far.  Insight and wisdom.  I watch those shows, they get me ready for the week ahead.  It’s like supercharged coffee.  They make me twitch.”

Correction: Yesterday we mixed up Live Nation and House of Blues. Live Nation owns House of Blues, not the other way around.

Add Some Fat to Your Day

Pork has so many different connotations in Washington. And first lady Michelle Obama should just shield her eyes.

Today UrbanDaddy D.C. Editor Jeff Dufour writes about the unheard of condiment known as pork butter. It’s really no more complex than it sounds. A spreadable fat that no one has any business eating, really. We’re thinking it wouldn’t fit in anywhere near the White House vegetable garden.

Asked how it actually tasted, Dufour told FishbowlDC: “It’s really good. Like butter, just a little spicier and smokier. But if you ate it every day, your doctor would not be pleased.” What was going through his mind as he ate it? “This is much classier than just drinking the drippings from my Sunday morning bacon.”

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Blind Item: Baby on Board

This mystery journo was spotted sporting a papoose at the Washington Kastles season opener last night.  Although he’s been a “daddy” since the fall of 2009, he just discovered fatherhood when his vivacious wife, whose energy defies her surname, gave birth to the couple’s first child this year.  Can you guess the identity of this Snugli-clad scribe?

Answer after the jump.

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Ryan Flacks for Racks

Former Politico Click reporter Kiki Ryan has landed a new gig.  Ryan, who’s been freelancing since she left Politico late last year, has joined the communications department at Susan G Komen for the Cure, a foundation for education, research and the search for a cure to breast cancer.  In her new role, Kiki will work in media relations and public affairs for the non-profit’s local and national philanthropic initiatives.

Prior to her stint at Politico, Ryan wrote the Yeas and Nays column with Jeff Dufour at the Examiner.  She began her new job at Susan G Komen this week.  Congrats to Kiki!