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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Getting ready for my new gig at @CNN. Is @wolfblitzer ready for THIS?!?!” — CNN’s newest employee John Berman, who is going to work on CNN’s morning program “Early Start.”

TV anchor shows off necklace

“Wearing today.. Awesome gift from sis. Necklace that doubles as a looking glass.” — NBC Washington’s Angie Goff.

In Seersucker Hell

“At a summer wedding in Georgia. There is seersucker here. Kill me.” — Contributor Jeff Emanuel.


Douchey or Doocy?

“Pistachios- smart snack on a NY to DC train? The man next to me seems to think so #AreWeThereYet? #Amtrak” — FNC’s Peter Doocy. We’re calling Doocy on this one. Pistachio eaters are the WORST.

Journo Love

“@washingtonweek Gwen, has anyone ever told you that you have really awesome reporters on your roundtable?” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty to PBS’s Gwen Ifill.

And Journo Hate

“Good luck @michellemalkin finishing 3rd grade. Your classmates wouldn’t sound as stupid/uninformed on TV as you did today on FNC.” — Current TV’s David Shuster to Conservative Commentator Michelle Malkin. He continued, “Maybe @michellemalkin didn’t bother to read anything on today’s topic because the words had too many syllables for her.” Shuster got his panties in a twist about Malkin saying that “the privilege claim proves Obama was at center of F&F. She was wrong + should apologize.” Last week Shuster attacked MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell for running what many have deemed to be a shortened, biased clip of a Mitt Romney campaign speech involving Wawa convenient stores.

Spotted: If journos wanted to interview D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton this weekend, they would have found her at Home Depot Saturday afternoon buying flowering plants. She was solo, dressed in beige with dark shades and appeared to be in good spirits.

Spotted: Sen. Schumer’s flak Brian Fallon

“Spotted @brianefallon going into fudruckers. Apparently flaking makes you hungry for fried mounds of delicious pink slime.” — Outgoing Roll Call reporter and new Buzzfeed D.C. Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Journo to airline: F&@k you!

“Fuck you, United Express pilot and your low-altitude hard bank turns on final. I’ll punch you in your face.” — Mother Jones National Security reporter Adam Weinstein.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Rather improbably, I seem to be listening to a new Smashing Pumpkins album.” — Slate‘s second-tiered Boybander Matt Yglesias. He could have also easily won the prize for this: “New personal first: used duct tape to repair a duct.” Hey Matty, how about wrapping it over your typing fingers?


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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

TVA Nouvelles Correspondent Rich Latendresse: “Correspondants des gds réseaux US se préparent à aller en ondes avant l’arrivée du président.” Loosely translated, correspondents prepare for the arrival of the President. Latendresse’s quote was accompanied by the above photograph from the White House briefing from President Obama‘s Thursday press conference.

Uh oh. Watch out.

“I swear, if one more foreign or disabled person who smells like rotting armpits sits next to me I’m going to scream.” — The Blaze’ Eddie Scarry.

Tschida has to draw the line somewhere

“Ok the hair goes. Someone just said I look like Justin Bieber!” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida.

The ever tactful RedState Contributor Jeff Emanuel, who wrote that nugget about Steve Jobs’ death stealing Palin’s dropout thunder, has this to say about Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.‘s resolution to call on Gov. Rick Perry to apologize for the name of his hunting lodge, as many news organizations are writing it, N*****head”: “So I take it Jesse Jackson Jr will be subpoenaing rappers and the folks at my gym to his hearing on any use of the N word ever, right?”

Weigel has a helluva warning

“Fair warning for people mushing together Jobs/Palin analysis for no reason: Hell is real.” – Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Party for Senate reporters

“Partayyyyy in the #Senate Press Gallery. I’m told there is a chocolate version of the Capitol building. It is not to scale.” — Roll Call HOH writer Neda Semnani.

HOH’s newest writer moonlights as a foodie

“Dulcet apples married with intoxicating dijon. Kooky. #stillputtingmypalateontheline.” — Roll Call HOH writer Warren Rojas.

Great minds…

“Teleprompter in East Room running through the Gettysburg Address. Fingers crossed.” — TIME’s Michael Scherer. “In the East Room, the teleprompter is for some reason showing the text of the Gettsyburg Address.” — The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman.

WaPo‘s Rubin offers fasting tips

“Tip for Yom Kippur fasting: slow down or eliminate caffeine today, start drinking lots of water.” — WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin.


Journo Apologizes For Poor Taste

RedState Contributor Jeff Emanuel was a little trigger happy last night. He received enormous flack after tweeting the following: “Poor Sarah Palin – she was about to have a whole night of attention all to herself, and then Steve Jobs had to go and die.”

Ultimately he apologized and added a variety of appropriately compassionate messages on Jobs. “Re my Palin/Jobs tweet: Yall are right. It was classless and shouldn’t have been said,” he wrote after getting clobbered online.