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DC Media Cover Downed Malaysia Airlines Jet

cnn-breaking-news1This morning, a Malaysia Airlines jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down along the Ukraine/Russia border.

Anderson Cooper quickly took over coverage for CNN’s John Berman, with CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta contributing to the report. The network will reschedule “The Sixties” tonight for special coverage of the crash.

Fox News Channel national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin has been reporting on the matter from the Pentagon.

CBS News’ Major Garrett, Bob Orr, Jeff Pegues have reported from D.C. and the network is sending foreign correspondent Mark Phillips to Ukraine, Seth Doane to Malaysia, and foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer to Amsterdam.

ABC News’ Martha RaddatzJonathan Karl, and Jim Avila have each contributed to network coverage. Tonight’s ”World News” will air an extended broadcast tonight to cover the crash from 6:30-7:30 p.m. with David Muir anchoring.

Brian Williams took over for Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie at 12:59 p.m. on NBC.

Malaysia Airlines will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. ET.

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Newsbabes to Host Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Once a year for the past three years, female TV news personalities have come together to wear pink and raise money for a local deserving cause. They call themselves “newsbabes.”

This year the charity group will host its annual Bash for Breast Cancer on June 27, and organizers are expecting it to be the biggest event yet. The fundraiser will be at The Hamilton and will raise money for Howard University Cancer Center, which specializes in research and prevention of cancer among minorities.

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Newswomen Identify With Angelina Jolie

The overnight story of Angelina Jolie having a double mastectomy has resurrected similar stories of national newswomen who relate only too well to the actress.

“Thank God she did it and thank God she talked about it and thank God she got it out there,” said Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin. “She is a great role model!”

Griffin revealed on Fox News radio that some nine weeks ago she had her ovaries and uterus taken out because of the link between breast cancer and other types of cancers.

Also following Jolie’s news is ABC “The View’s” Barbara Walters, who admitted that she, too, had her ovaries removed. As reported by Hollywood Life, she told co-hosts on the show that she had the surgery to prevent cancer. Her sister died of the disease.

Listen to Griffin on Fox News radio here.



Jordin Sparks Has Lipstick Flub at Journo Charity

Jordin Sparks

At Childhelp’s “Capitol CAREaoke” charity event last night, the Fox News crew narrowly beat CNN’s team in most money raised.

FNC’s Shannon Bream, Jennifer Griffin, Jake Serwer, Lanna Britt and Fox Business’ Rich Edson were joined by local Fox reporter Melanie Alnwick to sing “Don’t Stop Believing.”

CNN’s Dana Bash, Lisa Desjardins, Lisa Sylvester, Jill Chappel, Gloria Borger, Peter Morris and Athena Jones performed a sloshy rendition of “Sweet Caroline.”

As Glittarazzi‘s Greg Blakey put it: “Fox did a good ass job.”

ABC 7′s Rebecca Cooper founded the event and told FBDC she started the fundraiser five years ago as an alternative to the usual stuffy black-tie events in Washington. She said they intended for members of Congress to be the performers, but the ones who agreed to sing got cold feet. “So at the last minute I had to recruit all my friends in journalism,” Cooper said. She told us Chris Matthews and his wife Kathleen have been two of the events’ “worst singers.”

Before the karaoke started, R&B singer Jordin Sparks, a celebrity ambassador to Childhelp, posed for pictures and took questions from the media. During the photo op a friend nearby alerted her that she had lipstick on her teeth. STOP THE PRESSES. “Everyone, Photoshop the lipstick off my teeth!” Sparks instructed after clearing it off.

Sen. Jon Kyl

Some attendees participated in a silent auction, which featured two tickets to a Madonna concert and two porcelain miniature lions (valued at $900), among other items.

Fresh FM’s Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer performed “Love Shack” and thought it would be a good idea to toss frisbees into the audience, which was full of wine glasses and dinner plates. Can you say DUNCE?

The event drew in a total of $310,000 in donations.


ABC 7′s Kendis Gibson, Natasha Barrett, Kris Van Cleave and Pamela Brown; WRQX’s Aly Jacobs, Brooke Ryan and Chilli Amar; D.C. Councilman Jack Evans; NASCAR’s Paulie Harraka; Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.); LushClick‘s Elizabeth Manressa; Pamela’s PunchPamela Sorensen; Kate Michael of “K Street Kate”; and former Politico reporter Kiki Ryan, now with “Komen for the Cure.”


“$18 million for charity at 10 years old? That’s fuckin’ insane.” — Random attendee remarking on child prodigy and violinist Brianna Kahane who performed at the event and has raised that much money for charity.

This Burning Land: Fishbowl5 With NPR’s Greg Myre

NPR “Morning Edition” Editor Greg Myre is first to admit, with laughter, that writing a book with his wife, FNC’s Pentagon Correspondent Jennifer Griffin, wasn’t without conflict. Together they’ve written the newly released This Burning Land, which chronicles their years living in war zones covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The book was his idea. But she went along with it. So much so that the couple spent portions of her Friday chemo appointments to cure her breast cancer putting the tome together. He’s not entirely kidding about the conflict that arose. In the book you’ll see her writing in italics to offer his and her takes on what they witnessed.

The couple was busy last week promoting the book — on Monday evening there was a private event at the home of former U.S. Rep. to the U.N. Esther Coopersmith to honor Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.). On Wednesday they did a public book signing at the The Middle East Institute.

The book officially released on March 27. The couple moved from Jerusalem to Washington in 2007. “It was almost four years ago when we started working on it and it has has been in progress ever since,” Myre said. “My wife had breast cancer. We had another kid. That slowed us down a little bit.”

We caught up with Myre for more details.

1. Who came up with the idea of writing it together? It was really my idea. We were in Jerusalem, that was our fifth foreign posting. We had been in Jerusalem over seven years. We were really into the Israeli-Palestinian story. In previous postings, we’d never been able to move both our jobs together. Jennifer got a very good offer to be the Fox News Pentagon correspondent and I resigned from my job at the NYT. I came here and had a bit of a break.

2. Was it difficult making the decision to leave NYT as a foreign correspondent and move to Washington? Yeah, yeah, obviously I was well aware of the situation in the newspaper industry. Every time we had moved, it was always hard for the person who had to quit, but something always worked out better. Yeah, I was reluctant, sure.

Fox News beat the NYT. [Laughter] We always knew these things would work out from past experience. I came here and began writing the book before I had a contract. Took a little longer than I anticipated. Quite frankly I wasn’t looking too hard when I first got here. We were living in my mother-in-law’s basement because we were renovating the house. I brought the kids to school everyday and picked them up.

3. When you were traveling and living in war zones, how much did you two work together on stories, share sources, information and so forth? Entirely. You’re husband and wife. You’re used to sharing everything. We couldn’t help but share. It was never a problem. It was totally beneficial to both of us. Jennifer might be down in the Gaza strip and I might be talking in the Palestinians or in Tel Aviv talking to the Israeli military. Obviously it was informal. Maybe in a couple instances, I had to say, ‘This story is going to be in the paper tomorrow morning so you can’t use it on Fox News tonight.’ That was very, very rare. Obviously we wouldn’t steal each other scoops.

Find out about the competition between them…

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FNC’s Griffin to Emcee Gala Tonight

Tonight FNC’s Defense Correspondent Jennifer Griffin will emcee CAUSE’s Veteran’s Day gala at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium.

Sources say she’ll discuss her battle with cancer and discuss her battle with a rare form of breast cancer and the “inspiration, love and support” she has received from the men and women who served.

Throughout her battle with cancer she referred to her illness as the “war within,” writing on her blog, “Everyone says I must learn to visualize during this period. Some say think of Pacmen eating the bad cells. I prefer something a bit more militaristic. I’m the Commander in Chief. Al Qaeda cells have taken over parts of my body and I have signed the Execute Order and sent in the Navy Seals with a shoot to kill order. That works for me better than butterflies carrying off the tumors.” Featuring Chemo Tips by FNC’s Jennifer Griffin

Body-Lotion-Gift-Set-Kin-6354-.jpg is running two pieces today on the main page of the’s health site with the help of FNC’s Jennifer Griffin.

1)FNC’s Jennifer Griffin’s 11 Tips to getting through chemo therapy. Read it here.

Examples: Get your teeth cleaned (you won’t be able to during chemo), find wigs, and buy good beauty products because chemo dries out your skin. (On a good note, Griffin says, chemo does wonder for a person’s skin as it gets all the toxins out.)

2) Jennifer’s tips for fighting Cancer with food.
Read it here.

Examples: raw vegetables, walnuts, green tea

Griffin has had a rare form of breast cancer. She recently had a full mastectomy and is considered to be cancer free.

Best News of the Day

“If u saw me bawling on Metro this morning it’s b/c Jen Griffin is officially cancer-free!! PTL!” — FNC’s Supreme Court/Capitol Hill correspondent Shannon Bream.

FNC’s Jennifer Griffin was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer last year. She had a double mastectomy on April 6.

Griffin with her husband, NPR’s Greg Myer, and their children.

FNC’s Griffin Opens up on Cancer and Upcoming Surgery

Photograph c/o FNC

On Wednesday night, FNC’s Jennifer Griffin sat down with FNC’s Greta Van Susteren to talk candidly about her Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Griffin is scheduled to undergo a double mastectomy on April 6.

From last night’s interview:

VAN SUSTEREN: “Jennifer, I guess we start first with this is pretty rotten. We’ve got to build up from there.”

JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: “You know what Greta, it is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It has been a tough year and I wouldn’t wish this on any family, but I’m here to tell you, you can get through it.

“Life isn’t fair. I think one of the things I learned working at the Pentagon and working with the military and meeting all sorts of wounded warriors who came back and there were a lot of unfair things that happened to them.”

We wish Griffin a speedy recovery.

Watch the video of Griffin’s discussion with Van Susteren here.

Geraldo on the State of Journalism


It was Geraldo Rivera in the flesh, mustache and all. Who better to ask about the state of journalism than the host of “Geraldo At Large”?

“I think journalism is very vivacious right now,” Rivera told FishbowlDC at the FNC pre-party to the Radio & TV Correspondent’s dinner, where he was hanging out with his wife, Erica Levy. “Very alive, very feisty and undisciplined and all over the place. Now you have to see if you can reign it in.”

In the photograph: Geraldo, Levy and FNC’s Jennifer Griffin.