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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Created by Morgan Howlan, age 5. Appeared in New Times.

Marc Ambinder not keen on ‘poking’ David Brooks

“I do not know why Facebook suggests that I poke David Brooks, but I think I shall reject their suggestion.” –Contributing Editor for GQ and The Atlantic Marc Ambinder, who is up awfully early for an L.A. based writer. This tweet was written at 5:20 a.m. which is 2:20 PT. Brooks is a conservative columnist for NYT.

Convo Between Two Journo Types

A sampling from JRC’s Steve Buttry: 1. “Amtrak just canceled our Acela train. Seriously.” 2. “My last Amtrak trip from NY to DC was delayed 3 hours by a fatality on the track. Now we’re thrown off in Philly for a ‘bridge problem.’” 3. “But I’m not patient.” 4. “Avis didn’t honor our reservation, but we were working w/ another guy whose reservation worked.”

Jeff Jarvis, blogger and J-School prof: “Steve Buttry, I’m surprised even your wife travels with you. Hell, I’m surprised any conveyance sells you a ticket.”

It’s Raining Jean Shorts!

“I am counting the # of jean short-tank top combos today. Despite that it’s a thing, it shouldn’t be. We are not a beach town. #dcpride” — Metro Weekly White House Correspondent Chris Geidner. In other weekend observations, Roll Call‘s John Stanton saw this: “Black leather bannana hammock + rainbow angel wings + pasty ass white skin = gay pride weekend on U St.”

Real Life Bulls%!t

“Just saw a pregnant woman carrying a baby crossing a street without crosswalk while texting… #whatswrongwithpeople” — Thomas Tobin, executive producer at NBC4.

Dinner Faux Pas

“Got back to my table, and @michaelpfalcone was using my napkin. Dude…. #RTCADinner” — Retiring Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) at the RTCA dinner Friday night on Falcone, deputy political director for ABC News. McCotter also remarked on CBS’s Steve Chaggaris, saying, “Finally met @stevechaggaris – he’s skinnier in person than on TV.” In other RTCA dinner news, WJLA TV reporter Mike Conneen, meanwhile, observed this: “AWKWARD! At @rtcadinner, Steve Kroft accepts award a few ft away from Speaker Boehner for story exposing Congressional insider trading.” Kroft works for CBS’s “60 Minutes.” UPDATE and Correction: Cheggaris recently returned to CBS as Executive Editor, Washington of He is no longer with Yahoo! News. Before that he was at TBD. The above has been changed to reflect the facts.

Surprise. Surprise. A WaPo technological failure.

“My @washingtonpost app has crashed 3 times this morning! I suppose I could go pick up the paper at the end of my driveway.” — Christine Montgomery, chief digital officer at the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch.

The Appointed Media Critic

“It’s funny how @HowardKurtz has hard lefties like David Shuster on his show, but the best he can do for a righty is Jennifer Rubin…?” — The Daily Caller‘s TV reporter Jeff Poor referencing lefty radio host Shuster and WaPo‘s right-leaning blogger Rubin.

In case you missed it over the weekend, MSNBC Contributor, author and Daily Beast Contributor Meghan McCain tweeted a picture of her crotch. By Saturday morning, it had been deleted. Lucky for her, she wasn’t going commando. See here.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Journo wants CNN’s Piers Morgan deported

“Can someone set up a kickstarter to fund deportation of Piers Morgan and the rest of these #jubilee fools drooling over an aging despot?” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton, who previously said he’d rather smoke bath salts with Jeffrey Dahmer than watch the Queen’s Jubilee.

Charges pressed

“I have pressed charges against Tim Scott’s COS Nick Muzin for simple assault & Honeywell PR guy Rob Ferris for false imprisonment.” — Mike Elk of InTheseTimes Magazine. Last Thursday he alleges he was grabbed by Muzin and locked in a room against his will by Honeywell’s Ferris, who did not return a phone call to FBDC on the matter. Elk continued, “The charges will be forwarded to the U.S. Attorney’s office who will decide whether or not to prosecute. I was hesitant to press charges cuz I didn’t want to seem like a crybaby, but precedent of intimidating reporters in Capitol is scary.”

Never a dull moment

“Met a man who legally changed his name to Jehovah Jesus. Had a lot to say about the CIA, Supreme Court Justice Souter, etc.” — CJ Ciaramella, a reporter at Free Beacon.

Democratic operative lashes out at WaPo‘s Rubin

“Unpaid Romney spokesperson Jennifer Rubin also has thoughts on the media. #classy.” — the always thoughtful DNC New Media Outreach Director Greg Greene. He links to this. As you can see, reaching out as usual. Thanks Greg!

Quote taken out of context

“@samyoungman isn’t a wedgie in order?” — FNC’s Ed Henry to Reuter‘s Sam Youngman.

Thanks for the memories!

“Perhaps worst spelling gaffe I can remember, @BashirLive, was when @msnbc gave Niger Innis two ‘G’s in his first name.” — Newsbuster‘s Ken Shepherd.

Journo grants permission to torture him

“If I ever happen to catch a single second of Lifetime TV’s”Dance Moms,” you have permission to waterboard me” — NRA News’ Cameron Gray in an apparent moment of shame about the popular dance show on the women’s network.


“Well, progress is overrated, I’ll just get back to work…work that I am paid less for than a man. #PayCheckFairness” — Erikka Knuti, Democratic strategist who works at Ogilvy.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day: Hat Attack

“I vow to wear hats more often in an effort to bring them back into fashion.” — Greenwire‘s Jessica Estepa.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

The FishbowlDC Interview With WaPo‘s Rubin

When she’s not harassing her liberal counterpart Greg Sargent on Twitter, Jennifer Rubin helms the conservative “Right Turn” blog at WaPo. “I love mixing it up with liberals,” Rubin says of the Twitter wars she throws herself into with valiant force. “For too long too many of them have never been forcefully challenged,” she said. “They talk to and write for liberals and rarely get called on to defend their assumptions.”

Rubin joined WaPo in 2010, replacing Dave Weigel, who resigned under the weighty Journolist scandal and moved over to Slate. Before that she wrote for Commentary for several years. And before that she worked as a labor lawyer in California for 20 years. Rubin has a BA in history from UC Berkeley and a JD from Boalt Law School.

Throughout the Republican presidential primary Rubin faced criticism for showing signs that she might be in the tank for Mitt Romney. She doesn’t really deny it. “Oh pish-posh,” she said (yes, she said pish-posh). “I was simply ahead of the curve in spotting the fatal flaws in a series of challengers who would have crashed and burned in the general election.” Rubin said, however, that she actually would have preferred Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over Romney.

Let’s begin.

If you were a combined carbonated beverage, which would you be?

Jolt Cola

How often do you Google yourself?

Hardly ever.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to an editor/boss (or vice versa)?

A previous editor: “You can’t call Maureen Dowd ‘a harpy.’” Seriously, I’m sure I was on the receiving end of worse but I’ve blocked it out.

Who is your favorite working journalist and why?

Don’t all journalists work? Well, Jake Tapper hands down. He’s smart and fair and tough.

Do you have a favorite word?


You’re walking down a dark alley and you run into a group of people, all of whom you’ve insulted on your blog. What do you do? What do you say? And do you activate your mace?

I’d say a friendly ‘Hello.’ No mace!

Who would you rather have dinner with – WaPo’s Erik Wemple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi or Hilary Rosen? Tell us why.

Erik certainly!

The Earth’s human population is dying out and you must save it. You will spend a romantic evening with either Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) or former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.). Who do you choose? (Neither is not an option.)

Sorry, but the world will have to muddle through on its own.

What swear word do you use most often?


You’ve just been told the big news: You get to have your own Sunday morning talk show. Who will be on your roundtable? (Pick four journalists or pundits types.)

Candy Crowley, PJ O’Rourke, John Bolton and AEI President Arthur Brooks.

Now for a really serious moment: What is your dream job, money and practicalities aside?

My ideal career would be to keep my current job and have a new “Crossfire” with James Carville.

Find out what Rubin pigs out on when no one’s looking…

Read more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“The Banana is the perfectly named fruit.” — former CNNer Larry King. Can Piers make him an assistant or something?

Journo comes across dead body

“En route to Louis Armstrong park for treme brass band and we see a dead body on a lot.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton at Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

Attention grabber

“National Zoo to live-tweet artificial insemination of panda.” — Drudge Report.

“Like dc to want her barefoot and pregnant” — WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin in reaction to WaPo writing a story on the panda possibly being replaced if it doesn’t get pregnant. To the above Drudge tweet, Rubin remarked, “Perfect assignment 4 Anthony Weiner.”

“For 340 new followers I’d have live-tweeted my vasectomy.” — Consultant, NBC Washington Contributor Chuck Thies.

Since when did HuffPost become a cheap knockoff of Maury Povich and Tyra? In a Monday tweet they ask: “Did you reinvent your life after a personal trauma? #breakover Tell us about it.”

Eavesdrop Café

“At cafe eavesdropping on a guy getting performance review. I think his boss should be fired. This is painful.” — NPR’s Sonari Glinton.

Oh, you got Uggie too?!

“Lisa Lerer, you got a picture with the artist dog too!??!?!?! you won the weekend I think.” WSJ‘s Victoria McGrane to Bloomberg’s Lisa Lerer. And this from Barron‘s Washington Editor James McTague: “Cannot believe that my pix with the dog from the film “the Actor” has not become a Twitter sensation. Must be the dog.”

A shoe-in for an invite to next year’s pre-WHCD garden party: “This tweet’s for @haddadmedia #letsfindacure” — CBS’s Christine Delargy.

Blogger recounts therapy appt.

“Best part of therapy today was my therapist stopped to hunt down & kill a fly that was disturbing my peace. #youknowyouhaveproblemswhen” — blogger Pamela Sorensen who writes Pamela’s Punch.



Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Wolf & Cee Lo: Hip Hop collides with Washington

“Ran into @CeeLoGreen at Atlanta Airport. Very nice guy and strong talent.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a tweet at 8:25 p.m. last night.

Journo Love

“Anybody who knows and loves @maggiepolitico needs to tell her to get some sleep fast.” — Politico White House reporter Glenn Thrush.

Baier Vomit

“Thank u!” MT @JonathanCapps8 “Bret Baier, don’t always agree -but will always be a loyal viewer. I’m in CA, have the DVR set to auto record you.”

Journo survives day sans Twitter

“Wow, I was too busy to tweet today. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Leaving work tired, happy, and ready for a beer. We’ll try again tomorrow, Twitter.” — Kiplinger‘s Caitlin Dewey.

Weigel, Einstein inevitably linked

“That guy @daveweigel is the Einstein of the incomplete tweet.” — Reuters media writer Jack Shafer.

You’re a ‘ridiculous jerk’ if…

“Am I the only one who thinks you’re a ridiculous jerk if you quit on the pages of the NYT? Isn’t that like asking for a divorce in an op-ed?” — WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin.

Goddammit Comcast, don’t you know who D. Shuster is?

“Despite polite efforts by my family, @comcast still refuses to carry @current in my IN hometown. New tactics coming, including #dropComcast” — Current TV’s David Shuster.

Michelle O. is rolling in her vegetable garden over this…

“I am going to reward myself for eating this healthy salad of mixed greens and tomatoes by following it up with this delicious cupcake.” — WaPo Express‘s Sara Schwartz.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.


Ask Piranhamous Anything

Here is this week’s installment of “Ask Piranhamous Anything.”  If you have a question you’d like “snarked to death,” send it to This isn’t an advice column. Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple, funny and insightful.

1. Do you think online Twitter fighting has gotten out of control? Why, you wanna fight? Absolutely not! Fighting is what Twitter was made for. With only 140 characters you can’t exactly convey the genius of Milton Friedman, but you can call someone an asshole. And since there are plenty more assholes than Friedman’s out there, Twitter is custom-made for pointing them out. You want a serious discussion of policy, start a blog. Twitter is for pointing out how big of a jackass someone is while adding a link to your rant justifying it.

2. Why is there such infighting amongst GOP bloggers like WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin and the rest such as RedState and CNN’s Erick Erickson? There’s a huge difference between being a member of the GOP and being a conservative. The GOP has leaders like Mitch McConnell, who rambles with the same monotone whether he’s giving a floor speech on something that makes him “angry” or passing a stone. Rubin wasn’t picked to write for the Post because she’s conservative, she was picked because she’s a Republican. Erickson is a conservative. The difference between a Republican and a conservative is the difference between someone who wants to step gingerly, rather than stomp, in cow manure (the way they envision the Founding Fathers would’ve liked) and someone who doesn’t want to step in it at all. I’m not saying Rubin smells…but I’m also not saying she doesn’t.

3. Who is better looking, FNC’s Ed Henry or Bret Baier? Tough call. They both look like they just fell out of a catalog, but Henry has to lose this one. Baier always looks put together, as does Henry, but Bret does so while looking like it was effortless, like he woke up that way. Ed comes off as the type who not only always has a pocket square, but spent 15 minutes with a ruler and protractor making sure it conforms with the Brooks Brothers style guide. It’s the difference between simply being an A student and being an A-minus student who kisses the teacher’s butt to get the upgrade. Sure, you’re both getting an A, and both were “earned,” but only sort of.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Overheard at the airport…

“Heard at DCA ‘will the owner of a loose chihuahua please return to the security checkpoint.’” — VP, Bureau Chief, NBC News Washington Bureau Antoine Sanfuentes. We can only hope the pooch was wearing this getup.

A writer and porn

“I bet porn consumption drops a lot during the #superbowl” — Washington freelancer and resident National Press Club troublemaker and crusader Sam Husseini (Husseini, who works for the Institute for Public Accuracy and blogs for, was briefly suspended from the club late last year for posing questions perceived to be inappropriate at a presser.)

Twitter Shame

“There needs to be a word for when you tweet something you think is really hilarious and nobody retweets it.” — CNN’s Lizzie O’Leary.

Roger gets racy regarding Newt

“Does Newt know how to give good press or what?” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.

Editor makes predictions on Madonna’s nipples

“SuperBowl prediction. Madonna shows both nipples. She’s too competitive too let Janet Jackson beat her at her own game.” — Washington Life Exec. Editor Michael Clements.

The Media Critic

“CNN has is now broadcasting a live count of votes. It’s as exciting as it sounds.” — Reason Mag and TWT movie reviewer Peter Suderman.

Journos give Newt crap for a change

“Topics Newt needs to avoid to preserve the sanity illusion: himself, mitt, janitors, the moon, ‘historian’” — WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin. An observation on Newt…“Anyone else notice how much time Newt seems to have to read the papers?” — PBS’s Gwen Ifill.

A warning from The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox: “I better warn folks that I may not be able to experience this event ironically. Large groups of people sincerely singing can get to me.” (She attended a Rick Santorum campaign event in which attendees were saving seats with Bibles. Note her accompanying photograph.)

Journo Love

“[Bret Baier] does a great job responding to his Twitter critics, even gave them a voice on the air. Bet a lotta anchors blow ‘em off.” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Passionate reactions to Komen segment on Reliable. Regardless of your view, of course the underlying issue in the flap is abortion.” — The Daily Beast’s Washington Bureau Chief and CNN “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz. Really. The underlying flap is abortion?

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day II

“LOL and ZOMG are the only two expressions you need to know to report or understand campaign coverage.” — TPM‘s Brian Beutler in an observation that could truly, easily be ignored.


‘Dopes’: WaPo Bloggers Continue to Feud

WaPo‘s conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin again confronted the newspaper’s liberal blogger Greg Sargent on Twitter this morning. Sargent writes “The Plum Line.”

Rubin went after Sargent for a tweet in which he mentioned a WaPo poll that showed that a plurality of Americans hold an unfavorable view of the past corporate experience of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney.

“The right’s latest howler about bad poll numbers on Romney/Bain. It’s all fault of left wing smear! [...]” Sargent tweeted. Rubin chimed in, “[N]o, the argument is that opportunistic dopes in GOP have picked up the leftwing smear..”

A cheeky Sargent responded, “[I] agree with the part about GOP ‘dopes,’ but it’s not a left wing smear.”

As in the last encounter between these two, Rubin had the last word. “I read it in your column!! re OWS and the obama gameplan,” she snapped. Presumably, she’s referring to this post by Sargent in which he said Democrats were preparing to “paint Romney as a predatory capitalist.”

Righty Journos Give Tapper Ego Boost

After ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jake Tapper hosted “This Week” on Sunday so soon after George Stephanopoulos resumed hosting the program, journos began clamoring to have him there permanently.

This isn’t the first time that Tapper has received an uprising of support among Washington journalists. But it is another example of a crowd that isn’t pleased with ABC’s choices where “This Week” is concerned.

WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin began rousing the troops, saying, “DEAR ABC SUITS: Give Jake the gig permanently.” Former George W. Bush Speechwriter and journalist David Frum backed Rubin. “Make it permanent!” demanded National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg.

Of course things online can turn wacko. When follower Jim Ehlan, who refers to himself as a “big fat liberal,” said he likes Tapper more than NBC’s David Gregory, Tapper disagreed. “Jake Tapper, I’ll follow you, you’re better than David Gregory on that other channel. Thanks for your time – I’ve got a no stalking policy.” We like a guy with bold policies. Tapper replied, “I don’t agree, but not to worry, I was just a substitute host.”

If Tapper really wants the host’s chair or thinks he ought to have it, he’s not showing his cards: “Thanks for all the kind words, folks! Glad you liked @ThisWeekABC ….back to the WH beat tomorrow, see you there! Have a great Sunday -jt”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day: The Moon Edition

To the Moon, Newt

“THEY ARE STILL DEBATING GOING TO THE MOON.” — The New Yorker‘s Washington writer Ryan Lizza.

“This portion of the debate is about colonizing the Moon. Just wanted to point that out.” — ReutersSam Youngman. He added, “I’ve been saying for years that the way POTUS is neglecting the Moon is shameful.”

“Shocking amount of #mooncolony talk tonight.” — NBC TODAY Show’s Savannah Guthrie.

Praise for Wolf Blitzer

“That’s right Wolf, get in Newt’s ass. I love this. Wolf is soooooo much better than Jon King.” — NYT‘s Charles Blow. He added, “I knew that I shouldn’t have had that 3rd drink before watching these debates.”

And a critic…“This wife stuff is embarrassing. #cnndebate” — Actress Mia Farrow.

A breath of fresh air: Ron Paul

“Ron Paul is like a palet-clearing sorbet between six courses of mud.” — The Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove.

Meanwhile…WaPo Express Editor discusses sex act

While most Washington reporters were fixated on last night’s debate, WaPo Express’s Clinton Yates was out on the town talking dirty. “At dinner with the gf, her friend and other friends of friends. One is certifiable. What a nightmare,” he wrote. “We’re at a Mexican restaurant btw. Arriba! This woman is trying to impress us with her knowledge. Next term: fisting! She’s so hip.”

Hair and Makeup

“I think each candidate should be given an electric razor and be allowed to cut one opponent’s hair anyway he wants.” — National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg.

“Does Callista’s hair ever move?” — WaPo‘s Right Turn blogger Jennifer Rubin. Chicago Book Editor Beth Renaldi remarked, “Callista Gingrich’s hair never moves. #cnndebate.”

“Callista’s makeup is looking a little more natural tonight. #CNNdebate Kurtz” — The Hill‘s Howeesha Kurtz (a.k.a. Judy Kurtz).

Really Howie?

“Wolf: Why would your wife make the best first lady? All eyes will be on Newt for his Callista answer.” — The Daily Beast/Newsweek‘s Howie Kurtz in the most painfully obvious observation of the night.

Birthweek: Maureen Orth

“Missing the #FLDebate for @LukeRsmom birthday dinner. The only disagreement here is what flavor ice cream to get.” — NBC Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert referring to his mom, VF’s Maureen Orth. (h/t Luke Russert, h/t Mike Allen for h/t)

A special Happy Birthday to C-SPAN’s Communications Director Howard Mortman. From his colleague Steve Scully: “Howard is an incredibly hard worker…in the league of Chuck Todd and Mike Allen. As he gets another year older…he also looks much older than Todd or Allen. But we still love him. In fact I remember him when he was ‘Extreme’ Mortman. Those were the days. :)