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Speaking of Ice…

Foreshadowing: Nikki in those tall — we’ll hand it to her — pretty heels. Even her sidekick co-writer, Jenny Rogers, stares at her colleague’s feet as if to say, “Girrrl, what the hell were you thinking?

The Washington Examiner‘s gossip scribe Nikki Schwab was on ice this weekend. As we’ve been reporting, especially toward the writers at FBDC. At the weekend festivities we even implemented an ice thermometer rating system for her. At last night’s pre-parties to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, she greeted us with a cold snarl on her way into the NJ/Atlantic/CBS party, saying (more like sneering), “Hi guys.”

By the way, we’re giving her nine ice cubes for last night.

But perhaps funniest was when she arrived home that night and actually needed ice.

“Veep” Stars Walk the Carpet in D.C.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

The cast from HBO’s upcoming series “Veep” were in town yesterday to promote the political comedy with a screening at the U.S Institute of Peace.

It was mostly peaceful, but packed which made for dicey moments on the red carpet.

“Veep” focuses on a clueless vice president, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and her bumbling staff.

FBDC asked the show’s starring actors about their thoughts on the D.C. culture and what parts of it were amplified in the series.

“The closer you are to the popular kids, the more powerful people feel,” said Tony Hale, who plays a personal aide to the Vice President. “[It's] just like high school. There’s a lot of high school happening in both here and L.A.”

Timothy Simons took special note of Washington’s crappy sense of style. “There’s a fashion sense from 10 years previous,” said the actor who plays the White House Liaison to Dreyfuss’ character. “A general sense that nobody has time to ever buy new clothes. So I think it’s like the clothes you have in college, you just hope that those fit you until you’re 35. And at that point you would have time to shop for new clothes.”

Simons said he prepared for his role by reading “D.C. Interns,” a popular blog about interns in Washington. He said the blog taught him about about “calling interns out on wearing their intern badges” at inappropriate places.

Matt Walsh plays the Communications Director in “Veep.” He told us the first thing he learned about the D.C press corps in preparing for his role is that “the best play in any crisis or any gaffe is to not say anything [else] and to smile your way through it.” Smaller blogs break the stories now, he said, “so you really have to watch every word that you say. You can never be off camera. You’re never off the record.”

NYT's Frank Rich


Sarah Palin is famous for her media mishaps when she was the Republican vice presidential candidate. We asked Dreyfuss if she did any media prep for the show. She said she spent more time trying to “pull back the layers of politics” than news media, but that “it really is extraordinary now how every move a politician makes is documented. And one false step and they’re screwed.”

Space on the red carpet was tight (and even tighter with the five-person crew ABC’s Amy Walter and Yahoo! NewsDavid Chalain had in tow) but went smoothly enough.

The actual screening was like an oversold flight. More tickets than seats were handed out and many attendees were left standing.

“Veep” officially premiers April 22.


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash (sans John King); Politico‘s Jonathan Martin; Mother Jones‘ (and alleged public tantrum thrower) David Corn; New York magazine’s Frank Rich; HOH’s Warren Rojas; MPAA Director Chris Dodd; The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz (aka Howeesha); The Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab and Jenny Rogers; Glittarazzi‘s Ali Lewis and Greg Blakey.


“They just want him to get off.”– An apparently perturbed videographer remarking on the news that George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder.

Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

The Washington Examiner’s Nikki Schwab and Jenny Rogers must really love the 90′s. If you take a look at some of their stories for Yeas & Nays this week, they seem to have a one track mind.

First, Rogers lays this story on us about the comedian Sinbad. It’s been YEARS since anyone said that name “Sinbad” without asking the question, “Whatever happened to Sinbad?” Yeas & Nays has the answer for you. The answer is that he — gasp! — went to the Leukemia Ball in D.C. this past weekend and was under-dressed. Just how under-dressed was he? The headline: “Sinbad wears sneakers to Leukemia Ball.” This somehow passes for gossip in Washington.

Keeping with the “I Love the 90′s” theme of Yeas and Nays, Schwab drops two stories on us about rapper Coolio. First, she tells us about a Coolio sighting at the club, Eden. Apparently, they were hosting a “Saved by the 90′s” rave.

But, Schwab, so awed by the rapper, brings us yet ANOTHER Coolio story. This one to tell us that his rider involved top shelf liquor and Kentucky Fried Chicken. We, too, have found ourselves full of Grey Goose and McRibs on more than one occasion. But really, who cares?

And They Say Journalism is Dying…

TBD’s Jenny Rogers has an extensive profile of Jane Jayne Sandman and Barbara Martin of BrandLinkDC this week in which she follows the powerful pair over the course of a working day (GQ has declared them powerful; NYT gave them the Sunday Style section treatment).

Rogers, who recently announced she was leaving the confines of the TBD Titanic to join Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays column, begins her day with the gals at the gym in a kickboxing class. Rogers writes that she struggles to keep up with Sandman, “who gave birth 10 months ago.” I don’t mean to downplay the miracle of childbirth, but it doesn’t exactly keep you on bed-rest for 10 months. She had a baby almost a year ago. She didn’t have a leg amputated last week. When the workout is over, Sandman “slips into a blue second-skin of a dress and thigh-high black stiletto boots (to cover the “giant shiner” on her shin, she explains).” Rogers doesn’t bother following up on that nugget, because she must feel compelled to protect us from the horror of producing any actually interesting details in the piece.

After the gym, the ladies dash to the salon to get their hair done. As Sandman is getting styled, Rogers writes, “She covers her eyes with her hands as her stylist spritzes her Little Mermaid-esque waves.” I think the phrase “Little Mermaid-esque waves” is “Stab-myself-in-the-eye-with-a-blunt-object-while-children-cry-and-women-weep-and-men-gnash-their-teeth-as-they-watch-in-horror” in terms of bad writing. As the day moves along, we follow the ladies to a book party they’re handling at the W Hotel. Before the event kicks off, we get to hear about Sandman’s exchange with her 10-month-old son, Owen.

Sandman takes a minute to FaceTime with her husband and baby on her phone. “Hi Owen!” she coos. “Hey Owen, clap for Mommy? Want to clap?” She claps. “Now he’s eating the phone,” she says with delight, to no one in particular. “All I can see is Owen’s mouth on the camera.”

We can only imagine this must be what it’s like to have a video chat with Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff. Sandman’s husband, by the way, is UrbanDaddy’s D.C. Editor Jeff Dufour.

Side note

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Washington Examiner Hires Cinderella

Well that was fast.

Last week the Washington Examiner announced the departure of Yeas & Nays columnist Katy Adams. Yesterday they announced the hire of Jenny Rogers of the distinguished TBD. In her Twitter avatar, she’s inexplicably dressed up as Cinderella. Nothing everything weird about that. She joins Nikki Schwab on the gossip desk.

Though Rogers’ new boss, Stephen Smith, introduced her with an ominous mistake in her internal memo, we’d like to think of it as a premonition of good things to come. He wrote that Jenny graduated from Rhodes College in Florida. That would be Memphis. Smith quickly issued a correction, lamenting that he’d lost street cred in the newsroom. “Rhodes College is in Memphis, not Florida,” he wrote. “Editors can’t get their facts right.” We can only hope this whisper of self-deprecating humor means the column will pick up.

As a culture writer, she learned absolutely nothing a tremendous amount at TBD. In her bio she writes, “As TBD’s most tech-challenged reporter, I’m proud to announce my conversion to Twitter. I hope to understand how to use my smart phone by 2011.” To get an idea of what we might expect from Jenny, we checked out her recent exposé on cupcakes. The headline: “Cupcakes will never go away.” She refers to the cupcakes as “little guys” and brashly tells those who are down on cupcakes to f&@k off: “Well tough cookies, haters. The cupcake trend is no trend.”

Jenny’s tastes vacillate between “The Wire” and “The Bachelor.” She draws, paints and is apparently a pretty mean ping pong player. We’ve already encountered the sharp-tongued Jenny when she bashed FishbowlDC’s Peter Ogburn over a certain Daily Caller reporter’s skimpy TV attire. See the warfare here.

See the internal memo…

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day


“Had pleasure of meeting Christopher Hitchens at a dinner party. He told great stories, holding the fullest glass of wine I’ve ever seen.” — NPR’s Ben Bergman, a producer for “Morning Edition” in Los Angeles.

“Hitchens, someone I greatly admired, then no longer admired, had the honor to argue w/, bitterly. All said, he lived a very big life. RIP.” — TPM Editor-in-Chief Josh Marshall.

“It’s selfish, but always dreamed of one day being the kind of person about whom Hitchens would say, ‘That guy’s all right.’” — Former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett.

“Hitch is dead. Glad I’m at a bar. I think he’d be glad his fans are at a bar.” — WCP‘s Ben Freed.



“My fat ass is wishing I still had leftovers from Matchbox… Another time I suppose.” Washington Business Journal designer Timothy Wong.

What long, boring story does Washingtonian suggest that you read on your commute home? “A #longread for your commute home: As Dulles hits 50, it’s time to look back.” See the story here.

Journo Hate Mail

“Apparently Fishbowl would rather @MichelleFields wear a burqa when reporting. Appalling post.” — The esteemed Jenny Rogers from the esteemed TBD. Read here. And yes, all clothing worn on TV generally must meet Peter Ogburn‘s standards. Jenny wrote Ogburn on Twitter, saying, “Her retweeting a compliment isn’t nearly as weird as your post was. You’re just not going to win this one.” Did someone say winning? Fields retweeted some 46 compliments about herself after a recent appearance on FNC’s “Red Eye.” Idiocy isn’t required in everyday journalism, Jenny.

From the GOP Presidential Debate…

“Ron Paul probably has no clue what the Gchat noise is from.” — NJ‘s Ethan Klapper.

“Bachmann’s eyelashes? Used to be Ron Paul’s eyebrows. #iowadebate.” — NY Mag’s John Heilemann.

“When candidates go over time, should have Gilbert Gottfried yell ‘Just shut up. Please’. I mean, he can’t be busy right? #iowadebate.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza, who scarfed down Oreos while watching last night’s debate.

Michele Bachmann needs to fire her make-up person.” …”Lighting on Megyn Kelly is horrible.” — The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields, an obvious beauty expert.

“Perry just mentioned ‘getting it on’ with President Obama. Uhhh, awkward. #iowadebate.” — The Hill‘s Howiella Kurtz (a.k.a. Judy Kurtz).

“Brett Baier: And a topic that has not be raised in any of the debates so far: bestiality.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein in a reference from a White House briefing Thursday in which ABC’s Jake Tapper complained about not being called on in the proper order.  Weinstein was inspired by Baier’s pre-commercial tease. He said when they come back they’d have a question yet to be brought up at any of the debates.

“Is Newt a just bit more condescending to women? Or is he an equal opportunities patroniser?” — Times of London reporter Nico Hines.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


INSIDE D. SHUSTER’s GARDEN: “As I stop to smell the flowers in my garden, I wish everybody a happy, healthy, + peaceful spring.” — Former MSNBCer David Shuster in a Monday tweet accompanied by the above picture of his Georgetown abode. We had no idea D. was so good at tending to tulips.

All aboard!

Fox News Contributor Dana Perino on the train this morning from Washington to New York. She writes, “My biggest temptation at the train station is petting the dogs on security duty. Long live dogs!” Also on the train was ABC News’s Political Director Amy Walter.

The Name Dropper

“At pal’s fascinating Sunday dinner party, a toss-up on what was better: the superb rack of lamb or tablemates Anthony Fauci & Zeke Emanuel.” — WaPo‘s Food Critic Tom Sietsema in a weekend tweet. Emanuel is a bioethicist at NIH and brother to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Fauci is an immunologist and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAD). He has made significant contributions in research area of AIDS.

A perfect metaphor for Senator’s voice

“Sherrod Brown, taking a break from massaging his vocal chords with a cheese grater, gets cozy and talks swipe fees with the National Association of Realtors at a fundraiser hosted by the trade group.” — An apt description of Sen. Sherrod Brown‘s (D-Ohio) voice in Monday evening’s “HuffPost Hill” about a fundraiser held for him this morning.

Asparagus, pee and Wemple

“Why can’t half of Brits smell asparagus in their pee?” — TBD Editor Erik Wemple in a recent tweet promoting an in-depth story about asparagus, a vegetable that peaks in spring. April is a particularly fantastic month for the green spears. Sure enough, the story by Jenny Rogers entails a lovely analysis of why asparagus can make your pee stink. The following words appear in the story this number of times: bathroom: 1; pee/urine: 6; stink or any variation of smell, scent, etc: 5

The question heard around the world

“”Who is Ben Smith?” Your worst fucking nightmare, Donald, that’s who.” — FakeJimVandeHei in a Monday tweet. Smith turned up in a VF Daily post edited by Sharpie maniac Donald Trump. In the edit, Trump scrawled, “Who is Ben Smith?” If you missed it, read here.

An indirect proposal

“So, can I marry Dana Loesch?” — An anonymous FishbowlDC reader in an email Monday morning after we published a Separated at Birth item on the Editor and Winona Ryder.