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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Weekend Wedding Bells: Congratulations to The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katharine Hamm on her weekend nuptials. She wrote on Twitter, “Checking our wedding tweets. We waited seven hours to do it. Pretty good for us, we thought!”

Actress gets overwhelmed in D.C.

“I’m so overwhelmed being here. I keep getting teary eyed. #WHCD” — Actress Alyssa Milano in a weekend tweet. She came to Washington over the weekend to attend the WHCD and many accompanying parties and events.

Reporter reveals unusual news delay

“Peter King tells me he missed first WH call on OBL news because he turned ringer off to go to a kickboxing match.” — New York Newsday‘s Reid Epstein in a Monday tweet regarding Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). Read his story here.

Chelsea jokes about her ‘adult’ time in Washington

“I was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend and then I have to come home to this garbage. I was having a really adult time — not really.” E! Late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler on her program Monday night. She was joking with her three-comedian panel on their latest antic, which is a bit X-rated to describe here, but it involved taking clothing of fellow comedians and brushing them over certain body parts and filming it.

Scribe has phone issues

“You know your phone sucks when you have to keep a charger AND an extra battery on you at all times because it dies so quickly. Grrrrr.” — TWT‘s Kara Rowland in a Tuesday tweet.

Journo faces harrowing field trip

“To the zoo with dozens of kindergarteners. Pray.” — CNN Contributor and Red State‘s Erick Erickson in a Tuesday morning tweet.

The Observer

“Tall intimidating guy in power suit at Starbucks asked for extra whip cream with his Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. I almost laughed out loud.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Tuesday morning tweet.

C-SPAN identifies male actor as female

“Don’t feel bad for this ‘actress. I think it’s funny. But if it happens a 4th time I am going to find a good OBGYN & join Curves Gym.” –  “Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson in a weekend tweet as reported by the Washington Examiner‘s Yeas & Nays. Ferguson attended Tammy Haddad‘s garden party over the weekend. C-SPAN was among the TV outlets that identified him as a woman. See the picture here.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Watch out: Journo without sleep

“Going to be a busy day made tougher by the fact that I’ve only slept for three hours.” — CSPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Friday morning tweet.

Off the Record — Set on Repeat

Quote said repeatedly to FishbowlDC at last night’s Financial Times party: “TOTALLY off the record.” One woman said the phrase eight times while telling one story.

Fighting words

“Just a general observation: spokesmen are liars. That is all.” — ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper in a Thursday tweet.

Journo Hate Mail

“S.E. Cupp Should Have Never Been Born, Proves ‘Necessity’ of Planned Parenthood.” — Ex-MSNBCer Keith Olbermann in a Thursday tweet.

Carvin’s aha moment

“Ended up 66th in the TIME 100 straw poll, supposedly more influential than Putin, Oprah, Roger Ailes and Arianna Huffington. Yeah, right.” — NPR’s Andy Carvin in a Friday morning tweet.

Weiner TV

“That’s it. We’re all done? I want to tell you, I love this show. You have great questions – some of them are a little crazy but you have really great questions and I really enjoy being on.” — Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on C-SPAN this morning. He also gave a big shameless push for his Twitter following, saying he’s in a big push to tip over 40,000 followers. His handle: @RepWeiner.  (It’s hard to resist an opportunity to run this grade school picture of the congressman.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I finally got to choose any car in the aisle, just like John McEnroe. Wound up with a Nissan with push-button ignition.” – The Daily Beast‘s Howard Kurtz is in New Hampshire and does something people do everyday — he rents a car.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


WaPo’s Dan Zak in Cali: “Cheeky Hollywood hotel thermostat”


“What’re u wearin for Oscar night? I’m sporting Basic Edition by KMART, accessories by 7-Eleven.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Craig Crawford in a Sunday tweet.

“Confession: I love the Oscars. Have watched them every year since I was 10 after successful lobbying campaign to suspend bedtime.” — Politico‘s Kasie Hunt in a Sunday tweet.

“Just so you know, my shirt this evening was designed by Under Armour and my pants by Mr. Carhart.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a weekend tweet.

“Who am I wearing? Thanks for asking, Robin. This is from Ralph’s Big & Tall.” — CBS White House radio reporter Mark Knoller in a Sunday tweet.

“DVD copy of The King’s Speech keeps skipping and stopping. #irony” — FishbowlDC intern Alec Jacobs in a Sunday tweet.

“Every time I see Ryan Seacrest on TV I say to people “that man is worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars.” nobody believes me.” — MSNBC’s Luke Russert in a Sunday tweet.

“I have only two wishes for Oscar night: 1. To make my deadline. 2. To meet Charlie Sheen.” — WaPo‘s @ReliableSource in a Sunday tweet.

R-Rated Oscar coverage

“I appreciate that whoever designed Cate Blanchette‘s dress accommodated her breasts with that hole in the front. #oscars” — GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox in a Sunday tweet.

“Sorkin’s speech: An oratorical attempt to suck one’s own dick. #Oscars” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a Sunday tweet.

Bold Oscar observers

“Franco really should have skipped the bong tonight.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Sunday tweet.

“I think Gwyneth‘s husband doesn’t WANT to appear in public with her.” — Former ABC “This Week” production coordinator Courtney Cohen in a Sunday tweet. She now works at the public affairs firm Dewey Square Group.

“Maybe I’m high?” — Bloomberg TV’s Lizzie O’Leary in a Sunday tweet.

Vital Oscar observations

Aaron Sorkin‘s hair just won best adaptation award.” — Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire in a Sunday tweet.

“Feed suggests those who are most hostile to this stilted show from Hollywood are those who put on stilted shows in Washington.” — The Takeaway’s Capitol Hill radio Correspondent Todd Zwillich in a Sunday tweet.

“It took 25 minutes for a Charlie Sheen joke?” — Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in a Sunday tweet.

Wishful Oscar thinking

“A little surprised Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban don’t listen to @cspanradio.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Sunday tweet. (Kidman and Urban were asked what they listened to on the way to the Oscars.)

Journo honesty

“Trying to pretend I am still interested in a basketball game where my son’s team is losing by 30 points.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty in a weekend tweet.

Media Matters employee suffers hangover

“Alka Seltzer= best hangover cure in the business.” — Media MattersTyrone Gayle in a weekend tweet. (Is this winning the weekend Tyrone?)

Update/Correction: Cohen recently left DSG. “I’ve created a Jewish girls take on Jersey Shore’s GTL,” she wrote. “I do GLS: gym, lunch, shopping.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


A lovely political journo sends to FBDC, saying, “Reporters waiting for the time honored tradition of members walking the aisle in Statuary Hall.”

A packed Statuary Hall Tuesday night

Civility comes and goes

“#SOTU civility was fun while it lasted. RT @RepPaulBrounMD: Mr. President, you don’t believe in the Constitution. You believe in socialism.” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Tuesday night tweet.

Cheesy talk

“My friends think I’m cheesy thank you,” — Former RNC Spokesman Doug Heye to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow at 12:26 a.m. Wednesday. Heye was responding to Maddow, who told him he is “the big cheese” of Republicans and she’s glad he returns her phone calls.

Weiner TV

“I felt like I just needed a drink when I was done with Paul Ryan and then Michele Bachmann who is clearly not in touch with the mother ship.” — Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow at 12:39 a.m.

Speaking of civility…Olbermann makes fun of congressman’s ears

“Cong. Ryan was selected because he is the House GOP Economic Czar, works out a lot, and can vie with POTUS in an Ear Battle #sotu” — Ex-MSNBCer Keith Olbermann in a Tuesday night live tweet on SOTU. (Note: Olbermann has blocked FBDC on Twitter along with Boy Banders such as Slate’s Dave Weigel and WaPo‘s Ezra Klein. We can, however, still follow his verbose messages.)

Speak of the Devil

“As I was talking to Mark Udall, Anthony Weiner walked by, mocked his “dopey idea” for seating. #SOTU” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Tuesday night tweet.

MTP Producer questions Bachmann’s staging

“Does Michele Bachmann have stage manager that can point her to look at camera?” — NBC MTP Executive Producer Betsy Fischer in a Tuesday night tweet.

Journo offers ‘Cougartown’ shout-out

“We now rejoin Cougartown already in progress.” — ABC News’s Jake Tapper in a Tuesday night tweet.

Computers and a giant hat

“CONFIRMED: Reporters will be allowed to bring computers into the chamber during #SOTU for the first time ever.” – The Daily Caller‘s Chris Moody in a Tuesday night tweet. That’s the logical journo news quote, but we also appreciate this one from Moody: “Rep. Frederica Wilson is saving her seat at SOTU with her giant hat.”

An evening of frustration and cussing

“OK, 12:23 & I’m leaving the office to finish this work at home. Lots of frustration/profanity tonight. May have scared new intern.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in an early Wednesday morning tweet.

Tie change

“Just like President Obama, @RepPaulRyan changed his tie from earlier today.” — PBS Political Editor David Chalian in a Tuesday night tweet. Chalian, who sent “Twitter photo evidence,” explained to FBDC that while Obama went from purple/lavender in the Oval Office to blue in the evening, Ryan went from gold by day to silver during his SOTU GOP response.

First Lady fashion alert

“For those who have DMed me or tweeted to ask, the first lady was wearing Rachel Roy. #flotusfashion” — Politico‘s Amie Parnes in a Tuesday night tweet.

HuffPost‘s Sam Stein wants guidance

“I need Frank Luntz to tell me what to think.” — HuffPost Senior Political Reporter Sam Stein in a Tuesday night tweet referring to the GOP pollster.

Paul vs. Pawlenty

“Paul Ryan is very Pawlenty-esque.” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake in a Tuesday night tweet.

A quick SOTU Separated at Birth

“As a reader points out, Rep. Paul Ryan is dead ringer for Gabe on #theoffice.” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese in a Tuesday night tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC


We sincerely hope that this is not the size of Buttry’s thumb.

TBD‘s Buttry offers correction on account of big thumb

“Repeating to fix big-thumb typo: “Without a good network, an entrepreneur cannot succeed,” says @robertniles on @ojr″ — TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry, in keeping with his publication’s dippy correction policy, laments his gynormous thumb in a Thursday tweet.  (We’re hoping against hope that Editor Erik Wemple approves of our example because God knows he decides all of Washington’s journo corrections these days.)

Astrology anxiety

“It was a bit of a shock to learn on the Internet that a wobbly Earth has put the old Zodiac out of whack, and even added a 13th astrological sign – Ophiuchus (I’m changing my birthday if I end up landing in that one).” — ReutersToby Zakaria in Thursday’s edition of the Washington Extra newsletter.

“You’ll have to rip my Aquarian status from my cold, dead hands.” — LAT and Chicago Tribune Congressional Correspondent James Oliphant in a Thursday tweet.

WaPo editor loves the ‘sick and twisted’

“Love v.: Ross Horsley’s MY 1ST DICTIONARY is twisted, sick & cynical, and I love it.” WaPo Book World Editor and Fiction Critic Ron Charles in a Thursday tweet.

Trouble in the building

“Downstairs tenants wanted a meeting.  afraid they read tweets about my, ya know… rodent.” — ABC7′s wild train rider Stephen Tschida in a Thursday tweet.

Andrea Mitchell orders colleague to get shuteye

“@NorahODonnell get some sleep! I plan to watch you guest hosting for @WillieGeist1 on Way Too Early – from bed!” — NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in a Thursday tweet.

Meghan McCain jumps on the bed (and gets insulted by an intern)

“Everyone, I present to you: an adult. RT @McCainBlogette: First night alone in my new place! ~ jump on the bed! jump on the bed!” — Former Daily Caller intern Alec Jacobs in a Thursday tweet. He has pissed Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain off before.

Journo endures office meetings with help of iPhone

“Having an iPhone in long meetings helps, but doesn’t make the time go by as fast as I’d like.”

–  C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Thursday tweet.

Blitzer gives heroic intern ‘offer’ of a lifetime

“I just offered 20-year-old Tucson intern/hero Daniel Hernandez help in getting a CNN internship if he wants it.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a Thursday tweet. (Daniel, we hear CNN pays interns about $15 an hour, but weigh all your options.)

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Last night…Fox News contributor and President George Bush’s Press Secretary Dana Perino filled in for FNC’s Greta Van Susteren, who said she was going  over to PR maven Tammy Haddad’s place to celebrate her birthday.

When life gets in the way of good journalism

“Now my wife’s vacuuming. So much for attempting to transcribe audio.” — Conservative blogger and former TWT’s Robert Stacy McCain in a Monday tweet.

C.S. Lewis causes Monday stir with D.C. journos

The saga concerning author C.S. Lewis started like this: Politico‘s Ben Smith: “5 yr old devastated by ending of The Silver Chair. #cslewis.” Then deep thinker extraordinaire, The Nation’s D.C. Bureau Chief Chris Hayes, jumped in, saying, “@benpolitico those books changed my life at exactly that age.” (Changed his life? Of course at five-years-old, the age when most people really try to find themselves.) The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs, however, jumped into the conversation in a Monday tweet to second the sadness of the books, saying, “@chrislhayes @benpolitico That series serves as a dry run for life’s more epic disappointments. Rem. asking mom if all of them were sad.”

Journo confronts the unexpected

“I have mashed potatoes in my hair. What a day.” — Social Media Producer Katie Rogers in a Monday tweet. We love this, of course, but earlier in the day, she wrote, “Scared to leave the building.” She told FishbowlDC she was referring to the wind. She thought she left it behind when she moved here from Chicago.

Moe Tkacik and Lindsay Lohan

“I am about as rehabilitated as Lohan, and less “employable.” I keep a lower overhead, at least.” — Former WCP‘s Das Krapital writer Moe Tkacik wrote Monday when asked if she’d been rehabilitated (not in the alcoholic/drug sense, but on Robert Stacy McCain featured above).

Ezra Klein, the movie buff

“I feel like Natalie Portman did not take the lessons of Black Swan to heart.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein on news that the actress is engaged and pregnant.

Washington Speak in Fort Lauderdale

“The Fort Lauderdale airport terminal 4 needs an earmark.” — MSNBC Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert in a geek-filled Monday tweet.

Measuring dorkiness

“Am I dork or do all people turn off a new album to catch @NPR @Wamu885news ?” — asked freelance journo Matt Laslo. To which The Takeaway’s radio scribe Todd Zwillich assured him, “That first thing.”

Speaking of, um, dorky decisions…

“I’m finally going to get serious about Google Reader. Not a New Year’s resolution though; it would never happen that way.” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a Monday tweet. > Update: A sassy Freed got snappy and declared, “I don’t mind you calling me a dork, Betsy, but I wrote that tweet last Thursday.” (Fine, Freed, you wrote the tweet last Thursday. We humbly stand corrected. We didn’t, however, call you a dork. We called your decision “dorky.”)

Cream puffs or push-ups: You decide

“Roommate Ryan just did 50 straight push-ups. I watched from the couch while eating cream puffs and drinking beer.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Monday tweet.

F–k you Facebook for fat friend

“Old high school peer now so large I’d never be able recognize that person now. It’s only been 5 years! #FuckYouFacebook” — The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Winkler in a Monday tweet.

The critic

“Disappointed tonight’s HuffPostHill included no animal pictures. For shame!” — Roll Call‘s Christina Bellantoni on HuffPost Hill, which usually has animals sneezing, dancing and doing other oddities.

Middle of the Night Banter

What are journalists like in the wee hours of Election Night? Some attended parties, others did TV hits and still others were holed up in bed with a dangerous combination of champagne and computers (thank you FamousDC for that excellent imagery). To give you a sense, we’ve rounded up the best of the best (or something like that).

NJ‘s Marc Ambinder: “Can I go to sleep yet?” (At approximately 1:43 a.m.)

Politics Daily‘s Matt Lewis‘s bragging rights: “So I’ll actually be on from like 2:35-3:35 a.m. ET.”

C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art safe and sound: “Made it home. Very few cars on the road at 2:30 a.m.”

Politico‘s Kasie Hunt: “Aaand at 2:43a, my BlackBerry has finally gone to sleep. Not me, though.”

Politico‘s Ben Smith leans on Slate‘s Dave Weigel: “I need a Twitter editor at this hour.”

NJ‘s Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier marveling at the new NJ: New and old friends just toasted the first election day in the united NJ newsroom. God Bless Crown Royal (It’s close to 3 a.m.)

ABC News’s Jake Tapper sees a possible political career for a certain situation from MTV’s “Jersey Shore”: “Say hello to Rep.-elect Ben Quayle & former Real World star Rep.-elect Sean Duffy [Door open for Rep. Situation]”

HuffPost‘s Ryan Grim anticipating unoriginal headlines: “How many headline writers will think “up in smoke” is the cleverest way to describe the pot initiative losing?”

National Review Online‘s Kathryn Lopez: “MSNBC is the seat of cockiness right now.”

Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzie O’Leary: “Okay, now for a two-hour nap. See you guys on #insidetrack.” Before that she remarked, “Official: I have been awake 24 hours. #startingtoloseit”

The Nation‘s Editor/Publisher Katrina vanden Heuval: “Like Lawrence O’Donnell on elections. Serious, intense in semi-wonky + saavy way.

The Daily Caller‘s Chris Moody: “Long night. Just downed one of those 5-hour energy shot things. Haven’t eaten. Getting the shakes. #journalism”

Politics Daily‘s White House correspondent Alex Wagner: “For those interested in #Boehner crying jags: they come often.” Wagner suggests this WaPo story.

Politico‘s White House scribe Glenn Thrush: “If Christine O’Donnell doesn’t get a reality show I’m canceling basic cable.”

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart remarks on his facial hair after a follower scolds him, saying, “OMG, @CapehartJ, you’ve got scruff! #MSNBCafterdark. ” He replies. “LOL. Not my shaving day.”

Donald Edmond, attorney, who wants to take over Politico by starting a publication called Common Sense 2012: “@FishbowlDC You realize you’d overtake Politico in this town if I wrote for you FT right? Black Republican in DC w/humor and insight.” (Note to readers: Edmond is an anti-trust lawyer we were Twitter “arguing/discussing” with well into the morning.)

ABC’s Rick Klein: “@karentravers I will sleep only when @berman14‘s hair gets out of place.” (Travers is an ABC White House reporter; Berman is an ABC News correspondent.)

Mother Jones D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn: “The up side: at least now I can get back to worrying about Charlie Sheen.”

SKDKnickerbocker’s Hanna Rosin: “Man up John Boehner. Stop crying.”

Political Wire‘s Taegan Goddard: “Two things I’ll forever miss on Election Day: Mechanical voting machines and Tim Russert.”

CBS News White House Radio correspondent Mark Knoller: “Haven’t seen anyone smiling at the WH this morning. With good reason.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC


Rain and fave movies

“With all the rain I ask this question: what’s your favorite movie to watch on a rainy day? Mine? Casablanca. (@ C-SPAN 6th floor)” – C-SPAN Digital and Media Specialist Jeremy Art in a Thursday morning tweet.

Late night, Chinese food

“U know its gonna be a late night when a huge chinese food order on a cart makes its way into the capitol. Senate staying late 2 leave 2nite.” — CNN’s Dana Bash in a Wednesday tweet.

Twitter peer pressure

“Trying to get my colleague @natashalennard to tweet some more. She seems skeptical. #mustapplysomeclassicpeerpressure.” — Politico‘s Amie Parnes in a Wednesday tweet referencing her new Click coworker Natasha Lennard.

Oprah and Beck – an Aha! moment

“That’s where the Winfrey comparison falls apart. You could never imagine her joking about poisoning the speaker of the house or talking about choking the life out of a filmmaker or fantasizing about beating a congressman “to death with a shovel” (as Beck did for Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore and Charles Rangel, respectively). Beck is divisive.” — an excerpt from NYT‘s Mark Leibovich‘s Wednesday profile on FNC’s Glenn Beck.  The story appears in print Sunday in the NYT Magazine.