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NYT’s Jeremy Peters Comforts Mika on Ambien

NYT‘s Jeremy Peters came to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi‘s rescue this morning on “Morning Joe” by admitting to taking Ambien.

“I have and just like you I stopped because of the reasons outlined in this story,” Peters said.

Mika replied, “Thank you! Thank you! Aren’t you a nice person!”

Unfortunately she didn’t press him for details. Moments earlier, she asked the roundtable of guests, “Anyone here take Ambien? I’ll admit it. I did.” No one — Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch — had taken the sleeping med, leaving Mika solo in her stories of Ambien haze, some of which she described in her book, Obsessed. “I ate a big vat of Nutella on Ambien,” she told them. In the book her husband finds her in the middle of the night with the hazelnut spread all over her face.

“Am I really the only one at the table who has taken an Ambien?” she asked. “Come on!”

Barnicle offered moral support, saying, “You are the Amelia Earhart of Ambien.”

Brzezinksi brought up the topic of Ambien because the FDA is being pushed to look at a number of sleep aides, including the aforementioned drug. They want to look at how safely it puts people to sleep, Mika explained, and how safely it wakes them up and if they ought to be driving while on it.



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Morning Reading List 11.06.12.


1. A chat between Ponnuru and Carlson: National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru and Bloomberg‘s Margaret Carlson discuss what happens when the election is over in a story for Bloomberg View. Ponnuru: “I’m not going to miss this campaign at all.” Carlson: “Sane people will wake up Wednesday morning as if so much is finally settled. I will wake up depressed.” Read here.

2. Post-election bliss: Politico‘s Patrick Gavin takes a look at what political reporters will be doing once the election is over. Slate’s Dave Weigel will be getting the “m” key on his computer fixed. MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp will be hunting deer. Who will head to spa and reduce caffeine intake? Read more.

See our third pick… Read more

McClatchy Takes Stand Against Modified Quotes

McClatchy’s Washington Bureau Chief James Asher announced last night at the National Press Club Awards dinner that he’s instituting a new policy to not allow government officials to modify quotes.

Asher was accepting an award for a reporter who couldn’t attend. He gave his speech about the story and then tossed the tidbit out as an announcement, to considerable applause. “Hope it convinced the Times and Post to follow suit,” Asher told FishbowlDC by email. On July 15, the NYT ran a provocative story by Jeremy Peters revealing that reporters routinely get their quotes reviewed and confirmed by government officials. Since then, the Washington Examiner and AP have taken strong public stands against the practice. Politico took a somewhat milder approach, with Editor-in-Chief John Harris telling Poynter he didn’t want background interviews to become the norm or “the default” but that they had their place. He said “quote doctoring does bother me.” WaPo has yet to take a strong, clear stand against the practice.

Midway down the McClatchy homepage today you’ll notice a brief from Asher entitled “No-alter quote policy.” It reads: “It is the policy of McClatchy’s Washington Bureau that we do not alter accurate quotes from any source. And to the fullest extent possible, we do not make deals that we will clear quotes as a condition of interviews.”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Father’s Day Treats: “Cleaning the pot after making rice krispy treats.” — Mr. Norah O’Donnell (i.e. Chef Geoff, husband to CBS Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell.)

Painting the town brown

“Hi. You mind if I talk to you for just a minute? I just want to say a few words about diarrhea.” — WaPo feature writer Dan Zak.

Important question to ponder: “When did this whole meme thing start?” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

Herman Who?

“I love how @morningmika forgot @THEHermanCain’s name on @MorningJoe today. #999 #thepizzadude.” — HuffPost‘s Sara Kenigsberg. MSNBC “Morning Joe” Host Mika Brzezinski reamarked, “I can’t even remember 999′s name” and called him a “clown show.”

Congrats on Challenging Your Guest Howie

Cenk Uygur and Matt Lewis (who I challenged) on the Daily Caller reporter who heckled Obama during immigration speech.” — CNN’s Howard Kurtz. No kidding, Howie! Good job on doing your job.

And in a twist of irony there’s this…“Ironically, Howard Kurtz interrupts @mattklewis to ask Q’s about ‘decorum’ of asking Q’s” — The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle. And another thing goddamn you Howie, “Hey @HowardKurtz – Why’d you axe segment on #FastandFurious, Eric Holder contempt/resignation calls?   Rescheduling?”

Speaking of otherworldly…

“Today is 69th birthday of @newtgingrich, famous media critic and lunar realtor.” — pourmecoffee.

Nose Out of Joint

  • “They weren’t kidding about massive rate hike. My @dcwater bill more than doubled since last month.” – Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt.
  • “Hello, motherfucker who took my computer and just went on an iTunes shopping spree. We’re hunting you.” — Wonkette and Salon Contributor Jim Newell.
  • “Dear @Expedia…in 3 minutes i will have been on the phone for an hour with your customer service people trying to change a flight. WEAK.” — ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper. Tapper spent the weekend at his Dartmouth college reunion in Hanover, N.H.
  • “Rained-on electronics in Brunswick; overheated electronics in Newark. Tough day to type on the trail.” — RealClearPoliticsErin McPike.

Mediaite WH scribe smooches TV host

“Oh, yeah, a Happy Rookie Father’s Day to you, @chrislhayes. Next week, you’ll have a necktie to wear. #uppers” — Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher, who moonlights as the Chairman of the I Love Hazy Foundation. Chris Hayes is an overcaffeinated host on MSNBC. Wait, don’t we already have one of those? (cough, cough, Chris Matthews.)

Female journo spots flasher

“Tonight’s PSA by Nikki – there was definitely a flasher outside @thehamiltondc. ‘Ladies be careful,’ he said before showing his youknowwhat.” — The Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab.

Convo Between Two Journos

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “This #Nats #Yankees game is very good but could be better. #Natitude.” InTheseTimes Magazine writer Mike Elk: “Fuck u wolf go nats.”

“It’s hard work, but that’s what we’re here to do.” – NBC Washington cameraman Jim Long with accompanying photograph from Los Cabos, Mexico, where President Obama is traveling today.

Convo Between Two Journos II

Politico‘s Ben White: “We just met and this is crazy, but if you play that song again I’ll shoot you in the face for sure.”

Politico‘s Jonathan Allen: “Ben, things that aren’t crazy include giving phone # to someone you just met. Been happening since phones invented #dumblyrics”

Self-Appointed Media Critic

“Truly stupid NYT article on Anna Wintour by Jeremy Peters, makes you want to kill yourself. Why do we bother, if this is what can be written.” — Vanity Fair Contributor Michael Wolff. Read the story here.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

Politico’s VandeHei Gets Hometown Treatment

You don’t think Politico‘s Exec. Editor Jim VandeHei got that distinctive Oshkosh, Wis. accent from nowhere do you?

We discovered this recent gem of a story on VandeHei on the front page above the fold of his hometown newspaper, The Brillion News. It’s not the Jeremy Peters treatment of the NYT like usual. But it’ll do. Other stories on the day the VandeHei profile published: Area wrestlers going to state and website to supplement area news coverage.

To say the folksy story on VandeHei is gushing is insulting. They revere him like a hometown war hero. They start out boldly positive and build up to positively glowing: “Jim VandeHei is on the cutting edge of journalism today,” writes Ed Byrne in the lede. But they do have legitimate bragging rights. “He may be on journalism’s cutting edge now but VandeHei cut his teeth much earlier, when he got his start in 1993 as the editor of The Brillion News.”

At the time, VandeHei had applied for an unpaid internship and they made him editor. His new boss, Zane Zander, paid him $300 a week, let him stay at the family lakeside cottage with a fridge full of beer. VandeHei calls it a “fabulous experience.” He’d work, go bass fishing and “have a cold one.”

An excerpt: “I’d barely taken a journalism class and they were in a pinch and needed an editor,” VandeHei said. “The editor at the time was going to take the whole summer off, and so [the Zanders] basically let me run the whole paper for a summer – and I had no experience whatsoever. They taught me how to run a paper.”

Robin Givhan is Leaving WaPo

Longtime fashion guru Robin Givhan is leaving WaPo after 15 years. Blake Gopnik is also checking out.

> Update: As first reported by NYT Jeremy Peters, Givhan is going to work for Tina Brown and The Daily Beast/Newsweek. Gopnik is joining Givhan at the same destination.

See the memo after jump…

Read more

Politico’s Dueling Columnists and Brewing Battle With NJ


Here it is – NYT‘s Jeremy Peters scoop on Politico’s hiring of The Atlantic‘s Michael Kinsley and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to be dueling columnists. Scarborough will stay with MSNBC; Kinsley is now at Politico.

For now, columns will appear once a week. That is expected to evolve into dueling coverage of larger events such as State of the Union.

In his piece, Peters discusses the brewing battleground between Politico Vs. The Atlantic Media Company’s NJ. NJ has recently lured less known reporters like Tim Alberta, Coral Davenport, who sources say was well-liked but not a good fit for Politico, and Josh Kraushaar away from Politico. Politico, too, has snagged talent away from NJ – first Rich Cohen and now, Kinsley. NJ recently landed a big hire in Fox News’s Major Garrett and other prominent D.C. names such as AP‘s Ron Fournier in June to be Editor-in-Chief and more recently, WSJ’s Susan Davis.

An excerpt from the NYT piece:

Mr. Scarborough, who will remain with MSNBC, said he did not intend to write a column so ideologically rigid it became predictable. Readers have tired of that model, he said. “There are some columns, even at the great papers, that I just skim because I know how they’re going to end even before I read the first sentence,” he said. “The last thing I’m going to do is get in an ideological corner and preach to the choir.”

Mr. Kinsley, who will leave The Atlantic, could not be reached for comment. His departure will be a blow to the Atlantic Media Company, which has been establishing a stable of journalistic talent in an effort to broaden its reach in Washington. The company owns National Journal, which has hired away journalists from places like The Wall Street Journal and Politico as it prepares to redesign its magazine and start a breaking news and political analysis Web site that will compete directly with Politico.

Linda Douglass, V.P., Head of Corporate and Strategic Communications for Atlantic Media Company, had this to say on Kinsley leaving The Atlantic: “Mike is a terrific talent and we wish him well.”

Politico Hires Dueling Columnists

This just in…

NYT‘s Jeremy Peters tweets the news on Politico‘s new hires that will break by morning.

“NYT tomorrow: Politico hires Michael Kinsley (away from The Atlantic) and Joe Scarborough (who stays w MSNBC) to write dueling columns”

Psst…NYT Has ANOTHER Story on Politico in Works

We hear NYT will run ANOTHER story on Politico in the morning (the piece is slated for Thursday morning). Here is what we know. It is being written by Jeremy Peters, their new media writer, and will break the news of two new additions to Politico‘s team. They must be a big deal to warrant such NYT treatment. We are told both are big names but NOT for traditional reporting roles.



NYT Reports on Politico Burnout

burnt out.jpeg

In an article by Jeremy Peters today the New York Times looks into the burnout rate of reporters for online news outlets – most specifically, Politico.

Peters talks to Jim VandeHei and John Harris who disclaim the notion that Politico is sweatshop but don’t deny tales of VandeHei pacing between desks while questioning which reporters have recently broken news.

Peters also checks in with former Politico reporters Helena Andrews who refers to the outfit as “boot camp” and Anne Schroeder Mullins who shares the story of co-workers frazzled by an April Fool’s joke that may have hit too close to home. Check it out here.