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Afternoon Reading List 08.16.13.

The close ties of MSNBC and Politico — It’s a common practice for cable news networks to bring in reporters from other outlets for roundtables and panel discussions. But, as BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw reports, MSNBC has an extra-special relationship with Politico. As CNN drifts towards celebrity stories and crime, and FNC sticks to their much-loved guns of conservative pundits, the field is open for young-web-savvy journalists to appear on MSNBC from places like WaPo and Politico, who have an almost-constant presence on the network. MSNBC is third in the battle for ratings, and Shaw says they can step up their game by bringing in journalists from the right, who are eager for an ideological debate, rather than flooding their time slots with liberal reporters. With the 2016 presidential election on the horizon, timing couldn’t be better.

Why you should read it: Shaw not only shows the cozy relationship between MSNBC and Politico, but also offers a suggestion on how to improve ratings, something the network is in need of.

‘News never made money’ — There has been much talk in the years since the web has taken over news about the revenue models newspapers can utilize. But, as ReutersJack Shafer argues, “news never made money.” Shafer points out that ad revenues “have fallen to 1950 levels in real dollars.” The news outlets like Politico and the Bureau of National Affairs have succeeded in commercializing news, it is only targeted at an elite audience in Washington, D.C. Shafer argues that “no mass audience is willing to directly pay for such news outside of the one already served by the New York Times.” But in earlier days of newspapers, it was money from political parties that supported what were essentially propaganda rags, something Shafer says is emerging again with entities like FNC and MSNBC, along with a slew of online publications (we’re looking at you HuffPost and Free Beacon). Shafer’s hope: technology will come to the rescue and save the news industry.

Why you should read it: Though a Reuters-style cut-and-dry column, Shafer puts the current conversation about revenues into perspective.

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National Journal Finds its Edge

National Journal isn’t known for edgy prose. It’s generally more wonky than that. But perhaps they’re hoping to alter that perception by introducing readers to The Edge, a daily newsletter that will show up in your inboxes around 4 p.m. That’s not a set time, but it hits dangerously close to HuffPost Hill‘s publishing time. We’re sure they’ll welcome the competition.

The newsletter will be written by Matt Cooper, Ron Fournier, Chris Frates, Michael Hirsh, Jill Lawrence, Josh Kraushaar, and other top NJ journalists with “high-utility summaries of the day’s often-chaotic events, and original looks at what’s trending each evening.” The Edge, according to a statement, will also feature “National Journal’s unique take on the most important news of the day, breaking news, and engaging new features such as Bedtime Reading, Top Tweets, Key Indicator, and Reality Check.”

Features will rotate and won’t appear in every newsletter. Bedtime Reading won’t actually be Fournier reading you a bedtime story in his pajamas. It will be a good book or article that is recommended for readers. Reality Check will be a truth squad segment, pointing out any falsehoods, or things that require correction. Key Indicators will highlight a specific poll/piece of data/statistic that merits attention or perhaps went overlooked in the news media. Top tweets will showcase “funny or poignant tweets” discovered by the NJ editorial team.

NJ has a variety of newsletters… Read more

NJ Nabs Jill Lawrence as Politics M.E.

Jill Lawrence has been named National Journal’s Managing Editor for Politics. Currently a writer for and, Lawrence has a long history in political journalism.  She previously served as a senior correspondent and columnist for and national political correspondent for USA Today.  Jill has covered every presidential campaign since 1988 and has written about politics for The Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In 2004 Columbia Journalism Review named Lawrence one of the top 10 campaign reporters in the country and she was included in Washingtonian‘s 2005 list of the 50 best and most influential journalists in Washington. She will begin work at National Journal on December 12th.  Congrats to Jill!

Politics Daily Scribe Heads Back to High School

170px-Michael_isikoff1.jpg phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg2.jpg

Politics Daily‘s Jill Lawrence is not really going back to high school, but she did head back to Long Island’s Syosset High in spirit to write a story about the famous alums with whom she shared a school.

Classmates include NBC News national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff, former WaPo reporter Peter Carlson, Heritage Foundation fellow and wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao and LAT congressional reporter Janet Hook.

Back in high school, Lawrence writes, Isikoff “was not passionate about journalism or politics, but he wasn’t entirely without the skills he would later need.” He told her, “I used to argue with people all the time.”

Another alum is actress Natalie Portman, whom Isikoff tried to engage in high school banter at the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. “I tried to engage her on the Syosset connection,” Isikoff recalled. “I said, ‘You and I have something in common.’ She looked at me like, ‘What could I possibly have in common with you?’”

Read the full story here.

The People that Power Politics Daily


Former Baltimore Sun reporter David Wood, USA Today writer Jill Lawrence, former WaPo columnist Donna Britt and Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet are a few of the folks that have been lured away by or sought refuge at AOL’s Politics Daily.

Those that have found sanctuary at the start-up boast six-figure salaries without having to report to an office. But can this political paradise compete in the already-saturated internet marketplace against the likes of HuffPo, Politico, Daily Beast and others?

Check out Howard Kurtz‘s article on for more on the power and people behind Politics Daily.

David Corn’s Blog Move From CQ to AOL’s PoliticsDaily

Like Sarah Palin, Mother Jones’ David Corn says he’s leaving– leaving the blog he writes for CQ. Unlike Palin, Corn’s taking on a new gig, moving to AOL’s PoliticsDaily. He’ll start later this week and joins some big names there- Lynn Sweet, Jill Lawrence, Walter Shapiro, and Carl Cannon, to name a few.

From his farewell post:

The media world we reporters, commentators, bloggers and Twitterers now live in is ever-changing and ever-churning. Many of us need to tap-dance on multiple platforms simultaneously. It can be exciting–but also tiring. I long for those summers when I worked for a weekly magazine that went biweekly–and there was no website beast to feed. But that was then.

These days, journalists are like many other Americans: you never know where the cliff’s edge is. Security is ephemeral. And outlets are declining, even as the digital revolution allows for a greater and freer (in all meanings of the word) flow of information. Still, within this uncertain environment, great work is being done by professionals who care about the business of creating and disseminating important news and commentary. I’ve been fortunate to be part of one of these experiments:

USA Today May Lose Both Lead Economic Reporters In One Week

FBDC has learned USA Today economic reporter Barbara Hagenbaugh is leaving the paper and colleague Sue Kirchhoff is expected to also leave next week. This will leave the paper without its economics reporting team for the Money Section, according to Gannett Blog.

These two departures follow a recent trend at the paper. Blogger Mark Memmott left for NPR last week and politics reporter Jill Lawrence‘s last day is today.

Taking Out The Trash

What we almost missed today…

• Politico is reporting that AOL’s upcoming politics site has landed some big name contributors, notably the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet. Sweet will contribute a column to the site as well as blog about the First Lady (Daily FLOTUS is one title being considered).

Sweet tells Politico: I’m very, very excited about this new venture…I’m very excited about being part of the new team.”

The site has also nabbed USA Today’s national political correspondent Jill Lawrence who will be leaving her job to join PoliticsDaily full time. (via FishbowlNY)

• 24-year-old Meghan McCain, daughter of former Presidential candidate John McCain, has reportedly sold her book to Hyperion after an auction.

According to the NY Observer, several unnamed sources said the advance was in “the high six figures. “The deal was negotiated by Flip Brophy, who helms Sterling Lord Literistic and represents Meghan’s father.

Sally Quinn on life in Grey Gardens, the summer home she and husband Ben Bradlee purchased from Little Edie in East Hampton, the subject of the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens.

Poll of the Day, 05.16.07

>UPDATE: Jill Lawrence says “the debate featured Fox reporters asking tough questions…”

>UPDATE: The New York Times weighs in here.

Hotline Profiles Lawrence

From their Friday Feature:

    Jill Lawrence is the nat’l political corr. for USA Today. She also co-authors the paper’s “On Politics” blog. She was a columnist for the AP and a free-lance magazine and newspaper writer before joining the newspaper in July 1996. But today she’s our Friday Feature:

    What’s your most embarrassing on-the-job moment? (Or as embarrassing as you’d like to reveal?)

    One that ranks near the top was when I accidentally dropped my laptop off the top level of a camera stand. It was around midnight, the last event of the day in the last week of the Kerry campaign. That was the end of that computer.

    What’s your favorite political book and why

    “The Feminine Mystique,” by Betty Friedan. It helped unlock possibilities for half the population, and is probably the reason I am able to have a job as a political reporter.

    What is your biggest weakness (and not your job interview biggest weakness)?

    I am uncomfortable making speeches. Give me a good Q-and-A any time.

Read the rest here.