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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day


“Just saw Callista sign bunch of autographs with first name only, #madonna-like” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

Blogger witnesses double trouble aboard train

“Elderly twin sisters board the Acela and sit next to me. Except they meant to board regular Amtrak. Emotions are running high!” — American Enterprise Institute’s Columnist and Blogger Jim Pethokoukis.

The Traveling Boybanders

“Oy. Long delay in ATL, America’s dullest large airport.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias.

You’ve been warned…

“Headed to IA in 26 hours, to write stories like ‘In Iowa, it’s up for grabs’ & ‘Republicans want to try to win this election’” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Memorable Metaphors

“Listening to @MichelleFields preach about journalism on @cspan is like Chef Boyardee talking about fine Italian cooking.” — FBDC Washington-based reader Eric Wilkens.

“Loved the news today. Michelle Fields is changing the face of journalism and I’m so happy she’s the Christ that has risen! — FBDC reader who signed his note, WWMFD? Anonymous.

Want to intern for PBS’s “Washington Week” with Gwen Ifill? Read more about it here.

HuffPost or BuzzFeed?

“The top 10 animal news stories of 2011.” See here.  — Answer: HuffPost.

Isn’t it ironic? Just back fresh and rested from a ski trip, BigGov Founder Andrew Breitbart engages us in a Twitter battle royale Tuesday on sexism and fairness in covering conservative journos. What we learned from him: He thinks much of the free world (except those who write for his sites when they’re not busy digging up pictures of 4-year-old girls to use for pedophilia accusations against other conservative journos) is sexist and biased when covering conservative media. But  Breitbart wears blinders when it comes to the sexist pig in his midst. In the middle of all that, I get a reminder from LinkedIn about my invitation from former TWT Editor Rich Miniter, who was involved in a domestic violence dispute last summer and subsequently cleared of the charges. Still, Miniter isn’t the bell of any ball in Washington. An FBDC reader who knew of the Miniter invite writes in, “You’re a toilet today, shit flying at you from all over. And this one is a literal piece of shit.”

And now a word from a Breitbart goon: LastBrainLeft: “@FishbowlDC Bitch, your entire twitter feed is an exercise in progressive, liberal partisanship. The more you tweet, the deeper the hole.” And a note for FBDC’s Peter Ogburn from damning “Darcy”: “You’re kind of a dick. And jealousy is…well, you’re a dick, anyway.”

Three Views of the Michelle Fields’ C-SPAN Video

“How low does the bar have to be for her to clear it? Her biggest accomplishments in journalism are getting knocked over while being where she shouldn’t have been in Occupy Wall Street and having Matt Damon swear at her. Next stop: Pulitzer!” — Anonymous conservative male D.C. journo.

“I’m a conservative woman and I sure as hell don’t look to her for anything other than hair tips. Andrew Breitbart is off the mark here by like a a continent. The lack of oxygen at the ski resort is making him confuse a two-bit dimwit for a serious female conservative political leader. And I’m quite sure that Palin, Bachmann et al don’t want to be lumped in with this child.” — Anonymous conservative female D.C. journo.

I don’t understand where all this vitriol towards her is coming from. She’s done bold work; if only other young people were as driven as her. Agree or disagree with her politics, she’s done bold work” — Jeff Loveness, Michelle Fields’ boyfriend, in comments on FishbowlDC.

James O’Keefe is a big Fields supporter

“CSPAN interview w/ video journalist @MichelleFields. DC reporters could learn things from her.” — O’Keefe in a Tuesday tweet. O’Keefe considers himself a “community organizer of citizen journalists.”

Convo Between Two Politico/Media Types

GOProud Founder Jimmy LaSalvia: “Hey Prince Charming, call me. I need to tell you where to find me New Year’s Eve.” Slate’s Weigel: “You have my number.” LaSalvia: “Dave Weigel did you just come out?”


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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Journo sees link between himself and company stock

“But is my impending departure driving down Reuters’ stock? Of such things, we can only speculate.” –  Outgoing Reuters scribe Jim Pethokoukis, who is going to work for the American Enterprise Institute as their blog editor. He’ll continue on as a CNBC Contributor. He also mentioned lead Boybander, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, saying, “Hey, I’m over 9,000 Twitter followers, only 91k behind @ezraklein. Are we going to let such injustice stand, America?”

Make a wish

“I wish my washing machine was touch screen #whitegirlproblems.” — Publicist and former ABC ‘This Week’” Producer Courtney Cohen.

Weingarten invents acronym

“I have just invented a great acronym: ‘Bioya.’ Blow It Out Your Ass. Please make it viral. Or, alternatively, bioya.”  — WaPo columnist Gene Weingarten.

Blogger gets defensive, tweets about his ding dong

BigGov Contributor Riehl Tears (a.k.a. Dan Riehl) had an odd way of reacting to a story we wrote on him yesterday. Referencing an interview he gave last month in which he admitted to weeping over former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s lost innocence and recounted his “worst date” story — he drove a woman home with his pants off — the conservative blogger felt the need to tell us he’s well endowed. He wrote, “Silly FB-DC.. If my pants were genuinely down, you’d be far more impressed, I assure you.” Are you asking us out on a date, Riehl Tears?  No thanks, we prefer men who don’t cry during badly made political documentaries. But that’s nice to know, wombshifter. One thing, though. Wasn’t repeating sexually menacing talk the reason you accused an innocent journalist of being a pedophile in the first place? At least he was quoting Mike Tyson. What’s your excuse?

New HOH writer enters dining detox

“My body seems confused/upset that the 3-gourmet-lunches-per-day routine has come to such an abrupt halt #marathondiningdetox.” — Roll Call‘s Warren Rojas, the new HOH writer and former restaurant reviewer.

Journo reacts to Troy Davis execution

“Time of death 11:08 and media can move up to get photos of the coroner’s van; what is wrong with us?” — Writer and former Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger.

Um, David? Helloooo? You have a brother named Rush.

“How can anyone take seriously the anymore [sic] the raving lunatic Chris Matthews?” Read/watch here. — Nationally Syndicated Columnist David Limbaugh in a grammatically incoherent tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

QUOTES of the DAYHoliday Weekend Edition

CNN Senior Political Editor Mark Preston: “Just watched 13 and counting fishing boats leave #Hatteras aboard ferry from #Ocracoke.”

Liquid weekend

“Margarita. Sun. Water. Stir. Serve.”– LAT and Chicago Tribune writer James Oliphant in a weekend tweet.

The judge has spoken: Nir Rosen

“How sad to call yourself a journalist and cover a royal wedding.” — Lefty journo Nir Rosen in a weekend tweet. This stellar critique coming from a man who, back in February, promised to get off Twitter after he made admittedly tasteless remarks about CBS’s Lara Logan being sexually assaulted in Egypt. Among other things he wrote, “It would have been funny if it happened to Anderson [Cooper] too.” How soon Rosen forgets saying, “I feel like shrinking now.” What’s he have against royal wedding coverage?

Ezra marvels at Britney’s career trajectory

“Sort of amazed that Britney Spears is still around and making hits. Has anyone done a great ‘Britney Spears: Survivor’ profile?” — WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a weekend tweet. He then links to an article by the esteemed TV host Carson Daly, who cries about how sad he is that Britney is “crawling back into the womb” of the record industry. Daly’s show, “Last Call,” airs at 1:35 a.m. ET. First Ez expresses that he loves “Ice Loves Coco,” now this. Whatever metamorphosis is happening, we’re just relieved Klein has expanded his reading repertoire from CJR.

Journo has Metro rage

“Hate the DC Metro and I hate it so much I want to strangle it with my bare hands and destroy its evilness. #metrorage #primalscream.” — Roll Call‘s HOH writer Neda Semnani in a weekend tweet.

It was a long and stormy morning…

“#Boom, thought it was an earthquake in DC … Turned on TV …. Not yet? Just thunder/lightning … Ok. Back to bed.” — Human EventsTony Lee in a weekend tweet.

“Was sleeping soundly until this Wrath of God weather came along & woke me. Yes, I think we need the rain, but at 5:45am on Sunday?!?” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a weekend tweet.

“Either they’re rehearsing the Fourth of July show on the Mall right now, or our independence is nearly over. #Invasion #Explosives” — WCP‘s Mike Madden in a weekend tweet.

Reporter has new pet peeve

“New airline annoyance: people who play computer solitaire with you over your shoulder.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty in a weekend tweet.

Reporter declares nation sexy

“Happy Birthday America. You are still very sexy for a 235 year old.” — TWT‘s Eli Lake in a 4th of July tweet.

Sweating with Roland

“The thing I hate about the end of the Essence Music Fest is packing wet linen. I partied/sweated hard! #emf2011″ — Washington Watch Host Roland Martin in a weekend tweet.

Inskeep gets down with Prince

“Riding taxi through dark while radio plays ‘Kiss’ by Prince makes you feel you’re in a movie w/soundtrack.” — NPR’s Steve Inskeep in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Rough weekend

“Long weekend+3 power outages=kids bouncing off walls.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a weekend tweet.

The Observer

“After watching the “Page One” doc, here’s what I noticed: David Carr – a NY Times reporter – wore a Washington City Paper hat. #wemajor” — WCP Music Critic Marcus Moore in a weekend tweet.

The Critic

“You know it’s a bad day for news when half of @mikeallen‘s Playbook is Jon Huntsman news.” — Mediaite‘s Frances Martel in a weekend tweet.

Strange coincidence?

“Well, that was a first. Woman behind the desk at my gym: ”Pethokoukis?’ Is that an Indian name?’ Namaste!” — Reuters’ Politics and Policy writer Jim Pethokoukis in a weekend tweet. He goes on to say, “Also weird: yesterday I went to an Indian restaurant for the first time in my life.” Pethokoukis is Greek.