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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

A RELAXED ROLAND: “Somebody’s tuckered out.” — Video journo Liz Glover with accompanying photograph of CNN Contributor and TV ONE’s Roland Martin.

“I’m already all shook up. In anticipation. Brand new tissue box: check.” — author Terry McMillan during the speeches last night.

A little too gushing?

“Biden is one of the best liked people in politics — on both sides. And he has earned that affection. #CNN” — CNN’s David Gergen. At a time when CNN is trying to paint MSNBC as too in love with Democrats, this was a peculiar thing to say.

Humblebrag: Rosario grabbed my Snickers!

“Hey! @rosariodawson just grabbed my last Snickers. What a great way to end the great @ABC/ @YahooNews convention coverage.” — ABC News Producer and Digital Journalist David Meyers.

The Team Player

“Partisan people on both sides seem to not like when their side gets fact-checked, but love when the other side does. CNN fact-checks both.” — CNN Piers Morgan Tonight staffer Steve Krakauer.

Do they think he stinks?

“Street vendors selling Obama air fresheners. I kid you not.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

The Speeches. Kerry. Biden. Obama.

Sen. John Kerry

“Punditry correction: predicted that Senator Kerry would flop. Was wrong.” — BuzzFeed‘s Michael Hastings.

“ROCKY IV DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE A PARTISAN PUNCH LINE. SHAME ON YOU” — a uncharacteristically dramatic HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

“John Kerry’s speech was so good, this entire arena is fired up, ready to go avenge Apollo Creed’s death.” — NJ “The Hotline” Polling Editor Steve Shepard.

Veep Joe Biden

“There is literally no heaven.” — NY Daily News’ Josh Greenman.

“It’s about healing. And putting a bullet between the bastard’s eyes.” — David Frum.

“I think Joe Biden looks FAB in his infomercial. I also like his voice. See, I said something nice!” — Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

“My Dad is live-blogging Biden’s speech to me via text… Never should’ve gotten him that iPhone.” — Yahoo! News‘s Chris Moody.

“Joe Biden loves him some ‘literally’. Literally. #dnc2012″ — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

“Joe Biden is off to a really personable start with all the kiddos. snff snff” — HuffPost‘s Christina Wilkie.

President Obama

“Obama not just criticizing GOP. He is mocking them, again and again.” — The Hill‘s Managing Editor Bob Cusack.

“I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client.” — WaPo‘s Felicia Sonmez.

“Time for Biden to rush out shirtless in pirate garb swallowing a torch of fire.” –  TV pundit, blogger, author Craig Crawford.

“I am bored to death. #figuratively” — Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespie.

“Crowd definitely not as jazzed either. Better than in Tampa, though, where the noise died within about 30 seconds of Romney’s speech ending.” — Times of London‘s Matt Spence.

“Is it just me, or are the applause lines falling much flatter than I presume he intended?” — Townhall‘s Kate Hicks.

“If This doesn’t pick up soon, the obituaries are going to start flowing. I give it 10 more mins before the impression is locked.” — Mediaite‘s Noah Rothman.

“Four more beers.” Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

“Obama says he’s mindful of his own failings. I wish we could hear his honest discussion of what he could have done better.” — NYT‘s Jodi Kantor.

On another note…“Joe Biden’s daughter’s dress is AWESOME. #notapoliticalstatement” — Politico producer Leigh Munsil.

And what’s a night without a little media bashing? “Even MSNBC is looking disappointed tonight. Though they are trying to cover it up. But you can see the heartache in their eyes.” — editor Jon Nolte.

The Sea Has Finally Parted

“Psst, journos: conventions are OVER. Sleep cometh soon! #DNC2012 #GOP2012 — WaPo manager of social media & engagement Natalie Jennings.

 Journo gets emotional about FLOTUS’s seating

“Not sure if I find it heartening or depressing that Michelle Obama appears to be sitting on the same hard plastic chairs the press is.” – LAT political writer Matea Gold.

A shout-out for the FGOTUS

“I love the first grandma, Mrs. Robinson seems so dope.” — Myles Miller, a political reporter.

Reporters get props from questionable character

“Wow. There is a legit meth head wandering around the press filing room thanking reporters for their work. #dnc2012″ — Business Insider political reporter Grace Wyler.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I am on Twitter silence until POTUS speaks at 10ish. I gotta get some stuff done so I can watch and hear his every word.” — Essence and theGrio‘s Sophia Nelson.

Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.



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Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

Happy Birthday to FLOTUS – A Thursday afternoon email from Barack Obama is asking citizens to sign a virtual birthday card for his wife, Michelle. FLOTUS turns 48 years old on Tuesday. The email says, “This fall, Michelle and I will have been married 20 years. The next 10 months will be harder than any we’ve experienced together, and I couldn’t do it without her. I knwo she’d love to hear from you today.” Ok, fine, we signed the card..And then we were immediately directed to a donation page for the Obama re-election campaign. Really? Can’t I just re-gift the smoothie maker I got for Christmas?

Perhaps He Should Be on the Steer-ing Committee Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) loves his beef. In a recent NYT profile, he admitted that when he travels to Washington, D.C. from his home state, he packs his luggage withroasts, ribs, round steak and rib steak.” In Tester’s eyes, there’s no beef in D.C. quite like the beef he gets back home in Montana. Tester continues, “Taking meat with us is just something that we do,” Senator Tester, 55, said over a meal of beef stroganoff cooked by his wife, Sharla, in their Capitol Hill town house. “We like our own meat.” What’s the best way to eat meat of such high quality? According to the Tester’s, their favorite recipe is “smothered in canned cream-of-mushroom soup and a squirt of ketchup, cooked down in a slow cooker.”

Soledad Versus Jodi Kantor Soledad O’Brien pulled no punches with NYT’s Jodi Kantor Friday morning on CNN. HuffPost reports that Kantor, out promoting her book, The Obamas, had to defend the portrait she painted of FLOTUS in the book. Michelle Obama has spoken out about how this isn’t the first time someone has tried to make her out to be the “angry black woman.” Check out the video of the two journos scrapping.

NYT Bombards Fans With Jodi Kantor

The NYT is taking cues from Politico when it comes to constant self-promotion. FishbowlDC was alerted to a live chat with Jodi Kantor through the Facebook page for the NYT. Kantor is promoting her new book, The Obamas, in which she gets behind-the-scenes tales within the Obama White House. Earlier, we reported on Kantor’s boastful tone regarding the book and the negative reception she’s facing from the Washington Press Corps.

Facebook fans of the NYT were not thrilled about being subjected to a live chat and let Kantor know it. One fan, Kevin Kretz, began the conversation by bluntly saying, “Would sure like the NYT FB posts to be about breaking or significant news instead of daily plugs for a book by a Times writer.” This was the first of many nastygrams. Another commenter, Miriam Rubinoff wondered, “Why do I imagine a lot of hate comments being blocked?” To their credit, the NYT responded directly to Rubinoff in the comment section.

“Following up on your question, here’s a reminder of our moderation policy on Facebook. We aim to create a space on where readers can exchange intelligent and informed commentary that enhances the quality of our news and information. We value thoughtful comments representing a range of views that make their point politely. A few things we won’t tolerate on our Facebook wall: personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity (including expletives and letters followed by dashes) and commercial promotion. While most comments will remain posted if they are on-topic and not abusive, moderating decisions are subjective. We will make them as carefully and consistently as we can.”

So, they won’t tolerate ANY commercial promotion. You know.  Stuff like this:

“In a few minutes, New York Times political reporter Jodi Kantor will be chatting here live about her new book, The Obamas.”

Just to be clear: The NYT is OPPOSED to any and all commercial promotion…  Unless, of course, it’s their own products.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Big Ball of WHAT? FNC’s Greta Van Susteren remarked: “We spotted one of our colleagues crossing the street in Manchester but what really caught our attention is the car right behind her….just WHAT is on top of that car?” See item on Gretawire blog here. Guesses include: hairball, dung, weed etc..Alas, it’s a big ball of hay.

Bloomberg‘s Joshua Green:  “Greta interviewing the @jon2012girls in my hotel.”

“And of course, of course, the media and the other candidates have jumped on Mitt like Newt Gingrich on a younger, healthier wife.” — Stephen Colbert.

Birthweek bulls%$#: The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields celebrated her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Michelle! (h/t Michelle Fields) Her fans also had wishes for her, like this lowlife Bill Price (a.k.a. @Fireballil) who has Fishbowl Peter screaming for feminism: “Michelle Fields, too bad there’s no #RedEye tonight. Wear that dress in the #legchair and watch @FishbowlDC’s head EXPLODE.” Another F.O.M., a politically aware conservative Christian from Milwaukee, remarked, “Happy Birthday Michelle. May you have a wonderful & less attacked year.” She replied (after she RT of course): “Haha, thank you!” Of course she ran this picture of — guess who? — herself with the Fox News makeup woman, saying, “It’s my birthday and my Fox News make-up artist’s birthday! #TheBirthdayGirls.”

From the Road

“Protesters shouting ‘are you going to fire the baby’ as Mitt awkwardly holds an infant.” — Bloomberg political reporter Lisa Lerer.

A journo’s wish.

“What I wouldn’t give to see Chris Farley do Chris Christie just once on SNL.” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.





Twitter Nastiness has Happy Ending (Not that kind of Happy Ending)

The Players: Labor Journo Mike Elk and Slate‘s Economy reporter and Boybander Matt Yglesias.

The fight begins here.

Yglesias: “The activities of individual business executives have no relationship to the level of economy-wide employment.”


Elk: 1. R u an idiot? 2. How does @mattyglesias make a living – the man produces nothing of value & doesn’t understand Econ 101. 3. Can someone name a shitkicking piece @mattyglesias has ever written?

Boybander lawyer steps in.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “Mike Elk, I think different people should write about different things. #everyoneistoastoncetheplanetmeltsanyway.”

Yglesias befuddled.

Yglesias: “He has some problem with me whose nature I don’t quite understand. I think the issues I’ve been writing about this week do impact workers.” Elk: “Point is @mattyglesias claimed actions of individual executives have little to do w/ overall econ, people cover workers know its not true.”

The apology.

Elk: “My apologies for calling you names @mattygelsias, that was wrong, but go cover some strikes, lockouts, organizing drives, raids etc.”

Necessary Tweet of the Day

“I hope my jet blue flight doesn’t only have sad movies available. I don’t want to get emoticonal on the plane ;-) ” — MSNBC Contributor and Daily Beast Columnist Meghan McCain. Earlier in the week she told MSNBC that the Obamas deserved an “emoticon” of privacy in regards to NYT’s Jodi Kantor‘s new book on them.

Wolf gets ‘pumped’ for primary

“I got a good night’s sleep. I ran five miles on the treadmill. I ate some healthy yogurt and fruit. I’m strong, ready to go. I’m pumped!” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to Access Atlanta’s Radio & TV Network before the New Hampshire GOP primary. Read the full story here.

From the Dept. of Bragiculture…

“Jim Lehrer told me I’m off to a good start. Win!” — PBS’s Christina Bellantoni, the new Politics Editor for Newshour.


Meghan McCain Deserves ‘Emoticon’ of Ridicule

Emoticons are annoying little characters people usually insert into text messages and emails, like the smiley face :-) , the winking smiley face ;-) , the winking smiley face with its tongue sticking out ;-p and so on. What it is not is anything having to do with privacy. But don’t tell that to MSBNC’s newest contributor Meghan McCain.

On “Now with Alex Wagner” today, the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said she thought President Obama and his family deserved “an emoticon of privacy” in regards to revelations in NYT’s Jodi Kantor‘s new book The Obamas.

McCain, known for her, shall we say, “creative” use of language more than her ability to, you know, like, think, immediately took to Twitter to explain herself: “Thanks everyone, was talking quickly and said ModiCOM instead of ModiCUM this morning – thanks for obsessing over my every waking word. ;-)

Nice try, Megs, but you said it twice and you said it clearly. While trying to cover it up shows at least some cognitive awareness that she’s building a reputation as a clown, she seems to forget that this is the Internet Age. Where people used to forget, the Internet doesn’t. The video of her latest fumble (at least as of this writing, who knows what she’ll do between now and when this is published) went viral faster that Gwyneth Paltrow in “Contagion.”

Twitter lit up with ridicule. Here are the highlights:

Slate’s Dave Weigel added, “Meghan McCain reporting that Jack Lew will take over as White House chef.”

Mike Flynn, Editor-In-Chief of BigGovernment, harkened back to another MSNBCer’s greatest his with, “Resist We Much the ‘Emoticon of Privacy’ #MeghanMcCainFail”

Townhall,com columnist Derek Hunter gave props to McCain’s ability to continually top herself by tweeting, “Every time I think @McCainBlogette has found her floor of stupid, she opens her mouth and out comes a shovel.”

Pajamas Media’s Stephen Green (VodkaPundit), added, “I have now watched @McCainBlogette‘s ‘emoticon’ video more times than I’ve watched Godfather I & II combined.”