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Morning Chatter

Bravery personified: “Porcupine” pricks BuzzFeed 

“Things must be going really well at Buzzfeed if one blog post gets them so defensive.” — Washington City Paper‘s Will Sommer, who appears to have the courage of an ant in that he only feels safe to insult when piling on after Vanity Fair‘s Juli Weiner needled BuzzFeed with this story Tuesday. Good job, Will! Originality is dead. And groupthink is about as awesome as someone writing and reporting under the pen name “Porcupine.”

In defense of McDonnell’s inebriated son

“Are people really piling on McDonnell because his college age son got drunk and walked home?? Glass houses, people. Glass houses.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau. Sean McDonnell, the son of Virgina Gov. Bob McDonnell, was arrested for public intoxication in Charlottesville over the weekend.

Another thought on BuzzFeed

“It’s @BuzzFeedBen’s world. We’re just living in it.” — Columnist Jamie Kirchick and fellow for Foreign Policy Institute.

Sadness is…

“Always sad when your boyhood congressman died. I hand delivered my mother’s $25 check for his 1958 race.” — Yahoo! News‘ columnist and Yale Prof Walter Shapiro. See here.

Senator instructs reporters on conference call etiquette

“Leave it to Sen. @alfranken to urge us to mute our phones for better audio quality on this call. ‘Someone is going through a car wash.’” — AP‘s Phil Elliott.

Anonymous Rant (continued)…our reader continues complaining about Leibo’s This Town. When I suggest that the book hasn’t come out yet and we haven’t seen everything, the reader writes, “Fair point, Betsy, I should see the whole thing, but best bits out there, and not encouraged. Is Mike Allen’s corrupt promotion of friends, very good friends, and their causes covered? Seems like he got a pass. Politico and other press do much worse than I’ve heard described here.” Missed yesterday’s rant? See it here.

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 6:50 a.m.

Unnecessary Tweets of the Day: Vegetable Talk 

After Obama revealed that broccoli was his favorite vegetable Tuesday, the crowd went wild. 

“A kid journalist asked Obama today what his favorite food is. His answer? Broccoli.” — Reuters White House reporter Steve Holland.

“For the record my favorite vegetable is A NICE STEAK.” — Media Matters fellow Olivier Willis.

“My response to all this broccoli talk: Where’s the beef?” — Washington Examiner‘s David Drucker.

“Reminds me of Paul Ryan and asparagus, which he once said he’d prefer to eat over cake. #veggiebipartisanship?” — National Journal’s Rebecca Kaplan.

“Basically: if you make it, I’ll eat it. #analysis” – BuzzFeed‘s Evan “I love onesies” McMorris-Santoro.

“To be clear, I am strongly biased in favor of broccoli.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

“Brussels Sprouts are underrated folks.” — Logan Dobson, a research analyst for The Tarrance Group, a GOP polling firm.

And the voice of reason?

“The vegetable debate engulfing the Washington press corps is why they hate us.” — MetroWeekly’s Justin Snow.

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Vanity Fair Mocks Politico

Why do so many political people tell Politico to “fuck off”? As a non-Kool-Aid drinking reader of Politico, I could venture several educated guesses as to why. But why, when Politico itself doesn’t seem to know?

To be fair, the story, in addition to reporting on its own reporters, quotes sources outside the publication on the deeper meaning behind the current climate of “fuck off” exchanges with flacks.

But they do take a POLITICO-centric approach to the story with lines like these: “Reporters at POLITICO and elsewhere have been pulled out of briefing rooms or chased down the street by finger-waving flacks demanding that they show greater respect to their bosses.”

Enter Vanity FairRead more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Waiting for Romney at 10 Downing street. #2012″ — Bloomberg political reporter Lisa Lehrer.

Standing up for American media

“Can’t believe Romney took questions from British press corps but not from my colleagues traveling overseas w/him. Bad form. Whether you love or hate us in the media, you should want your leaders to at least submit themselves to questions.” — NBC Political Director Chuck Todd.

Meow…Journo bores us with cat news

“Kitties are totally sleeping, Declan is snoring like crazy, and Tallulah is obviously dreaming about something she wants to murder and eat.” — HuffPost media writer Jason Linkins.

If you missed our midnight debut… of “Project Fishbowl” last night — our debut is on The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People List — see it here.

In response to The Hill‘s “50 Most Beautiful People” list, Vanity Fair‘s Juli Weiner wrote “The 50 Most Beautiful Sentences in The Hill’s Annual 50 Most Beautiful People List” in which she scoffs at the pub for “presumably” having “a full calendar year to report, write, and edit—and yet” … comes up with 50 sentences like these.

A note to Juli: As someone who put this list together for five years, your presumptions are shortsighted, bordering on ignorant. The list isn’t simple or easy to put together and I’d challenge anyone in Washington to have the patience and organization required to get the monstrosity done each year without shrieking at everyone in a half mile radius. For starters, it’s not a full calendar year. When I ran it, as is the case now, there are many other responsibilities to a job apart from this project and you don’t have a full year to get it done. I’d say six months, tops. To work on it longer would send a person into a Mariah Carey-like state of exhaustion. Sure, I’d search like a hawk all year long, but six months out we’d call for formal nominations. The nominations would come pouring in, the good, bad and the ugly. Then comes the convincing. This required several weeks to months of persuading bashful beauties to let us photograph them: “I’m so embarrassed. Who nominated me? Did my mother put you up to this? I’m so not beautiful. Did I mention I used to model?” Others had a bolder reaction: “Where do you want me?” The photographer works day in, day out. The whole thing becomes a serious full-time endeavor. Your other deadlines don’t cease. At best, briefs on the beauties (if you can convince your coworkers to help, many will and some will refuse) come down to the wire about two weeks before they’re due. At times, the ordeal — and yes, it is one no matter how ridiculous –  resulted in a final 48 hours of marathon editing. So, Juli, let’s see you put together a list like this. Who knows, maybe you could do it better. But really? My bet is on no. My favorite part of your project, by the way, is the contributor line at the end: Sarah Ball contributed copy-and-pasting from New York. We totally get it — having help with an arts ‘n crafts project is always appreciated.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Daythe Google/Fox News GOP Debate Version

Journo experiences random act of kindness

“Mom with crying baby on plane just passed out earplugs to all sitting near them. Nice.” — Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody en route to Orlando.

D. Shuster lobs insult at Bret Baier

“Uneven, often silly moderating by @bret_Baier. ie: ‘How are you going to fix the problem? You have 30 seconds to answer.’” — Current TV’s David Shuster.

Newt refrains from attacking Wallace

“Someone gave Newt his happy pills today. He is smiling and not attacking the moderators.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Baier suffers sudden liberal columnist amnesia

“Apparently there’s a ‘liberal columnist’ protection program, or Bret Baier didn’t know the guy’s name. #gopdebate” — WaPo‘s Ed O’Keefe. Slate‘s John Dickerson comes through. It’s Richard Cohen.

The Comedians

“Bachmann is going to put her foster children on the border to secure it.” – Slate‘s Dickerson.

“What about word scrambles? That would keep us thinking.” — GOP media consultant Ron Bonjean mocking the packs of words Baier kept flashing on screen to show which issues stood out most.

“Bachmann is giving Wallace Newsweek eyes.” — The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza.

A Quick Convo Between Two Journos

Today’s conversation is between The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack and Slate’s Dave Weigel.

McCormack: Glad to see media have decided takeaway of this debate will again be reaction of 7 loutish audience members. Weigel: John We haven’t decided yet. The meeting is at 11:05, at Greg’s house. (As in WaPo‘s Plumline writer Greg Sargent.) McCormack: @daveweigel Can I come? Promise not to record meeting and give tapes to Daily Caller. #crossmyheart

More random debate reaction….

“OH MY GOD THERE’S ANOTHER HOUR?” — Vanity Fair blogger Juli Weiner.

“Perry’s upper lip visibly sweaty.” — HuffPost‘s Jon Ward.

“Twitter is moving too fast” — Politico‘s Maggie Haberman.

“Jon Huntsman re-cycles the same hideous yellow necktie. Probably can’t afford another after WEAVER thievery” — GOP Consultant Roger Stone.

“Wallace has a little GTL going on.” — The Blaze‘s Eddie Scarry with a “Jersey Shore” reference.

Big John’s Red Lobster prowess

“Ate 4 cheesey biscuits, a ceasar salad, fries, 48 skrimps and drank 2 ice cold buds at Red Lobster. Bold flavor city, you guys.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton. (Not a debate reference but we still thought it worthy of mentioning.)

McRib chatter heard at debate

“Watching internet stream of GOP debate, during commercial break producers seem to be talking about the McRib.” — ThinkProgress Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias. Politico‘s Sara Libby confirmed this fact.

The debate bell…

“By the way, everyone likes the new sound, far more pleasing instead of the bell? I guess they do.” — FNC’s Baier. But not so fast…“I keep thinking I’m getting messaged on Gchat. This is sooo confusing. #DebateTheFix.” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.

Gary Johnson Fan Club

“Gary Johnson, this is your mother f—ing moment!” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

“Did Gary Johnson Star in Napoleon Dynomite?” — Mother JonesDavid Corn.

“I would love to have Gary Johnson fix stuff in my home.” — Politico‘s Ben Smith.

Donald Trump the Editor: ‘Who is Ben Smith?’

VF Daily blogger Juli Weiner is the latest writer to be flogged by her new editor Donald Trump. The presidential hopeful sent Weiner’s real editor, Graydon Carter, a print-out of a March 17 blog post on Trump’s presidential campaign marked up with questions like “Who is Ben Smith?” and accusing Carter of not getting “the Trump Thing.”

Trump circled Weiner‘s byline and wrote, “Bad Writer!” He also circled Politico blogger Smith’s name, asking in bold black marker, “Who is Ben Smith?” In this case, Trump was right. It was first and only reference and Weiner had no explanation of who he is.

See the marked up post here and decide whether or not you’d want Trump as your editor.