A progressive group called CREDO Action is trying to persuade the White House Correspondents’ Association that Fox News is not a legitimate news organization and should not get former White House scribe Helen Thomas‘s front row seat. The board meets Sunday to decide.

Becky Bond, the group’s political director, wrote a scathing letter to members of the WHCA board – they want NPR to get the seat. Bond says that 189,000 people have signed a position saying that “Fox News is a right-wing propaganda operation.”

But Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent Julie Mason, a WHCA board member, wasn’t impressed. “Smearing our colleagues like this isn’t terribly persuasive,” Mason told FishbowlDC. “The reporters, producers and photographers from Fox News assigned to the White House are some of the best and well-respected in the business. Bloomberg, Fox and NPR made strong cases for moving up in the briefing room, I’m sure the board will have a good debate.”

FishbowlDC has reached out to Fox News PR on this matter. Should we get a response we’ll bring it to you.

Read the anti-Fox News letter after the jump…
(And find out more on CREDO Action – as in, what is it?)

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