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Bloomberg Media CEO Outlines 100-Day Strategy

imagesThe relatively new CEO of Bloomberg Media Group, Justin Smith, has sent out a memo announcing a “100-day strategy.” He doesn’t reveal exactly what that strategy is, but says employees will be hearing more specifics on it in the next few weeks. He says he has extremely positive first impressions of the company, and says they need a “clear action plan.” The news was first reported by Adweek and then passed around by Bloomberg PR.

In the memo, Smith announced the hire of Zazie Lucke as head of global advertiser marketing. He brought Zazie over from Atlantic Media, where she was VP of Marketing. “Zazie will be tasked with nothing less than making Bloomberg Media the leading innovator in cross platform digitally-led marketing,” he said in thick media-ese, which is pretty much what we assume she was doing for Atlantic Media.

Can there really be two “leading innovators?”

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Bloomberg Announces Justin Smith’s Move

After The Atlantic formally divulged the news Sunday evening, Bloomberg Media Group waited until just after midnight to send out its release making news of Justin Smith becoming CEO official. Unlike Atlantic Publisher David Bradly‘s memo, Bloomberg does not compare Smith and Mary Poppins. In fact, the quote about him is decidedly more dry.

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Atlantic’s Justin Smith to Bloomberg Media

Atlantic Media President Justin Smith is moving to Bloomberg Media to be its Chief Executive Officer. The announcement came Sunday night in a memo to staff. Rather than appoint a new successor, they will continue without “independent” of any reporting structure. He was with the company for six years. In a seriously lengthy and thoughtful farewell note, Publisher David Bradley, amid a plethora of compliments, compares him to Mary Poppins.

From David Bradley’s memo to staff sent tonight, July 28:

“Justin led The Atlantic for two years and then Atlantic Media for an additional four. In one sense, my time with Justin reminds me of the time I spent with the Atlantic’s late editor, Michael Kelly—the everyday, dialed-up to intensity. After six years, and speechless, any of us might ask, “Wow, what was that about?”

“In my frame, Atlantic Media was earning its doctoral degree in modern media from one of modern media’s master practitioners. What Justin believed, he taught, and, as with Michael again, Justin’s beliefs were fierce: That the revolution underway in media is more radical than we—the industry—appreciate. That the contest between legacy and insurgent players is mortal, with advantage to the insurgents. That surviving legacy properties will have had to learn the disciplines of the insurgents—and that they can. That velocity is first among the virtues. That the speed of change is unprecedented. That ideas have their season but not more. From search to social media to native advertising to the next advantage. And, that Atlantic Media could and would and has leapt to the frontier.

“…Justin will leave us a changed—and much better—media company. That begins with his—and now my—Atlantic Media leadership team. Scott, Bruce, Tim, Jean Ellen, Kat, Zazie, Michael, Tom, Emily. As with Justin, I have complete confidence in this group. More generally, and as to “extreme talent” across the board, I think Atlantic Media is at its record high-water mark. After reflection, I’ve decided that, rather than appoint a Justin successor, we will let the current leadership continue independent of any reporting structure—save to me—and grow to fill the empty spaces Justin’s departure leaves behind. In fact, I found this an easy call.”

See the full version of the deeply emotional memo of appreciation… Read more

‘Force of Nature’ Linda Douglass Out at Atlantic Media; Emily Lenzner In

Here’s a bit of a shocker.

This morning we learn that Linda Douglass, Atlantic Media‘s head of communications, is leaving at the end at the month. She will stay on board in an advisory role. “I will miss her very much,” said spokeswoman Natalie Raabe in an email. “But a terrific person will be taking her place: Emily Lenzner.”

Emily Lenzer had her own consulting firm, before that she was managing director at SKDKnickerbocker. And before that she handled publicity for ABC News.

Here in the Fishbowl, this is rough news. We’ve had spirited discussions with Douglass over the past three and a half years and despite the occasional friction that occurs between publicists and journalists (let’s put it this way: if you haven’t been on the receiving end of a stinging Douglass email you haven’t lived) we have enjoyed working with Douglass a great deal and admire her humor, smarts and toughness.

See the glowing and touching internal memo from Atlantic‘s President Justin SmithRead more

The Atlantic Announces ‘Unprecedented’ Defense Site

Atlantic Media Prez Justin Smith announced today that it’s launching Defense One, a new media brand for the national security community, later this summer. Defense One, according to a morning release, aims to deliver “high-quality news and analysis” to defense leaders and stakeholders navigating “the unprecedented” transformation of U.S. defense strategy and operations. Ken Doctor broke the news of Defense One in a column about the “newsonomics of influentials” for Neiman Lab on May 9. Adweek wrote about it early this morning at 12:14 a.m. Adweek reports that the site has yet to hire an editor. The launch, as stated in the release, will be underwritten by Northrop Grumman.

The operation will start out small, says Atlantic Media spokeswoman Linda Douglass, but they ultimately plan to build a team of 18-20 staffers.

The product is geared to the national security leadership community — Defense leaders (military flag-officers, civilian DoD leadership, National Security Council and staff), Congress (House and Senate Armed Services and Appropriations Committees), and others who play an influential role, such as contractors and think tanks.

“Defense One will bring to this important market the disruptive combination of intelligent, indispensable journalism and leading edge digital expertise that is the hallmark of all of Atlantic Media’s properties,” said Smith in the release. “We see Defense One as a major growth venture and a core Atlantic Media brand.”

Also “unprecedented” in the defense media market, they say, Defense One will launch an iPhone and Android App in the fall and a special eBook Series by the end of the year.

But some are skeptical that this will be that different from what already exists. Read more

Ashley Judd Mixes, Mingles With Journos

Actress and pretend Senate hopeful Ashley Judd held court in Atlantic Publisher David Bradley‘s gorgeous kitchen last night at his pre-inaugural bash. The party, dubbed “Downton Bradley” for its hoity-toity guest list, was a who’s who of Washington D.C. where the living room was filled with everyone from TIME‘s Joe Klein, CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan with wife, NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, White House correspondent for ABC News Radio Ann Compton, WaPo and MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, Debbie Dingle, wife of Rep. John Dingle (D-Mich.), whose surname persistently comes out “Dungle” on the iPhone, CBS Washington Bureau Chief Chris IshamAtlantic Publisher Justin Smith, Hungarian Amb. Greg Szapry, Comcast Executive V.P. David Cohen, and AOL Co-founder Steve Case.

The dining room, meanwhile, had its own plateful of D.C. V.I.P.’s — former White House Press Sec. Joe Lockhart, former PBS’ Jim Lehrer (yawn), CNN and Newsweek/The Daily Beast‘s Howard Kurtz, BuzzFeed Bureau Chief John Stanton and reporter Rosie Gray, Roll Call HOH’s Neda Semnani and Warren Rojas, National Journal Publisher Bruce Gottlieb, NJ‘s new spokesman, Ben Fishel (former flack to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Penistown), Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), Media Matters), reporter Chris Frates and Atlantic Spokeswoman Natalie Raabe, NJ National Correspondent Ron Fournier, NJ‘s Ron Brownstein and Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt, who described her recent quick bout with the flu despite having a flu shot. Also in the dining room: Lobbyist Heather Podesta.

In the foyer was a male guest with a neck beard (see pictures after the jump), Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.), lobbyist Jack Quinn and wife, Susanna, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and outgoing Sec. of State Hilary Clinton‘s former Chief of Staff Melanne Verveer.

It was the kitchen, however, that was the apparent nerve center of Bradley’s house. With beautiful creamy couches and a blazing fireplace, and the surprisingly down-to-earth Bradley in the corner chatting up guests, it was there where we spied on Judd mingling with D.C. insiders such as HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman, who wore a bright pink tie and signature mane of longish silver locks, Bloomberg View‘s Margaret Carlson. Judd was accompanied by an unidentified partially balding man. Also roaming the kitchen was Fineman’s sister, Elizabeth Schroeter, in from Colorado. Asked about her brother, Schroeter said he was a “really good guy.” Judd, with a red flower in her hair, struck various poses throughout the night. Most noteworthy, however, was her stick straight posture, even when sitting, and her ability to stick her chest out when engaged in casual conversation. Let’s just say she was well aware that flashbulbs were capturing her every move.

Out on the enclosed patio were more guests to gawk at and grill.

(Pictured above left: Atlantic Publisher David Bradley)

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David Bradley Equates New Site to Times Square

Atlantic Media has unveiled a brand new corporate logo and website they’re hoping will catapult them into a world class, digital-first enterprise. They formally released the expected statement this morning. They write, “The logo—modern minimalist geometric letters using a blue and silver grey color split—reflects key principles of digital design: simplicity and clarity of brand identity.”

But the statement we prefer is the one that wasn’t released to the public. This is the company-wide doozy from Publisher David Bradley to Atlantic Media that has him marveling over the invention of horse drawn carriages and hazelnut goodness of Nutella. No, no, not really. But he is marveling over the idea of a — hope you’re sitting down for this — whoa! a brand, spanking new NEW LOGO. He also gushes over the concept of one of his employees securing the URL called “Atlantic Media” for their site. Did we somehow miss the invention of the automobile?

Bradley writes, “The logo is something very new in my life – modern, spare, simple, minimalist.   And, the website itself is, at least to those of us in media, sheer excitement. … If one website only could be Times Square, this would be it.”

As for praise, Bradley spares nothing. “I think it’s fair to say that no finer work has been accomplished online on my watch.” Really, it is clean and beautiful, but are we still in Roman times? There are a number of lookers out there.

Bradley ends the romantic memo by saying this will be his last correspondence with staff before the new year. Damn! We were hoping for a daily diary. Delivered by pigeons, of course.

See the internal memo Atlantic Media didn’t widely circulate… Read more

Jay Lauf Named Publisher of Atlantic’s Quartz

Here’s a lesson in title shifts. See if you can figure out which sounds more impressive. The longer one or the looonnnggger one.

Atlantic Media Company President Justin Smith announced today that Jay Lauf, Vice President and Publisher of The Atlantic, The Atlantic Wire, and The Atlantic Cities, has been promoted to Senior Vice President/Group Publisher of Atlantic Media Company and Publisher of Quartz, the company’s new global business news brand, which is set to launch on September 24, 2012.

“Jay is the rarest of talents in media,” said Smith in a statement about the man who may have just acquired the world’s longest title.

It doesn’t appear Lauf is giving a lot up.

A release states that in this “expanded” position, Lauf will remain Publisher of The Atlantic’s digital and print products while assuming Atlantic Media Company’s top sales and marketing role. His responsibilities will include corporate sales initiatives, strategic partnerships, and advertising revenue oversight for all Atlantic Media brands: The Atlantic and, The Atlantic Wire, The Atlantic Cities, Quartz, National Journal,Government Executive, and Think Custom Media.

Lauf’s new role will be leading Quartz’s advertising and marketing efforts.


Fishbowl Summer Superlatives – THE RESULTS Part Deux

On Thursday, we began rolling out the results of our Summer Superlatives and today, you get to meet the rest of the winners. Thanks for voting.

Today’s results kicks off with the Best Dressed category. This cage match was between Politico’s Ken Vogel and Kate Nocerra, WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart, RCP’s Erin McPike, and CNN’s Kate Balduan. This contest wasn’t even close. While we had a feeling Capehart would be the clear winner, he was a very distant second to Kate Balduan! Congrats, Kate. Your prize is a $1 gift card to Fashion Bug!

Moving right along, we asked you to name Washington’s Best Writer. Your choices were The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash, The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, NJ’s Major Garrett, NYT’s Mark Leibovich, Ashley Parker and Maureen Dowd, WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty, HuffPost’s Eliot Nelson, and Washingtonian’s Luke Mullins. This one was a close one to call. It was a two-man race between Garrett and Labash, but in the end, Major Garrett came through and was voted the winner. It should be noted that today is Garrett’s birthday.

Which Washington journo is Most In Need of a Salad? We asked you to choose between Politico’s Jonathan Allen and Jonathan Martin, Slate‘s Dave Weigel, HuffPost’s Peter Cherukuri and Jason Linkins, FNC’s Bob Beckel and Bret Baier, and author and former TWTer Rich Miniter. This was another category where it wasn’t even close. The FNC team of Bob Beckel and Bret Baier were the heavy favorites and waddled walked their way to an easy victory.

Next up, we had the category that saw more votes than any other, Sexiest. Your sultry selections were AP‘s Steve Peoples, Atlantic Publisher Justin Smith, Washingtonian‘s Kate Bennett, Real Housewives of D.C.’s sassy stylist Paul Wharton, CNN’s Brianna Keilar, NBC4′s Doug Kammerer and Maynard Institute’s Richard Prince. The winner by a slim, sexy (and consenting) majority was Brianna Keilar.

On the other side of the coin, we have Who is Most In Need of a Makeover? Your choices were CQ Roll Call (the entire publication), The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle, TWT’s Stephen Dinan, DCRTV’s Dave Hughes and Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher. Once again, this was a two-man race between Christopher and Boyle. While Christopher just looks generally disheveled, the overall train wreck that is Matthew Boyle was voted the winner. Congrats, Matt. We hear that Paul Wharton may be available to help turn you into a beautiful swan.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Best On-Air Personality. The heavy-hitters on this list were ABC’s Jake Tapper, The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, CBS’s Bob Schieffer and Nancy Cordes, HuffPost‘s Sam Stein, and WaPo’s Nia-Malika Henderson. At the end of the day, the experience of Schieffer couldn’t keep up with your winner, Jake Tapper!

Congratulations to all of our winners.


Atlantic Hires Fmr. Gawker Director of Sales

Atlantic Media President Justin Smith announced today that Michael Cascio has joined Quartz, the company’s new global business brand, as vice president of global revenue.

Cascio was director of sales at Gawker Media for three and a half years.  Most recently, he led the sales effort for 140 Proof, a leading social app network, where he oversaw all recruiting, hiring, and sales training and played a central role in crafting the network’s strategy and marketplace positioning.  At Quartz, he will be in charge of global sales and oversee all digital monetization initiatives.

Smith points out Cascio’s “disruptive” nature.

“Michael is a master at digital marketing and monetization and has a phenomenal track record of results at Gawker Media, College Humor, and 140 Proof,” said Smith.  “His innovative, disruptive nature is a perfect fit for Quartz.