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Anatomy of a Drudge Hit Gone Wrong

Politico got a Drudge hit Monday morning. That’s always a good thing. But there are three odd things surrounding the story about rapper Snoop Dogg encouraging President Obama to legalize marijuana in a D.C-based radio interview:

  1. The story was more than a month old.
  2. The story had been written on Politico CLICK already (last month).
  3. Even then, it wasn’t an original story to the site.

So, what happened? Let’s look at the timeline of this Drudge hit train wreck.

Way back on Dec. 7, a lesser-known D.C social scene blog called Glittarazzi wrote up a story on Snoop Dogg’s radio interview. They didn’t get a Drudge link. The next day (half a month in Politico time), CLICK’s Karin Tanabe aggregated the story, giving proper credit to Glittarazzi for originally writing it. CLICK didn’t get a Drudge hit either.

Here’s where it gets weird. On Jan. 8, Jezebel, a site owned by Gawker Media, aggregated the month-old story, giving credit to Glittarazzi. No Drudge hit for Jezebel. The next day, Patrick Gavin writes the story again for Politico, except this time on the front page. BINGO. He gets the coveted Drudge link.

Even weirder: Gavin’s story linked to CLICK’s original blog post of the story from December. What?!

Politico might have just re-posted Tabanbe’s story on the front. It would have certainly saved an editor time; in this case, an editor who didn’t bother to read it carefully anyway.

We wrote the original writers of each story and the editors at Politico to find out what happened. Glittarazzi‘s Kelly Ann Collins told us she wasn’t aware of the Drudge link train wreck.

“This does happen in this business,” she said. “Maybe the second reporter (Gavin) didn’t realize or something like that. I’m sure Toby at 99.5 would like his link, too! He did the audio (from the interview with Snoop Dogg).” She continued, “We are the little guys and the big guys sometimes trample us. But that’s OK. In 2012 we’ll dominate.”

Cassie Murdoch, who wrote up the piece for Jezebel, said she doesn’t “really have any thoughts on why it was picked up by Drudge,” but she said it’s possible the story only became relevant now because Snoop Dogg was arrested on marijuana charges this weekend.

That still doesn’t account for Politico publishing the story twice. None of the writers or editors have responded to us about it.

Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

You don’t want to know what’s in a hotdog, but a major chunk of it is called “filler.” Same thing for the Slim Jim and Taco Bell beef. And sometimes, for news.

Sara Libby, Politico’s deputy politics editor, tweeted, “Rick Santorum, on Wolf Blitzer now, is affirming our earlier groundbreaking report” with a link to a Politico story on Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s so-called love of vests and turtlenecks. Groundbreaking indeed.

Now, it doesn’t matter how Libby promoted the story, she has to shill whatever Politico produces, no matter how bland. The real question is why Politico would bother writing the story in the first place.

After pointing out Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s love of pantsuits, GOP Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman’s affinity for denim jackets and President Obama’s affection for expensive Hart Schaffner Marx suits, Politico lumped in Santorum. And yes, he wears those strange pieces of clothing sometimes worn by men known as sweater vests and turtlenecks. You can purchase them at Macy’s.

The reporter writes, “Now, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is making his fashion mark with sweater vests and turtlenecks.” To be fair, WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza, who typically covers the harder news of political reporting, also affirms that Santorum is an avid sweater vest wearer.

Did you know the President likes suits? Ever heard of them? Are you aware of who Huntsman is? Polls would suggest no. Hillary and the pantsuits…OK, everyone knows that. But who do you think will be remember that Santorum wore sweater vests and turtlenecks in three months? Or three weeks? No one, that’s who.

The only thing “groundbreaking” about this Politico story is the “thud” with which their creativity for gossip  hit the floor.

Journos Turned Away from Packed Aniston Event

The volume of media requests was so high at the Jennifer Aniston Lifetime TV event last night, that included appearances from Dr. Jill Biden, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), that some outlets were turned away. We’re told those who got the brush off included blogger types and smaller print outlets.

Details on where Aniston was staying were kept close to the vest — like many movie stars she has followers sometimes known as stalkers. Sources said she hadn’t visited Washington in a decade.

The red carpet line began swarming an hour before Aniston was set to arrive. But it was civilized. No fights, pushing, shoving or tense words. Even when the People photog abandoned his assigned spot and partygoers sipping champagne stepped into his space, the scene remained polite.

Media who showed up to the Ronald Reagan Building for the reception, red carpet and screening of FIVE, which Aniston directed, included videographers Elizabeth Glover and Dawne Langford, who were shooting for Insight News and Feature. A slew of photographers and reporters showed up from pubs and outlets such as TIME, People, EXTRA, ABC, NBC News, WJLA, The Hill, Roll Call, Getty Images, AP, SIPA, Retna, Polaris, Wire Image. Inside Edition was a no-show. The usual suspects — Politico‘s Karin Tanabe, WaPo‘s Amy Argetsinger and Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab — were also there along with a new Examiner photographer, a New Zealander, Graeme Jennings. He’s been a photographer for 10 years but getting details out of him is rough — he has private clients he’s worked for that he won’t name and that’s about as much as he wanted to say about anything.

Moving on to the fare. The spread came miniature sized and included fancy cheesecakes in a variety of flavors such as pumpkin and grasshopper (i.e. mint), Cuban sandwiches, and hamburgers.

Notables at the reception included Debbie Dingell, wife of Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), Self Magazine’s Washington Editor Marc Adelman and Brandlink’s Barbara Martin and Jayne Sandman. Others spotted in the crowd: CBS and former FBDCer Christine Delargy, Susan G. Komen’s Kiki Ryan and Tim Burger.

Adelman took pride in attending a Lifetime event. “I am a man who’s proud to love Lifetime,” he gushed. More seriously he added, “I do think people feel that breast cancer has been taken care of, but I think statistics tell a different story. Getting Jennifer Aniston to Washington and Dr. Jill Biden, it’s a substantive, compelling D.C. evening.”

More photographs…

Read more

Sen. Lieberman’s Sexy Sabbath

We now unfortunately know that Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) is bringing sexy back. And how we wish we could go back in time, cover our ears, shield our eyes and douse ourselves in holy water to spiritually protect ourselves from the scarring news.

Not all reporters treated the news equally.

Late last week Political Wire‘s Taegan Goddard spiced things up on his blog on Friday by reporting that Sen. Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, uses the Sabbath, in part, to make whoopee with Hadassa. Eeks. Did we have to have that visual? Politico CLICK’s Karin Tanabe, meanwhile, apparently had a spice allergy. She wrote a lengthy post on Lieberman’s new tome, The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath,  and reported at the odd hour of 4 a.m. Thursday that Lieberman sees the logistical value of being able to have sex with your spouse during the Sabbath. She holds out on the topic until paragraph 14.

WaPo‘s piece by Justin Moyer on Friday, meanwhile, sexes up the review by mentioning getting busy in the first graph, the second graph and the third graph. Total number of graphs in the story: 3.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

QUOTES of the DAY – The Gossip Edition

Seriously Striped: TIME’s Joe Klein showing off a bold look on NBC’s Chris Matthews Show on Sunday morning.

Gossip reporter employs interesting gossipy lingo

“JLo & Marc Anthony are done-zo. This is divorce #3 for Lopez, and she’s only 42. How do you say “oy vey” in Spanish?” — The Hill‘s Howiella (a.k.a. gossip columnist and daughter to Howie K. Judy Kurtz) in a Friday tweet.

Scribe sees God in her hangover

“Hangover on a gorgeous day w a long car/boat ride w my family makes me believe 1) in God 2) we have the same sense of humor 3) vengeance is His.” — Roll Call‘s HOH writer Neda Semnani in a weekend tweet. On an entirely different matter, she wrote on Saturday, “HuffPo reporting that Rep. Pete Sessions is separating from his wife. (Did everyone already know this?)”

More on Lopez/Anthony split

“J-Lo and Marc follow the PR tactic of releasing divorce news late on a Friday so as to minimize coverage. Er, as if.” — WaPo‘s The Reliable Source co-writer Amy Argetsinger in a weekend tweet. She links here.

Spotted: A fashion-conscious Weigel on the Metro

“Ended up on the same train as your guy Weigel this morning. And I’ve got three words for the bag he was carrying: Fab.U.Lous.” — A FishbowlDC informant, who surreptitiously got a picture of the bag (yes, that blue blob with the words “Aspen Ideas Festival” pictured at left). The spy explained, “I tried getting a picture of his actual face but he was positioned in the weirdest way, facing the doors opposite of the doors that actually opened at Union…then he got off.” We couldn’t be more proud. This is what community journalism is all about. UPDATE: As some Fishbowlers may recall, Weigel recently had his iPad, which was in his messenger bag, stolen. The Aspen Ideas Festival bag was temporary. “While I was waiting for a replacement to show up I used the Aspen Ideas swag bag, which was as functional as it was turquoise,” our new friend told us.

Bio of the Day: Politico‘s CLICK reporter Karin Tanabe. “She once worked for the king of Belgium, is fluent in French and is adept at ordering a sandwich in Flemish. Tanabe, a graduate of Vassar College, has traveled to 45 countries.” Added detail: She runs 50-mile races for fun.

A Convo Between Two Journos

Today’s conversation is between The Hill’s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman and Slate’s Dave Weigel. To give some context, after endorsing Hamlet 2, Youngman took some flack for it.

Sam Youngman: Tough room today.

Dave Weigel: Not as tough as trying to watch “Hamlet 2.”

Sam Youngman: @daveweigel you make up with Betsy and pick a fight with me? How dare you? I shall defend Hamlet 2 until my last breath.

Stanton tries his hand at fashion reporting

“For the fashion conscious, the First Lady was wearing a sleaveless a dark purple dress, Malia wore what your pooler has been told was a lilac dress, while Sasha rocked a green dress. They entered St Johns at 1028.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton on Pool Duty Sunday at the White House.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin Gets in Touch With Feminine Side

Politico‘s Jonathan Martin only seems like an alpha male with his hard news ways. In reality, he’s a man about town with girlfriend Betsy Fischer, Executive Producer of NBC’s MTP. The proof is in the lotions: He attends skin bar openings.

Martin, along with a number of journalists, spent at least a portion of Tuesday night with Fischer at Nectar Skin Bar in Georgetown at a VIP gathering. We’re told he arrived toward the end of the night and was spotted eying the Billy Jealousy products. Our spies say they don’t think he purchased anything. Jealousy is for truly masculine men only. His website describes his products as “sharply tailored” toward today’s “bad boy” to ensure a look that is “effortless yet edgy, playful but still polished.” We suspect VandeHarris wouldn’t take issue with this.

Journos spotted in the crowd include The Hill‘s Kate Oczypok, the Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab, Politico‘s Karin Tanabe, as well as Fischer and Martin. On the political side there was V.P. Biden’s Social Secretary Carlos Elizondo, UAE Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba and his apparently “gorgeous” wife,  fabulously named AbeerTom Daren (head of Brad Pitt‘s Make It Right Foundation, in from New Orleans), Self Magazine’s Mark Adelman and Dina Powell.

Guests received spectacular Goodie bags, which included products from Comfort Zone (an allegedly “amazing Italian line of skincare that they have here exclusively”), plus products from Darphin, Oribe haircare and Spa Ritual and 25 percent off cards for both Nectar Skin Bar and their sister hair salon just a few doors down, Ipsa Hair.

Photo Credit: Mark Silva (From L to R: Betsy Fischer, Amy Little Thomas and Abeer Al Otaiba)

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Major sigh of relief. Ed Henry may have switched employers moving from CNN to FNC, but they still let him take those beautiful photographs that he is wont to do: “Huge storm brewing in the sky over Washington’s Union Station,” he wrote with the accompanying picture.

Howiella nearly takes out three monks crossing K Street

“Typical DC morning: nearly ran over 3 jaywalking Buddhist monks on K Street. Whoops.” — The Hill‘s gossip scribe Judy Kurtz in a Tuesday tweet. Kurtz is the daughter to The Daily Beast’s D.C. Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz.

Bio of the Day

CBS’s new Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell: “Wife, mother of 3, CBS News Chief White House correspondent, #1 fan of @chefgeoffs.”

Modern mysteries

“.@tanabsie and I will never understand why people use the phone while using the facilities. So wrong!” — Politico‘s Amie Parnes in a Tuesday tweet. “Tanabsie” is Politico CLICK’s Karin Tanabe.

Journo dines on salmon and Seagram’s

“Salmon sandwich and Seagram’s Ginger Ale. Yeah, this is the most pretentious lunch I’ve had all week.” –  The Hill‘s Briefing Room reporter Daniel Strauss in a Tuesday tweet.

Luke Russert finds inner frat boy

“I can’t believe Semisonic has a greatest hits collection on iTunes. ‘Closing Time’ is in my top 5 of 90s song.” — NBC congressional reporter Luke Russert in a recent weekend tweet.

Weingarten: the smartass

WaPo Managing Editor Raju Narisetti wrote, “Wish people would stop saying Wow to everything they RT unless they are ‘overwhelmed with delight or amazement.’”  Weingarten had a one-word reaction: “Wow.”

Coffeemaker conks out on Hotline Editor

“Thanks, expensive Keurig coffee machine. You picked the perfect time to stop working — when I need caffeine to stay up for #CA36 returns.” — NJ The Hotline’s Jessica Taylor in a Tuesday night tweet.

A Quick Convo Between Two Jounros

Today’s conversation is between Roll Call’s John Stanton and Agence France Presse’s Olivier Knox.

Oliver Knox: Well, today *is* St Olivier’s Day on the French calendar. #threwmyselfaparty John Stanton: Ah yes, @OKnox i believe St. Olivier is patron saint of pederasts and diminutive malcontents. Olivier Knox: He ministered to the Stantons?

Politico’s CLICK Gets an Extreme Makeover

This morning Politico‘s Editor-in-Chief John Harris sent a note to editorial staff about the CLICK section which has been in a state of major reorganization as of late with Patrick Gavin and Amie Parnes leaving the section and a number of other reporters in recent months leaving the publication altogether. In a nutshell, Harris says, the “leaner” section is becoming a blog because that’s how people prefer to get their “nuggets.” We’re not so sure. So far, it’s less like a candy store and significantly more bland — lots of white space and minimal color — just like the other blogs on the site. Today the blog screams Washington — as in red (yawn), white (yawn), and blue (yawn). But we’ll give it a chance, hope for improvements and see how it goes. Check out the new CLICK here.

See the internal memo…

Read more

Creative Inspiration at Wash Life’s YGL Fete

Aureta Thomollari,WL's John Arundel, Politico's Karin Tanabe

Over 600 guests filed into Long View Gallery on Friday night for Washington Life‘s annual “Young and the Guest List” party to honor the mag’s picks for the city’s top 250 movers and shakers under the age of 40.  Themed “Creative Inspiration,” the event’s guest donned bright colors, progressive patterns and even feathered hair pieces.  One of the most enjoyable YGL events of the past several years, the fete was the creative collaboration of Washington Life and Andre Wells, with sponsors like Juicy Couture, General Motors, and Rogue 24, Chef RJ Cooper‘s “urban fine dining institution.”

The perfect combination of food, fashion and art offered YGLers and their guests an exciting yet relaxing escape from the humdrum events that plague D.C..  As always, the evening’s honorees were showered with presents from WL‘s swanky swag bags at the end of the evening (though we missed out on the treasures within because FishbowlDC stupidly went out the back door to avoid the crowds…and ultimately the gift bags).

The breakdown of the Young and the Guest List looks like this:  150 business leaders, 53 White House and Cap Hill staffers, 35 members of the media, 11 restaurateurs, 7 athletes and 3 diplomats.  For more info or to see the complete list, visit Washington Life here

L: The event’s entertainers R:  Newlyweds WL’s Michael Clements and Anchyi Wei

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


A belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday to NRSC Spokesman Brian Walsh who, according to Politico’s Playbook, celebrated at Hill Country last night. We’re running a picture of his dog, Rudy, because any excuse in a good excuse to run this pooch sitting pretty in his faux L.L. Bean Shearling jacket. By the way, we understand Walsh was given the trendy Shake Weight as a gift. The free weight works your triceps, shoulders, even your chest. Visit here if you want to know more.

Henneberger freelancing for TIME

“Closing my first piece for TIME. And when is the last time I spent even a DAY working out of an office? (A: I don’t think my kids even remember it!)” — Former Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in a Wednesday Facebook update. She’s writing a few freelance stories for the magazine.

Something unusual in Washington: An all-female roundtable

“It’s a fine collection of women.” — MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist in reaction to TIME‘s Rick Stengel saying he’d prefer to be in Washington this morning with the all-female roundtable of Mika Brzezinski, Norah O’Donnell, BBC’s Katty Kay and WSJ Columnist Peggy Noonan. Brzezinski was in Washington Wednesday night for a speaking engagement for her book, Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth.

D.C. Rule of Thumb

“Rule of Washington dinners: where two congressmen speak, one will for a few too long, God bless him.” — National Review Online’s Kathryn Lopez in a Wednesday tweet.

Journo Movie Watching

“Am at the part in “Broadcast News” where Bill Hurt is smiling as he watches himself, fake tears on his cheeks, in his own date rape newscast.” — Politico‘s Maggie Haberman in a Wednesday tweet.

The Critic

“FYI: All marital splits are a ‘long-time coming.’” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a recent tweet.

The Observer

“Nothing makes your day like a Capitol Police officer chastising a cabbie for barreling through the crosswalk.” — The Takeaway’s Capitol Hill radio correspondent Todd Zwillich in a Wednesday tweet.

What makes Ratigan a New Yorker?

“When the smell of urine on the sidewalk no longer bothers you.” — MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan, who was in Washington for the WHCD last weekend, in a “21 Questions” feature for New York Magazine. Read the entire interview here.

A quick convo between two journos

Politico Media Coordinator Stefanie Christensen: “Why do female Hill staffers refuse to blowdry their hair?? have you noticed this phenomenon?”

Politico CLICK writer Karin Tanabe: “I certainly have and it is all kinds of wrong. Wet hair = only okay at the beach or during the Nirvana years.”