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Frum’s ‘Ghoulish’ Rules for Crisis Twitter Talk

You’ve gotta love (or hate) a journalist who lists off Twitter rules in the middle of a Washington shooting crisis. I mean, what’s not to love about that? We all need to learn to speak civilly to one another in these heated times and what a better way to learn? If not now, when?

So thank you David Frum of CNN and The Daily Beast.

He starts out, “In wake of this most recent mass-casualty shooting, it is important that we all respect the feelings of America’s gun enthusiasts. Observing a few simple rules of etiquette will help the post-shooting conversation to proceed in appropriate ways.”

And now, the rules. Read more

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

GONE TO THE DOGS: ABC7 Stephen Tschida‘s new Twitter picture: His English Toy Spaniels, Henry James and F. Scott. “Wow, just saw my new twitter photo. much better than the ‘Kathy Bates/Christopher Walken’ shot. don’t you think?”

Romney gives Baier lame excuse

“Tried to talk one on one with gov Romney even for a few questions but were told there was no time – we’ll try again down the road.” — FNC’s Bret Baier, who royally pissed off Romney during an interview earlier in the campaign season.

The power of ‘timeout’

“Actually my 2-y/o likes going into timeout. He goes if the word is even mentioned.” — Washington Examiner‘s Political Columnist Tim Carney.

Self-deprecating Buttry

“Hotel breakfast room TV is doing a Dancing w/ Stars thing. Didn’t catch all the ‘stars,’ but didn’t recognize those I did see. That may say more about me than it does about the stars.” — JRC’s Community Outreach Director Steve Buttry.

Kat Fight

“Mika Brzezinski=idiot? She asked ‘What if another country burned our flag?’ Lady, that happens every single day. Geeze. This is journalism?”– Houston Chronicle blogger and Newsbuster’s Kat McKinley.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Journos


Tschida gets backhanded (?) compliment

“Complained about looking old. Photographer said “Just don’t get another facelift.” ANOTHER? weird but kind of a compliment i guess.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in a Monday tweet.

Publicist woes: Her head is exploding

“Fever, chills. burning throat and exploding head only made tolerable by the care and snuggling of a soft, purring cat who actually seems to give a damn.” — D.C. Publicist Wendy Gordon in a Monday tweet.

Overly ambitious spell check

“My phone just changed a misspelling of don’t to dong. No, autocorrect. No!” — Politifact founder Matt Waite in a Monday tweet.

Advice for CPAC  sickies

“BTW tip for everyone sick from #CPAC – use that antibacterial stuff after shaking hands with people #campaigntrick.” — D.C. Social Media employee Matt DeLuca in a Monday tweet.

Gossip girl watching – what else? – gossip TV

“Finally catching up on all that #gossipgirl. Yay!” — Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab in a Monday tweet.

Conservative blogger bashes MSNBC’s O’Donnell

“Watching some douchebag on Lawrence O’Donnell. “Hey, let’s do an entire segment about a competing network.” #GeniusProgrammingStrategy” — Conservative blogger and former TWT Editor Robert Stacy McCain in a Monday tweet. (Of course, FNC never does this.)

Bras are so handy

“CPAC11 nerd alert. When business cards fall out of your bra as you unpack because you didn’t have anywhere else to put…” — Houston Chronicle blogger Kat McKinley in a Monday tweet.

Tapper’s wife joins Twitter

“@jaketapper I signed up for twitter for you on V day. Love you!” — Jennifer Tapper, otherwise known as @MrsTapper, in her second ever tweet. She’s the wife to ABC News’s White House Correspondent  Jake Tapper. She was first featured on Gawker Monday for opening the account. To which MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie remarked: “Well this is a pleasant surprise: @MrsTapper makes her appearance on Twitter. now that’s love. #valentinesday.”

Valentine’s Day Dinner with ‘Stanford

“Deciding where to go for dinner tonight last minute with my Stanford Blatch.” — Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch blog in a Monday tweet. Stanford Blatch is Carrie’s gay best friend character from “Sex in the City” who has been referred to as the “Fifth Lady.”