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Don’t Wait Up Dear, Marco Rubio is Scintillating

Over the weekend Jonathan Martin, senior political reporter of Politico, published a nearly 2,000-word review in WSJ of two books on Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio. Huh? Why not for Politico? But worse: Martin apparently read the wonky books while honeymooning in Europe with his new bride, NBC “MTP” Executive Producer Betsy Fischer.

As Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris explains it, Martin writing the piece for WSJ involved standard operating procedure. “We don’t  typically do standard book reviews of the sort Jonathan wrote for the Wall Street Journal,” Harris wrote FishbowlDC. “Those guys had specifically solicited him to do this review and, following our policy for outside assignments, he asked for permission and in this case we gave it. I thought it was a very well-turned review of the Rubio books and I’ll confess to a momentary pang of ‘maybe we should have done this’ but in any event I’m glad he did it. My understanding is he read the Rubio books on his honeymoon—the last of the great romantics.”

But something worthy to note: Politico has lost several prominent reporters to WSJ. One was White House Correspondent Carol Lee in February of 2011. The other, media writer Keach Hagey in March, 2012. In the spring of 2010, Victoria McGrane left Politico and went to Dow Jones. By September she was — you guessed it — at WSJ. Also in 2010: Patrick O’Connor left Politico for Bloomberg. He, too, eventually wound up at WSJ.

Read Martin’s WSJ review here.



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Tucker Calls Interviewer a ‘Moron’ and a ‘Parasite’

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson is often magnetically pulled to the oddest people in a crowd. Manchester is no exception.

Late last week, interviewed him about Libertarianism, Ron Paul and 9-11 being an inside job. Carlson, who thinks 9-11 conspiracy theories are ludicrous, engaged with male blogger types who looked like they could stand a few sprays of deodorant. They baited him by claiming the government caused 9-11. “I hate that 9-11 crap,” Carlson says, at one point giving his interviewer and his camera the hand. When the interviewer suggested that Tucker believes family members of the victims are “less than adults” for wanting information being withheld by the government, Tucker lashed out, saying, “I would say parasites like you make it much worse for them. …It’s filthy to say things like that with no evidence.” He then calls his interviewer a “moron” for continuing to bring up the topic. Somehow they ended on a friendly note. (Meanwhile, Daily Caller reporter Alex Pappas can be seen in the foreground, watching on and laughing.) View here.

Next Up: Capital, a New York-based website that writes about how things work in NYC except when they’re in New Hampshire, also trailed Carlson over the weekend for a block or two down Main Street and came up with a story that moved through a goofy assortment of topics: 1. Carlson hanging out with Hasidic men who were there to rally against anti-Zionism and Israel. 2. Carlson refusing to let the reporters tape him while interviewing him about Attorney Gen. Eric Holder. “Are you kidding?” he says initially in response to him declining to be taped. 3. They ask how The Daily Caller is doing and bring up Politico Keach Hagey‘s recent story that mentioned “growing pains.” He replied, “It’s really good. I mean, if you can’t make a site work in the age of Obama, you should probably go do something else.”

Photo credit: Capital New York

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day — Behind the Curtain in Des Moines

The Rachels: RealClearPoliticsScott Conroy says on Twitter, “What they’re watching at Santorum’s party #iacaucus.” The Rachels tortured us early Wednesday morning with a very special episode of “Up With Chris Hayes” at 1 a.m.

Fishbowl Des Moines (Adios, Mike Allen, we’re taking back the night.)

Luntz’s puffy coat

“Frank Luntz on Fox News has the biggest, puffiest down jacket I have ever seen in my life.” — Zach Wolf, ABC News Political Unit. (Photo credit: Yahoo! News’s Chris Moody.)

Confusion on the campaign trail

“Ron Paul staffer gets confused thinks I work ‘the times’ instead of ‘in these times’ asks if I want to speak to the Congressman.” — Labor journo Mike Elk.

Journo loses his belt; disaster averted

“At the lovely Capitol in Des Moines to join @BretBaier. Fortunately we’ll be seated so my lost belt shouldn’t result in YouTube hilarity.” — ReutersSam Youngman.

Birthdays: “Happy 1st birthday to Wee-Bey, the dog. The one year old goldendoodle will be celebrating by licking his balls.” — FBDC’s Peter Ogburn. (h/t Ogburn and h/t Mike Allen for h/t) Asked about presents, Peter remarked, “I did get Wee-Bey a present. The exciting new E-Book from Politico, The Right Fights Back.”

The Beauty Experts

Sarah Palin‘s half-beehive is back!” — Politico media writer Keach Hagey. (Photo credit: Business Insider’s Glynnis MacNicol.)

“Loser or not, Michelle Bachmann looks fabulous.” — HuffPost‘s Christina Wilkie. Wilkie also observed Ron Paul‘s wife, saying, “Carol Paul is rocking a fur collared coat. A big one. Indoors. At a campaign event. Thoughts? #iacaucus.”

“First time a presidential candidate’s on-stage surrogate has EVER has a neck tattoo. #iacaucus” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.

Lizza lets loose

“Can we all agree the Iowa Straw Paul is f*cking stupid now?” — The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza, who also wrote, “I picked a terrible night to be on deadline for a 10,000 word piece not about GOP politics.” But our favorite Lizza from the night is by far this: “What’s on Marcus’s lips?” (In reference to Michelle Bachmann’s hubby, Marcus.) On another note entirely, what the f$%# was Marcus doing buying their dog, Boomer, sunglasses in Iowa?

Tapper pays Busey a compliment (wink! wink!)

“I cannot understate the importance of the Gary Busey endorsement, then withdrawal of said endorsement, of @NewtGingrich.” — ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.

Spotted: Journos being  journos

“Spotted in Des Moines, midnight Central: A bunch of reporters who thought they would be drunk and/or in bed right now.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Watch out. Harwood’s caffeinated.

“Modern media life: Up 4 am in Iowa. 19 hours of live shots. Charter flight to NH. Arrive hotel. Now, coffee…then more live shots.” — CNBC’s and NYT‘s John Harwood.

Arianna cracks on CNN’s John King

“Waiting for John King to get sucked into his Touch Screen Map, Poltergeist-style.” — HuffPost/AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.

And back in Washington…

The weather outside is frightful

“NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN and also other irrational things because it’s just so so cold.” WaPo‘s Lindsay Apple.

An evening in

“Leftover palak paneer? Check. Bottomless iced tea? Check. Power outlet? Check. Bring it on, Iowa. #caucus” — NPR’s Andy Carvin.

The TV Critics

“Fox News discussion hours before the caucuses: Are reporters who tweet full of themselves?” — Tribune‘s Mike Memoli.

Bret Baier back on this ‘guy in a truck’ thing…what the hell? Enough already.” — The Times of London‘s Matt Spence.

“I thought it was odd when Sanford signed off his Fox News interview with, ‘Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo.’ — National Review Online‘s Jim Geraghty on former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford‘s punditry appearance on FNC last night.

“Gingrich translated: ‘If the truth hurts, fuck you.’” — Metro Weekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg.

Marcus Bachmann would have made a lovely first lady. #iacaucus” — Crooks & Liars’ Tina Dupuy.

“As Ron Paul speaks, Rand is standing behind him looking like he’s at a funeral.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

“I think we can all agree that Boomer Bachmann getting new sunglasses was more interesting than this speech.” — FNC Democratic political analyst and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers.

Teeth brushing or Romney speech? That’s easy.

“How captivated was I by Romney’s stump/victory speech? Half-way through, I ran to brush my teeth.” – Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz.

Why Santorum? Well, for one thing…

“I am rooting for Santorum to win because, as far as I am aware, he has not strapped a dog to his car while driving long distances.” — Activist and former DCist writer Dave Stroup.

Hawaiian Pool Duty comes to a close

“Just checked out of my room in Hawaii. The president’s vacation is over for him and now for me too. I’m relieved.” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein.

Makeup lady on Roland Martin

“Doing @rolandsmartin makeup. He’s bringing some soul to the makeup room!” –  Stevie Martin.

Boybander pledges quality

“My pledge to you: writing on a short deadline does not give me license to mix metaphors. Danger Room: Where Quality Is Job #1.” — Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman.

Tracy gets racy

“No, I will not be CAUCUSING tonight. Sounds a bit perverse.” — Cheoff Geoff Tracy, husband to CBS Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

Holy S#%t! Tschida’s got rats

“So exterminator confirms I have very SMART rats. They dodge the traps and gorge on bananas. Just realized… I’d prefer ghosts.” — ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida.

Convo Between Two Journos

The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox: “Fox News turning out to be a really good source for news about the bottom four candidates.” Lizza: “Future on-air talent.”


“I won’t do a ‘Must Credit BuzzFeed.’ But please do credit BuzzFeed. We’re a fragile young thing.” — BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith on their exclusive that Sen. McCain plans to endorse Romney today.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I hate politicians who say they aren’t politicians. Even if they’re wearing a super-cute blue blazer.” — Metro Weekly‘s Mr. Bugg. Congrats Bugg! You’ve won back your crown.


Ben Smith’s Old Politico Blog Renamed

True to his word, Ben Smith was out at Politico and working for BuzzFeed on Jan. 1. With him gone, the “Ben Smith” blog was immediately transformed into the new “Dylan Byers” blog.

Byers joined the Politico team to work with Smith on the blog. Much to his recent surprise, he’ll run the new show solo.

Decisions. Decisions. Management appears to be going back and forth on what it wants. It’s odd that the tagline “On Media” was added to the blog when the original “On Media” blog run by Keach Hagey was terminated in early November. And she never got top billing, at least by name. In an introductory post, Byers wrote that it will be “a new conversation at the intersection of media and politics,” as it was before Smith left. In his final note to readers, Smith went above and beyond to promote Byers, calling him “dangerous” and “talented” and “on fire.” Is he a media reporter or the new James Bond?

Along with the new blog comes a new Politico caricature of Byers. In an email he told FBDC the drawing is “spot on” until he shaves, at least.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Coffee shop dwellers behaving badly

“Women at Dupont @Starbucks actually told me they needed the 2nd table at a packed shop for their books. Really.” — Metro Weekly‘s White House Correspondent Chris Geidner.

The media, Herman Cain, and  sexual harassment

“The focus on his private life was totally justifiable. I was not a big fan of the original Politico story, which I felt had some holes in it and didn’t have on-the record sources. But [it] led to other women coming forward. It led to Ginger White.” — Steve Roberts, syndicated columnist and professor of media and public affairs at GWU, on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Arianna’s tired of Herman

“BREAKING: I’d like to announce I’m suspending reading anything further about the candidacy of Herman Cain.” — AOL HuffPost‘s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington.

AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

“Yaaaay, someone told you that George Will and Major Garrett aren’t women (ie they have penises, just like the ones in your cute little picture)! and look at you – you fixed it! Good girl! Now, just one more and you’ll be all set! Jennifer Rubin is a woman (ie, she doesn’t have a penis). Just fyi. Keep up the great work, Betsy, you’re so awesome. everyone thinks so!!” — a regular weekly AnonymASS Tipster. A little while later, ASS added, “Jennifer Rubin has a vagina. Can you put a vagina next to her name in your sexist rant about the Sunday shows? Thanks! Have a great weekend!” Thank you, ASS, your comments are always appreciated.

Hey, if Gawker’s editors don’t mind…

“When’s Huckabee gonna jam with Ted Nugent and Trump‘s cock in his mouth?” — Gawker Political Editor Jim Newell in a weekend observation.

Speaking of Gawker, they picked up on this dirty D.C. headline on Friday in the Washington Examiner: “Reader Fingers Murder Suspect.”

Was it taffeta?

“Still haven’t gotten used to spending more for a tank of gas than I did for my prom dress.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty.

And the function of a spokesperson is…?

“Me: ‘Why is X not happening?’ Spox: ‘I encourage you to email our press@organization w/ questions like that.’ Uh. But. Aren’t you…?” — Agence France-Press’s Olivier Knox.

‘Normalbrag’ versus Humblebrag

“There is a hot woman in my kitchen wearing one of my shirts and watching me cook. I am not paying her and we are not related. #normalbrag” — Reason Magazine Associate Editor Mike Riggs (in a relatively recent tweet).

Convo Between Two Journos

Today’s exchange is between Politico’s Keach Hagey and Jennifer Epstein.

Hagey: “Fox News now talking about how Herman Cain probably wants a gig on Fox News.”

Epstein: “Meta”

Daily Caller: Politico Has Taken a Nosedive

The warfare between The Daily Caller and Politico continues today with The Daily Caller devoting its morning homepage to its latest charge: Politico readership is taking a nosedive. This, after American Journalism Review, painted the Rosslyn outlet in a rosy manner earlier in the week, complete with Washington reporters afraid to critique the outlet by name out of fear of maybe needing a job there someday. Based on internal tracking provided by Politico, AJR says the publication receives 60 million hits a month.

The Daily Caller, meanwhile, cracks on Politico‘s own “Playbook” by Mike Allen, with the blaring red letter headline, “This Wasn’t in Playbook.”

“Measurements of U.S. Web traffic provided to The Daily Caller by Compete, Inc. indicate that the number of total monthly visits to dropped by 31.8 percent during the 18-month period that ended on October 31.”

We reached out to Politico for reaction to this story. So far, zero response. All is quiet on the Rossyln front. Maybe FakeJimVandeHei will weigh in on Twitter?

A media executive who knows Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson spoke on condition of anonymity: “It is well known they are struggling financially and journalistically, so they need to punch up and try to pick fights with serious, successful enterprises. I assume that is why Tucker seems oddly obsessed with POLITICO and let’s his opinion columnists write whatever is on their mind about them.” The exec also noted that “a war” typically involves two sides.

The Daily Caller questions the numbers gathered by AJR author Jodi Enda, saying she refused to give the name of the researcher who affirmed the numbers given to the publication by Politico. They also insinuate she had some sort of bias, pointing out that she has written for HuffPost, Mother Jones and “the liberal” American Prospect. The Daily Caller, obviously known for being a conservative publication even though it has bristled at that description, reports that their numbers on Politico come from Compete, Inc. Josh Peterson, the publication’s Tech Editor, wrote the story.

Politico, which generally adopts a condescending attitude toward the younger publication, has both praised and attacked The Daily Caller. In October of 2010, Politico‘s Ben Smith wrote that The Daily Caller is “struggling” to find its place and therefore attacking more established publications like National Review. Carlson responded by email: “The Daily Caller is ‘struggling’? What a ludicrous hack job, and stupid. F*** you.” And in a recent story by media writer Keach Hagey (“The Daily Caller’s Growing Pains”), she writes a largely positive piece with critiques folded within.  She wrote that Carlson has largely achieved what he set out to do: “The site, which has grown from around 20 to more than 40 employees, has injected an unprecedented level of original reporting into the conservative online media landscape, which had been, as Carlson himself noted, largely made up of opinion before its arrival.”

Previously Politico drew the ire of Carlson when they ordered two reporters to re-report the reporting of then-reporter Jonathan Strong on the Michele Bachmann migraine headache story and called the publication “conservative.”

Just two weeks ago, The Daily Caller accused Politico of liberal bias by charting the appearances of Politico reporters on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” At the time, Politico responded by asking, “What story?”


The Daily Caller and Politico: War…and Peace

On Monday The Daily Caller loaded up the cannon and blasted Politico for it’s cozy ties to MSNBC. The charge: liberal bias. Politico reacted to the ugliness by going into a self-induced coma, staying mute on all of it. Even Fake Jim VandeHei responded on Twitter by asking, “What’s The Daily Caller?”

But by late Monday the rumor mill was whirling: Politico was coming after the publication with what was expected to be a hit piece on Executive Editor David Martosko, who came to the publication in July with no journalism experience and a long rap sheet.

Anticipation heightened. On Tuesday the piece by Politico‘s Keach Hagey emerged and it was…nice. It questioned Martosko’s truthiness in an overall condescending tone one might expect from a Goliath publication analyzing a smaller one “with growing pains,” but it also praised the two-year-old outlet — repeatedly and even allowed Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson to take a jab at Politico. She wrote, “To this day, Carlson won’t call the site conservative, only quipping, ‘I would say we are probably more conservative than POLITICO.’” The story concluded on a lighthearted note from a former Daily Caller reporter that seemed to save Martosko, a recovering alcoholic, if, in fact, he needs saving. Jeff Winkler, who left in August, told Hagey, “The only complaint I have against Martosko was his sunny disposition. His friendliness drove me to the bottle.”

To be sure, there was heavy chatter about the story at Carlson’s book party for Jack Abramoff last night. Just one Politico reporter, Patrick Gavin, attended.  Reaction was largely surprise that the story wasn’t scathing and disappointment that Politico didn’t have any real juice on them. “Weak” was among the words used. They wanted a worthy battle and instead got hit with Nerf balls. At least one party guest believes this is tactic — that Politico will eventually return fire with fire. It could come sooner than anyone thinks. Daily Caller Publisher Neil Patel went on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss what he believes are Politico‘s liberal leanings with host Steve Doocy, whom MSNBC’s Ed Schultz refers to as “Douchey.”

Back at the Abramoff party, there was heated discussion on which reporters cracked under Hagey and helped with her story. Many guesses. But no one would fess up, not even Roll Call‘s Jonathan Strong, who declined to comment for Hagey’s story and insisted in Carlson’s living room that he was not among the moles.

Read the full piece here.

The Daily Caller and Politico: It’s War.

The Cold War between Politico and The Daily Caller is over. Now it’s just war.

This morning, The Daily Caller leads its site with a potentially explosive story by TV writer Jeff Poor on Politico‘s tight relationship with MSNBC. They’ve long tried to paint the Arlington, Va. giant with a tainted, liberal bias. Back in July, Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson backed down after ordering staff to refer to Politico in their stories as “a liberal publication based in suburban Virginia.” The ill will stemmed from a story by then-DCer Jonathan Strong (now at Roll Call) on GOP Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann‘s migraine headaches. Politico royally pissed off Carlson by reassigning the story to reporters who described the DC as “conservative” and who “confirmed” the DC’s reporting, as though it needed confirming. At the time, new Managing Editor David Martosko was so eager to please that he vowed to go back into each story mentioning Politico and make the change. But it never happened and Carlson walked back his email decree to use the description.

But now The Daily Caller has a sampling of numbers on Politico reporters who regularly appear on the network. For this story, Poor had his eyes glued to MSNBC. “I watched a lot of MSNBC the past three days,” he told FishbowlDC. “I ought to get a Purple Heart.” His watching also unearthed other news: Politico‘s Mike Allen, who appears regularly on MSNBC for his Playbook segment, switches up his attire. “I can speak on authority that Mike Allen changes clothes on a daily basis,” Poor said, recalling some discrepancy on that.

Fox News pounced on the anti-MSNBC bandwagon. The story reports that no Politico reporter has appeared on the network in 18 months. And no network media story is complete without one of those blind and bitchy Fox News PR quotes — this one declares that Fox News is just not that into Politico reporters appearing on their programs: “We try to book guests that make for compelling TV; Politico reporters tend not to rate well,” a Fox News spokesperson told The Daily Caller.

That’s right. They prefer the company of Daily Caller journos such as Carlson, an FNC commentator, and Jamie Weinstein, who regularly appears on “Red Eye.”  They also frequently invite on reporters and editors from Roll Call and The Hill. But not all Politico foes appear on FNC. NJ and Politico also have an abrasive relationship. Former FNC White House Correspondent Major Garrett, now an NJ congressional correspondent, has returned to his former network minimally. He appears far more often on MSNBC.

Politico did not return requests for comment from Poor. Though the DC does quote Editor-in-Chief John Harris on Hugh Hewitt‘s radio show after the host wondered about the potential harm of Politico co-hosting a debate with NBC. Harris replied, “Well, I just don’t accept the premise and I don’t accept your premise about Chris Matthews, who I admire.” He also said Matthews was not moderating the debate — that would be Brian Williams.

In the meantime, we hear Politico media writer Keach Hagey, recently freed from the constraints of daily short bursts of blog writing and allowed to write long form, has been fishing around for a new bombshell story on Martosko, perhaps involving his former ties with the lobbying and consulting firm, Berman and Company. For today, The Daily Caller newsroom is aglow in anti-Politico sentiment, reflecting a longtime vendetta between the publications.

We reached out to Politico for comment. For now, radio silence.

Read the full story here.


Yahoo! News Celebrates Chalian, Campaign Season

Photo L to R: Rick Klein, Robin Sproul, Richard Kaplan, Ross Levinsohn, Jonathan Karl, Amy Walter, Joe Ruffolo.

If you didn’t make it up to the rooftop of 101 Constitution Ave for Yahoo! News’ swanky soiree on Wednesday night, here’s a quick recap of what you missed:  Thrown by event extraordinaire Philip Dufour, the party was held in large part to welcome new DC bureau chief David Chalian.  In addition, the newsgroup used the opportunity to kick off their 2012 campaign coverage plans and to raise a glass to their partnership with ABC News.

Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo! EVP of the Americas  (and American University alum),  spoke about Yahoo! News’ expanding editorial coverage and presence in Washington to a crowd that included many familiar faces from ABC’s DC bureau:  Ann Compton, Jonathan Karl, Rick Klein, Polson Kanneth, Richard Kaplan, Amy Walter and Robin Sproul.  Also in attendance were WaPo‘s Dana Milbank, Neil Patel of the Daily Caller, NJ’s Chris Frates, Jane Mayer from the New Yorker, CNN’s Dan Lothian and Alex Mooney, Politico’s Marty Kady and Keach Hagey, Judy Kurtz of The Hill, NBC’s Adam Verdugo, MSNBC’s Karen Finney, CQ Roll Call’s Mark Walters and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

Politico Hires Political Media Reporter

Politico has hired Adweek‘s Dylan Byers to join Keach Hagey in tackling media coverage. Byers is supposed to be part of a “new emphasis” on covering political media. VandeHarris and Co. made sure to stress, “Keach Hagey will continue to focus her considerable talents on the rest of the media world.” Gawker mentioned the news Tuesday, saying, “Could be more interesting, or not! Time will tell.” Byers also announced the news on Twitter: “After an excellent year with Adweek, I’m moving to Washington D.C. to help cover political media for @Politico.”

See the internal memo…

Read more