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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“To live my life in a kind of metaphorical fishbowl, it’s pretty challenging, yeah.” — Madonna on NBC’s “Rock Center” last night.

A Question to Ponder…“So isn’t castrating a dog worse than tying a it to your roof for a couple of hours? #askingforafriend” — BuzzFeed Political Editor Ben Smith.

Uh oh! Tschida’s pooch takes a leak in the house

“pup pees in house. supposed to praise profusely when he goes outside. so pick him up say LOVE YOU smother him with kisses. get weird looks.” — ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida.

Deep Thoughts With Lachlan Markay

“It’s so cute when people complain about how dysfunctional DC is then insist on giving it more power.” — Heritage Foundation’s Lachlan Markay.

CNN reporter endures DC DMV

“Covering presidential politics, White House, global issues – cakewalk compared to dealing with DC DMV.” — CNN’s Jessica Yellin.

Politico‘s Roger Simon: Resident Tough Guy

“Wife just killed a centipede. Thank God for wives.” — Roger Simon.

USA Today travel writer deals with dopey cab driver; BuzzFeed reporter chokes on a pretzel

“Oh cab driver, that’s my arm u just slammed your trunk door on. Hope this is not an indication of what’s to come on this trip #travelfail” — Nancy Trejos.

“Started to choke slightly on a pretzel, tried to wash down with diet coke, spilled diet coke over hair, shirt, pants.” — BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray.

Washington reacts to Dick Clark’s death

  • “Dick Clark’s fabulous makeup artist is now available.” –  James McTague, Washington Editor of Barron’s.
  • “I move we cancel New Year’s Eve this year.” — ReutersSam Youngman.
  • “He made us feel as young and vibrant and optimistic as he was.” — President Obama.
  • “Condolences to the family of Dick Clark. We join them in mourning his passing, & will never forget his achievements in entertainment & music.” — Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).
  • “#DickClark taught me & so many others to dance to the beat of the music. God bless his teenage spirit. Every Saturday morning after cartoons.” — Democratic pundit Donna Brazile.
  • “America’s oldest teenager has died. Dick Clark passed away at age 82. The phrase ‘good beat- easy to dance to’ keeps running through my head.” — NPR’s Michele Norris.

Journo Hate

“You see, Smith will have his staff go on and on about elevators and a dog named Seamus–but not a dog named Dinner.” —’s John Nolte in a story claiming that BuzzFeed‘s Smith shills for Obama — i.e. he’ll cover the Mitt Romney dog on a roof flap, but not Obama growing up eating dog, as reported by The Daily Caller.

“Now officially hate the jaunty NPR ‘Hey there, Ari’ reporter intro. My friend H called this sort of thing ‘hearty hack.’ I blame @kairyssdal” — The Daily Caller‘s Mickey Kaus referring to NPR White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Politico’s Ken Vogel has been trying to grow a full beard/goatee for a few weeks now. Here are the fruits of his patience.

Unexpected pleasure in journo’s bathroom

“A good problem to have: my new bottle of parfum fell off shelf and smashed into bits on floor of loo. my whole floor smells of Coco Chanel!” — Fashion freelancer Stephanie Green.

Uh oh.

“Afternoon dog walk turns up unresponsive person on the ground. Of course.” — Former DCist writer Dave Stroup.

Carolla blames press for so-called misperception

“…If you have 10 views that land you on the left side of the aisle and two views that land you on the right side of the aisle, then people just put you on the right side of the aisle. I’m not sure why. Some of it has to do with the press. I think it’s just convenient.” — Radio Personality Adam Carolla to Politico‘s Patrick Gavin. Read the full story here.

Cillizza is congested

“Thank you very much Chris Cillizza….chicken soup. Chris will be joining us tomorrow. I hope he’s in good health.” — NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon to the WaPo blogger appearing on her show.

But maybe he’s not that sick after all… “Cracker Barrel founder has died. But his chicken and dumplings lives on in my stomach.” – WaPo’s Cillizza.

Inquiring minds…

“@jonallendc Is @jakesherman’s interest in Hunstman daughters as strong after the fame and power is gone?” — TWT Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller to Politico‘s Jonathan Allen. She’s referencing NBC Congressional reporter Luke Russert recently trying to set up Politico‘s Jake Sherman with one of  Huntsman’s daughters.

Howeesha wants a better day

“Today: removed stinkbug, source tipped other rag with my story, hit knee on bedpost. Hopes for tomorrow: butterflies, tips galore, massage.” — The Hill‘s Howleena (A.K.A. Judy Kurtz) on Tuesday.

Listen up journos!

“Language creates reality. Words have power. Speak always to create joy.” — Deepak Chopra.

Strange observations

“This occupier seriously just lit a candle in McDonalds.” — Lachlan Markay, investigative reporter for The Heritage Foundation.

Scribe promises to blackout — get it?

“In protest of #SOPA, I will be blackout drunk tomorrow. Is this how this works?” — The Daily Caller‘s soon to depart CJ Ciaramella. Ciaramella will work for the brand new conservative advocacy group, the Center for American Freedom.

Bring on the cocktails

“Please, let the cocktail gods be kind. #oneofthosedays #youfeelme” — Capital File Editor-in-Chief Kate Bennett.

Here’s one reason to get excited

“Woah. Just found C-SPAN HD on my cable — 941 on Comcast in DC. Game-changer.” — Ian Koski, Communications Director to Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.).

PR nightmare or oddly entertaining? “Is celeb chef Paula Deen, known for her high-cal, high-fat recipes, a good spokeswoman for diabetes awareness?” — WSJ. Read here.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

NBC newsmanTom Brokaw on Day 1 of the Washington Ideas Forum co-sponsored by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute. Photo credit: Max Taylor

RIP Steve Jobs

“I learned BASIC on Apple II, made fake IDs on a Centris, sold Macs in college, wrote 1st article on PowerBook, typing this on iPhone. #RIPSteve” — The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza. Correction: Politico‘s Byron Tau did not write this as we stated earlier. He RT’ed the quote.

“Got home at 10:15. Roommates thought I was out getting drinks. Nope. #Palin #RIPSteveJobs #PartyLikeAJournalist” — NJ online editor Ethan Klapper.

Ezzy confused for Cillizza

Sure, they both have two z’s in their name, and they’re both male. But twins? WaPo‘s Ezra Klein writes, “Walking out of my hotel today, bellman stops me. “Mr. Cillizza, I love your work!” The lead Boybander is of course referring to colleague Chris Cillizza.


“Wtf? Just saw a guy put honey in his coffee. Nasty.” — Lachlan Markay, investigative reporter for the Heritage Foundation. The incident occurred at Ebenezers coffeehouse on Capitol  Hill.

Terrible tourist behavior

“There should be more effort to tell tourists who obsess between getting off train at Metro Center or Gallery, its only a 3 block difference.” — WaPo‘s Tim Craig.

A journalist worries

“Why is it that every time I go to the doctor, I learn about some new horrible disease I might have?” — The Atlantic‘s Megan McArdle.

Premature sweater vesting

“I admit it: I prematurely sweater-vested.” — The Hill‘s Sam Youngman. But the real question: Is Bloomberg‘s Jim Snyder still wearing sweater vests?

The upside of Palin not running

“So does this mean the Palin staff will return our calls now?” — Times of London‘s Matt Spence.

Fake Jim’s Take on Politico Primary

“Terry Francona, Demi Lovato, my neighbor’s parakeet, David Gergen #POLITICOprimary” — Fake Jim VandeHei on Politico‘s fake presidential election. Others candidates he chose: “Carrot Top, Samuel Jackson, Paul Ryan, Ryan Gosling, Larry Sabato.”


Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


FishbowlDC Reader Larry Kelly sent this photograph of his glorious front porch in Ohio where he sits in a rocking chair and reads and tweets. He explains that the cabin shell was built in 1836. Kelly was an avid tweeter during WeinerGate.

Juiceboxer has limited tolerance for bus-riding baby

“Dear bus-riding infant: AHMAHMAHMAH is not a word no matter how many times or how loudly you say it. #silence” — TPM‘s Brian Beutler in a Wednesday tweet.

Journo takes high road (this time)

“Why is it some adults act like they are in High School? I was gonna let it bother me, but I said pass.” — Government TV producer Pete HatzNet in a Wednesday late-night tweet.

Wild train rider deals with slipped disc

ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida is suffering. In a series of tweets from Tuesday and Wednesday, he explains what’s happening. Tuesday: “Either I’m old or over did it this weekend. In bed on heating pad and looking forward to orthopedic appointment. Think I now know what a slipped disc feels like. Should have quit after 1 set of tennis, and skipped dancing altogether. Hello MRI.” Wednesday: “Long day, ready for my heating pad and sleep. praying i wake up and the bulging disc has shrunk! Please health gods, smile on an old guy.” Stephen, please feel better soon.

Tapscott knocks Washington

“Lord knows this town needs to be cleaned up.” — The Washington Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan program Wednesday afternoon. The line came in during a question to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Shouldn’t be funny but it is… ABC7 News: “All lanes on BW parkway have reopened after a man attacked a vehicle with a hammer.” The story gets a bit scarier, but no one was hurt. Read here.

The Alleged Dating Expert

“You can’t date a woman who doesn’t date beer – it just won’t work out.” — Freelance D.C. labor journalist Mike Elk in a Wednesday night tweet. He writes for In These Times and The Nation.

Obama Town Hall humor

“Going on Hardball at 540 P EST to talk Twitter townhall. Expect more than 140 words of commentary!” — HuffPost‘s Alex Wagner in a Wednesday tweet.

“There is no way these questions are random. I call bullshit.” — Lachlan Markay in a Wednesday tweet. Markay is an investigative reporter for the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy.

Interesting parenting technique: kisses

“Our 4 yr old informs us that what most frustrates her swimming progress is parents bestowing kisses on her every 3 strokes.” — NPR’s Scott Simon in a Wednesday tweet.

ABC reporter wants one thing perfectly clear

“Any rumor that ABC compensated the juror I am interviewing tonight on @Nightline Primetime is utterly FALSE.” — ABC’s Terry Moran in a Wednesday tweet.

The Critic

“President Barack Obama’s Twitter Townhall would have been more interesting if he had answered tweet for tweet. Instead, it looked a lot like an old-fashioned interview except the questions came over the transom on Twitter.” — ReutersToby Zakaria in a Wednesday memo.

Most Unusual Tweet of the Day

“Off today to bid farewell to my Uncle Lee.” — Washingtonian Editor Garrett Graff in a Wednesday tweet because why shouldn’t the death of a journo’s uncle and funeral in New York state be broadcast on Twitter? Graff linked to this, a funeral home in Rhinebeck, N.Y. So a) May Uncle Lee rest in peace, and b) Was this an invitation? and c) Let’s hope Graff has the good sense to not live-tweet the funeral.

A Convo Between Two Journos

The conversation participants are NBC’s Chuck Todd and WCP Managing Editor Mike Madden. The topic: Mosquitoes.

Todd: Ugh RT @todayshow Experts: we may be headed into one of worst seasons in decades for mosquitoes.

Madden: Buy garlic, hope.

Todd: @mikemadden my new trick… Cigar smoke. Not pleasing the family once I go back into house, but helps outside.



Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


A journo can’t work under these circumstances

“Next door: young child running around screaming, old woman yelling at him. #killmenow” — Washington Examiner‘s Lachlan Markay in a Thursday tweet.

What are the Salahi’s up to?

“Salahi’s confirm to me that they’re worried about a stalker. Warren Co and LA police investigating.” — NBC Washington News Producer Matt Glassman in a Thursday tweet.

A scribe’s deep explanation of spring in Washington

“Spring and summer are in an epic battle over who gets to exist this month in Washington.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman in a Thursday tweet.

Imus tweaks FNC’s Chris Wallace

“Imus jokes to [FNC's] Chris Wallace: ‘I don’t think you need to get snippy, you triple-chinned looking goober.’” — Media Matters Fellow Eric Hananoki in a Thursday tweet. The Imus segment involved the hosts purposefully insulting each other.

Maddow enjoys saying the word ‘shtupping’

“He was shtupping one of his own staffers who was married to another Ensign staffer, all of which was taking place while he was serving as the Republican party’s Senate Campaign Chairman.” — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explains Sen. John Ensign‘s (R-Nev.) extramarital affair on her show last night.  Total number of times Maddow used the word “shtupping” in the entire segment: 6.

Most Likely to Get Beaten up in a Cafe

“Whats up with people who cant handle loud typing? Im a fucking journalist I type loudly.” — Freelance D.C. journalist Mike Elk in a recent tweet. He’s a contributor to In These Times and has written for The Nation and HuffPost. A HuffPost bio says he likes crab cakes and Golden Retrievers.

Dave Weigel on the Highest of Horses

Slate‘s Dave Weigel is apparently The Decider these days of who among us is an actual journalist and who is not. Pssst Dave… you and I graduated from the same J-School, and just so you know, neither of us is in a position to judge whether anyone is an “actual” journalist or not. Some people actually think J-School is horseshit. In the past 24 hours, Weigel has decided that The Daily Beast‘s Meghan McCain is not worthy of being read. He has also declared that The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong is an “actual” journalist while insinuating that @FishbowlDC is not. He tweeted the following: “Celebrity interviews of celebrities can be good (read the mag Warhol founded), but M McCain is supernaturally uninteresting.” Supernaturally. Really? On Strong: “I did talk to the Caller’s @j_strong when that all went down, but he’s an actual reporter. Big difference.” (P.S. We can hardly wait for your upcoming appearance on Your appearances on there are always riveting.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“One day late on laundry… Two different socks? Don’t mind if I do.” — Simon Landau, web producer for wusa9, in a recent tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC


A “Juicebox Mafia” Passover: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Pesach,” Center for American Progress fellow and liberal blogger Matt Yglesias wrote in a Monday tweet accompanied by the beautiful photograph above. He also wrote, “Preparing a seder dinner is giving me a newfound appreciation for the efforts of Jewish homemakers throughout the ages.” And this: “How does Manishevits [sic] manage to make such bad wine? It’s way off the charts.” Traditional spelling of the wine is “Manischewitz.”

Uh oh.

“Things I don’t like to hear from my cab driver: ‘I remember you. I know where you live.’” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Monday tweet.

Luke watches Lifetime?

“After the #Sabres #fail I’m drowning my sorrows in #williamandkate on Lifetime. I’m only going to watch 1 scene.” — NBC’s Luke Russert in a Monday night tweet. Lifetime aired “William and Kate” last night, the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We hope Luke enjoyed the scene where, after a big break up, Kate jumps in the water and swims to William while he stays dry on the dock.

Buttry’s apathy toward Royal Wedding

“Things I care less about than a royal wedding: No, can’t think of anything.” — TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry in a Monday tweet. Good thing he’s not doing what he does in the UK — you know, not a very engaging thing to say.

A presumably urgent question

“Hey, Vegas folks: Can someone report whether @mattapuzzo is alone at a bar, wearing a tiara & telling folks it’s his birthday? Thnx!” — AFP‘s Olivier Knox in a Monday tweet about AP investigative reporter Matt Apuzzo. Apuzzo responds, “If only. I’m at my kitchen table eating Cheerios and prepping for work.”

Trump Hair Joke of the Day

“Is there any person on the planet ignored more than Trump’s barber?” — Syndicated op-ed columnist and FishbowlLA Editor Tina Dupuy in a Monday tweet.

A blogger’s beer recommendation

“The perfect springtime beer.” — Washington Examiner‘s political blogger Lachlan Markay in a Monday tweet paired with this picture.

Dana Perino aspires to color-coordinate like Laura Bush

“Not much happenin’, so I’m organizing closet, switching out winter for spring. Color coordinating like @laurawbush, super-organizer.” — FNC Contributor Dana Perino in a Monday night tweet.

Journo takes in spring

“It’s 71 degrees outside still and marvelous; I’m taking my office to the courtyard. Thank you, Washington, D.C., this is sort of spring.” — Politico Assistant Editor/Web Producer Jedd Rosche in a Monday tweet.

Fake Jim V. gets threatening

“Oh for chrissake andy, never say that again” — Fake Jim VandeHei in a reactionary Monday tweet to Politico‘s Andy Bar who writes, “Greta’s sweet spot.” Barr’s referencing FNC’s Greta Van Susteren who writes, “Bill Ayers calls Senator McCain a WAR CRIMINAL.” We also liked this one from Fake Jim: “Staff, I appreciate everything you do. But if we don’t win a goddamn Pulitzer this year get ready for a summer without air conditioning.”

Pulitzer envy

“I realized on the drive home that the reason Pulitzer coverage is interesting is that the stories are tinged with desire and envy.” — Steve Myers, managing editor at