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Bad Hair Day Leads to Holiday Hat

WETA’s “White House Chronicle” was a series of delights on Sunday morning. One of which was that Co-host and General Manager Linda Gasparello, sidekick to the main dish Llewellyn King, had donned a red hat.

“I’ve been trying to get her to wear a hat for 14 years,” King mused at the beginning of the show.

Later in the 30-minute program we learn the real reason that Gasparello is wearing a hat: A bad hair day, she says. King scolds her for admitting this, saying, “You’re supposed to make people think I’ve finally convinced you!”

At the conclusion of the show, the Zimbabwe-born King gave a shout-out to CNN’s Larry King, who concluded “Larry King Live” last week. “You know what’s going to happen?” King asked rhetorically. “People are going to get tremendous confidence in our belts again,” he said, pulling back his blazer and snapping a pair of suspenders.

Bill Maher Down on the NYT

This scene was not directed at the NYT.

Comedian Bill Maher, host of HBO”s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” is clearly not the poster boy for a NYT commercial telling you why the Sunday paper is a must. It’s selfish, really, but the comedian also has a statement to make on Social Media and the lack of grace and timing of the NYT. Maher is miffed because he doesn’t usually get to appear in any of it. The Sunday NYT, he recently learned, gets put to bed way too early to include the comedian’s jokes as his show airs late Friday night. “I can’t really help you, NYT,” he tells CNN’s Larry King Tuesday night.

An interview excerpt:

KING: We had this question posted on the LARRY KING LIVE Facebook page: ‘Can Bill give us his thoughts on how social media is replacing mainstream media?’

MAHER: Mainstream media, it’s funny. I was at Jay Leno’s show last night, and we were talking before the show. He said to me, you know, I don’t understand; in the Sunday New York Times weekend review section, they always print jokes of comedians. And they have me and they have Letterman and they have Kimmel. And no you. Why aren’t you there? I said, I don’t know. The New York Times doesn’t like me. They never report on me, even though it would seem they should, because people who would watch my show tend to be like the same people who would read the New York Times.

KING: One would think.

MAHER: But it’s interesting. We called my publicist in and we found out it wasn’t that. She said, well, you tape your show on Friday night and that paper goes to bed for their Sunday edition well before that. Jay said, that’s probably true, because I noticed never do I get a joke in that I did on Thursday or Friday. It’s always Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. So here’s the New York Times, the paper of record, apparently for their Sunday edition going to bed on Wednesday night. That’s when they place the Gutenberg type, Larry, to make sure that that edition gets out on time. This is why mainstream media is dying. They don’t have to die. But we live in an age where, you know, you get it on your Blackberry immediately. So when they tell me that I can’t print your joke because we print on Sunday and you do it on Friday, I’m like, I can’t really help you, New York Times.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day


Penn, Palmeri, rectal cancer wish

“I know Sean Penn’s birthday wish this year — rectal cancer for all.” – Former Washington Examiner and now NYP Page Six gossip writer Tara Palmeri in a Tuesday tweet. Palmeri got thrown out of a Penn event earlier this year for asking Penn a question on rectal cancer, something he said he wished on those who disagreed with his involvement in the Haiti relief fund.

Frustration at a glance

“Just saw ANOTHER driver go the wrong way down my one way street. Pay attention people.”
- PR associate Courtney Cohen, formerly a production coordinator for ABC’s This Week, in a Tuesday tweet.

Stop playing games with my heart

“I didn’t know you were jut going to cut my heart up on this show.
…Yeah, I’ve been dumped and it hurts. Don’t play games with my heart …stop playing games with my heart.”
- Comedian Kathy Griffin on CNN’s Larry King Tuesday night when discussing Levi Johnston’s breakup with Bristol Palin. Griffin has long (jokingly) claimed to be romantically involved with Johnston. She recently featured several D.C. journalists on an episode of “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,” which taped in Washington.


Griffin Dishes on D.C.

kathy_griffin.jpg Comedian Kathy Griffin sat down with CNN’s Larry King this past weekend and spoke on a variety of topics including reminiscing about her March visit to Capitol Hill.

“I learned a lot about how things work on the Hill,” Griffin told the host. “I’m doing a lot to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I did get in a little trouble with a woman called [Rep.] Michele Bachman [R-Minn.]. I sort of got kicked out of my first Senate hearing because I said something to [Sen.] Saxby Chambliss [R-Ga.] she didn’t like.”

(As you’ll note, Griffin purposely referred to Chambliss as a “she.”)

The King is in the House


By “King” we mean Larry King and by “house” we mean White House. That’s right, Larry King taped an interview with President Obama in the Diplomatic Reception Room this afternoon.

Larry made an appearance in the briefing room earlier and we’re hearing from some journo pals that the King was looking extra svelte today.

The Daily Caller Claims CNN Has ‘Amnesia,’ King Rep Calls Item ‘Inappropriate’


A New York PR rep for CNN’s Larry King is calling an item that The Daily Caller ran yesterday blatantly “inappropriate.” The Daily Caller item slams CNN for doing a segment on cheaters and not including the network’s own host.

“Sigh. Oh, CNN. Not only has one of your own, King, cheated on numerous occasions in the past, he cheated on his wife with her sister in the past month! What do you think we were – born yesterday?” writes The Daily Caller in a post that begins with the line: “CNN seems to have a case of amnesia.”

Read the full post here.

FishbowlDC reached out to New York PR rep Howard Rubenstein, King’s spokesman on this matter. “They were absolutely wrong,” Rubenstein said in a phone interview. “He [King] has always denied it [the affair] and so has his sister-in-law and so has his wife. Not including him in that group was appropriate. It’s an inappropriate item that they ran.”

D.C. Press Watch Out: Fergie’s Coming to Town

218-355Duchess_of_York.sff.embedded.prod_affiliate.13.jpg D.C. blogger and writer Carol Joynt‘s got the scoop on Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, coming to town in late June. She even has memories of booking the Duchess for CNN’s Larry King in her producer days.

An excerpt:
Way back, when I was a producer for Larry King, I booked the Duchess for an interview and was involved in her arrival at the studio, etc. She came bearing gifts for Larry, some of which she presented to him live on the air, including – I recall – some gooey caramel filled chocolates. Standing on the sidelines I randomly asked her PR whether she brought the gifts over from England. “No,” he said, “she just cleaned out the hotel mini-bar before coming over here.”

Read the full story here.

WHCD: Blindsided by CNN’s Guest List


With only a few days until the WHCD and no published guest list, we thought CNN might be scrambling to fill their seats…but that’s not the case at all.

FishbowlDC was “blindsided” by the theme and diversity of CNN’s guest list. Joining the Cable News Network is the real Tuohy family portrayed in “The Blindside” (Leigh Anne, Sean and Collins) and Quinton Aaron (played Michael Oher in “The Blindside”).

Additionally, CNN snagged Ashley Judd, Dennis Quaid and the stars of the HBO’s “The Pacific,” Jon Seda and James Badge Dale. In addition to Washington-based CNN talent, Joy Behar, Sanjay Gupta and Larry King will all be in town for the dinner.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day

Obama Mocks Media Mood Swings

“At Dem fundraiser, Obama mocks way media portrays him: ‘You’re like a genius for about a month, then you’re an idiot for about 6 months.’” — CBS News’s White House correspondent Mark Knoller in a Thursday tweet.

Kurtz Wants to Beat Gibbs to Twitter Punch

“Just sat down with Robert Gibbs at WH and talked about…Twitter. So I have to beat @PressSec to tweeting this.” — WaPo’s Howard Kurtz in a Thursday tweet.

CNN’s Larry King Marital Status: Available

“To all you single ladies who say there are no good men available, I have just two words: Larry King.” — @Borowitzreport in a Thursday tweet.

Scherer Resorts to Analogies

Shepard Smith is to car chases what Mozart was to music, what Lil Wayne is to wordplay. [Should be nightly show]” — Time’s Michael Scherer in a Thursday tweet.


Kitty Kelley’s “Oprah” Hits Tomorrow

kitty k.jpg

Famed Washington author Kitty Kelley‘s “Oprah” hits bookshelves tomorrow. The unauthorized biography has been causing quite a stir even before its release, allegedly blackballed by Larry King, Barbara Walters, David Letterman and Charlie Rose to name a few? ‘Why?’ you might ask. Apparently, out of respect for the big O.

“Oprah” took four years and 850 interviews for Kelley, a Georgetown resident, to produce. FishbowlDC was lucky enough to get our hands on a copy and although we’re only a few chapters in, we’re fairly certain Kelley can add another “bestseller” title to her roster.

Kelley and her biography will be feted on Friday evening at the home of Marina and Daniel Ein. FishbowlDC will be there to catch up with Kelley after the big release.