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Laura McGann Leaves Politico, Joins Vox As Political Editor


Laura McGann, Politico’s deputy managing editor, is joining Vox Media as its first political editor, reported the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone yesterday.

Prior to her four years spent at Politico, McGann worked for Talking Points Memo, Nieman Journalism Lab, MSNBC and The Washington Independent.

McGann, who will start at Vox on Jan. 5th, is the third big-name editor at Politico to leave the news organization this past week — following White House editor, Dan Berman (National Journal), and deputy managing editor, Gregg Birnbaum (New York Daily News).

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POLITICO Promotes Rachel Van Dongen to Deputy Managing Editor

Rachel Van Dongen, POLITICOAn internal memo from POLITICO managing editor Rachel Smolkin this morning announced Rachel Van Dongen‘s promotion to deputy managing editor. Van Dongen was most recently Congress editor and deputy politics editor.

In her new role, she will work closely with Smolkin and alongside deputy managing editor Laura McGann. POLITICO’s Gregg Birnbaum, Dianna Heitz, Laura McGann and Nirvi Shah also serve in the role of deputy managing editor.

Van Dongen’s outstanding deputy, Steven Sloan, will lead the Congress team going forward.

See the full memo, after the jump. Read more

Friends and Colleagues Celebrate Ken Vogel’s Big Money

photo 1Last night at Glen’s Garden Market, friends and colleagues came together to celebrate Ken Vogel‘s recent Big Money: 2.5 Billion Dollars, One Suspicious Vehicle, and a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics. The evening was hosted by Mike Allen, Dan Berman, Jeanne Cummings, Ryan Grim and Elizan Garcia, Maggie Haberman, John Harris, Jonathan Martin and Betsy Fisher Martin, Laura McGann, Ben Smith, Rachel Smolkin, Liz Spavd, Howard Yoon and Victoria Lai, and Danielle Vogel.

POLITICOs from past and present were there, including CNN’s Chris Frates, WaPo’s Abby Phillip, NPR’s Juana Summers, NYT’s Bill Hamilton, WSJ’s Reid Epstein, POLITICO’s Manu Raju, Burgess Everett, Megan Chan, Marty Kady, Katie Glueck, and Byron Tau.

Highlight: Craft beers and an oyster bar. Big money, naturally.

Politico Loses Editor to

A big loss for Politico today.

Laura McGann, a deputy managing editor, is leaving the publication to move to Manhattan to be‘s news editor.

See the memos from Marty Kady and‘s Richard Wolffe. Read more

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Politico has closet Snooki

“I found a Groupon for half off a mystic tan session on the @politico copier recently. It named name. It was amazing.” — Politico‘s Laura McGann to The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball, a former Politico reporter. McGann would not reveal who the tanning fiend is.

Condolences to soon to be Reuters scribe Sam Youngman on the death of his grandfather this week.

Not so sexy

“These little blue pills won’t put hope in your rope. They could make you sick.#viagra #counterfeit #China” — WTOP’s Jim Farley promo-ing an online story about U.S. Customs officials seizing a thousands of shipments of potentially dangerous pills made of rat poison, sheet rock and wall paint. Read here.

From the Dept. of Complaints…

“If you have questions or comments about the work of other journalists you should take it to them.” — ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.

HuffPost scribe mocks Demi-Ashton breakup

“I’ve just informed the Huffpost DC office that they can leave early if they’re too shaken by the Demi-Ashton news.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

Journo has special affection for Diane Keaton

“I don’t think it’s possible for me to love someone more than I love Diane Keaton.” — WaPo Style writer Dan Zak.

Realities of White House travel

“I think jetlag is trending in northern territories,” — CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell to ABC News’s Tapper. The White House scribes were in Bali Thursday.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes for Washingtonian’s Harry Jaffe. His birthday was Thursday.

“On the #NRCruise, I have to write my Tweets out longhand and attach them to carrier pidgeons, where they fly to Twitter-equipped buoys.” — National Review Online‘s Jim Geraghty, who apparently would rather be anywhere else. “One of the highlights of this #NRCruise: Missing last night’s Jets game. Urgh.”

Politico’s Laura McGann Moves Managing Finesse to Lobbying and Campaign Finance

Politico‘s Congressional Bureau Chief Laura McGann is heading up a brand new team that centers on lobbying and campaign finance. Some may also know her work from Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, where she was prior to Politico. She’s also the former founding managing editor of The Washington Independent and worked at TPM.

On an unusual note, she has a dog named FOIA.

So far McGann’s team members are Ken Vogel, Robin Bravender, Anna Palmer and Dave Levinthal.

The search is on to fill McGann’s former position.

See the internal memo from Managing Editor Bill Nichols.

Read more

BREAKING Mice Run Wild at Allbritton’s Politico

There are mice in Politico‘s house. Not ordinary mice, either. Big fat ones. And newsroom reporters are getting vocal about it in the real world and on Twitter.

Said one scribe on condition of anonymity: “The mice situation in the newsroom is DISGUSTING. We see them now during the day: fat, happy mice sauntering around the newsroom. If you get someone to call the exterminator I’ll be thrilled.” Deputy Politics Editor Sara Libby: @lkmcgann [Laura McGann] claims that the mice @politico are now so brazen, they’re “walking around with hoodies.” She’s fled to our secret Hill office.  Ben Smith‘s Researcher Byron Tau: RT’s @RyanBeckwith: “Mouse wins the morning.” CLICK’s Karin Tanabe:  “@SaraLibby tell it like it is. One zipped right under the desk of @amieparnes yesterday. #justsaynotorodents.” The newly hired Deputy Congressional Editor McGann: “A mouse in the @politico newsroom asked me what I’m looking at. Enroute to super secret Hill bureau.”

What’s Politico management doing about the mice problem? We’ll find out…surely HariHei has something to say.

UPDATE: Editor-in-Chief John Harris tells FishbowlDC: “POLITICO’s newsroom shares a big floor with our ACC cousins—WJLA, channel 8, and TBD. ACC is in charge of administering the physical space. They would be in charge of any exterminator contract. It’s a big physical space between four different news operations–a couple football fields large–and I did hear there may be a mouse running around. I am eager for his/her timely demise.”

UPDATE #2:  An anonymous tipster writes…”On the mouse situation at POLITICO, where I work, it’s been a fairly long-running problem. Danielle Jones actually has several little memorials to mice who have been caught around the office. It sounds morbid, but it’s really not.”

WaPo Wades into HuffPost Territory

Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab tackles a meaty topic today: WaPo wading into the content-for-exposure (not cash) model, one that looks discernibly more like HuffPo than WaPo‘s traditional upbringing.

Author Laura McGann addresses two projects that she writes look like attempts to take on the start-ups that “would never have been seen as a direct threat just a few years ago.”

McGann talks to WaPo‘s national innovations editor Paul Volpe about the recently launched political blog network that serves as an offshoot of the paper’s The Fix blog by Chris Cillizza. It’s filled with posts from state-based blogs that Cillizza hand picks. McGann observes, “he’s feeding political obsessives’ appetite for news with posts they wouldn’t find on their own.”

Read the full story here.

Harvard Journalism Lab Assesses HuffPost’s Hybrid Journalism

investigative_journalism.jpg Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab unravels the ins and outs of HuffPost Impact, a new section that began in October that gives readers a chance to give back – financially, that is. The section shares ad revenue with the outside Santa Monica-based non-profit company, Causecast. It’s a win-win for HuffPost and Causecast.

But is it a win for journalism?

Well, the jury is still out, says Laura McGann an assistant editor at the Nieman Journalism Labm who points out that HuffPost runs a disclaimer at the end of the posts saying “they do not vouch for the truth of the person being profile”. “The HuffPo-Causecast arrangement, in conjunction with ads, could be an example of the kind of hybrid solution publishers are struggling to find,” McGann writes. “However, by blurring the line between advertising and content, it also raises questions about conflicts of interest and editorial responsibility.”

McGann tells FishbowlDC that she does not have a huge opinion on whether this relationship is “good or bad” per say. “Does the Huffington Post reader know there is a special relationship there?” she asks. “I think that what Huffington Post is trying to do here is engage readers and get them involved in the story, and I think you’re going to see more of that. A flat ad does not engage a reader. …I don’t know that it’s entirely clear to the reader here that this is different than Huffington Post creating content.”

Read McGann’s full story here.

The Revolving Door, 5.08.07

Some moves around town:

  • TPMmuckraker’s new DC reporter had her first day on the job yesterday. Her name is Laura McGann, and her first post is here.

  • David Baumann will be writing for the Politico for at least a month.

  • The Tampa Tribune’s Richard Lardner is joining AP’s DC bureau to work as a defense enterprise reporter. He’s been covering military matters in Tampa for three years; before that he worked for more than 15 years at Inside Washington Publishers’ Defense Group, reporting and editing for Inside the Pentagon and, among other news products.

  • Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe join Campaigns & Elections magazine Editorial Advisory Board.