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AnonymASS Tipster of the Week #1

Our first AnonymASS Tipster of the week writes in today to complain about our coverage of ex-FNC anchor Laurie Dhue‘s public admission of alcoholism in Washington D.C. last week at a prayer dinner loaded with reporters, and this morning on NBC’s The Today Show. We had more coverage this morning in a post called “Morning Dhue.”

The reader writes: “Gross and shameless – How sad to profit from someone’s difficulties  – disgusting and typical of today.”

Note to AnonymASS: You may want to actually attach your brain to your head before you write in. Dhue made the admission before a large room of dinner attendees. She announced  that she was revealing her news publicly for the first time. Not once was anyone at the dinner told that the dinner and speakers were off the record. Not once did Dhue declare her news off the record. Nor was it off record this morning when she accepted an invitation to appear on “The Today Show.” She has also opened her Facebook page to discuss the subject further. Maybe, AnonymASS, she wants to help people. Ever think of that?

Update #1: AnonymASS Tipster writes back, saying, I live in California and have immense respect for people’s private lives. I’m sad that Laurie Dhue put herself out there with very personal info at a Prayer Dinner and it was exploited with such careless disregard.

Another note to AnonymASS: Perhaps you should stop reading blogs and newspapers and turn your TV off. Sometimes, believe it or not, the person doesn’t see it as exploitation and maybe even, I know this is hard to imagine, wants the news out there.

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Morning Dhue

We’ve been keeping tabs on the sudden public admission of alcoholism by ex-FNC anchor Laurie Dhue. This morning just after 8 a.m. she appeared on NBC’s “The Today Show” where she spoke with Meredith Viera.

Though FishbowlDC never pretended to be, say, a fireman attending the prayer dinner in Washington hosted by conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas last week, Viera acted shocked that a reporter was covering it.

“You did not know there would be anyone reporting this to the public,” Viera said gravely on this morning show, looking intently into Dhue’s eyes not knowing that many Washington reporters have covered this event in the past, not to mention the next-day journo-filled National Prayer Breakfast where President Obama spoke. Dhue replied, “I did not know there was a reporter in the room.”

But, in fact, there were several reporters scattered throughout that basement banquet room where Dhue admitted the harder details of her life — print, radio and TV. In fact, another speaker was Doug Hill, the ABC7 weather reporter. He discussed the sudden death of his young son, a tough divorce, previous thoughts of suicide and wanting to drive himself off a bridge not to mention his incredible fears of thunderstorms after his childhood home was struck by lightening.

All quotations used from this morning’s Today Show segment were from FishbowlDC’s original report. Dhue said FNC has backed her in her recovery. “They know about my struggle with this and they have been very supportive,” said the ex-anchor who left the network in 2008.

FYI: Dhue reached out to anyone struggling with the issue, saying she’s on Facebook for anyone who wants discuss alcoholism.

Ex-FNC Anchor Laurie Dhue to Appear on Today Show to Discuss Alcoholism

After her bombshell alcoholism admission last week at Cal Thomas‘s prayer dinner at the Washington Hilton, former Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue has been invited on NBC’s “The Today Show.” Meredith Viera is scheduled to interview Dhue Wednesday in the 8 a.m. hour.

Her segment is slated for four minutes. She will discuss her addiction, recovery and her path through the news world. She publicly disclosed her alcoholism for the first time at the syndicated columnist’s annual dinner. She was one of four keynote speakers who was asked to tell her story of faith.

Dhue lives in Manhattan.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


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Taking offense to “media whore”

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BREAKING: Ex-Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue admits her struggle with alcoholism at conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas‘s prayer dinner in Washington Thursday evening. We broke the story late last night. If you missed it, read here.

Former FNC Anchor Laurie Dhue’s Bombshell Admission at Washington Prayer Dinner

Ex-Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue made a shocking admission at conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas‘s prayer dinner tonight at the Washington Hilton. The dinner precedes Thursday morning’s Prayer Breakfast.

Dhue, one of the evening’s four spiritual speakers, took to the podium of the basement banquet room to tell her story. She admitted her alcoholism publicly for the first time tonight.

“Yes, I would drag myself into work deeply hungover,” she told a rapt audience. “I was cheating my employer and God.”

Dhue, who left Fox News in 2008, offered a snapshot of the gory details: “I thought I had to drink myself into oblivion several times a week. In New York, that was very easy. “I really thought I had to live that way. I suffered in silence. I lived in constant fear. On the inside I was dying….I lived with shame and guilt and a lot of terror.”

Through tears, Dhue told a mostly born-again Christian crowd that she still struggles and still faces the uncertainty of being unemployed. “God takes care of me because he loves me just as he loves all of you,” she said. “God loved me back to life.”

As is the case with many self revelations, one day she looked in the mirror. “I didn’t recognize the woman who was looking back at me,” she recalled. She knelt down and prayed, “It’s over God, but I need your help.”

That was four years ago. She has since found the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Prayer to me is like breathing,” she said, admitting that times are tough and that she lost two jobs since getting sober.