morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Roll Call’s Emily Pierce has been named a Senior Staff Writer.
  • CJR reports, “the present wave of cost- cutting, job-eliminating, and bureau-closing is just one reason journalism is widely believed to be an industry in crisis. But a pair of university studies concerning the profession’s past and future may slightly temper fears of its imminent demise.”
  • A reader points out that Senator Barack Obama spoke with Carl Cameron this afternoon regarding McCain’s announced position on the Iraq war. A few heads are scratching about Obama’s appearance, since he pulled out of the Fox debates two days earlier…
  • The Corner’s reaction to Ana Marie Cox pulling out of the “Imus” show: “And I Thought She Was, Like, Soooo Un-PC…”
  • is looking for a reporter for Money Laundering Alert.

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