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The Atlantic Hires ABC’s Raabe as Comm Director

The Atlantic is bringing on Natalie Raabe as Director of Communications in mid-March. She will be based in Washington.

The Atlantic will work with the outside public relations firm, the Rosen Group, until the end of March. But then Raabe will take over. “The Rosen Group has done excellent work and has given us great support as we searched for an in-house communications director,” said The Atlantic‘s V.P., Head of Corporate Strategic Communications Linda Douglass, in a release. “We look forward to working with them on special projects in the future.”

Raabe comes to the job after several years at ABC News in New York.  Most recently, she was Director of Publicity for “Good Morning America ” and before that, Director of Publicity for “World News with Charles Gibson.”   From 2004 through 2006, she was the publicity coordinator for “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and “Nightline” in Washington.

The Atlantic’s Bradley is Feeling Particularly Merry

Atlantic Media Company owner David Bradley is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year. He has invited all NJ staffers who received the buyout to the annual Christmas party.

And there is a wave of stunned amusement in the ranks. One ex-employee remarked, “Well, it was a little unusual but I think it was a nice gesture.” The individual said anyone who had taken the buyout had received an invitation, which means some 40 to 50 people.

The former employee said, “No, I don’t think I’m going to go.”

The invitation wasn’t formal. It was a note of appreciation that said, “If you’d like to come to the Christmas party please give us a call.” Bradley’s annual Christmas party is typically held at a hotel — word has it there’s not enough room in the conference room to fit all those warm bodies.

Atlantic Media Company’s VP, Head of Corporate and Strategic Communications Linda Douglass had this to say about Bradley’s invitations to those who received the buyouts:It’s an invitation to people who worked together for many years to celebrate the holidays with old friends.”

NJ‘s Ron Fournier Wants you ‘Equipped for the Dinner Party’

Who is National Journal‘s biggest competitor?

“Myself,” replied Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier this afternoon to a question posed within a small gaggle of media reporters convened in the Watergate office’s Shenandoah boardroom. “The only thing I worry about is if I’m up for the job. We really don’t see any one publication as a competitor.” He remarked that his “friend,” Politico‘s Editor-in-Chief John Harris, is building his own niche as are his “friends” at Bloomberg. But soon, Fournier blatantly employed Politico‘s own catch phrase: “I want to win the morning, every evening, and the year. We’re going to out-think everyone. But why can’t you have fun doing it? Why does it have to be a nasty fight?”

Competition. What competition? “No one is doing what we’re doing, or doing it better, insisted Fournier. “…We’ve found ourselves a distinctive spot.” By  the end of the week,  he added, “We’ll have you equipped for the dinner party.”

National Journal stayed up into the wee hours of Sunday morning putting the final touches on the launch of its new web site this morning, with some employees pulling an all nighter to get the job done. No matter that he stayed up late, he says. Fournier will take Friday off to spend time with family. The afternoon gaggle included Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone, Mediaite‘s D.C. part-timer Nisha Chittal, and New York Observer‘s Nick Summers, who recently left Newsweek for his new job writing a weekly 1,000-word media column. The PR team, which includes The Atlantic‘s V.P. of Corporate and Strategic Communications Linda Douglass and Taylor West was present, but mostly stayed mum.

Upon shaking hands with Calderone, Fournier said, “Michael hasn’t always done what I wanted him to, but he’s always fair and thorough.” Calderone smiled in response.

During the overview, Fournier spoke thoughtfully and in a medium-volume voice.  “We seek to break news,” he said. “We don’t cede anything to anyone.” He said the newsroom will be supportive, not backbiting. Reporters will work hard and have traditional individual beats over which they will hold expertise. “We really think there is a market for serious journalism. Let the others race to the bottom. And son of a gun, there are people paying a lot of money for it in this town.”

Fournier management style appears easygoing but dogged. He said he wants his reporters working harder than they’ve ever worked, but wants them happy doing it. “‘Let’s work our butts off,’” he said he told his team today. “I worked for bosses at the AP who made me work hard not because they scared the crap out of me, but because they made me feel like I was a part of something bigger.”

When reporters do well, he plans to highlight it. And when they don’t? He plans to pull them aside and say, “That’s just not how we do things here.”

> Update: Read Yahoo! News’s Calderone’s take on today’s meeting as well as Chittal’s story.

Office View…

NJ‘s suite of offices in the Watergate on the whole is drenched in whites and beiges. A number of employees, situated not far from an elegant spiral staircase, have this beautiful, meditative view of the Potomac. One such view belongs to Atlantic Media Company‘s V.P., head of Corporate and Strategic Communications Linda Douglass.

Atlantic Media’s Douglass Holds $1M Dinner for DNC

Atlantic Media exec Linda Douglass held a $30,400 per plate dinner for the Democratic National Committee at her home in Dupont Circle this evening.  Attended by POTUS, the fundraiser was expected to raise $1 million dollars for the DNC, according to pool reports.   Though some NJ staffers have expressed concern that she is so obviously partisan, Douglass does not have any apparent editorial influence over the organization.

Now the VP overseeing communications for National Journal and The Atlantic, Douglass was a journalist for ABC and CBS News before joining the Obama Administration for a year in 2009.

NJ Loses Power Overnight

The offices of NJ, The Atlantic and Government Executive offices all lost power overnight. The sites, such as NJ, appear to be working. The Atlantic still has posts from Sunday Sept. 26. Staff was initially told to stay home for the time being and work from there.

Linda Douglass, Atlantic Media Company’s VP, Head of Corporate and Strategic Communications, assured that everything is working again. “It’s all up and running again,” she wrote in an e-mail five minutes ago.  “There was a power outage overnight but it all came on again at around 9:30.”

Douglass said the newsroom is bustling again. “Everyone seems to be here. As far as I can tell, the newsrooms are humming. Someone might have said that earlier this morning — maybe at around 8am or so — but people should know by now that the power has been up for more than an hour.”

Politico’s Dueling Columnists and Brewing Battle With NJ


Here it is – NYT‘s Jeremy Peters scoop on Politico’s hiring of The Atlantic‘s Michael Kinsley and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to be dueling columnists. Scarborough will stay with MSNBC; Kinsley is now at Politico.

For now, columns will appear once a week. That is expected to evolve into dueling coverage of larger events such as State of the Union.

In his piece, Peters discusses the brewing battleground between Politico Vs. The Atlantic Media Company’s NJ. NJ has recently lured less known reporters like Tim Alberta, Coral Davenport, who sources say was well-liked but not a good fit for Politico, and Josh Kraushaar away from Politico. Politico, too, has snagged talent away from NJ – first Rich Cohen and now, Kinsley. NJ recently landed a big hire in Fox News’s Major Garrett and other prominent D.C. names such as AP‘s Ron Fournier in June to be Editor-in-Chief and more recently, WSJ’s Susan Davis.

An excerpt from the NYT piece:

Mr. Scarborough, who will remain with MSNBC, said he did not intend to write a column so ideologically rigid it became predictable. Readers have tired of that model, he said. “There are some columns, even at the great papers, that I just skim because I know how they’re going to end even before I read the first sentence,” he said. “The last thing I’m going to do is get in an ideological corner and preach to the choir.”

Mr. Kinsley, who will leave The Atlantic, could not be reached for comment. His departure will be a blow to the Atlantic Media Company, which has been establishing a stable of journalistic talent in an effort to broaden its reach in Washington. The company owns National Journal, which has hired away journalists from places like The Wall Street Journal and Politico as it prepares to redesign its magazine and start a breaking news and political analysis Web site that will compete directly with Politico.

Linda Douglass, V.P., Head of Corporate and Strategic Communications for Atlantic Media Company, had this to say on Kinsley leaving The Atlantic: “Mike is a terrific talent and we wish him well.”

NJ Hires Fox News Producer

Linda Douglass, V.P. of Atlantic Media Company, sent out a memo this morning to NJ staff to share news of a new hire.

Emma Haberl joins NJ as an editorial booker. She comes to NJ from Fox News, where she was a producer. She’ll work with Douglass as well as Taylor West, the new communications director, who starts Monday. Haberl begins on Aug. 30.

See internal memo after the jump…

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The Hotline’s Amy Walter Moves to ABC

Amy_Walter.jpg NJ “The Hotline’s” Editor-in-Chief Amy Walter is moving to ABC News to become the Political Director. Details with ABC are still being finalized.

The move is a big one, but not surprising to the company, who has long known that Walter wants to do TV full time. She had been stepping away from her day-to-day role and was in talks about playing a different role within NJ.

NJ will soon announce a variety of new hires. “We’ve known for sometime that Amy wants to expand her television role,” said Linda Douglass, VP of Atlantic Media Company. “She’s very good at that. As you know, National Journal Group is in the midst of a nationwide talent search and we expect to have new Hotline leadership in place this summer. National Journal Group prides itself in providing great journalistic talent. We’re going through an exciting transformation and will develop many more high profile journalists and analysts as a result of this nationwide talent search that’s underway.”

Experience: Walter has been a political analyst for CNN, a contributor to The Newshour with Jim Lehrer (PBS). She has appeared on Face the Nation (CBS), MTP(NBC), Washington Journal (C-SPAN), Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), and The Early Show (CBS).

Douglass Back to Atlantic Media

Linda Douglass who left National Journal to join the Obama campaign and eventually the administration is returning to Atlantic Media.

Most recently President Obama’s chief health care spokeswoman, the ABC and CBS alum says she will take the role of vice president at the Atlantic. Kurtz has more here.