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Fishbowl Charlotte

On Tuesday, the Democratic National Convention kicked of in Charlotte, NC, which means reporters had to start doing real work instead of glomming onto swag bags and watery cocktails. I decided to dive right into the filthy waters of Fishbowl Charlotte to get a taste of the local scene. (Spoiler alert: It tastes like fried chicken and tobacco.)

The morning started as I was greeting by this sweaty, shouty member of the God Delegation. He was strolling the streets with a LOUD microphone asking that we repent and ask forgiveness from Jesus Christ. (Full disclosure: I didn’t)

Right behind Jesus Screamer was Herman Cain this Black Cowboy. Everyone seemed to want to take pictures with him. Take a good look at that picture, because it’s the last one I took before rain began to spray over the entire city.

After dodging waterfall all day long, I managed to find myself at the “super secret” Wonkette Party. To call it a party would be generous. It was a gathering of about 10 people in a house where Team Wonkette is staying for the week of the convention. Hostess Rebecca Schoenkopf (a.k.a. Ripped Rebecca) was joined by Jim Newell, Liz Gorman and Liz Glover, for a bounty of fried chicken and keg beer. While convention speeches aired in the background, there was plenty of snark flying around the room. I can confirm that Schoenkopf was NOT ripping drunk when I met her. When word got out that I was a writer for FBDC, I was exposed to a few big boy words. After calling our coverage of her drunken escapade at the Politico party in Tampa “fucked up,” Schoenkopf marveled at her own thin-skinned reaction to our story. I sulked away into the rainy night, hoping against hope that Roaring Rebecca will get ripped at Charlotte’s Politico Hub tonight.

After that, it was Politico Live! time. I moved over to the Politico Hub on Church St. to watch more speeches, drink more free hooch and try to break into shots with the Shermanator (i.e. reporter Jake Sherman). We arrived in time to see Mike Allen ambling through the crowd and getting a soda from the fancy, newfangled soda machines.

Overall, it was a well-stocked, fancy affair, but it was FAR more subdued than I expected from the Behemoth of the Beltway that is Politico. With the exception of this scene, which features a scantily-clad party-goer taking hors d’oeuvres from a server wearing sunglasses. INSIDE. At 10pm.

After that, I stumbled out into the torrential downpour to find more trouble in Fishbowl Charlotte. Stay tuned…

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Rebecca’s Ready to Get Ripped

Ripped Rebecca, a.k.a. Rebecca Schoenkopf, Editor and Publisher of Wonkette, is once again up to no good in Charlotte. Tonight Wonkette is having a super secret party at an undisclosed location. Our resident bad girl promises to have food so you don’t “throw up all over the backyard.” As some may recall, Rebecca, who gets all her best party tips from Lindsay Lohan, was three sheets to the wind at the Politico Hub in Tampa. In a hangover haze, Rebecca charged Politico with throwing her out — Politico says it never happened although eyewitnesses says she was highly shitfaced. She also claims to have made out with the guard securing the pub’s party.

Festivities kick off at 6 p.m. Those who want the secret address should email: Although we know the address, we have agreed not to print it in the spirit of secrecy. The party will be a joint Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill/Glover Group Media/Wonkette party. Some of the partygoers who will be attending: “Elizabeth Glover and her dog, Storm, Wonkette’s Jim Newell, Riley Waggaman, Liz Gorman and Vice‘s Aaron Lake Smith and a bunch of other fun people.”

We wish Rebecca a lovely, safe evening. And please whatever else you do, tweet, write and take as many grainy cell phone pictures as possible.

Atlantic Media Celebrates Brownstein


(photo credit: Liz Gorman)

From the Washingtonian:

“In one of his first outings as the new Political Director of Atlantic Media, Ron Brownstein, the longtime columnist for the Los Angeles Times, was feted last night by David Bradley and the Atlantic crowd in the company’s common room at the Watergate complex.”

And Wonkette has the video, courtesy of Liz Glover.

Hottest Media Comments

hottestmedia.gifOn various blogs, people are chiming in on FishbowlDC’s Hottest Media Contest. See the Word Battles after the jump…

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The Week Opinion Awards



We confess: Liz Gorman is a much better photographer than we are. So look to Wonkette (when they do their roundup) for fancier photos than the ones here we have here.

But anyway, The Week magazine celebrated their annual Opinion awards last night at the Georgetown Four Seasons.

VIPs in the house:

Chris Matthews
Tammy Haddad
Matt Cooper
Terry McAuliffe (wearing a Hilary button, of course…)
Ben Bradlee
Tina Brown
George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth
Jim Lehrer
Tucker Carlson
Al Hunt
Mark Shields
Dan Froomkin
Margaret Carlson
Thomas Friedman
Teresa Heinz
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
David Lat

(sorry for who we’re missing…)


Some interesting tidbits:

Ben Bradlee: “Journalism is dying? My ass!” “Keep your faith in newspapers” “Imagine a world without newspapers…you couldn’t take one of those machines (referring to news readers) into the john…”

And during the panel discussion, Harry Evans called on Chris Matthews in the audience to ask a question. Matthews asked, “Why is this room 99% white?” To which Tucker Carlson yelled out, “you’re the whitest.”


Columnist of the Year: Michael Kinsley, The Washington Post

Editorial Cartoonist of the Year: Chip Bok

Blogger of the Year: Josh Fruhlinger ( & Michael Totten (