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Morning Reading List 04.07.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 78 covering the Obama administration and week ten for us. President Obama made a surprise trip to Baghdad this morning.

Above, that was Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex Levi Johnston on Tyra Banks‘ show yesterday. Happy Birthday to loyal FBDC reader Daniel Lippman. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



Taking aim at the way news is spread across the Internet, the AP said yesterday that it will demand that Web sites obtain permission to use the work of the AP or its member newspapers, and share revenue with the news organizations, and that it will take legal action those that do not.

“There is no doubt that certain Web sites are best described as parasites or tech tapeworms in the intestines of the Internet,” WSJ’s editor Robert Thomson told an Australian paper CNET.

Appears the Boston Globe would have to cut 300 jobs to meet the NYT’s cost-cutting edict.


NBC’s Brian Williams has been named this year’s recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism. Williams will receive the 26th Cronkite Award from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at a ceremony Nov. 18. More from TVNewser here.

“I believe I have more power here than any politician in the country.” -Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to Liz Smith here.

Variety has a proposal to regulate TV pundits- SPAM (Self-policing Pundit Accountability Measure).

Yes, that was Chris Wallace at DC jury duty yesterday. Spotted by Shenanigans.


Cover Girl michelle Obama Doesn’t Always Deliver: “No doubt she’s been embraced by the media world, appearing on cover after cover, from Us Weekly to Newsweek. But when it comes to sales, Ms. Obama may not yet be general-interest magazines’ new Princess Diana, who regularly helped the industry sell more copies at newsstands.”


NY Observer‘s Matt Haber: “Here’s what’s so scary about the rise of the celebrity journalism dilettantes: For a working hack — that word is used here without judgment — it’s hard enough to get a pitch accepted by an editor (much less an 11-page evergreen on a 72-year-old who’s in not in the Jonas Brothers). But now you gotta compete with writers editors think are cooler, better connected, and who don’t even need the money.”

Digital piracy prompts hearing: Less than a week after a pirated copy of the unreleased movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine popped up on the Internet, federal legislators and entertainment executives presented an extraordinarily bleak picture of the damage digital piracy can inflict, and the grim prospects for limiting it.

Israel’s ultra-orthodox paper, Yated Neeman, airbrushed two female cabinet members out of a picture. Many publications ban pictures of women because it’s a violation of female modesty. The pair were replaced by two men who are not cabinet members.

Shockingly, enrollment is up at journalism schools around the country. From Forbes: Columbia, Stanford and NYU applications increased 38%, 20% and 6%, respectively, from the previous year. Same thing at state schools. The University of Colorado (up 11%), University of North Carolina (up 14%) and University of Maryland (up 25%) all saw gains.


“Getting Drunk at the White House?” Washington Whispers‘ what not to do at the open bar at a WH function.

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Sunday Show Preview

NBC’s Meet the Press: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and a roundtable with former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN), GOP strategist Mike Murphy, Vanity Fair’s Dee Dee Myers and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

ABC’s This Week: OMB Director Peter Orszag, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and a roundtable with Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, Karl Rove, The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel and ABC’s George Will

CBS’ Face the Nation: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

Fox News Sunday: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

CNN’s State of the Union: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen, CNBC’s Suze Orman and Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI)

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz: GWU professor of media and public affairs Steve Roberts, CNN’s Stephen Hayes and Barbara Starr, political analyst and author Keli Goff and former NY Post gossip columnist Liz Smith

Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Bloomberg’s Lizzie O’Leary, Julianna Goldman, Ellen Pinchuk, Kate O’Beirne and Margaret Carlson

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal: WaPo’s Dan Balz, NYT’s Peter Baker and ABC’s Martha Raddatz

Roll Call TV with Robert Traynham: former House Republican Leader Tom DeLay and Roll Call’s Erin Billings, Lauren Whittington and Emily Pierce

Morning Reading List 02.25.09

Good Morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 37 covering the Obama administration and week 4 for us. Happy Birthday to Bob Schieffer, Jessica Yellin and Anne Kornblut!

And congratulations to Ryan Lizza and Chris Cillizza and their families, who welcome baby boys into the world. (h/t Playbook)

What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday morning…



In WaPo’s online chats yesterday, Gene Weingarten was asked about pre-empted column printed in Sunday’s paper. He calls the editor’s note a mistake, but a well-intentioned one, and a “dismaying overabundance of caution.” He was also posed this question, “Weingarten, you magnificent bastard, you engineered that whole promotion for your Sunday column, didn’t you?” He answered that the column did get 400 percent more online readership than it ususally does.

Heart Corp. announced yesterday possible significant cuts to staff at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Why everyone should care about the future of newspapers, from Paul Starr at the New Republic.

It is the end of an era for gossip columnist Liz Smith. After 33 years, the NYPost will be dropping her column.


Liberal bias? A study at Indiana University indicates the opposite of what most people would think about television coverage of Democrats and Republicans during elections. The three major broadcast networks favored Republicans in elections from 1992 to 2004 and the professor conducting the study says that effect was largely due to journalists censoring their own reporting out of frustration at being accused of a liberal bias.

Broadcasting & Cable’s Marisa Guthrie has Q&A with NBC’s Brian Williams. Among many questions, she asks whether the Obama team has been successful in handling the media since they’re been in Washington? “I get a kick out of the coverage. I heard it as recently as last night on cable: ‘Have they lost their way?’ Now, we might want to remind everybody that the first few weeks of the Bush Administration were no different. It’s our attention span these days. It’s laughable.”


Rachel Sklar at the Daily Beast has the “smart power” list- what she calls “a subtle combination of brains and the wisdom to use them to get things done.” All the rage in Washington. DC journo NBC’s David Gregory makes the cut. Other journso on the list include CBS’ Katie Couric and CNN’s Rick Sanchez. NYT online, the Atlantic online and Politico also get a nod.


Best Actor Sean Penn is in talks to star in “Fair Game,” the story of Valerie Plame, according to E! News. Naomi Watts is already lined up to play Plame.

The Courier-Journal of Louisville, KY has Q&A of WaPo’s and MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson. He talks about the stimulus, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the difference between his column and cable news, to which he says, “What cable does, increasingly, is blur the line between reporting- which if done at all properly is going to be fair and nonpartisan- and commentary. And in the medium of cable television, that blurring seems to work. I say that only because it leads me to the conclusion that we’re going to see more of it.”


News Distribution Network, Inc. is looking for an account manager. From the release: NDN has developed a unique business model to address the challenges of news properties, ownership groups, and organizations not currently equipped with legal, professional video content, advanced multimedia features, or effective distribution. NDN has debuted “Political I.Q.,” the first product in a portfolio slated to include offerings in the business, entertainment, sports, travel and general news categories.” More info and application available here.

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People Still Can’t Get Joe Jon Klein’s Name Right

Earlier: “Who’s The President of CNN?” and “Jon Klein Will Not Be Pleased.”

Now, Liz Smith gets it wrong too:


Taking Out The Trash, 02.02.07

  • Yes, it is football in D.C., but it is a good excuse to drink on a Sunday!

  • An NBC release announces “Meet the Press with Tim Russert”
    was “the nation’s No. 1 Sunday morning public affairs program, winning the week ending Sunday, January 28, 2007 in all categories.” The show averaged 3.97 million viewers, 21% more than CBS’s “Face the Nation,” a 43% lead over ABC’s “This Week” and a 158% lead over Fox’s “News Sunday.”

  • Peter Zollman reports, “On Jan. 25, Dow Jones reported a 5.6 percent year-over-year increase in paid subscriptions to, the companion site to The Wall Street Journal. (The company is moving more toward breaking news online, while publishing depth and analysis in print, as are many publications.) now has 811,000 paid subscribers, the company said.”

  • NPR producer Davar Ardalan will be at Politics and Prose tonight discussing her new book, My Name Is Iran.

  • A reader notes, “Um, let’s jump back to reality.. the des moines register had more people covering hillary than the politico,” regarding this Liz Smith flub.

  • FCC told to focus on public interest

  • Democrats Urge Tighter FCC Rules