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Psst..WaPo in Market for ‘Big Thinker’

Just circulated in the Washington Post newsroom: WaPo management is on the prowl for someone with a human brain.

“With Carlos Lozada‘s coming move to enterprise editor, we’re in the market for a new Outlook editor. Outlook is one of the signature pieces of real estate in The Washington Post, a vital element of the Sunday newspaper and a major source of new ideas and debates in the Washington, national and global conversation. Outlook tackles all subjects — from politics, economics and foreign policy to sports, the arts and pop culture. We want an editor who can build upon the success of the section to take it in new and ambitious directions. Opinion and analysis journalism is as ubiquitous as it is competitive. We need a big thinker, a skilled editor and a creative force who can imagine visual, print and digital content in all their possibilities. To edit Outlook you must be knowledgeable and/or interested in every conceivable topic; you must be able to look around the corner and anticipate where Washington debates are headed; you must have a bottomless well of possible contributors; you must be able to identify the great, simple idea lost in otherwise dense prose; you must know how to combine provocation and point of view with reporting and rigor. Editing experience is essential; opinion editing is useful but not required. We’re interested in hearing from anyone with a clear and compelling vision for what Outlook can accomplish. Former Outlook editor Steve Luxenberg has graciously agreed to serve as interim editor until a full-time replacement is chosen. Interested candidates — from inside or outside the newsroom — should contact Marcus Brauchli, Liz Spayd, John Temple, Shirley Carswell, or Peter Perl.”

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WaPo Hires New Managing Editor

Today WaPo formally announces the hire of a new managing editor, John Temple, former editor and publisher of Rocky Mountain News and founding editor and GM of Honolulu Civil Beat. As a managing editor, Temple will oversee WaPo‘s local coverage and act as the newsroom’s senior digital editor. Politico‘s Dylan Byers reported Wednesday that he had been offered the job.

Specifics of his duties…As WaPo‘s managing editor, Temple will run Local, Sports, Weekend, the Going Out Guide, Local Living, Food, Travel, Sunday Arts, Sunday Style, The Washington Post Magazine and Capitol Business. He joins managing editor Liz Spayd, who will continue to oversee the day-to-day plans for the newspaper and manage the National, Foreign, Business, Style, Investigative, Outlook, Health & Science sections and Universal News Desk.

Executive Editor Steamed Marcus Brauchli welcomes him on board with this eye-glazing, bone dry quote: “As a reporter and editor with decades of experience running local newsrooms and as a leader who has successfully launched a number of pioneering digital news projects, John’s background is ideally suited to the role he’s taking on at The Post. As a managing editor for The Post, John will ensure that the coverage we provide to our print and digital audiences is smart, original and acutely attentive to our audience. He’ll help us to build on the rapid growth we’ve enjoyed recently with readers who come to us through our website, on mobile devices, or through new platforms like the incredibly successful Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook.”

Ned Martel’s Bizarre Farewell Note

Outgoing Style Editor Ned Martel may want to steer clear of poetry in his next act for WaPo.

With his staff is celebrating his departure (we know, Ned, you’ve never read anything bad about yourself until you read FishbowlDC even though Washingtonian‘s Harry Jaffe has had your number for a good while now), this is how Martel bid farewell to them as WaPo frantically spins his move to the presidential campaign trail as positive. Martel stepped down last week after numerous members of his staff either left or expressed extreme discontent under his management. Managing Editor Liz Spayd held a party for Martel at her home this weekend.

The note:

Stop dressing the news wound.
Send your post to Universal by noon.

Write from the heart.
Report it out.

Raise hell.
Don’t curse in print.

Be kind to the freaks.
Call out those who pass for ordinary.

“You are beautiful in every single way.” – Christina Aguilera
“You’re only as good as your last story.” – Helen Thomas

Make sure your kicker’s perfect.
Just hit send.

WaPo’s Martel to Presidential Campaign Trail

WaPo Style Editor Ned Martel, who announced to his staff earlier today that he’d be stepping down from Style, is headed to the presidential beat. He’ll focus on the “personalities” and “offbeat, veiled dramas.” The internal memo from Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli puts a really positive face on what happened earlier today. The note says Martel “has helped us illuminate Washington culture with flair” along with other compliments for the editor who now ventures into new territory where he will be now managed by Liz Spayd and Kevin Merida rather than managing a team of Style writers and editors.

UPDATE: Martel spoke with us by phone this afternoon. He says he’s excited to be going on the campaign trail. He says leaving Style was squarely his choice. He says there was a “range of emotions” today when he told staff he was stepping down for a new position. He says he’s never heard anything negative about his performance except on FishbowlDC. “I’m really excited to be writing again and I’ve had a great two years getting to know some super talented strengths and who taught readers a new way of looking at the Capitol and politics and how a story can really be told,” he said. When asked if anyone has left Style because they didn’t care for his management style, which FishbowlDC has been told repeatedly by present and past WaPo reporters, he replied, “I know that some people have left for new opportunities…talk to Howie [Kurtz], talk to Blake [Gopnik], to Robin [Givhan].” Really, to Givhan, we asked? “She’s never said anything to my face,” he said. “I know that I came into challenge the way the place has run. This is an organization that has welcomed few people in management positions from the outside. I was told there would be resistance to it. The Style section has had a unique and lively culture of challenging authority. I knew that being in authority would be unusual [as well as] sharing authority.” Has Martel been weighing this option for awhile? “Yeah, I’ve been talking about it for a long time,” said Martel who began at Style in 2009. “We’ve had structure here that has at times been contentious. I’m looking for ways to serve the paper as we move toward this enormous opportunity that is 2012. They’ve always said this was the best place for me.” After he announced today’s news he says his staff reacted in a variety of ways. “They all seemed to know,” he said. Asked if there were any tears, he replied, “I guess there was a range of emotion. I’m sure that some people … I’ve gotten a lot of amazingly supportive emails. It was [squarely my choice]. I’ve talked about writing since I got here. I think it’s hard to both edit and write.” Is Martel relieved at all that he’ll no longer be managing a team. “Well, I like managing,” he said. “I’ve always had a lot of fun starting something new. I’ve never sat in a single office for a two year period with no travel adventure. It will be fun to go back out there.”

See the memo…

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DC’s Women in Media Support the Rebecca Project

Juleanna Glover and Richard Wolffe with Rebecca Project’s Malika Saada-Saar and a party guest.

Juleanna Glover opened the doors of her Kalorama home Saturday night to some of DC’s most powerful women in media to benefit the Rebecca Project for Human Rights. This is a group founded by executive director Malika Saada-Saar and Autumn VandeHei to advocate for women who have survived addiction, incarceration and poverty.

Women who have benefited from the Rebecca Project, the “Mother Leaders” attended the party, sharing their stories with special hosts Carol Browner, Tammy Haddad, Betsy Fischer (who had to leave early for a “Meet the Press” pretape with Secretary Hillary Clinton), Norah O’Donnell, Amy Holmes, Robin Sproul, Sally Quinn and Jessica Yellin.

It was most certainly a ladies night… CNN’s Dana Bash and Edie Emery, WaPo‘s Liz Spayd and Ceci Connolly, Politico‘s Nia-Malika Henderson and Kiki Ryan, Politics Daily‘s Emily Miller,’s Carrie Dann, Congress Daily‘s Erin McPike, Time‘s Jay Newton Small, The Hill‘s A.B. Stoddard, Washington Life‘s Janet Donovan, Christina Sevilla, Miss DC 2008 Kate Marie Grinold and Katie McCormick Lelyveld from First Lady Michelle Obama’s office attended. And the Glover sisters- TWT‘s Liz Glover, Becca Glover and Kristin Glover.

These ladies were joined by Politico‘s Jim VandeHei, host Autumn’s husband, O’Donnell’s husband Chef Geoff Tracy, NYT‘s Mark Liebovich, WaPo‘s Perry Bacon, Richard Wolffe, Winston Lord, Mix 107.3′s Tommy McFly, Lee Brenner, Mark Paustenbach, Pepper Watkins, Marc Adelman, Michael Feldman and White House economic advisor Austan Goolsbee. Also Susanna Quinn and Jack Quinn, and Shanti Stanton and Matt Stanton.

In remarks at the party, Saada-Saar thanked VandeHei and the women involved, “Our organization stands on the shoulders of many people.” “We come together to honor the work of these women, to honor the work of mothers and to really recognize what happens when we as women and mothers come together across the divides of race, class, education, lived experience and honor ourselves,” she said.

The event was sponsored by Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 Women, and Brown-Forman generously donated the party’s wine and martinis. Attendees could donate online or by pledge cards.

For more on these women’s stories, check out Emily’s Post on Politics Daily, and for video of Saar’s remarks, check out Politico Click.

Photos by Emily Miller.

NPR’s Michel Martin, Autumn VandeHei and Amy Holmes.

CNN’s Dana Bash and Jessica Yellin.

More photos after the jump…

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Pomfret and Kessler Take New Roles for WaPo Nat’l Security

WaPo memo obtained by FBDC:

“We are delighted to announce that Glenn Kessler will take on a new role as player/coach for the national security staff and that John Pomfret will return to National, this time as a diplomatic correspondent concentrating on U.S. relations with China and the rest of Asia.”

Glenn has spent more than seven years as The Post’s main chronicler of the State Department and Secretaries of State from Colin Powell to Hillary Clinton. In his new role he will help oversee the coverage of U.S. foreign policy while continuing to cover U.S. relations with the Middle East. He will also occasionally fill in for Cameron Barr as editor.

The rest of the memo after the jump…

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Morning Reading List 07.21.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

Happy Birthday to CNN’s Mark Preston. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



Boston Globe: The Boston Globe‘s largest union, which represents nearly 700 editorial, advertising and business office workers, overwhelmingly approved a package of $10 million in wage and benefit cuts last night, ending more than three months of tense bargaining and brinksmanship.

From WaPo managing editors Liz Spayd and Raju Narisetti‘s online chat yesterday (h/t Poynter). “Paid wall for the Web site?: There’s a lot of chatter on the Web about moving newspaper’s Web content behind a paid wall. Any chance of that happening at WaPo? Spayd and Narisetti: Nothing imminent though we are constantly evaluating ways to get paid for our content.”


Walter Cronkite‘s voice will stay as the intro to the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

Because of Pres. Obama’s news conference Wednesday night, CNN is shifting the schedule for the first night of “Black in America 2.” On Wednesday, it will air at 9pmET, but will be back on at 8pmET on Thursday.

Black Retort critiques CNN’s “Black in America” here.

CNN’s Campbell Brown spoke about the state of journalism in a recent interview, saying her network is the only one on cable “doing journalism.” Check out the clip on HuffPost.

CNBC’s Trish Regan announced on the air yesterday that she is expecting twins.


Newsweek has yet to see a bump from the redesigned mag.


The Examiner‘s JP Freire‘s take on NJ‘s newly launched 3121, an online networking tool designed exclusively for all congressional members and staff.

Politico on Mary Matalin‘s lesser known role in DC… editor-in-chief at Threshold Editions.

Eight questions from the Economist for Slate’s Jacob Weisberg, including: “In the great shake-up that is now occurring in the media do you think anything of value will be lost?” His answer: “There’s a great deal at risk. The financial basis of the leading organisations that perform large-scale systemic news reporting has collapsed, and it’s not clear what, if anything, will replace it. Certain categories of coverage—foreign, local, investigative—don’t look economically viable on a for-profit basis at the moment. This is a political and societal problem as well as a business one because of the vital role that the kind of journalism traditionally performed by newspapers plays in democracy. We need to find new hybrid models to support it.”

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, TVNewser, Politico

JOBS after the jump…

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WaPo Ombudsman On “Salons”: “An Ethical Lapse Of Monumental Proportions”

WaPo ombudsman Andrew Alexander tackled the “salon” scandal in this Sunday’s paper. Alexander cites Charles Pelton, general manager of a new Washington Post Conferences & Events business, as a “key player in the controversy” and said that when the flier was disclosed, Marcus Brauchli and Katharine Weymouth “say they were stunned.”

While Brauchli and Weymouth say they should have realized long ago that the plan was flawed, internal e-mails and interviews show questions about ethics were raised with both of them months ago. They also show that blame runs deeper. Beneath Brauchli and Weymouth, three of the most senior newsroom managers received an e-mail with details of the plan.

Lower down, others inside and outside the newsroom were aware that sponsored events would involve news personnel in off-the-record settings, although they lacked details. Several now say they didn’t speak up because they assumed top managers would eventually ensure that traditional ethics boundaries would not be breached.

Neither Weymouth nor Brauchli can recall anyone raising concerns, although both say they wish someone had.

Alexander’s piece reveals that Brauchli weighed in with managing editors Raju Narisetti and Liz Spayd and deputy managing editor Milton Coleman. Both Narisetti and Coleman questioned using Weymouth’s house and committing to a beat reporter.

Brauchli tells Alexander: “When the publisher and the editor both appear to have signed off on an idea, I think it is perhaps true that a certain complacency sets in,” he said. For that reason, lower-level managers might be less inclined “to stand up and say: ‘Whoa, this is a bad idea.’”

Read Alexander’s piece in entirety here.

Also on this topic, CJR: Salons Under Scrutiny: Examining the ethics of sponsored, off-the-record events.

WaPo Style Section Editors Named

In a memo from WaPo executive editor Marcus Brauchli and Raju Narisetti and Liz Spayd, Lynn Medford and Ned Martel were named senior editors of the Style section. Former Style editor Deb Heard had taken a buyout last year.

Medford previously worked on the Metro section for three and a half years and Martel was most recently at Men’s Vogue.

Also announced- Style’s interim edtior, Steve Reiss, will move to the newly formed Universal newsdesk.

Their memo to staff after the jump…

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WaPo Journos Lunching With Ravindran

Don Graham has been holding journo lunch meetings for Vijay Ravindran, WaPo’s chief digital officer. According to Washingtonian, the lunches are being held to ramp up the former Amazon exec. on the business of news.

WaPo’s Liz Spayd, Joel Achenbach, Dana Milbank, Ian Shapira, Jose Antonio Vargas, Mike Wilbon, Jason LaCanfora, Dan Steinberg, Stephen Hills and David Plotz of Slate met with Ravindran at the last luncheon.

Most surprising is the one person that hasn’t hit Graham’s lunches… Check out Washingtonian’s Capital Comment blog for the full scoop.