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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


To Ezra With Love

“@ezraklein killing it on MSNBC right now.” — Fellow Boybander Chris Hayes, The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief, in a Thursday tweet while WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein was hosting MSNBC’s Martin Bashir show. A naysayer, Derek Hunter, conservative writer and radio host, remarked, “Easy to do when you’re not bound by, or interested in, reality.” Hunter later remarked to FBDC, “You can’t polish a turd. It’s not the people reading the teleprompters that is causing audiences to stay away from MSNBC, it’s the content.” For anyone who may have missed yesterday’s monumental event of Klein hosting the Bashir program, we plan to live-tweet Klein at the show’s helm again today at 3 p.m. Follow us at @FishbowlDC.

Matthews gushes about Rep. Clyburn

“Chris, you’re so kind with your compliments.” — Asst. Democratic Leader James Clyburn (D-S.C.) after MSNBC’s “Hardball” Host Chris Matthews showered him with compliments on the program, calling him, among other favorable things, “sober-minded.”

Potentially dangerous journo

“If you run that picture on your website I’m going to f–king kill you.” — A mostly empty threat from Bloomberg TV’s Lizzie O’Leary at the MSNBC birthday party Thursday night after we snapped her picture. Nice to meet you too Lizzie!

In other unusual reportorial news… HuffPost‘s Sam Stein assures that his sliced pointer finger is back to normal with minimal scarring. Some months ago, the community was riveted (yes, riveted!) by his bloody trip to the ER when he required stitches after cutting himself.

Not exactly a lullaby

“Hate going to sleep on this shit.” — WaPo Express News Editor Clinton Yates in a Thursday night tweet. This was in reaction to this story by HuffPost: “MI hostage-taker commits suicide after killing 7 in shooting spree.” Read here.

Politico‘s Tau puts in plea for help

“So @benpolitico off for the next week. Expect more space shuttle pics and send your tips my way.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau, blogger Ben Smith‘s assistant in a morning tweet. Smith is in Latvia.

A real comedian of a tipster informs that he has a good story for us Thursday night, remarking… “But I have a scoop for you! Scandalous Weigel-Weiner item. Also involves Ezra and a three-legged cat.”

Ironic Washington twist

“Aren’t you going to welcome me to the party?” Politico‘s Mike Allen at the MSNBC party Thursday night. We’ve joked previously about Allen’s penchant for welcoming people to parties whether he’s hosting them or not. Why of course, Mike Allen, welcome to the party!

That’s a fact?! TIME’s Mark Halperin was on the guest list for MSNBC’s 15th birthday party Thursday night. He was recently suspended after calling POTUS a “kind of a d-ck” on “Morning Joe.” Halperin did not show up to the party. An insider surmised that he’s likely to return to the network as a policy analyst in a few weeks and that he lives in New York, so he likely stayed away for that reason only.

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Washington Journos React With Disgust to NYT Style Piece

NYT‘s Style section has dipped to a new low in Washington.

This is the deafening refrain that we’ve been hearing all day long today after Sunday’s story on the “Juicebox Mafia,” which involves a group of Boy Band liberal journalists who once belonged to the now defunct JournoList listserv. The featured “new brat pack” is comprised of four relatively short white liberal guys in their 20s: WaPo‘s Ezra Klein (pictured at left) Slate‘s Dave Weigel (pictured below), TPM‘s Brian Beutler and Center for American Progress’s Matt Yglesias. But there’s nothing “new” about them and they’re not really older or seasoned like the story suggests even if Klein does dine at Potenza, which he did recently with the story’s author and with Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson last summer. This was before Klein printed obviously private emails from Carlson on his WaPo blog because isn’t that what someone older and sophisticated does when seeking revenge? A true veteran D.C. journalist remarked, “Nice story, but I don’t think the young bloggers are going to replace [WaPo's] Dan Balz and [NYT's] Carl Hulse.” Another wondered, “Why do New York Times reporters always have to cover DC like National Geographic would cover a new species found in the depths of the ocean? Or like they are narrating the March of the Penguins?”

Sunday’s article is most noteworthy in that, well, most of our readers thought it was a joke.

Full disclosure: The story’s author, Sridhar Pappu, who is not a close friend short of a few emails and phone conversations, quoted me in his story. He wrote what I said and verified the quote with me prior to using it.

But Pappu, please. Did he or his editors ever think to fully disclose that  he used to work with some of these ultra-cool cats at the Washington Independent? Did he think to disclose that they’re in this “mafia” simply because they’re all friends? Friends who do mafioso things together like cook, tweet, retweet, drink, play video games, read comic books and occasionally knock their heads together on MSNBC. Journalists in Washington struggle with the very premise of this story, that these guys have grown up as Pappu suggests, and that they’re somehow powerful and prominent figures. No time for geek trivia these days, claims Weigel. Why? Because his ancient 26-year-old friend, Ezra, is always on TV. Weigel’s cable TV career, meanwhile, has deflated since staunch defender Keith Olbermann departed. And it’s a wonder why he was so devoted. A hush fell over the Boy Banders when Olbermann disappeared.

Also Pappu, didn’t you or your editors think to note that all those media outlets such as TPM, MSNBC, Think Progress and The American Prospect are “liberal” since you called the The Daily Caller out for being “conservative?”

Questions from a D.C. journalist: “Why aren’t there any non-white, non-male characters included? Who the fuck edits this shit and hits “publish”?”

Executive Editor of Good Magazine Ann Friedman calls bullshit on the piece…

Read more

Quotes of the Day

Travel report

Amy Argetsinger is in Rome. But don’t rob my apartment, okay? — WaPo‘s Reliable Source writer Amy Argetsinger in a weekend Facebook update.

Unpleasant travel memories

“Just finished flight around the world. Now waiting for bags. Last year, got stuck in horrid traffic jam on way home.” — Reuters White House correspondent Patricia Zengerle in a Sunday tweet.

Conclusion: bad ideas

“I drank a Four Loko tonight. It was awful.” — The Hill‘s Michael O’Brien in a weekend tweet.

“Fell asleep on Metro. Woke at stop. Climbed over man. Ran to door. Voice called out: phone dropped on floor! Missed stop.” — The Hill‘s Erika Niedowksi in a Monday morning tweet.

Travel hell

“Diamond Cab is the Antichrist.” — Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzie O’Reilly in a weekend tweet.

Olbermann plays defense

“For the record, I have not tweeted anything about Sarah Palin‘s tv show. Someone has falsely attributed a retweet to me.” — MSNBC “Countdown” Host Keith Olbermann in a Sunday evening tweet.

Journo discovers ex-First Dude’s voice

“Watching “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and realized this is the first time I’ve ever heard Todd Palin‘s voice. Only seen him parodied on SNL.” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Sunday night tweet.

Other Palin reality show musings

“My DVR is playing “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” backwards — The bears are drunk!” — CQ Roll Call‘s Craig Crawford in a Sunday night tweet.

“Palin show is great pr for her. A family w familiar foibles on gorgeous frontier. Also a boon for AK.” — Politico‘s Jonathan Martin in a Sunday night tweet.

WaPo writer gets loopy

“Time to stop working tonight. Just spent 5 minutes trying to spell “wistful.” Then convinced myself it wasn’t a real word….” — Washington Post Book World, Fiction Editor and weekly critic Ron Charles in a weekend tweet.

Hayes’s harsh take on Tucker

“I find the career arc of Tucker Carlson really kind of sad. He was an excellent feature writer back in the day.” — The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in tweet late last week.

The myth about running while watching cable news

“People who say they like running on a treadmill while watching cable news are not really #realkeeping. It’s very unpleasant.” — TWT‘s Eli Lake in a weekend tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet(s) of the Day

“I’m making cabbage soup for my honey.” — Metro Weekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg in a weekend tweet. Not to be outdone by his other Twitter message: “After running on the elliptical, soaking in the jacuzzi and sitting in the steam room, I’m finally relaxed. Just in time for Monday.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote of the Day

Reporter on High Tie Alert

“Embarassed to know this — but #geithner is currently wearing a tie that his staff briefly banned because it was in the rotation too often.” –Lizzie O’Leary of Bloomberg TV in D.C. in a Wednesday tweet.

Below is a a tropical Three Striped Damsel fish.