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CNN’s O’Leary Falls Victim to Faulty Transcript

Drop this into the category of: This could happen to anyone. In an interview broadcast Sunday by C-SPAN, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made the following comment: “I did go to law school. I didn’t practice law, but I did go to law school.” A writeup of the interview by ABC News’ Shushannah Walshe, however, got it wrong causing a Twitter mess for CNN’s Lizzy O’Leary. Walshe, who wrote up the interview, tweeted that the story had been corrected 15 minutes after being published and that she had been working off a transcript that got it wrong.

O’Leary scrubbed her initial tweet on the issue which called out Romney for saying that he had not gone to law school, despite Romney not actually saying that. “Uh, but he DID go to law school,” she had said, linking to Walshe’s writeup on Yahoo! News.

“The full quote kind of implies that he meant to say ‘I didn’t practice law,’ which is (I think) true,” one follower said in response. O’Leary replied that she believed that’s what Romney meant to say but that she “saw the full quote.”

Shortly thereafter O’Leary realized the error of her ways. “Did I get that Romney quote wrong? I will correct tweet if so,” she wrote. “Yeah. Check C-Span for the interview,” another follower replied. “He didn’t say it. He likely spoke too fast for the transcript.”

Then came the O’Leary’s admission: “I was wrong on Romney law school comment. Looks like mis-transcribed quote in posted story,” she tweeted, linking to C-SPAN’s original video. “Totally my fault for trusting a transcript without listening to the raw interview,” she said in a forthcoming followup.

O’Leary gets double points for acknowledging that she deleted her incorrect tweet: “Deleted inaccurate Romney tweet so it doesn’t bounce around,” she wrote.


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Meet D.C.’s Power Bachelorettes

That Lizzy O’Leary is having a red hot few weeks. First she gets nominated for our Summer Superlative list in the “Sexiest” category. She didn’t win. But times are tough. We had ancient sex goddess Helen Thomas in contention, which pushed O’Leary down a few rungs.

But don’t hate the Bloomberg TV reporter for grabbing so much media attention for her looks. She was born that way. And today The New York Observer put her on their Media Power Bachelorettes list.

O’Leary isn’t the only Washingtonian to make the list. Alyssa Rosenberg, apparently known for having nerd crushes directed her way, is also on it. A Culture Blogger for ThinkProgress, she has contributed to Washingtonian, The Atlantic, and TNR. The Observer writes, “Despite the many times New York publications have tempted her, she has remained—to our loss—in that wretched pit of a town with all the national landmarks in it to the south.”

Gone but not forgotten, former Washington Examiner gossip scribe Tara Palmeri, now a Page 6 reporter for NYP, is also a Power Bachelorette. They say she has survived her first year on the job “alarmingly well.” They also mention her battle royale with Sean Penn.

Congratulations to all.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Elizabeth Edwards talks with Tim Russert

“One of my favorite pictures of my dad is him talking to Elizabeth Edwards in NH in early ’08. May she be risen.” — NBC’s Luke Russert in a Tuesday tweet accompanied by the above photograph.

Remembering Elizabeth

“I’d spent a little bit of time with Elizabeth Edwards in Iowa, she was unlike any other political spouse I’d ever met.” — Roll Call Editor Christina Bellantoni in a Tuesday night tweet.

Major Garrett rejoins ‘cool kids

“As you might imagine, last night’s Christmas party I was a print reporter rejoining the cool kids as a print reporter. I will not be there Friday for the Broadcast party.” — NJ‘s Major Garrett on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” this morning. But seriously, we know who the real cool kids are (wink wink Slate‘s Dave Weigel).

Journo feeling joy of season

“I’ve been to a couple of WH xmas parties now in both Bush & Obama admins and I have to say, they’re always magical & live up to expectations.” — Politico‘s Amie Parnes in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Noisy awfulness

“Why a car alarm? Why now?” — National Review’s Kathryn Lopez in a Wednesday morning tweet.

D.C. Reporter: ‘A bag of bones cannot carry a child’

“I think Rachel Zoe is faking her pregnancy. A bag of bones cannot carry a child. Has anyone seen a photo?” asks Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Tuesday Facebook update on the celeb stylist. Politics Daily‘s “Woman Up” writer  Donna Trussell replies, “Oooooo I just googled images. Yikes.” Miller then casts an investigative eye on the matter: “I meant has anyone seen photographic EVIDENCE that the bag of bones is with child. I just think she’s pretending for PR.”

Blame it on the office

“I think I need to have the home office tested for Inertia.” — Slate‘s John Dickerson in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Kurtz lips are sealed – sort of

“Just back from WH Xmas party. A no-tweeting rule was imposed so my lips are sealed! Have to save it for my memoir.” — The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz wildly holding himself back in a Tuesday night tweet. To be fair to Howie, he wasn’t the only jouno to tweet about the no-tweeting rule — Bellantoni was also among the non-tweeting tweeters.

Happy Birthday to Ann Coulter. Secret she doesn’t want you know: The GOP pundit is not as vicious as she wants you to think. Also birthday wishes to Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzie O’Leary, a Fishbowl regular.

White House Correspondents’ Association Entertainment for the April 2011 scholarship dinner: SNL‘s “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Myers — first reported by Politico‘s Mike Allen.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Photo credit: ABC’s Jake Tapper from Jakarta. Caption: “Coverboy”

Oh, baby

“Off my plane 5 minutes and a sober stranger has already called me baby. Hello, New Orleans.” — Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzy O’Leary in a Monday tweet.

So wrong (but funny)

“This may be a first: Just fixed a typo that read “public hair” when writer actually meant ‘pubic hair.’” — Washington City Paper‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden in a Monday tweet. Read the story he was referring to here. It’s by Moe Tkacik. The headline is: Author Sara Marcus: “Who Wants A Senator With Pubic Hair?”

‘It’s not him, it’s me’

“Trying to summon up the whatever-it-will-take to write a Conan review tonight. It’s not him, it’s me.” — WaPo‘s Hank Stuever in a Monday tweet.

Snappiest part of Bush-Lauer interview

“I resent it, it’s not true and it’s one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency.” — Former President Bush in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer Monday night on his memoir, Decision Points. Bush was discussing the moment when singer Kanye West said he didn’t care about black people.

Emptiness fulfilled

“I knew there was something missing in my life for months … and now it’s returned. @ConanOBrien.” — Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch blog in LA and DC.

Serious flattery for D. Shuster

“Good morning and thank you for accepting my friend request. I’ve have long admired the way you report by going straight for the truth. You asked the questions we all wanted to ask when you interviewed the movers and shakers in DC. Sir, you are missed.” — A Facebook message to suspended MSNBCer David Shuster on Monday.