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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

HuffPost White House and Congressional Reporter Jennifer Bendery: “Hill reporters using their greatest weapon against mean Capitol Hill officer telling us to leave!” She posted the above photograph of Capitol Hill reporters from last night.

‘Steamed Greta

A commenter from our story yesterday, “Steamed Greta Comes to Ed Henry’s Rescue” wrote, “‘Steamed Greta is also a Swedish breakfast dish.’” We had no idea.

Assessing Ezra’s shiny TV lips

“Umm, is @ezraklein wearing a diamond shine pink lipgloss?” A popular follower of Washington media types @emokidsloveme in a Thursday night tweet after watching our Ezzy on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell‘s “The Last Word.” She said Klein is likely wearing Mac Lusterglass and explained, “It’s a type of lipgloss, it’s got micro glitter flecks in it for that diamond shine when you’re talking to Lawrence O’Donnell.” This is not preposterous. Back in January, Mediaite‘s Editor-at-Large Rachel Sklar also suggested Ezra might wear lipgloss on TV.

Yes, there are dumb questions

“Dumb question of the evening: What’s the mood on Capitol Hill tonight?” — CBS White House Radio Correspondent Mark Knoller in a Thursday night tweet.

Double the fun with Sean Hannity

“Double-dipping w/ @seanhannity today – radio show this afternoon, TV show in mere moments. #thencanigohome #doubtful” — Sen. Rand Paul‘s (R-Ky.) Spokeswoman Moira Bagley in a Thursday tweet.

A desperate plea

“ATTENTION UNNAMED SOURCES: Return My Freaking Phone Calls, Please.” — Conservative blogger and former TWT Editor Robert Stacy McCain in a Thursday tweet.

The Observer

“This is by far the most insane situation I’ve ever seen folks in all my years on Capitol Hill. #debt” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton in a Thursday tweet.

Interns come bearing cupcakes

“Interns in the office finish up today… and just brought in sweets from Georgetown Cupcake. Well played, interns. Well played.” — Military TimesDan Lamothe in a Thursday tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Baking in apartment sans AC = not fun. (And yes, I think this is a completely necessary tweet. It’s hot.)” — Roll Call feature writer Jessica Estepa in a Thursday tweet. Previous tweets about her lack of a pantry and an iPad being referred to as a “mobile device” earned her the award in recent days. How hot her apartment is still unnecessary, but a note to Metro Weekly‘s Sean Bugg: She’s gaining on you!

Reporter closes down House Gallery

“Last person in my House gallery for #debtmageddon, so CSPAN volume down, @parksandrecnbc volume up.” — Politico congressional reporter Marin Cogan in a Thursday night tweet.

Scribe reacts to Christie fat jokes and remarks

“What I learned in doing a Twitter search on Chris Christie: People are cold.” — Jen Connic, Social Media Producer for the Star Ledger in Newark, NJ, in a Thursday tweet. Unfortunately we thought NJ meant National Journal. We regret the error.

Gym time: ruined

“Grrr. Gym experience ruined by two gossipy, cackly queens. Not even cute, either.” — The Guardian’s Matthew Wells in a Thursday tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


The price of attending a Washington gala: You must pet weird animals and pose for pictures. Robert Redford and Gloria Reuben pet a wallaby held by National Wildlife Federation Naturalist Dave Mizejewski, while NWF President Larry Schweiger watches at NWF’s 75th Anniversary Gala in Washington last night. Photo Credit: Leslie Kossoff.

Rachel Ray and mmmm chocolate milk

“Parents, politicians and principals. Everybody is trying everything they can think of, throwing pebbles into the pot to try and make stone soup out of getting our kids a little healthier. Change has to come out of conversation. It can’t come out of finger wagging or going to any extreme. I don’t think that chocolate milk is necessarily the culprit.” — Rachel Ray on The Joy Behar Show last night on the no chocolate milk policy being implemented in some schools.

Insulted journo

“I’m going on #datenight with my wife and she called me swarthy. #racist? on the Ben Moore color wheel, I’m in the reds, but not Crist orange.” – Contributor Greg Pollowitz in a Wednesday tweet.

ABC7′s Tschida: the foot model

“Tennis tears up my feet. but podiatrist went at me with razor and clipper. now cant stop admiring my toes. should be modeling sandals.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in an April 12 tweet. In other vital Tschida news, he’s pleased with our Separated at Birth choices for him from yesterday, which include Jon Voight and Christopher Walken: “Hey I just remembered Jon Voight is Angelina Jolie’s father. I’m separated at birth from a guy with some good GENES!”

Trouble in Twitter paradise

“brianbeutler get off twitter, jerk” — Politico‘s Marin Cogan in a Wednesday tweet to TPM‘s Brian Beutler. We’re not sure if she was joking but a) we’ll get to the bottom of it and b) she doesn’t sound like she’s kidding.

Boy Bander turned Fashion Guru

“On MSNBC right now, the “dark suit plus green tie” madness has spread from Chuck Schumer to engulf Gene Sperling.” — Center for American Progress fellow and lefty blogger Matt Yglesias in a Wednesday tweet.

Misplaced affection

“Just signed an email to a communications person: ‘Love, Annie.’ #fail” — Slate‘s Annie Lowrey in a Wednesday tweet. She’s the girlfriend to the one and only WaPo’s Ezra Klein (huge FishbowlDC supporter).

David Corn employs Seinfeld-Trump metaphor

“Looking forward to new NBC fall show: “So You Wanna Be President?” Starring Donald Trump as “Donald Trump.” #itsaboutnothing.” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn in a Wednesday tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day I

“Got sunburn driving with the top down today. Yes, I have a convertible.” —‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Wednesday tweet. Noteworthy tweet that came in on the same day: “Just for the record if you really don’t like my tweets you can unfollow me. It’s not like I’m Charlie Sheen and you’re paying me or anything.”

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day II

“My 2yo has a dog and a bear. He refers to them as one entity “Doggybear”. It must go everywhere with him. Better than manbearpig.” — CNN Contributor and Red State scribe Erick Erickson in a Wednesday tweet. We don’t normally give a second award of this nature in one day, but today we figured what the hell?

Howard Kurtz Now Calls Bardella an ‘Impostor’

So now Kurt Bardella is an “impostor.” First, the recently fired spokesman to Oversight and Government Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is a flack who leaked journo emails. But as of Sunday, he’s much worse.

At least according to The Daily Beast Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz, who in early January issued a correction to a story some six weeks after he knew the truth. Kurtz claimed he thought he was talking by phone to Issa. Nowhere in that correction does he accuse Bardella of anything, but claims his understanding of who he was talking with was “unambiguous.” On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, Kurtz’s  language took a sharp turn.

“I had my own run-in with Bardella,” Kurtz acknowledged during an interview with Politico‘s Editor-in-Chief John Harris, whose reporters, Jake Sherman and Marin Cogan, first broke the story last week that Bardella had shared emails from reporters to NYT‘s Mark Leibovich. “I’d asked for an interview with Darrell Issa. He called and impersonated the congressman.”

Kurtz adds this non-regret regret in a tone fitting for someone who stole a lollipop: “And then I made a serious mistake for which I have apologized in waiting weeks to correct after this bizarre situation. I’ve never been in a situation like that.”

As in his correction on Jan. 13, Kurtz said he addressed Bardella as “Congressman” and even wrote a follow-up note thanking the aide for getting him in touch with Issa so quickly. Bardella, Kurtz says, never once corrected him.

Considerations not to be overlooked: Bardella does not sound like a 57-year-old committee chairman. Issa is the voice behind the famed Viper car alarm: “PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR. PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR.” Bardella did not respond to an email request for comment.

Note to Kurtz: How about STEPPING AWAY FROM THE AIDE? Now that Bardella has fallen from Capitol Hill grace, somehow it’s now acceptable to call the ex-aide an “impostor.”

Sorry, Howie, we’re not buying it.

Politico “Doubling Down” Congressional Coverage

Capitol Dome close left.jpg

Politico’s seeming answer to WaPo’s recent shut down of its Congress blog: add four more scribes to cover Congress and promote a deputy to bureau chief. Marty Kady (known as “Mr. Huddle”) has been promoted to Congressional Bureau Chief from Deputy Congress Editor.

It’s only the beginning of a “new phase of expansion”, says a newsroom source.

In an internal announcement obtained by FishbowlDC this morning, Deputy Managing Editor Tim Grieve announces the “largest expansion” of their “best-in-class” Capitol Hill team since Politico began.

The four reporters and from where they came:

1. Kasie Hunt, a reporter from CongressDaily.

2. James Hohmann, noteably an intern from WaPo and recent Stanford grad. WaPo offered Hohmann a full-time post but he turned it down to come to Politico.

3. Marin Cogan, assistant editor from TNR.

4. Erika Lovley, a reporter from Politico’s own features department.

Read the internal memo after the jump…

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