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The Daily Baller Opens Up on Ex-Girlfriend, Gaga and Tokenism

Our resident Daily Baller Mike Riggs writes a first-person story this afternoon on a Peruvian ex-girlfriend with “long, straight, jet-black hair.” In the process, The Daily Caller reporter takes a whack at former TNR Editor Marty Peretz. The contention concerns discussion of Peretz, blacks and Muslims in a New York Magazine profile when asserting why he’s not a bigot.

Riggs takes the reader on a poignant, at times laugh-out-loud, Chic lit journey of getting to know his Waspy-acting ex-girlfriend M, who eventually met Grandma Gaga, the family’s Christian matriarch. M, it turned out, is Jewish. Like Riggs, Gaga had never met a Jewish person before. Gaga unknowingly got her sensitivity wires tangled at a luncheon meeting and made M cry. Before the breakup, Gaga and M became friends and bonded over Scrabble.


Then one day, while lying on my bed, M told me that she was Jewish.

The announcement stunned me like dynamite. I was raised Southern Episcopal, after all, and the Jews had killed Jesus.

Horror (had I been deceived?) quickly turned to fascination (I cannot remember meeting a Jew before this). M told me that her mother’s parents (as well as her adoptive father’s parents) were the only members of their families to escape the Holocaust. M answered all my questions about menorahs and yarmulkes. M wasn’t phased when I asked her to say something in Hebrew.

At lunch…

…Perhaps hoping to restart the conversation, Gaga pulled a Peretz. “I don’t know what Michael has told you, M, but I really like Jews.” Then she named every Jew she knew: Joe Lieberman, and if I remember correctly, the old man who repaired her vacuum.

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Peretz Buys Back TNR

We recently told you Marty Peretz, the former owner of the New Republic, was interested in buying the magazine back. It is confirmed by Politico this morning that Peretz and a group of investors will, in fact, do so.

Peretz tells Politico, “Something is happening today that I am very happy about… There is a group of us that are acquiring the New Republic from CanWest.” Editorially, Peretz said TNR will continue as it has in the past. Peretz will remain editor-in-chief, with Frank Foer as editor.

Canadian CanWest purchased the magazine in 2007 and is now teetering on bankruptcy. We’ll have an official statement from Peretz later today.

Alterman v. Peretz


Someone else isn’t being liberal enough. That can only mean one thing: It’s time for…


Yes, that’s right: Eric Alterman, who clearly has no problem whatsoever causing static, takes on The New Republic’s Marty Peretz:

    What’s more, during his reign, Peretz has also done lasting damage to the cause of American liberalism. By turning TNR into a kind of ideological police dog, Peretz enjoyed the ability — at least for a while — to play a key role in defining the borders of “responsible” liberal discourse, thereby tarring anyone who disagreed as irresponsible or untrustworthy. But he did so on the basis of a politics simultaneously so narrow and idiosyncratic — in thrall almost entirely to an Israel-centric neoconservatism — that it’s difficult to understand how the magazine’s politics might be considered liberal anymore.

Read the rest here.

Blogger Wars Continued!

Marty Peretz snaps back at Matt Yglesias!


This Week In Blog Wars!

The New New Republic

The New York Times takes a look at the redesigned magazine.

And Marty Peretz looks back at the magazine’s past three decades.

Peretz Says Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na To W. Post / NYTimes / Time Mag

From an email sent recent from TNR’s Marty Peretz (via Gawker):

    The first new New Republic will feature a long and deep article on Barack Obama by our own Ryan Lizza, the brilliant young journalist who The New York Times and The Washington Post and Time tried to hire away. What I really mean is “lure away.” He stayed. That tells you a lot.