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Daily Caller’s Martosko to Keynote ATF Party

We’re in a season of seriously exciting times.

And come Aug. 11, The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko will travel to the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Bennett, Colo. to speak to an audience at the Independence Institute’s “Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms” party. The soirée will include whiskey, cigars and guns. The crowd fully intends to party their asses off and offend as many people as possible. No doubt Martosko will steer clear of the booze. Guns, shooting and cigars? Wild ostriches couldn’t keep him away.

From the Institute’s website: “Billed  as ‘the most fun, most politically incorrect event of the year,’ the ATF Party will give attendees of all skill levels the opportunity to hone their shooting abilities and celebrate those civil liberties – smoking, shooting and drinking – that most irritate nannyists.”

Martosko boasted last week on Twitter that he would be keynoting the event and that his speech will appear on C-SPAN. The colorful editor is the keynote and will give his presentation at 1 p.m., right after lunch and the clay pigeon shoot. C-SPAN will be there to cover party speeches.

Past lunch speakers include Steve Moore of the WSJ, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, the Capitalist Pig Jonathon Hoenig, Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard, internationally renowned columnist Christopher Hitchens and former Daily Caller video blogger Mary Katharine Ham, now an Editor-at-Large for Hot Air.

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Rapist Sends Female Journo 10-Page ‘Love’ Letter

The Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields needs a wake up call.

Last night she may have gotten one after posting a lighthearted note on Facebook boasting of a criminal who wrote her a 10-page love letter. He watched her on C-SPAN on Christmas Day and wrote her a handwritten letter that he mailed in to The Daily Caller. She wrote, “I just got my first 10 page love letter from an inmate in Pennsylvania serving a 30 year sentence.” One of her 53 Facebook friends who “liked” this wrote, “Congrts.” As if this is some kind of rite of passage for a young female video journalist. Well, it turns out that inmate is not just your garden variety murderer or armed robber — he’s a convicted, violent rapist who terrorized a woman at knife point. Police in Pittsburgh actually believed his intent was to murder her, but somehow he spared her and the authorities nabbed him.

Are we still laughing, Michelle?

Michelle’s cameraman Grae Stafford sent a note to the entire Daily Caller office Tuesday telling newsroom staff what happened. His email was accompanied by a link to a news story detailing what the rapist had done to land himself a 15-30 year sentence. Uncharacteristically for the rambunctious bunch, no one replied, at least not to the entire newsroom.

Meanwhile, Michelle felt the need to again joke — isn’t this all hilarious? — that FishbowlDC would hire the rapist when he gets released. Here’s the thing, Michelle. You won’t be laughing if one of these basement dwellers you are engaging with online regarding your legs or any other part of your anatomy comes after you. This was our original point — your behavior is neither safe nor typical of well-respected female journalists in the TV industry. This was also among our points less than a week ago when we published “Police Blotter” to show the kinds of men you are encouraging and engaging with online. They included @mindfulloffuck and @bigdaddybuckley. But they also include the good folks over at BigGov, your arch defenders, one of whom, Dan Riehl, once suggested you have a wet T-shirt contest. He didn’t suggest it on BigGov, but he did suggest it.

We don’t take issue with the fact that these men exist, or even that they follow Michelle. But when a stranger online comments on your anatomy and retweets a picture of your legs it’s time to delete him. While Michelle collects them as staunch supporters, we get accused of not liking attractive and so-called successful people. Newsflash: We host a beauty contest each year. I personally created The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful People of Capitol Hill. We have no problem with beauty. But we do have a problem with a female journalist engaging with, enticing and yes, leading on a potentially dangerous online element.

One of Fields’ followers, Shannon Poe, wrote Tuesday, “@MichelleFields when he gets out, I’m sure Fishbowl DC will have a job for him. :) ” To which Michelle replied, “@ShannonPoe Hahaha. I think being an obsessive stalker is a job requirement there.”

As funny as that might seem, we know The Daily Caller takes these things seriously. When WMAL’s and Fox News Contributor Mary Katharine Ham, who is still with The Daily Caller but in a looser capacity, used to get stalkerish type gifts, Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson didn’t treat the matter lightly. In one instance, Ham considered calling the police, but in the end decided to inform her superiors and take other precautions that include owning a gun.

Ham’s approach is in clear contrast to Fields. Ham does not engage with male fans who comment on her looks. She also rarely discusses the unusual gifts she has received or the comments made about her online.  “I would call my experience with weird fans and haters rare but occasionally concerning,” she wrote by email. “I pay attention when communication is any combination of two of the following: very frequent, threatening, or demonstrates a disconnect with reality. I take general precautions, keep records of those communications, and give event organizers names to watch out for. I don’t respond to communications, especially to anyone who seems to already have concocted some relationship between us. Nothing has ever gone beyond making me wary, thank goodness. Also, I’m armed.”

We like to have fun here in the Fishbowl — sometimes caustically so to prove a point. But egging on strange men online is not our game — and we hope all female journalists out there will take note from Michelle as to how not to behave online.

Carlson elected to comment through the publication’s spokeswoman Nicole RoebergYou’re not going to want to miss the explanation.

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Tricks of the Trade With Mary Katharine Ham

Today’s Tricks of the Trade interview is with The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katharine Ham. Credentials: She’s a video journalist for The Daily Caller. Before that, she worked at The Weekly Standard and  the Washington Examiner. Her video blog series, “HamNation”, won a Golden Dot award for Best Vlog of 2006 from the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet and her HamNation video, “Sopranos DC”, was voted “Video Of The Year” in the 2007 Weblog Awards. She appears regularly on FNC’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

1. Favorite Interview Technique To stop talking and wait for people to fill in the silence. Admittedly, this is a better technique for features than for pressers. That could get awkward in the East Room.

2. Most Compelling Question You’ve Ever Asked You can be the judge on compelling, but one of my personal favorites was asking former Sec. of Education Margaret Spellings about “Battlestar Galactica,” for sheer silliness. Her press secretary looked frightened, but points for a solid answer.

Me: “In ‘Battlestar Galactica, the whole government and much of the nation is wiped out in an attack, which means the Secretary of Education must take charge and save humanity from murderous, intelligent, alien robots. I’m just sayin’, if it came down to it, would you be ready for something like that?”
Sec. Spellings: “I am ready and willing to do battle with anyone who would limit opportunities for the schoolchildren of America.”

3. Best Self-Editing Approach “Oh, are we supposed to self-edit?” asked the compulsive tweeter.

4. What to Do When an Interview is Tanking To prevent high-stakes tanking, conduct interviews over phone or in person. I admire TV professionals who have to pull interviews out of the doldrums on live TV. In a more casual setting, you have more leeway, can have some dead time, and it’s not the end of the world. As mentioned, sometimes dead time will work in your favor. With political figures, an interview tanks when they won’t stop talking, so you have to interrupt. With normal people, an interview tanks when they won’t talk at all, so I sometimes revert to talking about casual, common interests to put them at ease or wait for them to fill the silence.

5. Approaching Lawmakers and Other “Important” People In approaching “important people,” I always try to be friendly and normal and not carry anything sharp.

6. Most Surprising Thing to Happen During an Interview…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Weekend Wedding Bells: Congratulations to The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katharine Hamm on her weekend nuptials. She wrote on Twitter, “Checking our wedding tweets. We waited seven hours to do it. Pretty good for us, we thought!”

Actress gets overwhelmed in D.C.

“I’m so overwhelmed being here. I keep getting teary eyed. #WHCD” — Actress Alyssa Milano in a weekend tweet. She came to Washington over the weekend to attend the WHCD and many accompanying parties and events.

Reporter reveals unusual news delay

“Peter King tells me he missed first WH call on OBL news because he turned ringer off to go to a kickboxing match.” — New York Newsday‘s Reid Epstein in a Monday tweet regarding Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). Read his story here.

Chelsea jokes about her ‘adult’ time in Washington

“I was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend and then I have to come home to this garbage. I was having a really adult time — not really.” E! Late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler on her program Monday night. She was joking with her three-comedian panel on their latest antic, which is a bit X-rated to describe here, but it involved taking clothing of fellow comedians and brushing them over certain body parts and filming it.

Scribe has phone issues

“You know your phone sucks when you have to keep a charger AND an extra battery on you at all times because it dies so quickly. Grrrrr.” — TWT‘s Kara Rowland in a Tuesday tweet.

Journo faces harrowing field trip

“To the zoo with dozens of kindergarteners. Pray.” — CNN Contributor and Red State‘s Erick Erickson in a Tuesday morning tweet.

The Observer

“Tall intimidating guy in power suit at Starbucks asked for extra whip cream with his Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. I almost laughed out loud.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Tuesday morning tweet.

C-SPAN identifies male actor as female

“Don’t feel bad for this ‘actress. I think it’s funny. But if it happens a 4th time I am going to find a good OBGYN & join Curves Gym.” –  “Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson in a weekend tweet as reported by the Washington Examiner‘s Yeas & Nays. Ferguson attended Tammy Haddad‘s garden party over the weekend. C-SPAN was among the TV outlets that identified him as a woman. See the picture here.

Daily Caller Hams up Staff

The Weekly Standard‘s Mary Katharine Ham is moving to The Daily Caller as a contributing writer.  Her main assignment will be to produce video shorts.

Ham begins her new job Tuesday.

“After years of seeing her online, it’ll be weirdly great to have her in the office,” said Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson. “We’re excited.”

> Update: Ham tells FishbowlDC: “The new job gives me a chance to return to something I’ve missed doing, with the support of a great team. Online video and animation are great communications tools that are also a ton of fun. It’s weirdly great to get a job doing them!”