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What’s Dana Tweeting?

We’ve documented the twitter habits of Dana Perino, part of the quirky quintet that hosts “The Five” on Fox News several times before. Her tweets almost always fall into the category of self-congratulatory pronouncements or pictures of her hound, Jasper. If it’s not something along those lines, I get very concerned that something is wrong. Her Twitter feed is a steady diet of pics of Jasper in compromising positions. Viewers of “The Five” have even gotten into the act and they send Dana photoshops of the pooch like the one above. Honestly, Jasper looks like he’d fit right in with that pack on “The Five.” Hell, he might even have more intelligent things to say than Bob Beckel. She’s so obsessed with the dog, that when Mary Katherine Ham tweeted that she was going to be on Redeye, another show hosted by Perino’s frenemy, Greg Gutfeld, she told her, “bring up Jasper. He’ll love it. Double dog dare ya.”

She’s also known for just tweeting random thoughts. Read more

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Fox Hires New Legs, PJTV Also Hires A Pair

Fox News has hired itself two more potential occupants of the “leg chair” on Redeye – Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich and Jedidiah Bila, who is a “columnist” for a conservative alternative to the AARP called AMAC (the Association of Mature American Citizens).

Pavlich (pictured at right), in addition to her editorial duties at Townhall, is now a “contributor” to Fox News itself and had her “coming out” party on Hannity last night debating fellow contributor Tamara Holder, known for being a punching bag token liberal on FNC and a rumored mistress of the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Pavlich announced her new income stream on Twitter, saying, “I’ll be on with @seanhannity tonight at 9:20 est in my first appearance as an official @FoxNews contributor. Tune in :)

Bila (pictured above), the noted AMAC columnist (yeah, I’ve never heard of another either, but I thought I’d throw in “noted” to impress upon you just how irrelevant AMAC is) and FNC regular for what seems like years, also took to Twitter to announce she’s not only a FNC contributor, but also a Fox Business contributor because of her years in the business world. I’m just kidding, she was a teacher before somehow managing to become a person who has no experience in the things she’s being asked about on TV.

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Town Hall Editor Loses It On Flight From Hell

What should have been just a flight from California to D.C. with a stop in Chicago along the way, quickly spiraled into a hellish trip Town Hall‘s Guy Benson will likely not forget soon. Much to our delight he took a page out of ABC7 anchor Stephen Tschida‘s book and tweeted the whole experience.

Benson was in Los Angeles on Friday guest hosting The Hugh Hewitt Show with fellow conservative and’s Mary Katherine Ham. “Thank you, Hugh Hewitt & staff (and audience!) It’s always a pleasure to guest host with Ham,” he tweeted before heading to the airport.

Trouble began when Benson was alerted his flight would be making an unscheduled stop in Denver from John Wayne Airport to O’Hare. “Apparently a 737 can’t fly from LA to Chicago non-stop?! What?,” he tweeted.

It was apparently a fuel issue and brought out Benson’s pissy side at about 4:30 p.m: “Looks like I might be spending the night in Chicago, courtesy of @UnitedAirlines, thanks to their new ‘we’re adding surprise stops!’ promo.” He then fired off a series of tweets about other annoyances:

  • “We have the wrong aircraft.” Fabulous.
  • They are now ejecting someone from the plane for cursing at them. No, it’s not even @AlecBaldwin.
  • These flight attendants are doing the best they can, considering circumstances. Wasn’t their screw up. Off to, um, Denver! ‪#SerenityNow
  • Woman who dropped f-bombs apologized & has been allowed to stay on the flight. We’re one big happy (and now delayed!) family.

At just after 7 p.m. Benson arrived in Denver. He was again faced with the cursing traveler. “Woman who nearly got tossed off the flight for cursing now on her cell phone, lying her ass off about people ‘yelling and throwing things,’” he tweeted.

The trip continued in a sick, sad downward slide for Benson, who was clearly coming apart at the seams… Read more

Ham Now Officially Full of HotAir

As the clock struck 12 last night, Mary Katharine Ham, formerly of The Daily Caller, WMAL, The Heritage Foundation, Townhall and The Weekly Standard, made it official: She now works for

Strangely enough, she won’t name “WMAL” but refers to it as a “morning radio show on Washington’s conservative talk station.”

Ham feels sentimental about her new position blogging, doing video, podcasting and appearing on The Ed Morrissey Show: “It was near the beginning of that career that Michelle Malkin, the Boss Emeritus as she’s known around here, was kind enough to let me fill in for her in the early days of HotAir, recording a couple episodes of her daily video blog, Vent,” she writes in the late night post. “It was my first attempt at online video, and I’m sure it was pretty goofy, and not entirely intentionally. Ever since then, HotAir’s always made me feel like an honorary part of the team, and many in the HotAir audience apparently agreed. For years, I’ve been running into people who assume I work for HotAir, so I’m glad we could make it official.”

She also gives shout-outs to her former bosses: “Without Michelle and my other bosses (Jon Garthwaite, Hugh, Tucker and Bill Kristol, lookin’ at you!)— most of whom I’m lucky to still work with— taking a chance on me.”

Congratulations to Ham on her new job!

CORRECTION: Earlier, we wrote that Ham had worked at WAMU. She was co-host on 105.9 FM/630AM WMAL, not WAMU.

English Translation: Breitbart‘s Loesch and Mediaite‘s Christopher Go to War

Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher and editor Dana Loesch started the weekend off right by waging a “You lie! No, you lie!” Twitter war on Friday., a right-leaning site, has the argument played out in full but it’s a complete fustercluck (a word introduced to us recently by the Washington Examiner‘s Kytja Weir) we can barely follow.

The gist: Loesch sent out tweets analyzing the politics of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney‘s repudiation of anti-Obama groups attempting to make Rev. Jeremiah Wright an issue in this election. The blog Little Green Footballs picked up the tweets and suggested Loesch or her Breitbart colleagues were in cahoots with the Romney campaign and attended a “secret meeting.” Loesch  anticipated Christopher would do a writeup on it. He did. Like a ferocious lioness, Loesch attacked, calling Christopher a “hack.” She said Christopher implied Loesch had attended this “secret meeting” in D.C. despite the fact that she was hosting her radio program in Missouri at the time.

The feud turned unnecessarily bitchy. Christopher parsed his words to demonstrate that everything he wrote about Loesch was technically accurate and wrote up a clarification. Loesch thanked him kindly but started a snarky hashtag, #tommylogic, parodying his writing.

Playing off the idea that she could be both at a “secret meeting” and hosting her show simultaneously, Loesch then got her followers to start the hashtag #teleportingdana. Exhausted yet?

The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katherine Ham jumped in, tweeting, “I read the whole piece, Tommy. It clearly & unfairly implies she either was at the mtg…” Enter Loesch’s husband Chris, a producer on Loesch’s radio show, who valiantly defended his wife’s honor. “Love how the left simultaneously cuts down @DLoesch while giving her more powers… She can do everything! #TeleportingDana”

Without taking sides, we note how Loesch riled up her troops followers to gang up on Christopher. For that reason alone, on a scale of 1 to 10 punches, we give this fight 8.5 punches with a headlock for Christopher.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Female journo wanders into wrong restroom

“So, I am now one of those jackasses that walks into a men’s room b/c her nose is buried in the bberry.” — ABC News’ Amy Walter.

A Washington journalist hard at work…

“[Dana Milbank] enjoying the atmosphere at the [Dylan Ratigan] fete at Sidecar.” — WaPo and MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart. Ratigan was in town to promote his new book, Greedy Bastards: How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry.

Radio personality recalls motherly advice

“Remember how your mom told you cleaning is easier if you just pick up after yourself a little every day? She was right.” — WMAL and The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katharine Ham.

A writer admits his troubles

“Writer complaint. Don’t you hate it when after three hours a paragraph still isn’t right?” — The Atlantic‘s Conor Friedersdorf.

Good News, Bad News and Peach Yogurt

First the bad news. U.S. News & World Report was seriously asleep at the wheel Thursday as a Washington Whispers writer fell for a ludicrous, obviously fake Twitter account in writing a story on the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood ordeal. Tierney Sneed wrote the story. The journo wrote, “Jill Biden tweeted Thursday afternoon, ‘When Joe heard about Susan G. Komen not funding Planned Parenthood anymore, Joe threw away his pink-ribbon Harvest Peach yogurt.’” (SERIOUSLY no editor caught this.) And the good news. Washington Whispers staff humbly issued the following correction and didn’t try to sugarcoat any notion that a terrible mistake was made. That deserves at least an emoticon (as MSNBC’s Meghan McCain might say) of respect.

“Washington Whispers published in error a story stating that Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, had sent a message through Twitter saying that the vice president no longer supported the work of the organization Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The story was based on a fake Twitter account.”

Find a sampling of recent tweets from @drjillbiden after the jump…

Fish Poll: Yesterday we polled readers on the hypothetical of ABC making Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper permanent host of “This Week.” The results were clear: 42.3 percent of you agreed, “Yes, he’s the quintessential Washington insider who knows politics inside and out.” Second highest score comprised 33.33 percent respondents: “Yes, I’m over George Stephanopoulos already.”

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The Daily Caller or Hedonism III? You Decide


Daily Caller 2.jpg

At The Daily Caller, life is loose.

And actions do speak louder than words. On Wednesday night editorial staff and friends of The Daily Caller partied it up with their brand new Keg-O-rater sponsored by Pilsner Urquell. The office has a coffee machine, too. But as Spokeswoman Becca Glover put it, “We don’t have rules. Tucker is 100 percent about freedom. If you can drink and do your job, that’s your decision. It’s all about freedom.”

Being responsible is a plus, but it isn’t mandatory.

What some may not know is this isn’t the first time The Daily Caller has employed unorthodox hedonism when it comes to their reporters. Back at their launch party held at the home of lobbyist Juleanna Glover, party organizers purchased six cartons of Marlboro Reds and by the night’s end, partygoers and DC staff had smoked through all the cartons.

As first reported by Politico, Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson was a no-show to the party. He was tending to journalism business – he was in Manhattan to appear on FNC’s “Hannity” Wednesday night and on ABC’s GMA the following morning. Publisher Neil Patel was on hand. So were a slew of Daily Caller reporters, such as Alex Pappas, Jonathan Strong (and his wife, Anna Beth), Chris Moody, Caroline May, and Deputy Editor Jamie Weinstein with his girlfriend, Lonnie. Daily Caller’s V.P. of Sales Alex Treadway was there and in charge of dealing with pouring beer and dealing with the Keg-O-rater (not a hard job, but an important one). Others in attendance included Politico’s Kiki Ryan and Politico Click’s newest hires Karin Tanabe and Natasha Lennard. Fox News booker Lauren Torlone was there. So were The Weekly Standard‘s Mike McCormack and Mary Katherine Ham.

Some building party moochers (they claimed they were verbally invited to the party – and okay, we believe them) were Gordon Zweig, Jose Biaou and Eric Hynek. They all work at a commercial real estate firm and were enjoying the beer.

A slightly amusing moment occurred when…

Read more

First Friday With Hitchens

If you stopped by First Friday‘s happy hour on — wait for it — Friday, you would have had the privilege of drinking hanging out with honored guest Christopher Hitchens, who stuck around from 6:00 till 10:00. He held court all night, signed books, told jokes and talked with just about everyone. Grover Norquist, Mary Katherine Ham and Nick Gillespie also showed up and stuck around late. Norquist even left to do a radio interview about it and came back after.

At the end of the night Hitchens took a couple of people up on an invitation to grab some food and hopped into a cab with them.