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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the DayThe Holiday Edition.

“Not sure what it says that a photo of me bloated with a pillow under my shirt is my most-liked Instagram photo ever.” — Catherine Andrews, Director of Digital Content at Home Front Communications and former Editorial Director at Washingtonian.

Home for the Holidays

“Nothing like grandpa showing his tooth abscess to everyone one of us before dinner.” — Politico Pro web producer Caitlin Emma.

“Mom is regaling the guests w her theory that Bobby Kennedy had Marilyn killed w a poisoned enema to not leave marks. Kill me now.” — Publicist and former ABC “This Week” producer Courtney Cohen.

“Just realized I am stress eating chips & queso as my parents are grilling me about GOP options for 2016. Dinner has taken a nasty turn.” — House Maj. Whip Spokeswoman Erica Elliott. And on Thanksgiving: “When I announced I was going to take a shower to try and exfoliate this spray tan, my family literally cheered. Apparently it’s that bad.”

“I accidentally stumbled into a birds-and-bees conversation with my nephew, which led to me saying, ‘No, it’s not called a ‘virginia.’” — MetroWeekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg.

“Ugh. Had I watched this Kentucky game in my apartment instead of my mom’s home, there’d be holes in the walls.” — Reuters’ Sam Youngman.

“Thanksgiving at the Ericksons involves 6 dozen eggs, 21 lbs of butter, and now 9 lbs of bacon. 4 cakes, 5 pies, 20 lbs of turkey, & 17 ppl.” — CNN Contributor and RedState’s Erick Erickson.

“Yumm. Here is my obligatory turkey photo.” — Politico’s Ginger Gibson

Hagman gave NPR director’s Nana a Texas twang

“Claudine, our director, sez her Egyptian grandmother learned English by watching Dallas. She now has a Texas accent. RIP Larry Hagman.” — NPR’s Scott Simon.

Journos get emotional around Thanksgiving

  • “My uncle, God rest his soul, made squirrel and rabbit jerky for us as kids. Miss his smart aleck remarks about other fam during holidays.” — and CNN Contributor (well, if that’s what they’re calling never appearing these days) Dana Loesch.
  • “iPad photo app creators, thank you for hours of family fun. #sincerely” — ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.
  • “Just watched “Love Actually” for the 147th time. Still tear up at the end.” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.
  • “A special thank you to our service men and women for their service and sacrifice. We are thankful for you all. #thanksgiving” — NBC “MTP” Host David Gregory (Just what the troops were waiting for, a shout-out from Gregory.)
  • “My uncle just got a call from the hospital and they may have found a kidney donor! So happy for@veerichie‘s daddy! All my love to Toronto!” — ABC7 reporter Jummy Olabanji.
  • “I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m thankful Caribou is open this morning.” — NBC Washington’s Matt Glassman.
  • “The crash of Jesse Jackson Jr. Is a tragic end to a career that once seemed to have no limit. Very sad for him, his family & constituents.” — President Obama‘s top campaign advisor David Axelrod.

A WH Correspondent gets into holiday spirit

“Vaguely wish the White House had named the turkeys ‘Congress’ and ‘Syphilis’ and then crowdsourced which one gets pardoned.” — Yahoo! News’ White House Correspondent Olivier Knox.

And BuzzFeed‘s Kaczynski gets all grateful and neighborly…

“Yes neighbor loudly playing his bass while families in my apartment building sit down together for dinner, you are an asshole.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski on Thanksgiving just before 3 p.m.

Paul Wharton misses chance to stuff himself

“Y did I refuse to take a plate of Thanksgiving Food from my cousin’s house?! Now I want turkey and stuffing & all I have is Salad! WTF!?” — Real Housewives of D.C. Stylist Paul Wharton.

Baier Vomit

“Good morning! Happy Black Friday. Are you shopping today? My wife, Amy, says she might try – I’ll be with our boys far away from the mall!” — FNC’s Bret Baier.

Ambien Adventures

“If you take Ambien and forget to stop and go to sleep, it actually makes you stay more awake. Kinda crazy, eh? 730A & I’m still up.” — Elizabeth Lauten (a.k.a. DCGOPGirl and CNN iReporter) on the day after Thanksgiving.

Important Q to Ponder: “Possibly stupid cooking question: Can I use whiskey bourbon (Crown) in a savory recipe that calls for bourbon?” — Conservative writer and blogger Lisa De Pasquale.

One Bureau Chief has stroke of good luck and another warns journos about sobriety checkpoint…

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“This is how I’m keeping cool.” — NBC Washington’s Angie Goff over the weekend.

Journo encounters threesome

“Just took the dog for a walk in the woods. Happened upon a threesome. Stark naked. Clearly strung out. #dida180 #myeyes #MYEYES” — Takoma Park, Md. writer Carol Blymire.

Daily Caller‘s Michelle Fields as Mother Theresa

“Only in DC does a man walk into the metro with a broken foot and arm and no one offers him their seat.” — Michelle Fields.

Paul Wharton in mourning

“We had the memorial for our loving friend Butch Hopkins today. Just now ‘patched into’ the grief, my heart hurts literally.” — Style expert and TV host Paul Wharton.

Important Q to ponder: “When is the @einsteins finally going to open in Union Station?” — NBC Washington’s Matt Glassman.

Self-appointed media critic

“Anybody know if there’s a network where I can watch two non-subject matter experts debate policy?” — Politico‘s Alexander Burns.

The TV critic

“I mean, the premise of Newsroom is fairly interesting. But did they have to make the primary focus/main character be Sorkin’s scripting?” — C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman.

Russia TV: The go-to network for hard-hitting Joe Williams’ Interviews

“Jesus Christ. Just watched three Euronews packages. Every damn one started with a wideshot of the EU flags. Is creativity that f*ing hard?!” — Russia TV Senior Producer Lucy Kafanov. Um, hey Russia TV, is asking Politico‘s Joe Williams a real, challenging question that f*ing hard?!

Better Left Unsaid

“YES! Got my tweet on #edshow! And got way too excited about it.” — Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher.

Interesting co-byline this morning (wink! wink!): Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein and Michelle Fields. Nothing like bonding over Jeremiah Wright.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


A journo can’t work under these circumstances

“Next door: young child running around screaming, old woman yelling at him. #killmenow” — Washington Examiner‘s Lachlan Markay in a Thursday tweet.

What are the Salahi’s up to?

“Salahi’s confirm to me that they’re worried about a stalker. Warren Co and LA police investigating.” — NBC Washington News Producer Matt Glassman in a Thursday tweet.

A scribe’s deep explanation of spring in Washington

“Spring and summer are in an epic battle over who gets to exist this month in Washington.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman in a Thursday tweet.

Imus tweaks FNC’s Chris Wallace

“Imus jokes to [FNC's] Chris Wallace: ‘I don’t think you need to get snippy, you triple-chinned looking goober.’” — Media Matters Fellow Eric Hananoki in a Thursday tweet. The Imus segment involved the hosts purposefully insulting each other.

Maddow enjoys saying the word ‘shtupping’

“He was shtupping one of his own staffers who was married to another Ensign staffer, all of which was taking place while he was serving as the Republican party’s Senate Campaign Chairman.” — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explains Sen. John Ensign‘s (R-Nev.) extramarital affair on her show last night.  Total number of times Maddow used the word “shtupping” in the entire segment: 6.

Most Likely to Get Beaten up in a Cafe

“Whats up with people who cant handle loud typing? Im a fucking journalist I type loudly.” — Freelance D.C. journalist Mike Elk in a recent tweet. He’s a contributor to In These Times and has written for The Nation and HuffPost. A HuffPost bio says he likes crab cakes and Golden Retrievers.

Dave Weigel on the Highest of Horses

Slate‘s Dave Weigel is apparently The Decider these days of who among us is an actual journalist and who is not. Pssst Dave… you and I graduated from the same J-School, and just so you know, neither of us is in a position to judge whether anyone is an “actual” journalist or not. Some people actually think J-School is horseshit. In the past 24 hours, Weigel has decided that The Daily Beast‘s Meghan McCain is not worthy of being read. He has also declared that The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong is an “actual” journalist while insinuating that @FishbowlDC is not. He tweeted the following: “Celebrity interviews of celebrities can be good (read the mag Warhol founded), but M McCain is supernaturally uninteresting.” Supernaturally. Really? On Strong: “I did talk to the Caller’s @j_strong when that all went down, but he’s an actual reporter. Big difference.” (P.S. We can hardly wait for your upcoming appearance on Your appearances on there are always riveting.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“One day late on laundry… Two different socks? Don’t mind if I do.” — Simon Landau, web producer for wusa9, in a recent tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


A question for the sages

“What age is too old to wear a bikini or get tan from sun?” — Emily Miller, senior editor for Human Events, in a weekend tweet.

Breitbart says he and MacFarlane got along

“Sorry to disappoint, but Maher & @SethMacFarlane were great last night. Seth called my son & regaled him with voice after Family Guy voice.” — Andrew Breitbart, founder of, in a tweet after his appearance Friday night on the panel of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Knoller: Not just a face for radio

“Radio reporters are used to anonymity. Surprised to be recognized by Twitter followers. I know. It’s the beard.” –Mark Knoller, CBS News White House radio correspondent, in a weekend tweet.

Morning Reading List 08.25.09

Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

In honor of DC’s Restaurant Week, we’re bringing back a little Patrick Gavin flavor. Photo above- what restaurant did FBDC dine at for lunch yesterday? Send us your guesses and we’ll share who go it right in tomorrow’s Morning Reading List. What know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



Anna Wintour graced David Letterman‘s “The Late Show” yesterday.

VH1 has cancelled “Megan Wants a Millionaire” and “I Love Money 3,” both which featured dead murder suspect Ryan Jenkins.


We’re really hoping NPR keeps this feature… “Dumbest Story of the Week.” First up, the fuss over Michelle Obama’s “short” shorts.

ONLINE managing editor says long form journalism is not working online. (h/t BeetTV)


Readers Digest Association Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.


The latest in publishing… books without jackets.


What is Kal Penn up to while everyone else at the White House is vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard? NJ fills us in… he “has been given new busywork responsibilities like opening mail and answering Politico interview requests.”

And what do President Obama’s book picks say about him? Slate’s John Dickerson here.


Stars & Stripes: As more journalists seek permission to accompany U.S. forces engaged in military operations in Afghanistan, many of them could be screened by a controversial public relations firm contracted by the Pentagon to determine whether their past coverage has portrayed the U.S. military in a positive light.

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, TVNewser

REVOLVING DOOR and JOBS after the jump…

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