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Afternoon Reading List 09.06.13.

Secretary of Botox: Does Sec. of State John Kerry look different to you? Has he done something to his hair? Maybe it’s his weight… You know, it kind of looks like he maybe squeezed in a terrible botox job while trying deal with this whole Syria “thing.” The Reliable Source at WaPo thinks it’s totally a possibility. Pols tweak their looks all the time, and Kerry is no stranger to having work done. In the 1970′s, they write, he had surgery to fix a “malocclusion” in his bite that coincidentally made him more handsome.

Why you should read this article: Maybe you were thinking about getting some work done, and thought, “Hey, what’s the worst that could happen?” Well, the answer to your question is that if it goes wrong, your lowered self-image may affect your work performance and indirectly cause World War III (depending on your job).

Assad’s propaganda feed: The Atlantic‘s Meghan Garber has an interesting story out about Syrian President (Internationally Renowned D–khead) Bashar al-Assad and his propagandizing instagram feed.  That’s right, there’s a genocidal madman out there posting selfies while he shouts YOLO as he gases civilians and children.

Why you should read this article: All joking and whimsical satire aside, this story is worth a read.  It illustrates the power of the internet and its ability to equalize propaganda through the use of a comments section on a despot’s instagram feed. It’s definitely worth checking out, if only to see the bizarre things Assad posts next week from a hole in the ground.

Mouthy AP Reporter rips a harsh burn on the Prez…

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Two New Unique Hires at The Atlantic is bringing on two new hires — one from Newsweek/The Daily Beast, the other from the Nieman Journalism Lab. Newsweek‘s David Graham joins the Politics channel as associate editor. Just two years ago, he started at Newsweek as an intern. Most recently he wrote a cover story on Herman Cain. Nieman’s Megan Garber joins the Tech channel as staff writer. She was an adjunct prof at Columbia Journalism School, where she graduated. She was also a staff writer for Columbia Journalism Review.

See the internal memo…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Ezra’s aha moments

“The hardest part of any article is the first paragraph.”– WaPo‘s Ezra Klein in a weekend tweet. Or his confessional: “Working relaxes me on Sundays and stresses me out on Mondays. There must be something I can learn from Sundays.”

The Power of Positive Thinking

“It’s always sunny at Politico.” — Politico‘s Mike Allen on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday, which airs live from London this week.

Levi Johnston headlines: Who did it better?

“DC media, microcosm edition. WaPo: ‘Levi Johnston to ‘set record straight’ in memoir.’ Politico Click: ‘BABY DADDY INKS BOOK DEAL.’”– Neiman Lab’s Megan Garber.

A DC Journo’s Dreams and Nightmares

“Had a dream last night that Tammy and Mikey were getting married at Westminster Abbey. I was best man. #worldscolliding” — DC Journo in a Monday tweet referring to D.C.’s PR grande dame Tammy Haddad and Politico‘s Allen. He (or she) went on, “Also had a nightmare that I didn’t get invited to #nerdprom. Woke up and invite was under my pillow where I always keep it.”

Come on WaPo, get it together

WaPo guy didn’t deliver my paper for the second day in a row. Will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what happened yesterday.” — HuffPost‘s Ryan Grim in a Sunday tweet.

In retrospect…

“Barbour should have hung on for another week, since Newsweek is out with a piece on his candidacy today.” — The Daily Beast’s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz in a Monday tweet referring to Haley Barbour’s announcement that he won’t run for president.

Ed Schultz reveals true feelings for Sen. Sanders

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz didn’t beat around the bush Monday night. He just came right out with it. “Joining me now my favorite senator. Independent from Vermont. Bernie Sanders.” To a beaming Sanders he continued, “I’ve never said you were my favorite senator on this program before, or when I was doing the 6 o’clock, but you are and I want to announce that tonight. You are my favorite senator because you stand up to what is wrong with this country, and you always have a solution on what we need to do to make things better for the middle class and I respect that.”

McCain/NYT: The Day After

Once more into the breach…

  • Jay Rosen: “For the New York Times, as Well, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Risks

  • Adam Reilly: “NYT McCain story nixed by Globe–corrected!

  • Ari Melber: “Defending McCain from adultery, corruption and the Times.”

  • Will Bunch: “The New York Times grooves one over the middle of the plate for McCain, GOP

  • Brian Montopoli: “In McCain saga, newspaper becomes a story.”

  • Megan Garber: “Five Questions for Bill Keller

  • David Folkenflik: “‘Times’ Draws Criticism for Timing of McCain Story

  • Rem Rieder: “Sorting out the New York Times’ McCain blockbuster

  • David McCumber: “Why we didn’t run the McCain story

  • Howie Kurtz: “N.Y. Times Gets Flak From All Sides on Explosive Story

  • Jack Shafer: “In defense of the New York Times’ takedown.”

  • Clint Hendler: “One of the chief complaints about The New York Times’ story on the relationship between McCain and lobbyist Vicki Iseman is that the paper is implying more than it has proven. That’s certainly true, but as far as journalism goes, it’s an awfully wrongheaded criticism.”

  • Joe Strupp: “Downie: ‘Wash Post’ McCain Story Helped By ‘NYT’ Story

    Big Hat Tip: Romenekso