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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

TAKING A BREATHER: “Things I haven’t done for days: watched cable, brushed hair, missed either.” — Elite media specialist Tracy Sefl.

And now, a plug for not suspending harsh campaigning on 9-11: “Isn’t it giving into the terrorists to suspend nasty, unfair, distorted negative campaign attacks for 9/11 anniversary?” — Daily Mail‘s Toby Harnden.

Journo wants obscene amount of truffle oil: “What would be the health effects of putting truffle oil on literally everything, because I am considering it.” — The Hill‘s Alexandra Jaffe.

Thanks but no thanks

“I’m pleased to receive all these press releases from politicians expressing their opposition to the 9/11 attacks but I’m not sure its needed.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

Quote Taken Out of Context

“I think @frates just barfed.” — HuffPost Senior Congressional Reporter Michael McAuliff in reference to NJ‘s Chris Frates.

Ari has spoken.

“I just got a spamish tweet asking, ‘Want 2 be HEARD this election?’ Um, if I’m not being heard @NPR has a problem.” — NPR White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro.

Ex-game show host declares true feelings

“OK, here I go, I love the tea party . Endorse everything they stand for. There I said it. I am a Tea Party guy.” — Chuck Woolery, former host of Love Connection, who attended CPAC earlier in the year.

Uh oh!

“That moment when u realize uv got a typo in a release u just blasted over 600 top dc media #goodtimes #DOW!” — Publicist Dannia Hakki.

CNBC host’s dad won’t be able to vote

“My dad, a vet, won’t be allowed to vote in Pa. because he does not drive, he is elderly, and can’t prove his citizenship.” — CNBC’s Jim Cramer.


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Hotline Profiles McAuliff

From their Friday Feature:

    Michael McAuliff has covered Congress for the New York Daily News for the last two years and has more recently focused on Hillary Clinton’s WH ’08 campaign. Prior to the Daily News, McAuliff was national editor of and also worked at a dot-com era web site, A graduate of Brooklyn College, McAuliff started off writing for local papers in Brooklyn and Manhattan. But today he’s our Friday Feature:

    Where’s your hometown? What was it like growing up there?

    We bounced around a lot in my younger years, but I spent most of my life in Brooklyn. It wouldn’t be wise to go into all the things my friends and I did to amuse ourselves and didn’t get caught at, but there’s one that gives new meaning to the cliche “gritty” — we figured out how to sneak into, and thoroughly explored, the city sewage treatment plant in my neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. Not a bad metaphor for working in Washington.

    What’s your most embarrassing on-the-job moment? (Or as embarrassing as you’d like to reveal?)

    When I worked at, my desk was on the set of World News Tonight, just over Peter Jennings’ right shoulder. I got pretty good at being a discreet part of the background scenery during the nightly broadcasts, but somehow it was harder not bellowing or jumping up from my seat during special reports, particularly when I was new there. That’s how I wound up getting scolded by a producer for eating lunch while Jennings was on air.

    If you could have any other job besides the one you have now, what would it be?

    If I had been a better student I might have been an oceanographer or climatologist…

    What’s your favorite comfort food?

    Meat. No, beer. Well, meat and beer.