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CQRC’s White Makes Mills Manhattans, Sips Shame

CQ Roll Call Managing Director Keith White sipped a tall glass of shame (shaken, not stirred) Friday afternoon after his beloved Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers on Thursday night.  Making matters worse for White was a friendly bet he’d made earlier in the week with Editorial Director Mike Mills, a Tigers fanatic.

Because those damn Yankees lost to Detroit, White was forced to mix and serve up a nice Manhattan for Mills in the comfort of the winning office.  Oh the shame…

The email that started it all after the jump.

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Reader Questions CQ Roll Call’s Editorial Director Mike Mills’ Priorities

An Anonymous Tipster wrote in to us this morning: “The country is on the edge of default and the editor of CQ Mike Mills is tweeting about the Salahi’s crashing their party last night. Nice.”

The CQ Roll Call Editorial Director wrote this on Twitter about the Salahis: “Um, the Salahis are here crashing the CQRoll Call Famous DC party. Yes, with a fim [sic] crew.” He later added, “Michele [sic] Salahi crashing the @HeardontheHill and @FamousDC happy hour. In person much more blonde.”

And below, a picture of Salahi crashing the party as tweeted by CQ Roll Call Publicist Rebecca Gale. Timing is timing. There’s no shame in Mills writing about Michaele at a time like this. It’s not like he’s a lawmaker. How could they not photograph Michaele and write about such a spectacle? Our only critique is next time he needs to remember the unusual spelling of her name. It’s not spelled like presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). Maybe Mills needs to watch her “Bump It” video a few more times. We won’t tell if you won’t.

CQ Roll Call Loses Two Designers

Washington publications rarely advertise their staff departures. But today CQ Roll Call announces that two members of the design team are leaving for other pastures. In one case, Pradyot Rai is pursuing a freelance job that will let him work from home. In another, David Rothbard is joining a marketing arm of XO Communications in Herndon, Va.

See the internal memo from Editorial Director and Senior V.P. Mike Mills — short, sweet and relatively blah (the memo, not Mills)…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Today we bring you a special edition of morning quotes as part of our weekend coverage of tonight’s WHCD. Enjoy!


CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry poses with DWTS’s Brook Burke at a Friday night WHCD soiree. Photograph tweeted by Henry.

The rumor of rumors

“Hearing that Sarah Palin might be at Tammy Haddad‘s [today].” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a Friday night tweet. We spotted him at the Time-People party at the St. Regis where Bristol Palin was spotted mingling in the crowd.

The Observer

“So just so you know, Jon Hamm is as good looking in person as he is on Mad Men. #WHCD” — Writer/Editor for Netcentric Campaigns and Prevent Obesity and former HOH columnist for Roll Call Elizabeth Brotherton in a Friday night tweet about the HBO “Mad Men” star.

An admission

“I’m too scared to talk to celebrities. I don’t really know what to say.” — Gawker’s red-headed Political Editor Jim Newall at the Time-People party Friday night.


“It’s always the sluttiest girls on the dance floor who never put out in the bedroom,” — Anonymous partygoer at Lani Hay‘s after after party at her home on Friday night where the band Juke Cartel offered a live performance in her living room. Hay is CEO of Lanmark Technology and Washington socialite who throws annual exclusive WCHD events with celebs.

Yet another admission…

“Why am I unable to stop listening to ELO tonight?” — Roll Call‘s Editorial Director Mike Mills in a Friday night tweet.

Trump is so eloquent

“Is Donald Trump the most adorable person in the news right now? He’s absolutely delightful. Calling the Chinese: motherfuckers? I love him.” — Author Bret Easton Ellis in a Friday tweet.

Journo takes a road trip

“At ex-Rep. Gene Taylor‘s [D-Miss] bar in Bay St. Louis. Its called Clydes’ Bar. Sadly he wasn’t around for me to take a cell phone pic of the day.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” TV Writer Amanda Munoz Temple in a Friday tweet.




White Named Top Dog at CQ Roll Call

Andrew Rashbass, CEO of the Economist Group, today announced that Keith White has been upped to Executive Vice President & Managing Director for CQ/Capitol Advantage.  The promotion places him at the top of the newsgroup’s totem pole, making Mike Mills a direct report to White.

In his memo to CQ Roll Call employees, Rashbass praised White for his leadership: “Keith’s expertise in information services and his knowledge of our market make him uniquely qualified for the role. Keith has shown clarity, decisiveness and leadership since we reorganized CQ Roll Call earlier this year and I am confident he is the right person to lead the business.”

White joined Congressional Quarterly in 2001 as the General Manager of CQ’s professional publishing division. Before CQ, Keith served as the vice president of publishing and product development for LexisNexis, and held positions at AOL and The Washington Post. Keith also worked as an editor and writer for various publications.

Full memo from Rashbass after the jump.

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Roll Call Seeks to Rebuild Image

When a publication loses some 15 people, including a beloved editor, a deputy editor and the head of ad sales in a seven-month time span, it ceases to be right or accurate to say that it  is undergoing a transition. Or, to reason that this is the topsy turvy, fluctuating world of  journalism these days.

At the time of then-Editor Charlie Mitchell‘s sudden departure last fall, Editorial Director Mike Mills said they had “concluded together” that this was the best way to proceed. Former Roll Call reporter Tory Newmyer, now at Fortune Magazine, voiced  online what so many Roll Call reporters felt then and now: “Terrible move, CQ overlords. Mitchell = 1st rate editor, world class human.”

But like many editors who must go back to ground level and find steady footing, it’s an “exciting” time. Roll Call‘s Editor Scott Montgomery is no exception: “People are still excited. I am excited. We still have some challenges to get through before we fill these jobs. But it’s kind of cool to think about remaking things and taking Roll Call forward.”

As management dusts itself off after an intense exodus of resignations and otherwise forced departures, top brass find themselves in an introspective process of rebuilding and figuring out just where to move from here. Long known as the stalwart figure amongst Washington’s Hill publications, Roll Call rests on that historical description and maybe a little too much. In a phone interview with Montgomery on Tuesday morning, FishbowlDC learned vaguely about where this relatively new editor wants to take the newspaper in the coming months. But specifics? He hesitated for fear of the competition getting too much information. Among the things we do know: Roll Call is one week out of its so-called one-month hiring freeze implemented company-wide by The Economist Group. Montgomery announced that they are looking to add at least three senior editors and five new reporters to its editorial team, which is roughly half of what they’ve lost.

As of late, management has made some unusual hiring moves, or rehiring as the case may be. For one thing, they brought back Shira Toeplitz, who spent a year at Politico before realizing that maybe the grass isn’t always greener type of thing. And today, they’re playing up yet another return: a former intern who has spent the past few years working on the desk of the NYT.

“What we need, it’s not magic,” Montgomery said in our talk. “Roll Call has a great reputation, a great history. It still is the newspaper of Capitol Hill and is still seen that way. We need to continue to do that. We know who our audience is. We know who we are. So my goal is fairly straightforward — to do what Roll Call is known for. We cover the Hill. We cover members. We cover leadership. We cover those staffs. The professional community of Capitol Hill. That’s who are readers are, that’s who we’re there for, and we like that.”

And yet, the chatter in media and staff circles is that HOH, the famed gossip column, isn’t what it was even weeks and months ago when Emily Heil still ran it and when Elizabeth Brotherton was still on board. And Around the Hill has gone a little, well, over the Hill and around the bend. What does Montgomery say to critics and doubters? “I can’t answer that directly because I’ve only been here a few months myself,” he said. “There’s no doubt the environment is very different from what it was. Roll Call can’t be what it was five or ten years ago and expect to prosper. It’s not about whether people think we’ve lost a step, but it’s about the steps we take forward. We need to be a must-read for people. We need to make sure that they are rewarded every time they do.”

On the subject of HOH, Montgomery concedes that there must be a shift toward Capitol Hill and away from the party scene. The parties won’t be abandoned, mind you, but he thinks the column needs some “reporting heft.” He explained,  “I want to bring on a smart person who is sourced on Capitol Hill and can bring a level of newsiness, a saucy newsiness.” Around the Hill is here to stay, he insisted, saying that it is something for which the publication is known. “It’s a big part of what distinguishes us from our competitors, and that needs to continue,” he said.

More on Montgomery’s intentions…

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CQ Roll Call: Hiring Freeze to Frenzy

It appears the hiring freeze at CQ Roll Call is thawing.  After losing no less than five staffers in the last few weeks alone, the newsgroup announced this morning plans to fill more than 30 open positions.  Internal memo from Sr. VP and Editorial Director Mike Mills, obtained by FishbowlDC:

“All: Over the next few weeks, as we begin our new budget year and bring everyone into our new building, we’re resuming our drive to fill more than 30 open positions at CQ Roll Call. In the newsroom, for example, we will begin hiring to fill two dozen positions, including reporters, editors, legislative analysts, copy editors, web producers, web designers, database editors and researchers. We hire only the best, which is why our staff has long been our best source for finding new talent. Exciting things are happening this year at CQ Roll Call, so go to to see the list of openings — and spread the word!



CQ Roll Call in Hiring Freeze

FishbowlDC has learned that CQ Roll Call is undergoing a hiring freeze. The freeze is expected to be temporary, says CQ Roll Call Editorial Director Mike Mills. The most recent vacancies include HOH’s Elizabeth Brotherton and congressional reporter Jackie Kucinich.

Mills confirmed the news.

“True,” he wrote in an email. “We’ve been asked by our bosses in London to hold off on filling vacancies for four weeks as they finalize budgets for the new fiscal year, which begins April 1. We expect to be making some offers right after that. I’m also told this is not limited to CQ Roll Call.”

Mills has specifically been told that the freeze extends across The Economist Group and is not limited to just CQ Roll Call.

Roll Call’s Kondracke to Retire

Roll Call‘s Executive Editor and columnist Mort Kondracke is retiring after 20 years at the publication. He will remain a contributor and will continue to appear on FNC. April 1 is his official retiring date. A “toast” is in the works.

Best wishes to Kondracke.

See the internal memo…

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A Memo of ‘Mixed Emotions’

Senior VP and Editorial Director of CQ Roll Call Mike Mills sent out this internal memo this afternoon announcing the retirement of CQ Associate Editor Martha Angle. Angle, who worked for the Washington Star and was the lead reporter on the Senate Watergate hearings, has been with the company for 30 years. The memo refers to her as one of the “sharpest, toughest and most dedicated newsroom leaders.” They also call her the “story doctor.”

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