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Spotted: A Seemingly Undead Mike Wallace

Elvis is still alive. Big Foot is real. And Mike Wallace isn’t dead.

We can dream, can’t we?

This morning at a Starbucks in Dupont Circle we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a gentleman reading today’s WaPo who just had to be the legendary TV journalist of 60 Minutes fame. Unfortunately, it was a mere look-a-like, wearing mid-calf socks, khaki shorts and what appears to be an amazonite ring. Wallace, after all, did leave us for that big newsroom in the sky back in April.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Clearly I’m chopped liver.” — NBC News Producer Adam Verdugo retweeting celebrity Magazine Publisher Jason Binn: @KimKardashian, @JulieChen w @VP Biden’s Press Secretary @kabarkof shine @WHCD.

CBS’s 60 Minutes finally acknowledges Wallace’s Fox News son

“Chris Wallace remembers his father during the @CBSNews memorial for Mike Wallace earlier today. #60Minutes” — 60 Minutes. Visit here. During their recent hour-long tribute to Mike Wallace, there was not a single mention of Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

Baldwin gives major shout-out to another Ariana

“As a digest of news and writing you will truly wish to keep up on, follow @arianapekary.” — Alec Baldwin, who’s referring to Ariana Pekary, a producer for The Bob Edwards Show.

Question to Ponder: “Why do people stretch their legs out on the metro seats? Why would anyone want to?” — Politico‘s Alex Isenstadt.


“Dear geniuses: I did not actually write any jokes for @jimmykimmel. he was, in fact, joking. End of transmission.” — ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper. During Saturday night’s entertainment, Kimmel kept blaming jokes that flopped on Tapper. The White House correspondent  sounded seriously down on Twitter yesterday, writing, “Days like this, there is so much rudeness of twitter, it’s not worth it.”

The Observer

“Nice tourist couple asks loudly & politely to be let off jampacked metro. Met w/ mix of dull, cattle-like stares & looks of abject scorn.” — RealClearPoliticsJoseph Lawler.

More WHCD c-word fallout…

“Gerhi is a fan of Kardashian, not me. Fishbowl DC tries so hard to smear me. Desperate.” — The Daily Caller‘s intrepid video reporter Michelle Fields (this is her on Fox News this morning). Actually, Michelle, we understood you were not a fan when you wrote that you were a “Kardashian hater” because if anyone has a right to judge that family, it’s you. We’re also crazy in our comprehension skills. When someone says they hate the Kardashians we tend to take them at their word. As it happens, this time, we weren’t trying to smear you. It was confusing, however, who was being called a c**t since you had been called one before and the Kardashian fan seemed utterly and absurdly offended by your slight on the Kardashians. We said you were “exposed” to the word again — and really we can’t even imagine why you were exposed to it in the first place.

Quote Taken Out of Context

“@AliEWentworth I’ll take a bikini wax after a martini!” — publicist and former ABC “This Week” producer Courtney Cohen to Wentworth, wife of ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos.

Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.


Strangely, CBS Leaves FNC’s Chris Wallace Out of “60 Minutes” Tribute to Mike Wallace

Occasionally what is not in a story is as striking as what is.

On Sunday’s “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace offered a touching account on the passing of his father, “60 Minutes” newsman Mike Wallace. He showed a clip from a 2005 interview he did with his father in which Mike cracked on Chris’s “fair and balanced friends.” At the close of the interview, Mike told him he loved him and was proud of him. Chris could be heard crying on air.

In subsequent news stories since Wallace’s death, it has been noted that Wallace did not speak of his life’s work near the end — only his family and how important they were.

So all the more strange that in a whopping hour-long devotional to Mike Wallace on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday night, there was not a single mention of the FNC host. At one point Wallace admits his attentions to his family were less than what he dedicated to his job. But there were mentions of Wallace’s fourth wife, Mary, a deceased son, Peter, and of the vast interviews that Wallace conducted during his 93-year-old life. These included Barbra Streisand, Bette Davis, The Reagans, Eleanor Roosevelt, Johnny Carson and more.

How Can I Make This About Me?

We have a few candidates for this feature today. We’ll begin with tried and true me-hound Howard Kurtz, Washington Bureau Chief of The Daily Beast and host of CNN’s Reliable Sources. Over the weekend as Mike Wallace’s family no doubt began mourning his death, Kurtz wrote on Twitter, “As I write, Mike Wallace once cursed me out over an
unflattering story — but in a good natured way. What an incredible life and career.” In a subsequent lengthier piece, he wrote more about his interactions with Wallace.

“In 1994 I reported that he had secretly taped a conversation with a reporter, Karon Hall, who thought she was just providing background information to the program and did not want to go on the air. CBS wound up reprimanding Wallace for ‘a violation of journalistic ethics.’ The next time I spoke to him on the phone, he greeted me with thusly: ‘Hello, you prick.’ But he said it good-naturedly, having realized he was wrong.”

Really…can Howie be absolutely certain that Wallace really didn’t think he was a prick? In another zinger, as Kurtz puts it on the close of the piece, he writes of Wallace once again insulting/complimenting him during an interview: “This wasn’t work. This was a joy to come to this office every day and see people buzzing up and down the halls doing stories and reading a Kurtz column and saying he’s full of —.”

Meanwhile, Josh Gerstein over at Politico has a mildly interesting piece of grief porn about how he once got scooped by Wallace and watched him jump over a fence. Apparently old people can jump over fences. Read here. A much better example of getting scooped by Wallace comes from Seymour Hersh in The New Yorker. Read that here.

This grief porn by Patch Editor Todd Richissin is also well worth a read. Far better than Kurtz’s incessant patting himself on the back, this one speaks more brashly of how the author once made Wallace cry. Well, his eyes welled up. That counts.

In the not so egregiously annoying category, Mitt Romney advisor Kevin Madden recalls his Wallace experience on Twitter: “I was fortunate enough to work w/ Mike Wallace & his team on a 60 Minutes profile of Gov. Romney during the ’08 race.”

Fishbowl5 With Eagle Pub’s VP Joe Guerriero

Human Events is playing a game of musical chairs in its editorial department. Jason Materra, who came on board in April 2010, is out and Cathy Taylor, an op-ed writer at the Orange County Register, is in. Materra, the infamous ambusher, isn’t leaving Human Events. But he has been on his way out of his role as Editor for quite sometime as an outside recruiter has been slowly but methodically conducting a nationwide search for his replacement. Oddly, Materra, who is working on a new book called Hollywood Hypocrites, knew this was coming — higher-ups sensed he wasn’t a good fit for the top spot and told him so. Several inside sources say he wept over the news in an office meeting in early 2011. Brass swears it never happened and say those who may want to stick it to him are lying. By and large, employees are not surprised or upset about Materra switching roles. Furthermore, they don’t really care about his departure from the top role and some wouldn’t mind if he left altogether. As it was explained to FBDC, “He’s in a position where his talents are not being used properly. He should be in a role where he can roam around and do videos and the stuff he is known for. So there is a mismatch between the position and skill set.” So as Materra shifts into his new role after a recent surge of attention surrounding his dust-up with V.P. Biden, we spoke with his boss, Eagle Publishing’s VP and Group Publisher Joe Guerriero by phone Thursday morning. He was in a busy, noisy Manhattan hotel lobby, but stepped out into the street (car horns, traffic, etc..) to find some quiet and chat about the company shuffle. In his past…Prior to Eagle Publishing, Guerriero worked at Success as Publisher and Senior V.P. Before that he was the head of sales and marketing at Billboard Magazine. A Bronx native, he was a Catholic schoolboy who graduated from Mount St. Michael High School and Manhattanville College, where he taught for a few years. In 1982 he began his career selling advertising in the medical business followed by a decade at Crain Communications. For more on Guerriero, read Politico Patrick Gavin‘s story from earlier in the week in which he breaks the news of Materra’s in-house move.

1. How did you first meet Jason Materra? I met Jason after during 2010 CPAC. I had read a galley of his book Obama Zombies. I thought it was really well done, pretty expensively researched.

2. How did you come to hire him as Editor of Human Events? We had been looking to make a change [with] the editor position. But there was really nobody that was really emerging as terrific. Here is a talented, charismatic, young guy. Let’s give him a shot. We knew we were taking a chance putting him in this position. Is he really enjoying himself? It was clear that it wasn’t singing to him.

3. When did you realize that it wasn’t, as you say, singing for him? There was no moment really. There was no defining moment. I said, ‘Do you want to be a star in the conservative movement or do you want to be an editor?’ Basically he was enjoying the radio show and working on his book so much. I would always say, ‘Are you sure you want to be doing this, chained to your desk?’ He was honest. We were like, we love you, we want to support your career. I have weekly one-on-ones with all my staff [to discuss their lives and careers]. We determined right now that he needs to be doing books and TV and not building an editorial operation that we need to be competitive. There was no animus, no bad feelings.

4. Several sources have said they saw Jason cry about the news when it was first brought up to him earlier in the year. What do you make of that? Not once have I see him come close to shedding a tear. Whoever you’re speaking with clearly has a bone to pick. Jason is from Brooklyn. He’s not going to cry.

5. Tell me about the search to replace him. We had a number of people in and out of D.C. We had a recruiter out of New York handle the search. The search itself started with about 40 to 42 candidates in the U.S. and UK. Some were eliminated immediately. We got it down to five candidates. [Guerrriero suddenly returns to the previous question on Jason crying.] “If you just thought about it for a minute, it’s comical. I happen to love the person who would say something like that too.”

Bonus Q: Was Cathy the clear pick? She was number 1. The 1a was not from D.C. and had just relocated their family, and were not wanting to relocate their family. We had excellent candidates. I’d say she wasn’t our top choice from the beginning [but emerged as 1 in the end.]

More on Materra’s ambush techniques after the jump as Guerriero compares him to the Beatles…yes, you read that right, The BEATLES

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Morning Reading List 10.20.09

Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



Cuts at NYT was the topic of discussion on today’s Morning Media Menu with FishbowlNY’s Amanda Ernst.

Duke’s Chronicle catches up with WaPo‘s Dana Priest on investigative reporting.


Booking Wars: Is Don Imus having a hard time booking CNN, MSNBC and CNBC talent on “Imus in the Morning” on FBN?

Former NBC White House and Washington correspondent Kevin Corke has landed a new gig in Miami. He writes on Facebook: “FINALLY GOT A JOB! I am the new main anchor at WTVJ (NBC) in Miami. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers throughout. Come see me in South Florida!” We’ll have a Q&A with Corke on FBDC later today.

Maryland Public TV celebrates 40 years.


NPR’s “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me” is on the road. NBC’s Brian Williams will join the show from Carnegie Hall this week for the “Not My Job” segment.


The debate over health care reform is back as the biggest story last week, according to Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. This is the highest level of coverage since President Obama’s prime-time speech the week of September 7-13. But, obviously, late in the week, “balloon boy” captivated the media.


CBS remembered legendary CBS newsman Don Hewitt, who died in August, yesterday at the Time Warner Center. Morley Safer, Andy Rooney, Bill O’Reilly, Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, Mike Wallace, Rome Hartman, “60 Minutes” executive producer Jeff Fager, Les Moonves, actor Alan Alda and Hewitt family were present. “Don was utterly incapable of small talk,” said Safer. “Don liked to boast he could cut the Lord’s prayer in half and make it better.”

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, TVNewser, Politico

CBS Pays Tribute To Walter Cronkite

Watch CBS Videos Online

Katie Couric anchored this special report. has a special section commemorating the life and work of Walter Cronkite. It includes video from some of Cronkite’s most memorable reports, including his final Evening News broadcast.

Sunday’s “Face the Nation” was guest-anchored by Harry Smith, who was joined by Bob Schieffer, John Glenn and historian Douglas Brinkley to commemorate Cronkite. Check out Schieffer’s remembrances here.

“That’s the Way it Was: Remembering Walter Cronkite” aired in place of “60 Minutes” Sunday, with comments from Pres. Barack Obama, CBS News colleagues Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Don Hewitt and Katie Couric, as well as George Clooney, Robin Williams and Spike Lee. Susan Zirinsky, who once produced for Cronkite, was the executive producer.

CBS Statements On The Death Of Walter Cronkite

Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor, CBS Evening News, correspondent, 60 Minutes: “When I think of Walter Cronkite, I think of his high journalism standards, integrity – but most of all his humanity. I think he was so trusted because he exhibited a sense of purpose and compassion, night after night. He was the personification of excellence.”

Don Hewitt, executive producer, CBS News, creator of 60 Minutes and Cronkite’s first executive producer on the CBS Evening News: “How many news organizations get the chance to bask in the sunshine of a half-century of Edward R. Murrow followed by a half century of Walter Cronkite?”

Andy Rooney, 60 Minutes commentator: “I’ve been proud over the years to see Walter become, not just one of the best known people on television but one of the best known people in the whole world of people. He was proud of me, too and there’s no better feeling in life than that. I wouldn’t trade Walter Cronkite liking me for just about anything I’ve ever had.”

We posted earlier a statement from Sean McManus, President of CBS News and Sports. After the jump, statements from Les Moonves, Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Rick Kaplan, Susan Zirinksy, Charles Osgood, and more…

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Taking Out The Trash

• How does Fox News’ Brit Hume feel about the new puppy at the White House? Find out from The Daily Beast above.

• Another Fox News-er, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, is profiled in this week’s Broadcasting & Cable. “One could argue that such chops are in Wallace’s genes. [Sam] Donaldson disagrees: ‘If there had never been a Mike Wallace, we would just be looking at Chris as one of the premier interviewers.’”

• Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Cynthia Tucker is heading to DC. The paper announced today she is leaving her post as the editorial page editor to work as a political columnist in Washington this summer. (h/t Politico)

• You all know by now that the Obamas got their new puppy and WaPo had the exclusive. FamousDC points out all the reasons why TMZ is delusional for thinking they broke the story.

• WaPo’s Howard Kurtz on Politico here.

Morning Reading List, 07.17.08

july17 010.JPG

Good morning Washington. Where can you find the above bathroom in Washington, D.C.? Email us your guesses.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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