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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Last night…Fox News contributor and President George Bush’s Press Secretary Dana Perino filled in for FNC’s Greta Van Susteren, who said she was going  over to PR maven Tammy Haddad’s place to celebrate her birthday.

When life gets in the way of good journalism

“Now my wife’s vacuuming. So much for attempting to transcribe audio.” — Conservative blogger and former TWT’s Robert Stacy McCain in a Monday tweet.

C.S. Lewis causes Monday stir with D.C. journos

The saga concerning author C.S. Lewis started like this: Politico‘s Ben Smith: “5 yr old devastated by ending of The Silver Chair. #cslewis.” Then deep thinker extraordinaire, The Nation’s D.C. Bureau Chief Chris Hayes, jumped in, saying, “@benpolitico those books changed my life at exactly that age.” (Changed his life? Of course at five-years-old, the age when most people really try to find themselves.) The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs, however, jumped into the conversation in a Monday tweet to second the sadness of the books, saying, “@chrislhayes @benpolitico That series serves as a dry run for life’s more epic disappointments. Rem. asking mom if all of them were sad.”

Journo confronts the unexpected

“I have mashed potatoes in my hair. What a day.” — Social Media Producer Katie Rogers in a Monday tweet. We love this, of course, but earlier in the day, she wrote, “Scared to leave the building.” She told FishbowlDC she was referring to the wind. She thought she left it behind when she moved here from Chicago.

Moe Tkacik and Lindsay Lohan

“I am about as rehabilitated as Lohan, and less “employable.” I keep a lower overhead, at least.” — Former WCP‘s Das Krapital writer Moe Tkacik wrote Monday when asked if she’d been rehabilitated (not in the alcoholic/drug sense, but on Robert Stacy McCain featured above).

Ezra Klein, the movie buff

“I feel like Natalie Portman did not take the lessons of Black Swan to heart.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein on news that the actress is engaged and pregnant.

Washington Speak in Fort Lauderdale

“The Fort Lauderdale airport terminal 4 needs an earmark.” — MSNBC Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert in a geek-filled Monday tweet.

Measuring dorkiness

“Am I dork or do all people turn off a new album to catch @NPR @Wamu885news ?” — asked freelance journo Matt Laslo. To which The Takeaway’s radio scribe Todd Zwillich assured him, “That first thing.”

Speaking of, um, dorky decisions…

“I’m finally going to get serious about Google Reader. Not a New Year’s resolution though; it would never happen that way.” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a Monday tweet. > Update: A sassy Freed got snappy and declared, “I don’t mind you calling me a dork, Betsy, but I wrote that tweet last Thursday.” (Fine, Freed, you wrote the tweet last Thursday. We humbly stand corrected. We didn’t, however, call you a dork. We called your decision “dorky.”)

Cream puffs or push-ups: You decide

“Roommate Ryan just did 50 straight push-ups. I watched from the couch while eating cream puffs and drinking beer.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Monday tweet.

F–k you Facebook for fat friend

“Old high school peer now so large I’d never be able recognize that person now. It’s only been 5 years! #FuckYouFacebook” — The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Winkler in a Monday tweet.

The critic

“Disappointed tonight’s HuffPostHill included no animal pictures. For shame!” — Roll Call‘s Christina Bellantoni on HuffPost Hill, which usually has animals sneezing, dancing and doing other oddities.

Moe Talks

The breakup seemed inevitable.

This morning WCP and Moe Tkacik officially parted ways. WCP brass says she’s going to continue to write for them and they look forward to it. She says, “We haven’t worked out a contract yet, but it’s possible.”

Since shortly after she started in September, Tkacik’s relationship with Washington and the WCP has been somewhat strained. She describes its end as the conclusion of a long-running breakup — she volunteered that she relates more to the Vince Vaughn character, then tried to retract the comment. “Today is the day that someone somewhat impulsively changed their Facebook status update,” she said today over coffee at a cafe. “Will there be a relapse? Maybe if I start drinking heavily again.”

Tkacik, who was coughing heavily during our meeting with her, theorized that perhaps D.C.’s “monastic social life”  led to her recent bout with pneumonia. “Cough! Cough. Ack! Ack.”

She looks forward to a new year.

Tkacik’s Story Now With Editor’s Note

WCP‘s Moe Tkacik‘s story on Julian Assange’s alleged rape victims appeared in its entirety last night before editors yanked it. It’s back up today with the following editor’s note:

Editors’ note: This post was originally published late last night, without an edit by anyone else at Washington City Paper. Because of the subject matter, we unpublished it so we could review it. The post originally named the women who Julian Assange is accused of raping. Their names have been deleted. City Paper does not have a formal, blanket policy on whether to name victims of alleged sexual assaults, but in this case, it was inappropriate, and editors should have been consulted before the post was published. An update responding to critics of publishing the names has also been deleted.

Otherwise, the post has not been edited further, since it was already published, and copies of the original are available on the Internet.

Read the edited story here. Read the unedited version after the jump.

Read more

Tkacik to Leave Washington City Paper

Unrelated to matters of last night’s hullabaloo, WCP‘s Moe Tkacik is leaving the publication, FishbowlDC has learned. “Moe is leaving the paper, but we’ve asked her to continue to write for us as a contributing writer,” said WCP Managing Editor Mike Madden. “That decision is the result of conversations that started well before this post was published.”


Editorial Tussle at Washington City Paper

Oddities began happening at the Washington City Paper last night. The details are still sketchy, but here’s what we know: Writer Moe Tkacik published a story involving rape and “hot” women. Last night, a woman named Laura Greenback, calling herself a “reader/fan” asked Managing Editor Mike Madden over Twitter to remove the “victims’ names” from Tkacik’s story.

The story was pulled.

Tkacik, meanwhile, is livid. She said on Twitter, “Oh Jesus Christ. Hey, @mikemadden let’s be transparent, if you or any other @wcp superiors want to delete names and/or fire me, feel free!” She also wrote: “From my perspective, names were just the obvs way of keeping their stories straight. They’ve been all over internet, tweeting etc abt this.” And this: “And also no one except conspiracy theorists (but DEF not me!) is accusing them of doing anything wrong? Unless “being hot” counts! OHGODWHAT.” And this: “Also, I did not get the memo about how we were supposed to be all State Department “see no evil” abt accusers’ names at this point.”

In Tkacik’s original message last night on Twitter introducing her newly published story, she wrote, “Sigh. Never wanted to write about “rape” again in my life, but #mooreandme fememeists [sic] violated my brain too many times.” She then links to a story that no longer exists.

(A previous story by Tkacik on date rape appeared in Slate in May of 2009.)

Madden replied to a FBDC request for comment saying, “I unpublished that post late last night because I hadn’t seen it until then, and given the subject matter, wanted a chance to read it before deciding what to do with it. Since it was late, I decided to just take it down, rather than try to edit it on the fly, and look at it again this morning.”

We’ve also requested comment from Tkacik.

Story developing…

> Update #1: Tkacik’s story involved Wikileaks Creator Julian Assange and the women he was accused of raping, specifically naming them in it. In addition, just for purposes of keeping the time line accurate, Madden took the piece down after Tkacik tweeted about Madden and WCP deleting names and possibly firing her — that was not Tkacik’s reaction to her superiors taking down her story.

Morning Reading List 12.08.10

*WCP‘s Moe Tkacik slices and dices WaPo‘s baby liberal blogger Ezra Klein in this lengthy late Tuesday story that she dubs “a love letter.” I’d hate to run into these two in a dark alley. Things could get really ugly. Most delicious part: An obviously well ahead of his time Klein as a mere 6-year-old miraculously figured out how to keep his baby sister’s ice cream cold and avoid “wayward drips.” This is when Tkacik says Klein was at his most “innovative.” She says he then fell into a “deKlein.” An excerpt: “I am not entirely sure what happened in the interim to Klein, who at some point after this contest exited the cutthroat infomercial kitchen appliance industry and remade himself into a fixture of the Beltway punditocracy, but he has since transformed into a less interesting David Broder.” FishbowlDC requested comment from Klein. He never replied.

* Esquire pens a “different kind of obituary” for Elizabeth Edwards in which she talks to poor people down a dirt road while her husband puts on a fake political show (or so the author says).

* Politico‘s Patrick Gavin writes that SNL‘s Seth Meyers will headline the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Gavin writes, “The irony of Meyers’s hosting the dinner, of course, is that he’s been tapped by Washington reporters to perform before Washington reporters, even though it’s those very Washington reporters whom he frequently skewers.”

Moe Tkacik is Not a Dude

Ever since she moved to Washington in September, WCP‘s Moe Tkacik has been confused for a man. WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten e-mailed her assuming as much. In common party banter around town, she’s often referred to as “he” until the inevitable correction comes from someone more knowledgeable about the fact that she is a woman.

A quick hop on Google reveals telling things about her gender. She has written an explicit compelling first-person story about tampons. If you haven’t read it, please do, but be forewarned: it’s not for wusses. But if that doesn’t make her gender a dead ringer, she has written (again, a first-person account) of date rape. Read that here.

Tkacik, a slender blond with a feminine voice, has no prominent adam’s apple if that’s what you’re thinking. She thinks it’s funny that people confuse her gender and cracks up but is astounded when informed of it. “Why do people assume I am a dude?” she asks curiously.

Among the reasons: People see her name and assume that her sometimes hardcore  writing style is that of a man.

“That is so funny,” she says, when FishbowlDC tells her for about the seventh time in the past week that someone from the media has assumed she’s male. “Yes I am a chick; I have written fairly extensively about being a chick, too, is one of the weird things,” she says. “Have people heard of Google? When I Googled myself a few months ago “tampon” and “date rape” showed up as related searches.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC


Boy Band Special

“No, Jack Kingston, the last two minutes of the basketball is the boring hack-a-Shaq part where my wife says, ‘WHEN IS THIS GAME GONNA END?’” — HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins in a Wednesday tweet. (Who knows what he’s trying to say, but a day without Linkins writing in all caps is like a day without rainbows and puppies. Kingston is a Republican congressman from Georgia. Keep up the good work Linky.)

“Be specific. Not everything I tweet is serious.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Wednesday tweet responding to an accusation from a fellow tweeter.

“Yup! Just has the night off.” — The Nation‘s Chris Hayes in a Wednesday tweet responding to a question, “Is Keith okay?” (As in MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, for whom Hayes was guest hosting last night on “Countdown.”) But if you really want a quote that epitomizes Hayes, try this one: “As a sustained performance art project that investigates the depthless absurdity of the media’s recursive fascination with itself, it is without peer.” It’s from a story published Wednesday by WCP‘s Moe Tkacik and he is referring to, ahem, not himself but FBDC.

“United’s eastbound 777 cabin about a million times more pleasant than the 757 I flew west on.” — Liberal blogger and Center for American Progress’s Matt Yglesias in a Wednesday tweet.

“Ah, Hannukah. How you taught me the righteousness of wars for oil.” — Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman in a Wednesday tweet.

“@KimKardashian should seriously be ashamed of herself.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein in a Nov. 20th tweet (had to mine the trough). The story of shame involves the Kardashian’s new (and agreed, ridiculous) prepaid debit card. Read the Slate story he’s referencing here.

Fishbowl5: Palin’s Alaska Behind the Online Scenes

There are six episodes of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” to go. And today Brian Reich of “little m media” is going skeet shooting at a firearms training center in New Jersey so he and his staff of bloggers, editors and researchers can get a feel for the Palins. TLC hired Reich hired to do digital media promotion, which means two blogs, twice weekly podcasts and interviews like this in which we grill him about Palin haters and what he really thinks about Palin’s g-dropping.

He’s long winded (or else I’m impatient today) — at some points I interrupted his blather to dig for other details.  At times I held the phone in the air while he driveled thoughts that were never going to appear in print. Don’t miss Question #4. Turns out profanity is allowed on the site if it’s favorable for the show. So “fucking awesome?” Allowed. Fucking awful? Forbidden.

Let’s begin.

1. How do you feel about Sarah Palin dropping the g’s on the ends of her words? Since we deal with mostly in written stuff it ends up not mattering to us. When we transcribe things, which is not that often, we don’t drop the g’s. You write the words normally as in you don’t drop the g’s even if she does? In most cases, no. It’s nice because we try to support a conversation and she is definitely trying to express herself like a normal person would. That’s normal? I grew up in Seattle. I live in New York where there is all kinds of letters that are omitted. She is talking how she’d normally talk. Endearing is the wrong word. It’s humanizing.

2. Do you actually enjoy the sound of her words? I find the back and forth of the show amusing. I think they talk like a normal family, normal people that I know. I actually enjoy it. I know some people have criticized. I actually watch it and laugh out loud quite the bit.

3. As you know, there are a lot of critics of the show. What do you have to say to the naysayers? The whole reason why TLC hired me is because we knew people would have very strong opinions about Sarah Palin, her family, and what they thought the show was about. I think the naysayers that we’ve seen particularly on line, particularly the haters, refuse to come at it with that open mind. They predetermine what the show is about. Our approach is we’re not trying to change people’s views of her or the show. We’re trying to have an open conversation about it. Some people have been underwhelmed by the show.

4. Are there rules for what people can or cannot say online? We have clear community rules. We want the conversation to be appropriate, no foul language, no hate, no threatening comments. We are absolutely open to cultivating multiple perspectives. What do you do with people who break the rules? We’ve had to block them and remove them. We don’t want to do that. We give people wide latitude. Proper use of profanity is not going to get erased. If someone says that show is fucking awesome it’s not going to get erased. It it’s appropriate swearing. I think those numbers are fortunately getting smaller.

5.  What do you think of Palin? I met her two months ago when we outlined the digital social marketing strategy. We’re not promoting Sarah Palin. We’re pro TLC, we’re pro Sarah Palin the show.

Check out WCP‘s Moe Tkacik‘s recent offbeat interview with Reich here.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Photo credit: ABC’s Jake Tapper from Jakarta. Caption: “Coverboy”

Oh, baby

“Off my plane 5 minutes and a sober stranger has already called me baby. Hello, New Orleans.” — Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzy O’Leary in a Monday tweet.

So wrong (but funny)

“This may be a first: Just fixed a typo that read “public hair” when writer actually meant ‘pubic hair.’” — Washington City Paper‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden in a Monday tweet. Read the story he was referring to here. It’s by Moe Tkacik. The headline is: Author Sara Marcus: “Who Wants A Senator With Pubic Hair?”

‘It’s not him, it’s me’

“Trying to summon up the whatever-it-will-take to write a Conan review tonight. It’s not him, it’s me.” — WaPo‘s Hank Stuever in a Monday tweet.

Snappiest part of Bush-Lauer interview

“I resent it, it’s not true and it’s one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency.” — Former President Bush in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer Monday night on his memoir, Decision Points. Bush was discussing the moment when singer Kanye West said he didn’t care about black people.

Emptiness fulfilled

“I knew there was something missing in my life for months … and now it’s returned. @ConanOBrien.” — Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch blog in LA and DC.

Serious flattery for D. Shuster

“Good morning and thank you for accepting my friend request. I’ve have long admired the way you report by going straight for the truth. You asked the questions we all wanted to ask when you interviewed the movers and shakers in DC. Sir, you are missed.” — A Facebook message to suspended MSNBCer David Shuster on Monday.