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Mary Cheney Ties the Knot

It pays to have ties to V.I.P.’s

Considering that The Daily Caller‘s Publisher is Neil Patel, former Chief Policy Advisor to Veep Dick Cheney, it isn’t surprising that they were the outlet to spill today’s news that Mary Cheney has tied the knot. Cheney married longtime partner Heather Poe, a former park ranger and UPS manager, on Friday morning.

See the story.

BANG: The Daily Caller Gives Away Guns

To promote its “Guns and Gear” vertical, The Daily Caller is giving away one gun every week until Election Day in November. That’s 25 guns total.

The sound you hear is TWT‘s Emily Miller, who wrote a lengthy series called “Emily Gets Her Gun,” squealing through all of NW.

Winners of the giveaway will receive the FMK 9C1, an American-made high-capacity 9mm, according to a release. It comes in three colors and is engraved with the Bill of Rights.

“Like most Americans outside Washington, DC, New York City and most of our nation’s news rooms, large numbers of Daily Caller readers love guns. These people are already looking to our new Guns and Gear section for the latest product reviews and Second Amendment news,” said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO.

Trigger happy readers can enter by simply visiting this landing page and filling out a form with some basic information.

Noteworthy: The release says “The Daily Caller is the only major U.S. news outlet with a dedicated section related to firearms and firearm-related issues.” So much for “Guns&Patriots” over at Human Events.

Publisher Pranks Tucker Carlson

This week The Daily Caller‘s Publisher Neil Patel played a prank on Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson by circulating an email to staff with a conked out Carlson. The email included the following orders and accompanying picture:

“Brian Danza and Chris Bedford have volunteered to build a bar for our new party room.  Tucker will be assisting them on the project and will be reporting to Danza for this purpose.  Tucker sometimes falls asleep on the job so please help Danza and Chris by giving Tucker a little kick if you see it happening again.  Thanks.”

When told of the picture, Carlson fully admitted to easily being able to fall asleep in public. Carlson referred to Patel as his “evil business partner” and remarked, “I sleep like a golden retriever, often and in public, so the shot could have been taken anywhere. I don’t care.”

Got an office prank you’d like to share with us? Write us at or to me at

Bold Birthday Wishes for Tucker Carlson

Today is The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson‘s birthday. So we figured we’d take this opportunity to get others around town and beyond to help us wish him a happy birthday. At left is a photograph of what is apparently a red Daily Caller thong on the door to Carlson’s former office. We have no idea what it is doing there or why Carlson would leave it hanging on the doorknob. Photo credit: Anonymous.

Daily Caller Publisher Neil Patel: “Tucker, in honor of your birthday I have decided to refrain from telling Betsy Rothstein about the time in college that you wore a euro style banana hammock speedo on the beach in Nicaragua. Your secret is safe with me.  Happy birthday, Neil”


Raptor Strategies’ David Bass offers a poem:

From motorcycle to moped
From bow-tie to lengthy Foulard
As Tucker slouches toward middle age
His latest change is not hard

Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher: “I was going to get him a black velvet painting of Barack Obama Greco-Roman wrestling with The New Black Panthers, but I thought, ‘Does he really need another one?’”

Former Daily Caller online editor and writer Jeff Winkler, a D.C. refugee who is living and writing in Arkansas: “Since my former boss looks to be between the ages of 14 and 40, I don’t know whether to offer him a gentlemenly handshake or a ribbon-adorned pony. But considering that he once slashed me across the face with his fly rod, my B-day gift — sent courteous of the USPS — is a collection of photos from my recent nude escapade involving archery, yoga and bobbing for apples. And I’d like to promise him that we’ll meet up again in the near future, but that always seems to be taken as a threat. Regardless, I wish Tucker the best in the coming years. If Washington D.C. had any sense, it would follow North Korea’s example and build ‘towers to his immortality.’”

MSNBC “Morning Joe” Co-host Willie Geist: “Happy Birthday to my all-time favorite ‘bow-tyin’ white boy’!”

FBDC’s Peter Ogburn: “My wish is that he gets ANYTHING but a gun.” (Peter was once mildly threatened by Carlson. He’s slowly getting over the PTSD from that experience.)

Politico‘s Patrick Gavin: “Tucker, my wish for you on your birthday is that, if you ever turn me into a puppet, just make it a skinny, buff puppet.” (See relevant link here in which The Daily Caller turns a Capitol Hill press secretary into a puppet.)

The Weekly Standard‘s Matt Labash: “Back in the early 90s, when all things were possible and there was still dew on the world, I remember a young, reckless Tucker peering out of his cloud of smoke (he used to rip through two packs a day on the principle that ‘clear lungs are for pussies’)  while pronouncing, ‘I hope I die before I get old.’  He often spoke in song lyrics back then. It was part of his whole rock’n'roll lifestyle.  Now that he is old, however, I trust he’ll choose life, as his Wham! sweatshirt implored  (again with the rock’n'roll – but Andrew Ridgely was his hero).  If not, and he follows through on his original threat, I’ll be here for his family, his dogs,  and his bamboo fly rod, the last of which he should really think about willing me.  Now that you’re a senior citizen, Tucker, time to get serious about estate planning. Remember that in our increasingly accelerated world, 43 is the new 80. Happy birthday, old friend.”

Tucker Carlson and Scooter in the Flesh

Earlier in the week we reported that The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson has been bopping around town on his wife’s Vespa. We later heard from Daily Caller Publisher Neil Patel: “Here it is. It’s a little more feminine than the one you posted. Also, just so you know that we have a well-balanced office, this is my Ford F250 pickup truck.  I can fit Tucker’s Scooter in the back.”


Daily Caller Snags Politico Ad Guy

The Daily Caller‘s Publisher Neil Patel makes the announcement this morning that Aaron Finely is leaving Politico to join The Daily Caller as V.P. of Sales. Finley had been with Politico for five years. He joined just after the launch. Politico insiders aren’t acting fazed by this move. They used words like “rank and file sales guy” and understand his desire for more money and more of a leadership role. Finley’s title at Politico was “National Advertising Director.”

See Patel’s memo…

Read more

The Daily Caller Turns 2

The Daily Caller celebrates two years on the planet this week — what, no birthday shout-out in Politico‘s Playbook (h/t When Hell Freezes Over)?

It was January 2010 when The Daily Caller first burst on the scene. Like any start-up, they’ve lost people, gained people, snagged people back after they’ve lost them, and things are constantly changing. The DC is comprised of a wild, raucous bunch who don’t function well on rules — they have a keg in their ping pong room, they subsist on energy drinks and Marlboro Reds, they tweet their asses off, they go shooting in West Virginia, and they once had a reporter jump up on a desk and pull his pants down (no names on this one but you know who you are). And needless to say, they once threw their fearless fully-clothed leader, Tucker Carlson, into a swimming pool at the palatial mansion of Publisher Neil Patel.

There have been hard times, too. A firing with an ugly aftermath. Reporters leaving on bad terms. Ongoing fighting with Politico. Ill will with now BuzzFeed Political Editor Ben Smith — Carlson once wrote him, “The Daily Caller is ‘struggling’? What a ludicrous hack job, and stupid. Fuck you.” When asked about it, the editor replied, “I meant it with all sincerity.” Relations with Smith are still icy. Bringing on a Managing Editor with a rap sheet as long as the Nile — and having to explain it.

The Animal House rep comes through loud and clear in the colorful release sent out for the occasion by the brand new Hollywood-bred publicist Nicole Roeberg. In it, Carlson says, “We sent more reporters to Iowa and New Hampshire this month than all but a handful of long-established newspapers. We’re covering a lot of news, and we’re enjoying the hell out of it.”

Key Statistics (from the release):

·       Number of news stories filed on January 11, 2010: 18
·       Number of news stories filed on January 10, 2012: 33
·       Total number of unique visitors to since January 11, 2010: 36,2545,472
·       Number of opinion contributors to The Daily Caller: 1,568

Other noteworthy stats:

·       Number of beer kegs consumed from the office kegerator: 48
·       Number of boxes of Nicorette consumed: 3,823 (all by Tucker, except for 2 consumed by Neil)
·       Number of empty Mountain Dew bottles in the office at any given time: 26
·       Number of knees broken: 1

Happy Birthday to The Daily Caller!  As always, DC scribes, we’re only a click away so write us and spill your secrets.


Daily Caller Hires Hollywood PR Vet

Goodbye Hollywood. Hello, Washington.

Nicole Roeberg, a public relations and government affairs veteran with a fancy resume, has joined the staff as Director of Communications and Public Affairs. She’ll begin on Jan. 3.

In the newly created position, Roeberg will report directly to founders Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel and “be responsible for promoting the profile of the Daily Caller, booking reporters for media appearances and strengthening readership.”

Roeberg’s Twitter account reveals a woman who likes to check in and say where she is — be it the Congressional baseball game, Reagan Airport, My Sushi or Bourbon Steak. Or this: “I just unlocked the ‘I’m on a boat badge’ on foursquare.”

The canned quotes from the release: “I’m thrilled to be joining the staff of the Daily Caller,” said Roeberg. “Tucker and Neil have built an increasingly influential news site and I’m proud that they have entrusted me to help shape the image as we take the site to the next level.” Carlson added, “We’re grateful to get someone as impressive and experienced as Nicole to tell our story.”

Roeberg returns to Washington after a six-year stint in entertainment communications in Los Angeles where she most recently worked as a publicist at Prime Public Relations in Los Angeles, representing clients such as Graham King (producer of “The Departed”) and David Ellison (producer of “True Grit” and the upcoming “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”). She also represented screenwriter Aaron Sorkin in his publicity campaign for “The Social Network,” which earned him an Oscar, Golden Globe and Writers Guild Award in 2011.

Prior to joining Prime, Roeberg worked in corporate communications at The Endeavor Agency (now William Morris Endeavor Entertainment) where she worked closely with WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel. Before moving to LA, Roeberg spent five years in government affairs in Washington, where she was Director of Federal Affairs at the American Insurance Association.

Roeberg began her career working with GOP consultant Mike Murphy at Murphy Pintak Gautier Hudome.

The Daily Caller and Politico: War…and Peace

On Monday The Daily Caller loaded up the cannon and blasted Politico for it’s cozy ties to MSNBC. The charge: liberal bias. Politico reacted to the ugliness by going into a self-induced coma, staying mute on all of it. Even Fake Jim VandeHei responded on Twitter by asking, “What’s The Daily Caller?”

But by late Monday the rumor mill was whirling: Politico was coming after the publication with what was expected to be a hit piece on Executive Editor David Martosko, who came to the publication in July with no journalism experience and a long rap sheet.

Anticipation heightened. On Tuesday the piece by Politico‘s Keach Hagey emerged and it was…nice. It questioned Martosko’s truthiness in an overall condescending tone one might expect from a Goliath publication analyzing a smaller one “with growing pains,” but it also praised the two-year-old outlet — repeatedly and even allowed Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson to take a jab at Politico. She wrote, “To this day, Carlson won’t call the site conservative, only quipping, ‘I would say we are probably more conservative than POLITICO.’” The story concluded on a lighthearted note from a former Daily Caller reporter that seemed to save Martosko, a recovering alcoholic, if, in fact, he needs saving. Jeff Winkler, who left in August, told Hagey, “The only complaint I have against Martosko was his sunny disposition. His friendliness drove me to the bottle.”

To be sure, there was heavy chatter about the story at Carlson’s book party for Jack Abramoff last night. Just one Politico reporter, Patrick Gavin, attended.  Reaction was largely surprise that the story wasn’t scathing and disappointment that Politico didn’t have any real juice on them. “Weak” was among the words used. They wanted a worthy battle and instead got hit with Nerf balls. At least one party guest believes this is tactic — that Politico will eventually return fire with fire. It could come sooner than anyone thinks. Daily Caller Publisher Neil Patel went on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss what he believes are Politico‘s liberal leanings with host Steve Doocy, whom MSNBC’s Ed Schultz refers to as “Douchey.”

Back at the Abramoff party, there was heated discussion on which reporters cracked under Hagey and helped with her story. Many guesses. But no one would fess up, not even Roll Call‘s Jonathan Strong, who declined to comment for Hagey’s story and insisted in Carlson’s living room that he was not among the moles.

Read the full piece here.

Scribes Wrestle Tucker Carlson Into Swimming Pool

So much for dispelling that frat house image.

Last Thursday night The Daily Caller (a.k.a Lambda Lambda Lambda) held its summer party at the upscale home of Publisher Neil Patel and things got a little loosey goosey. And for The Daily Caller that’s not saying a lot because life there under the rule of a self-proclaimed Libertarian Editor tends to be sans rules as is. The party boasted a pie eating contest. There was also the inevitable tossing Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson into the pool. A party. A pool. An editor. Unruly, rebellious, jokester reporters. This was, in a word: INEVITABLE.

Late Wednesday a Daily Caller contributing reporter named Scoops Delacroix wrote a story on it. We had good intel on who “Scoops” was, so we asked Jeff Winkler, a full-time scribe, about his alleged piece describing the pool party. “Shaggy said it best: It wasn’t me,” he said. “But whoever this Scoops Delacroix character is, he’s got talent. Wouldn’t be surprised if one day he finds his own Deeper Throat.” He added, “That’s my official comment for you amoral and relentlessly vicious reporters.”

An excerpt: During the media mega-conglomerate’s pool party at Publisher Neil Patel’s
palatial mansion, Carlson was surrounded by several long-suffering staff
members and escorted from his berth near the dinner table to an undisclosed
location in the middle of the pool.

Employees who wrestled Carlson in the pool included Winkler (or ThatWinkler as his Twitter account says), Managing Editor Joe Kildea and business employee Brian Danza. This was mere moments after Danza lost a pie eating contest to an intern. Carlson was apparently a good sport about the whole thing — meaning he didn’t injure anyone, fire anyone or drown in the process. He’s also evidently a good swimmer. “Tucker makes Michael Phelps look like an amateur,” said Daily Caller Spokesman Kurt Bardella, who declined to comment on whether Carlson read the story about the party before it got published.

An FBDC reader wondered whether there was really a market for journalists writing about their workplaces in this manner. “Why would I want to read this? Why promote this? Is there a market for this?” But more importantly, what does this do for the publication’s image? (LAMBDA! LAMBDA! LAMBDA!)

The story made the rounds and a splash, so perhaps there’s the answer.

Note: Above left is a wet Tucker post dip taking a photograph with interns.