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International Center for Journalists to Honor NBC Richard Engel, Among Others

The International Center for Journalist’s annual awards dinner is coming up on November 7th in Washington, where Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News Richard Engel will receive the Excellence in International Reporting Award for his coverage of the Middle East.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer will be the emcee for the evening, and NYT columnist Nick Kristof will deliver the keynote speech. International journalists Roman Anin and Umar Cheema of Russia and Pakistan, respectively, will receive special honors at the event for their outstanding investigative reporting. During the night, the photography of Peter Turnley, whose work has been featured in NewsweekLIFE, and National Geographic, will be auctioned off.

Congratulations to all.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day: Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath

“DC ON ALERT: Outside White House, Pennsylvania Ave again closed to pedestrians.” — NBC News’ Peter Alexander with accompanying photograph. 

CAUTIOUS CORRESPONDENTS: “I don’t want to overly speculate because as you know early reports are often wrong, we could be way off base but clearly they are saying this was an explosive device, an improvised explosive advice, in other words, a bomb.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “We’ve been careful all afternoon, did not jump to conclusions.” — FNC’s Bret Baier.

Did someone say conclusions? “I’m getting suspicious with everyone telling me not to ‘jump to conclusions.’ I hadn’t, but now I’m beginning to …” — Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter.

Journo finds new ritual in wake of tragedy

“New weird post-tragedy ritual: I click ‘like’ on the ‘we’re ok’ Facebook status of friends who might not have been…” — Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox.

It’s a go. “Supposed to board a flight from New Orleans to Boston in 10 minutes. TSA and gate agent both still telling me it’s a go.” — Digital First Media Thunderdome’s Adrienne LaFrance, who also writes for WaPo and Nieman Lab.

Award-winning “too soon” quote: “I’m going to speculate the bomb was planted by cable TV talking heads.” — David Burge, Iowahawkblog.

Why he looked at gruesome Boston pictures: “I looked at the photos because apparently I just have to know how awful the world can be sometimes.” — Dave Stroup, Digital Director, Aneesh Chopra for Virginia Lt. Gov.

Coping, communicating: “Hispanic kid who work at Don Juan’s takeout counter translating reports of Boston Marathon explosion to non English speakers at table.” — InTheseTimes labor journo Mike Elk.

Mistakes bound to happen…“Post also reported 10 more dead than Boston PD are confirming.” — Seth Mnookin.

Don’t blame Boston scribes: “Boston is a hell of a news town. Great reporters doing what they do. All the wild speculation and rumors, not coming from hometowners.” — AP‘s Matt Apuzzo, who works on the Washington D.C.-based investigative team.

On Capitol Hill: “Mood extremely tense on Capitol Hill. Police evacuating grounds as precaution after Boston marathon bombing.” — Stephen Barton, Policy and Outreach Assistant at Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Reporter on the ground: “Fine. Reporting. I was 10 feet from explosion. Shaken up. But not a scratch. Worst thing I ever saw.” — Boston Globe reporter David Abel.

The Media Critics

“Seriously, @FoxNews? Best you can do is birther sheriff Joe Arapaio to discuss security? Really? #boston” — Politico‘s Steve Friess.

“When network news is good, its great. Brian Williams on NC right now is great stuff. Matt Lauer doing a standup from outside Mass General.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman.

Just the Facts

“#Boston police officer tells me bombs were packed with small metal objects meant to maim–nails, zippers, blades.” — ABC’s Terry Moran.

“Was interesting to watch nearly everyone in my Twitter feed automatically assume the New York Post was lying today.” — BuzzFeed‘s Rosie Gray.

Journalists emote on Boston tragedy… Read more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Picture courtesy of WaPo designer Tim Wong.

A big thank you to all who came swimming in the Fishbowl last night at Lost Society. Was lovely to meet some of you for the first time and let me just say, when The Daily Caller makes an entrance or an exit, they hardly ever do so quietly. To the reporter at the bar who told me he now gives all his scoops to BuzzFeed: Go to hell! Hilarious excuses of those who couldn’t attend the Belvedere Vodka-laced festivities ranged from a migraine and daddy duty to the evil sniffles, parking troubles, the payroll tax deal and being stuck in Cleveland to cover, what, the 2012 presidential election? You know who you are. A certain politico (meaning political person, not the Rosslyn type) didn’t show because he was undergoing — no joke — a cleanse. I will NEVER let him live this down. Another: “I am pre-taping stuff for president’s day, not sure when we will be done!!!” (I’m only joking — the excuses were funny and I hope you can show up to the next one.) A HUGE thank you to Dannia Hakki of Moki Media for making this happen. (More pictures later in the day…)

A Boston-based follower to WMAL’s Mary Katharine Ham: “Ok, honey.You keep believing in that magical sky wizard & letting him run your politics.” She replied, “Sexist AND incoherent!”

Henry vomit

A follower to FNC’s Ed Henry told him over Twitter: “I think your tweets are awesome, down to earth and informative and if some people don’t like they can unfollow-right? Just sayin.” Henry replied, “haha I think you’re a smart guy — thanks.”

Ahh, lovely commenters…

Reader Jo Ann Law McGrath remarked yesterday about this story: “‘Piranhamous’  Who is that? Small wonder there is no identity given. I just remembered why I stopped reading this hogwash.” To which FishbowlDC regular Larry Kelly retorted, “Then what are you doing here, smelling your computer?”

Obama refuses to sing

“At the Apollo in NYC Jan 19th, Pres Obama sang a bar of Rev Al Green‘s ‘Let’s Stay Together,’ but tonight said he won’t do it again.” — CBS White House Radio Reporter Mark Knoller. “Pres Obama declines to sng Rev Al Green song with Rev Al Green in the room at campaign fundraiser tonight.”

In Memoriam

“60 Minutes extends its sympathies to the family of NY Times reporter Anthony Shadid, who died Thursday covering the conflict in Syria.” And NYT‘s Nick Kristof: “Anthony Shadid was as great a person as he was a correspondent. Indeed, his humanity forged his journalism. RIP”

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Fine I’ll admit it: I like 90s on 9 on sirius.” — Politico‘s “Fast Break” Jake Sherman in his first ever victory of this award. Congratulations Jake!

Note to readers: We’re off for Presidents Day. We’ll see you back here in the treacherous waters on Tuesday.