charlieproject_wallA debut screening of the new documentary film, “How Washington Really Works: Charlie Peters and the Washington Monthly” is set for next week at the New America Foundation. A reception and conversation on the role of the Washington Monthly and media in politics will follow.

Filmmaker Norman Kelley, who will be on hand at the event, explores the life and career of Peters and his influence on the journalism industry. Peters’ career began in 1969 after he left the Peace Corps.

The film highlights how Peters ran the Washington Monthly on a “shoe-string budget.” According to a release, it features candid memories by some of today’s leading journalists of their own experiences under Peters “tough love” approach to editing,  and humorous demonstrations of his legendary editing technique called “rain dancing.” The doc also examines the culture and dysfunction of Washington, D.C. and the media.

Washington’s media dysfunctional? Who thinks that?

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