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Morning Reading List 03.24.09

Good Morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 64 covering the Obama administration and week eight for us. Happy Birthday to Mary Ann “The Sleuth” Akers (Playbook). What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



The Ann Arbor News will close in July after publishing as the city’s daily newspaper since 1835, publisher Laurel Champion announced. Heavy losses in revenue drove the decision. Champion said the current “business model is not sustainable.”

Bill Kristol on who many have called his “replacement,” Ross Douthat: “He’ll do a great job.

NYT on anonymous sources.


President Obama hits the airwaves with his economic message. Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal says Jay Leno may just be the start- and he has some interesting ideas for the President. “He could empathize with the boys of ‘Two and a Half Men’ if their mother has to move in. He could explain to folks on ’90210′ why they should have bought homes in less-glitzy ZIP codes they could actually afford. He could visit ‘Flip This House’ and tell them to just knock it off already.”

Fox’s Glenn Beck responded to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann on his show last night, invoking Tim Russert. “If you miss him, you should become him… When journalists decide that the only thing that sends a chill down their leg is integrity, well then maybe America will be able to trust them again.”


NPR audiences reached a record last year, driven by widespread interest in the presidential election, and the general decline of radio news elsewhere. Audiences for its daily news programs hit 20.9 million a week, a 9 percent increase.


FishbowlNY: Perhaps those newspaper folks currently directing their ire at Arianna Huffington may want to reconsider their target in the hopes that she will divulge her company’s “mostly secret” Google search-engine optimization tactics. AdAge is reporting that major media companies are pressuring Google to elevate their “expensive online content” to the top sphere of Google’s search results.

From DCist, When Snarky Local News Blogging Goes Wrong- is NBC4′s website over the top?


Yesterday, WaPo book critic Ron Charles posted on Twitter that The New Yorker was considering reducing its frequency. You could practically hear the sound of 600 media reporters picking up their phones in response, but soon New Yorker editor David Remnick denied the rumor.


Secretary Hillary Clinton’s State Department has “embarked on a digital diplomacy drive aimed at spreading the word about American foreign policy and restoring Washington’s image.” Read more here.

In a report called “Getting Away With Murder 2009,” the Committee to Protect Journalists has found that violence against the press often goes unpunished. “Our findings indicate that the failure to solve journalist murders perpetuates further violence against the press,” said CPJ’s Joel Simon.

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Morning Reading List, 01.12.09


Good morning Washington.

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More on Tribune’s DC Woes

Earlier on FishbowlDC:

Source: McManus Out As Bureau Chief Soon…
The LA Times: Basically Without A DC Bureau
BREAKING: Cissy Baker Named Tribune Bureau Chief
Tribune Changes
Update: Tribune Changes
More LA Times Departures In DC…
Willman Out At LA Times
Update: Tribune Changes

From Phil Rosenthal:

    Chicago Tribune parent Tribune Co. this week pulled the trigger on the long-expected consolidation of its Washington newsgathering operations.

    The move in the nation’s capital to reduce personel, coordinate coverage and share content across the company’s various print, broadcast and interactive outlets has been widely anticipated since Sam Zell, Tribune Co.’s chairman and chief executive, criticized the bureau’s structure and size as “unequivocally economically unjustifiable” nine months ago.

    “One of our primary goals was to avoid duplication of stories,” Cissy Baker, the company’s long-time Washington broadcasting chief who on Friday was named to head Tribune Co.’s entire newsgathering operation there, said in a Thursday note to employees characterizing this as “an exciting new time at Tribune’s Washington Bureau.”

Read the rest here.

Morning Reading List, 09.29.08


Good morning Washington.

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Morning Reading List, 08.14.08


Good morning Washington. Who won yesterday’s Hottest of the Hotties contest? Join us after the jump…

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We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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Notes From Zell’s DC Meeting

Earlier on FishbowlDC: “Zell Makes A GREAT First Impression” and “Four

The Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal has more from yesterday:

  • ‘Break down these … walls,” Sam Zell told print and broadcast staff Tuesday at Tribune Co.’s Washington bureau, part of the boss’ tour of the company’s various media properties, and you can bloody well guess what the ellipsis is for if you’ve been keeping tabs on Zell’s road shows to date.

  • To Zell, the bureau isn’t home to reporters from its Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Newsday and Los Angeles Times. Rather, it’s a single, overstaffed Tribune Co. cost center that doesn’t produce any revenue. According to several in attendance, Zell said the competing “fiefdoms” are an embarrassment.

  • Zell noted the Chicago Tribune has greater cash flow than the Times, but the Times has more than twice the number of staffers in the capital, at 54. Times bureau chief Doyle McManus corrected him, pointing out Los Angeles’ number is actually 47. ( Chicago, it turns out, has 16.)

    “Your revenue is down 20 percent,” Zell fired back. “How many of the 47 did you get rid of?”

  • Morning Reading List, 08.23.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Update on yesterday’s Tammy Haddad / Hardball story:

      Clarification from MSNBC: “Tammy remains MSNBC’s VP, Washington and will continue to oversee all of our political coverage, including super Tuesdays, primary coverage, debates and the College Tour.”

  • You admitted it. You do in fact miss your interns. It’s the reason why that is up for debate.

  • Eric Boehlert writes, “MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough caused a media stir last week when he claimed that on-the-clock MSNBC newsroom employees brazenly jeered President Bush while watching his 2003 State of the Union Address. Personally, I don’t buy it. At least not the way Scarborough described it”

  • The Politico has hired Sara D’Angelo as its new media coordinator and producer. Sara joins them from WTOP Radio

  • Gross Generalizations About Old And New Media

  • Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal writes, “there’s no reason to think Tribune Co. shareholders, as a group, will reject at Tuesday’s meeting the second half of billionaire Sam Zell’s plan to take the company private at $34 per share through considerable debt and an employee stock ownership plan.”

  • From Eat the Press: “‘I’m Sorry, Brian Williams!’: Truth And Wristiness, Part II”

  • Bloomberg reports, “ComScore Inc., seeking to give its customers more detailed information on the habits of Web users, changed its method of measuring Internet searches to include queries sent to search engines by other Web sites.”

  • From a tipster: “Is that Tucker on Washington Post Radio this morning? It is!”

  • Jack Shafer: “Already Chewed News: What my beloved newspaper has been reduced to serving.”

  • According to a release, “The 2007 MacArthur Fellows, awarded by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, will be announced on Tuesday, September 25th. … Awarded to talented individuals in a variety of fields who have shown exceptional originality in and dedication to their creative pursuits, MacArthur Fellows receive $500,000 grants that are bestowed with no conditions — recipients may use the money as they see fit.”

  • has “A Few Tips for Media Types Who Strive to Do Wrong Better”

  • “Last week was one of the most varied in the news so far this year. The week’s biggest story, the 2008 presidential campaign, made up only 8% of the news hole in PEJ’s weekly News Coverage Index, which examines 48 different news outlets.”

  • “One in four adults read no books at all in the past year, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Tuesday.”

  • From Information Week’s Stephen Wellman, “Chalk this one up to the great moments in unintentional irony department. I just received an invitation to “the industry’s first BlogWorld and New Media Expo.” What’s interesting is that the only people who can get in with a media pass are traditional press. Just what kind of blog and new media show is this?”

  • From Meetup: “The Organizer of The Washington Blogger Meetup stepped down without nominating a successor. If no one steps up as
    organizer by September 6, this Meetup will disappear forever.
    You can keep this group of 390 Bloggers together by taking over
    as Organizer.” For more info, click here.

  • CNN’s Peter Bergen will offer “an insightful progress report on the war on terrorism” today at a luncheon at the Capital Hilton Hotel presented by the NCC International Committee. Register here.

  • Tonight, The Newseum and the National Archives present “50 Years After Little Rock: The Media and the Movement” at 6:30 p.m. at the National Archives at 7th and 9th Streets, N.W.

  • Poynter Online reports, “As Crain’s ChicagoBusiness (a clear competitor to BusinessWeek-Chicago) notes, BusinessWeek is going to launch a local print edition in Chicago as a ‘guinea pig’ and move into other cities if it’s successful in the Windy City.”

  • Gawker asks, “How Is The Nearly Ad-Free ‘New Republic’ Surviving?”

  • Hollywood Reporter reports, “Personal time that consumers spend on the Internet is rivaling their TV time, with user-generated content and networking sites among the most popular destinations for entertainment seekers.”

  • Chicago Tribune’s Steve Johnson writes, “If you’ve paid any attention to news-and-information Web sites lately, you’ve noticed that most are trying to dress them up with the latest Internet fad, video. These efforts are only intermittently effective. A reporter or columnist reading his piece aloud just feels like a naked ploy to keep you glued to the site a little longer, unless that writer has the vocal charisma of James Earl Jones. A video of a profile subject, on the other hand, can greatly enhance a print story.”

  • The Extreme-ness, in perhaps his most Extreme post ever, calls the Washington Post Sunday Magazine’s “Guess What’s Different About These Photos” “stupid” and does a bit of Photoshopping himself.

  • From DCRTV reports,Emmanuel Touhey is the new producer for public radio outlet WAMU’s nationally syndicated ‘The Diane Rehm Show.’ He spent the past nine years working as a producer with DC-based C-SPAN, covering Congress and the White House. Touhey is a native of Ireland, and came to the US in 1993. He began his career as an intern at BBC Radio in Northern Ireland.”

  • It’s Dennis Kucinich v. ABC News.

  • SFist asks, “Is Digg Going To Be A ‘Classified Killer’ Too?”

  • Rapt VP: Free Online Content Could Tip The Balance For Newspapers”

    The Fallout Round-Up:

  • In a “release,” Hottest Male in PR Nominee Ben Goldstein said, “I commend the Manjoo Commission for their findings. The report certainly confirms suspicions that our legal team had during the recount. …That being said, the courts have spoken and while I disagree with their ruling, I must respect it so that our democratic institutions shall remain intact. My ego, however, has fallen apart like Britney Spears trying to simultaneously manage her kids and a liter of Boone’s Farm in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.”

  • Brian Beutler says, “Thank you to Farhad Manjoo</strong — no doubt one of Salon's courageous outsiders–for having the stones to make public what I and nearly all of liberal Washington were too selfish to report ourselves."

  • Kay Steiger says, “I guess it must be a slow news month.”

  • Jossip has this to say: “Which just goes to show, only ugly people care about looking good online.”

  • Don Whiteside at Metroblogging says, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty well prepared article and nicely linked to a bunch of related and supporting information. But I can’t be the only person who thinks he’s more likely to find a sober Kennedy than an accurate online poll, can I?”

  • Atlantic’s Matthew Yglesias points us to the hotties themselves for a response!


  • Banyan Global is seeking Communications Analyst for International Development.

  • The Center for American Progress is looking for an Editor for

  • Voice of America is looking for a News Division/writer.

  • National Public Radio is looking for an Associate Producer, NPR Digital: Arts & Features.

  • The Hill newspaper is looking for an Online Producer.

  • The Institute of Medicine is looking for a Communications Officer.

  • Vandenburgh Media is looking for an Administrative Assistant.

  • ThinkFoodGroup is looking for an Assistant to Chief Creative Officer/Chef

  • Kelly McCormack is leaving The Hill to join the Peace Corps

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext