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Ask Piranhamous Anything

Today we have another installment of: “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” And we do mean anything. Send your queries to This isn’t an advice column — Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple, funny and insightful.

1. Have you seen Meghan McCain around this week in your travels at the GOP Convention in Tampa? Have you tried to chat her up? Thank God, no. Was she there? Who cares. I did not see her, but I wasn’t looking. I’m here till tomorrow morning, so I could still run into her (ouch!). While I didn’t see her, weirdoes and losers were well represented in Tampa. Slate’s Dave Weigel, not in the loser category, was in the house, running around town to everything he could get to and sweating. A lot. “Lady’s manRich Miniter could always be counted on to be on radio row in what looked to be the same purple shirt on two different days looking like a fat, sweaty Barney the Dinosaur desperate for attention. All the Fox News blondes were in full effect, legs everywhere but no sweat. Maybe their contracts don’t allow them to perspire. And the convention floor was crawling with every Republican standing near the sign for their home state for pictures and interviews and sweating. But no, I didn’t see Meghan. Yet. But you guessed it, wherever she is, she’s sweating too.

2. What’s the weirdest sight you’ve seen this week? It’s not so much the signs as it is the clothes. Protestors were kept so far away that you wouldn’t even know they existed. I didn’t see any but I heard stories. But the clothes, oy! Who’d a thunk an American flag was so versatile? I haven’t seen American flag socks, but I’d guess that was only from a lack of studying delegates’ feet. And the sea of cowboy hats was something to behold.

3. What do you think about Yahoo! News’s Bureau Chief David Chalian being fired for his hot mic slur. Do you think he should have been canned? Hell yes! What an idiot. You’d think a member of the media, which lives for open mic moments from politicians, would be acutely aware of the microphone. Nope. At the end of the day, all David did was vocalize what many of his colleagues think. Saying so on a set with microphones was just dumb. When anyone does something that asinine they should be fired. Don’t cry for David, I’m sure he’ll be working at HuffPost or some similar quality outfit in no time.

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Editor’s Convention Timing is #$@%ing Impeccable

The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko had near perfect pitch timing last night during opening night of the GOP Convention speeches in Tampa. As the rest of the political reporting universe was writing about Ann Romney (ooh, she’s so stunning!), Nikki Haley (pretty necklace), Chris Christie (big, big speech!) and the rest of the gang, Martosko chose smack in the middle of Christie’s keynote to mention how readers can sign up to be on a cigar list complete with prizes.

“Sign up for The Daily Caller’s #Cigar Hunter list for emails and prize giveaways –> [visit here],” he wrote at 10:40 p.m.

As some readers know, Martosko recently began penning a biweekly cigar column. And he apparently can’t get the smokes off his mind because he mentions them wherever he goes, including extensively in a red meat speech he gave recently in Colorado at an anti-politically correct ATF party.

In other Martosko news, because there are really never enough Martosko tidbits to share, rumor has it he’s staying with former TWTer and bestselling author Rich Miniter on his boat. Boat buddies! That’s so special. We can only imagine the smoke coming out of the underground cabin.

For his perfect timing and tone, we’re giving Martosko this tuning fork. If nothing else, he can use it on Miniter if he gets out of hand. We reached out to Martosko — so far he’s at a loss for words.

Fishbowl Summer Superlatives – THE RESULTS Part Deux

On Thursday, we began rolling out the results of our Summer Superlatives and today, you get to meet the rest of the winners. Thanks for voting.

Today’s results kicks off with the Best Dressed category. This cage match was between Politico’s Ken Vogel and Kate Nocerra, WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart, RCP’s Erin McPike, and CNN’s Kate Balduan. This contest wasn’t even close. While we had a feeling Capehart would be the clear winner, he was a very distant second to Kate Balduan! Congrats, Kate. Your prize is a $1 gift card to Fashion Bug!

Moving right along, we asked you to name Washington’s Best Writer. Your choices were The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash, The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, NJ’s Major Garrett, NYT’s Mark Leibovich, Ashley Parker and Maureen Dowd, WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty, HuffPost’s Eliot Nelson, and Washingtonian’s Luke Mullins. This one was a close one to call. It was a two-man race between Garrett and Labash, but in the end, Major Garrett came through and was voted the winner. It should be noted that today is Garrett’s birthday.

Which Washington journo is Most In Need of a Salad? We asked you to choose between Politico’s Jonathan Allen and Jonathan Martin, Slate‘s Dave Weigel, HuffPost’s Peter Cherukuri and Jason Linkins, FNC’s Bob Beckel and Bret Baier, and author and former TWTer Rich Miniter. This was another category where it wasn’t even close. The FNC team of Bob Beckel and Bret Baier were the heavy favorites and waddled walked their way to an easy victory.

Next up, we had the category that saw more votes than any other, Sexiest. Your sultry selections were AP‘s Steve Peoples, Atlantic Publisher Justin Smith, Washingtonian‘s Kate Bennett, Real Housewives of D.C.’s sassy stylist Paul Wharton, CNN’s Brianna Keilar, NBC4′s Doug Kammerer and Maynard Institute’s Richard Prince. The winner by a slim, sexy (and consenting) majority was Brianna Keilar.

On the other side of the coin, we have Who is Most In Need of a Makeover? Your choices were CQ Roll Call (the entire publication), The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle, TWT’s Stephen Dinan, DCRTV’s Dave Hughes and Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher. Once again, this was a two-man race between Christopher and Boyle. While Christopher just looks generally disheveled, the overall train wreck that is Matthew Boyle was voted the winner. Congrats, Matt. We hear that Paul Wharton may be available to help turn you into a beautiful swan.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Best On-Air Personality. The heavy-hitters on this list were ABC’s Jake Tapper, The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, CBS’s Bob Schieffer and Nancy Cordes, HuffPost‘s Sam Stein, and WaPo’s Nia-Malika Henderson. At the end of the day, the experience of Schieffer couldn’t keep up with your winner, Jake Tapper!

Congratulations to all of our winners.


Ask Piranhamous Anything

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another installment of: “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” And we do mean anything. Send your queries to This isn’t an advice column — Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple, funny and insightful.

1. What the hell do you make of author and former TWTer Rich Miniter and Daily Caller Executive Editor David Martosko going to Morocco together?

On the week when The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful is announced you often forget about their lesser known list of 50 Most Bob’s Big Boy Look-A-Likes, so that’s for bringing up this year’s winner and runner-up. To be completely honest, much like a solid BM, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about these guys after I flush. They can have each other…no one else wants them.

2. What’s your take on journalists injecting themselves into their stories or making themselves the stories as is the case of CNN’s Anderson Cooper coming out of the closet or Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher revealing that he has autistic children?

Cooper being gay was about the worst kept secret in Washington, everyone knew it and no one really gave a damn. Much less well known is the story of Tommy Christopher. Not about his children, but who he is. Never before has someone gone by so many names who wasn’t in the witness protection program, and still no one knows who he is.

3. What’s your reaction to Norah O’Donnell moving to the CBS Morning show with Gayle King? Should Oprah be jealous?

Oprah should be jealous of no one. But given the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson situation, she might want to keep an eye on Stedman.

Journos Rough it in Morocco Courtesy of the King

With his tumor extracted and his mood vastly improved, The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko certainly is taking life by the balls these days as he heads off to Morocco to smoke cigars and do God knows what along with Rich Miniter, the ex-TWT Editorial Page Editor and bestselling author. Miniter is quite a catch. He makes enemies with most anyone he meets and even wound up in court on domestic violence charges that eventually cleared.

Quite a romantic duo. We can hear it now… “We’ll always have Casablanca,” Martosko might murmur on a moonlit evening.

Both men took to Facebook this week to brag about their voyages and the “coverage” they’ll be doing of the king’s coronation. Martosko has been referring to the trip as his “junket.”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day


“Just saw Callista sign bunch of autographs with first name only, #madonna-like” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

Blogger witnesses double trouble aboard train

“Elderly twin sisters board the Acela and sit next to me. Except they meant to board regular Amtrak. Emotions are running high!” — American Enterprise Institute’s Columnist and Blogger Jim Pethokoukis.

The Traveling Boybanders

“Oy. Long delay in ATL, America’s dullest large airport.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias.

You’ve been warned…

“Headed to IA in 26 hours, to write stories like ‘In Iowa, it’s up for grabs’ & ‘Republicans want to try to win this election’” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Memorable Metaphors

“Listening to @MichelleFields preach about journalism on @cspan is like Chef Boyardee talking about fine Italian cooking.” — FBDC Washington-based reader Eric Wilkens.

“Loved the news today. Michelle Fields is changing the face of journalism and I’m so happy she’s the Christ that has risen! — FBDC reader who signed his note, WWMFD? Anonymous.

Want to intern for PBS’s “Washington Week” with Gwen Ifill? Read more about it here.

HuffPost or BuzzFeed?

“The top 10 animal news stories of 2011.” See here.  — Answer: HuffPost.

Isn’t it ironic? Just back fresh and rested from a ski trip, BigGov Founder Andrew Breitbart engages us in a Twitter battle royale Tuesday on sexism and fairness in covering conservative journos. What we learned from him: He thinks much of the free world (except those who write for his sites when they’re not busy digging up pictures of 4-year-old girls to use for pedophilia accusations against other conservative journos) is sexist and biased when covering conservative media. But  Breitbart wears blinders when it comes to the sexist pig in his midst. In the middle of all that, I get a reminder from LinkedIn about my invitation from former TWT Editor Rich Miniter, who was involved in a domestic violence dispute last summer and subsequently cleared of the charges. Still, Miniter isn’t the bell of any ball in Washington. An FBDC reader who knew of the Miniter invite writes in, “You’re a toilet today, shit flying at you from all over. And this one is a literal piece of shit.”

And now a word from a Breitbart goon: LastBrainLeft: “@FishbowlDC Bitch, your entire twitter feed is an exercise in progressive, liberal partisanship. The more you tweet, the deeper the hole.” And a note for FBDC’s Peter Ogburn from damning “Darcy”: “You’re kind of a dick. And jealousy is…well, you’re a dick, anyway.”

Three Views of the Michelle Fields’ C-SPAN Video

“How low does the bar have to be for her to clear it? Her biggest accomplishments in journalism are getting knocked over while being where she shouldn’t have been in Occupy Wall Street and having Matt Damon swear at her. Next stop: Pulitzer!” — Anonymous conservative male D.C. journo.

“I’m a conservative woman and I sure as hell don’t look to her for anything other than hair tips. Andrew Breitbart is off the mark here by like a a continent. The lack of oxygen at the ski resort is making him confuse a two-bit dimwit for a serious female conservative political leader. And I’m quite sure that Palin, Bachmann et al don’t want to be lumped in with this child.” — Anonymous conservative female D.C. journo.

I don’t understand where all this vitriol towards her is coming from. She’s done bold work; if only other young people were as driven as her. Agree or disagree with her politics, she’s done bold work” — Jeff Loveness, Michelle Fields’ boyfriend, in comments on FishbowlDC.

James O’Keefe is a big Fields supporter

“CSPAN interview w/ video journalist @MichelleFields. DC reporters could learn things from her.” — O’Keefe in a Tuesday tweet. O’Keefe considers himself a “community organizer of citizen journalists.”

Convo Between Two Politico/Media Types

GOProud Founder Jimmy LaSalvia: “Hey Prince Charming, call me. I need to tell you where to find me New Year’s Eve.” Slate’s Weigel: “You have my number.” LaSalvia: “Dave Weigel did you just come out?”


How to Get on FNC? Make Deals, Lobby Hard and Have Some B*lls

FishbowlDC has obtained an internal document floating around Fox News in which former TWT Editorial Page Editor and best-selling author Rich Miniter lobbies to appear on and create news packages for several FNC shows. He seeks appearances in exchange for three alleged videos, including one four-minute al Qaeda training video from the Sahara.

Miniter appeared on “Hannity” Wednesday night. He did not discuss what he pitched. Instead the segment was about the mystery missile launch off California that the Pentagon later announced was a plane. Miniter suggested it was a toy. The other guests laughed. A network insider remarked, “There was no earthly reason he should have been on Hannity Wednesday night talking about that missile. He made a complete fool out of himself and the show.” The lobbying letter Miniter wrote to Fox News was addressed to Brian W. Doherty, FNC producer and writer. We hear he also lobbied FNC Executive Producer Brian Gaffney on the matter.

In the letter, Miniter claimed a high-ranking intelligence official handed him the “never-before-seen” DVD of al Qaeda training, another video of them dividing the spoils following a fight with Niger’s army, and a third video of an al Qaeda leader named Abdul Hamid abu Zayd, who was personally responsible for killing British backpacker Edwin Dyer.” In total, he explained, he had three unseen videos.

“So here’s the deal I’d like to work out,” Miniter wrote. “I’d like to give this [sic] videos to Fox and make appearances of [sic] several major Fox shows talking about the video. I’d also like to work with Catherine Herridge on a reported package. If you could let me know who to talk to, that would be great.” Herridge is an American Homeland Security correspondent for Fox News.

FishbowlDC has requested comment from Fox News PR on the matter. Should we get a response we’ll run it. One publicist’s email bounced back and says she is out until Monday. We’ve sent the request to another publicist  in hopes of a response.

Whose Shoes: Revealed

We are ridiculously late in posting the owner of the our most recent shoe parlor game. Our apologies.

Among the guesses was former TWT Editorial Page Editor Rich Miniter, who some may recall was involved in a summer domestic violence dispute. The owner of these bad boys is TWT Editor Sam Dealey. He purchased them in the Sudan. As for the price tag, he reasoned, “There are some things a gentleman simply does not discuss.”

One media type joked, “I’ve seen those shoes 1000x. and I hate them each time. I cannot believe Sam wore those shoes in public.”

Miniter ‘Very, Very Happy’ With Peanuts

Peanuts_gang.png As FishbowlDC reported Thurday, TWT settled a lawsuit put forth by Rich Miniter, a former employee of TWT. Miniter claimed he was “very, very happy” and got “everything he wanted.”

But “everything” is a tricky word.

A settlement agreement obtained by FishbowlDC states: “TWT agrees to pay Mr. Miniter the gross sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars.” And that $20,000 doesn’t appear to include his lawyer’s fees.

Miniter, who worked as a consultant for TWT from October 2008 to February 2009 and then as Editorial Page Editor until TWT dismissed him from daily work activities in July and fired him in November, said TWT owed him a quarter million in fees. He said this on record, but quickly asked FishbowlDC to take it down, insisting he had been speaking off the record, which is untrue. In any event, a $20,000 settlement minus $250,000 in fees can’t equal “very, very happy.”

Miniter further told FishbowlDC…

Read more