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Richard Miniter Mocks Japanese People On Facebook

Author, journalist and lawsuit, er, cigar aficionado Richard Miniter recently converted his Facebook profile to a fan page. The move came after Miniter failed in October to lure more than a handful of “fans” to the separate fan page he originally tried to start for himself. (He claimed it was because he has just too many friends, even though the Facebook max for friends is 5,000 and he’s not anywhere close to having to worry about that.)

Strange how Miniter — who Betsy describes as someone who “makes enemies with most anyone he meets and even wound up in court on domestic violence charges that eventually cleared” — can’t find fans without making “friends.”

But that’s hardly the most pathetic part of Miniter’s recent changes.

He has a new book out that contains the pointless revelation that President Obama allegedly delayed the bin Laden raid a few times at the suggestion of his adviser Valerie Jarrett. Had the raid not happened and not been a complete success that saw bin Laden killed and no Navy SEALs lost, this “scoop” might matter. As it stands, it’s just kind of lame.

But he’s got to sell books and a big part of being successful in Washington is giving the impression that: A) you already are and B) you don’t really need it. To that end, Miniter posted on his “fan” page a picture of him signing copies of his new book. For most people, simply posting a photo with a caption that describes what’s happening would be enough, but Miniter isn’t most people.

The caption he provided manages to take his self-promotion from pathetic to bigoted.

He captioned it saying his brother took the shot and that his brother “digs these candid photos.” For a candid photo, it’s rather strange to see the book’s cover so prominently featured. Like perhaps a staged picture might look.

But aside from the photo, which looks about as comfortable as a size 30″ belt on Ed Schultz, his caption doesn’t stop there. He continues, “My view of photos: If you’re not a girl, a car, a gun or Japanese, you shouldn’t be in a photo more than twice a year.”

For a guy who shouldn’t be making even remotely sexist cracks about women given his past, that seems a little unnecessary. But the really offensive part is the racial stereotype about Japanese people. They love taking pictures, get it? Those crazy Asians! How sad.

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CPAC Day 2 Awards

I returned for Day 2 of CPAC on Friday because – A) I hate myself, B) I was paid to, C) I had nothing better to do, or D) all of the above. There is no wrong answer.

It wasn’t all that bad, to be honest. Here’s the best (it’s all relative) of what I saw.

Coolest Celebrity – Allen Covert. Who is Allen Covert, you ask? If you’ve ever seen an Adam Sandler movie, you’ve seen Allen. He’s also the star of “Grandma’s Boy,” the video game and weed loving comedy from a few years ago. (It’s very funny, check it out on DVD.) Very unassuming, very nice, very funny and very short.

Uncoolest Celebrity – Callista Gingrich’s hair. OK, that’s mean, and unfortunately, true. But there really weren’t many celebs running around today, and Callista’s hair IS something to behold. Victoria Jackson was spotted, but this category has the word “celebrity” in the title, and she doesn’t qualify.

The “Everywhere” Guy – Dave Weigel. Slate’s blogger was everywhere today. Every time I turned around he was in my face. So much so that I checked behind the toilet when I closed the door in the stall. For the record, he wasn’t there. At one point I saw him wandering around with an open laptop, as if he was trying to type and walk simultaneously. He even found time to attend the reception for Fred Karger, fringe presidential hopeful. That he even knows who Karger is shows that he was absolutely everywhere today. Now that I think of it, I probably should’ve looked closer behind that stall.

The “I’m Here, Please Notice Me” Guy. The winner of this category wasn’t there today (I could tell by the lack of cheap cigar stench and frightened looks on the faces of women), but he took to Facebook to defend his winning this yesterday. Former TWT Editorial Page Editor Richard Miniter, last spotted looking desperate to be recognized in the lobby bar, wrote of his award, “…one has to pass through the bar to get to the hotel restaurant. And I was stopped by several people…” That’s simply not true, there are several ways around the bar, and none require pirouetting in the middle of it. I await his acceptance speech for this award as soon as this pops up in the Google alert he clearly has on his name. Editor’s note: As we’ve previously noted on this site, all domestic violence claims made by former political aide Italia Federici against Minister were dismissed in a court of law. Federici pleaded guilty in June 2007 to tax evasion and obstructing the United States Senate investigation into the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal. She got four years probation.

Biggest Entourage – Author and Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter. The tall, slender bomb-thrower marched through the blogger’s lounge, radio row and the book signing area with quite an entourage. But, unlike many of the self-important crowd around town, Ann’s gaggle wasn’t Turtle, Johnny Drama and “E,” it was security. And she needed it. Believe it or not, Ann has a lot of people who don’t like her much. Not many of them attend CPAC, but it only takes one.

Smallest Entourage – Grover Norquist. The bearded brain of the anti-tax crowd would have won the “Everywhere” Guy award, but he didn’t show up to Fred Karger’s party. Short of that, he was everywhere else, and usually by himself or with just one staffer. I’m not sure anyone talked to more reporters, bloggers, podcasters and random dudes who just wanted to say “hi” than Grover.

Most Rousing Speech – BigGov’s Andrew Breitbart. Anyone who says “bullshit” from the podium at CPAC and gets a standing ovation for it is a personal hero. But simply dropping a “bovine turd” wasn’t the only time he brought the crowd to their feet, it was just the last of many standing ovations Breitbart got for a speech that took shots at the media, the President, Democrats in general and the “Occupy” crowd. Even admitting he had been so distracted that he hadn’t showered, while gross, got the amped-up crowd going.

Least Rousing Speech – Radio personality Laura Ingraham. Some people in the crowd liked it, but they probably also believe she’s a nice, friendly person. Canned speech, “meh” delivery and you have a big whiff.

Don’t stop reading now. More awards after the jump…

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CPAC Day 1 Awards

I went to CPAC today so you didn’t have to. After spending 35 minutes getting the runaround trying to register (whatever their system is, it sucks), I got my lanyard and was on my way. Here’s the best (funniest or saddest) of what I saw.

Coolest CelebrityChuck Woolery. He was spotted all over the place, radio row, blogger’s lounge and smoking. One of the things I overheard most was, “Dude, was that Chuck Woolery?” Yes, dude, it was.

Uncoolest Celebrity Kirk Cameron. He was there, not many people cared. Maybe it’s just been too long since Growing Pains, or maybe too many people saw the “Left Behind” movies. Whatever it was, people looked, then kept moving.

The “Everywhere” GuyAndrew Breitbart. He was a flash of white hair bolting past people constantly. Either he was always late or absolutely determined to be on time. Either way, he seemed to get where he was going.

The “I’m Here, Please Notice Me” Guy Richard Miniter, bestselling author, formerly with TWT. When he wasn’t on radio row hoping to be asked for an interviewed, he was spotted standing in the middle of the lobby bar desperately looking around for someone who wanted to talk to him, and probably buy him a drink. Pretty big fail on all fronts.

Biggest Entourage – Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). You couldn’t get very close to her if you weren’t a member of the media. Not many members of the media wanted to.

Smallest EntourageJoe the Plumber. Only had his wife in tow, wearing cowboy boots, suede jacket and a baseball cap, he was every bit the “everyman” as people stopped him constantly.

Most Rousing Speech – Sen. Rand Paul. He had the crowd rocking. His dad won’t be here but only the die-hard Ron Paul fans seemed to care.

Least Rousing SpeechSpeaker Boehner. He threw the red meat to the base but they didn’t seem to buy it. Support for him is wavering among many CPACers after perceived “caves” to the President.

The Dave Weigel Award for Being Dave Weigel Slate‘s Dave Weigel. The guy was all over the place, talking to anyone. Some people gave him grief for being Dave Weigel, but his spirits were high, even though he seemed to have put his iron on low. A collection should be taken up to buy him hangers because dressing out of wadded up bags of clothes, while maybe clean, doesn’t ooze professionalism.

The “Big Deal” AwardTommy Christopher. Mediaite’s White House correspondent took time away from the White House to visit a conference of people he holds in contempt. Yes, he holds everyone in contempt, but it was nice of a self-described “public figure” such as Tommy to take time out of his busy schedule to hound people with his tri-pod and mingle with a sick voice that makes him sound like he has diphtheria (yeah, we don’t know what that is, either, but it doesn’t sound good).

The “I’m So Over It” AwardMark Block. Block, Herman Cain‘s former campaign manager, was not, repeat NOT, spotted smoking, just reading emails on his phone. For the record, the mustache looked great.

The “WTF Are You Doing Here?” Award – Suspended CNN analyst Roland Martin. That the guy found himself with time on his hands isn’t shocking. That the liberal commentator chose to spend it at CPAC, was.

I tried to count American flag shirts but lost count at a number just north of our national debt.


Summer Superlatives: Most Scandalous

From sleeping with sources and mile-long rap sheets to open drug abuse and domestic violence charges, we think you’ll agree that all of the nominees for Most Scandalous deserve special recognition for their shady behavior.  But it’s up to you to decide which one will be marked with a scarlet letter ‘S’ for the next year.  Your candidates are… Forbes columnist and former TWT editor Richard Miniter, Daily Caller’s David Martosko, GQ’s Ana Marie Cox and Reason’s Mike Riggs.  Throw a stone and cast your vote now!

Miniter Puts Out Release Saying ‘Miniter v. Moon Settles’


This just in…

Richard Miniter, who was also involved in a domestic violence dispute this summer, has released a statement saying his other lawsuit, the one against TWT, has settled. He says he’s pleased, ie., “very, very happy.” What that means isn’t clear. In his release, he won’t spill on details.

The release:

The case of Miniter v. Moon, et al, has been settled. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. Richard Miniter said: “I am very, very happy with the equitable and just result.”

“I wish the Washington Times the best of luck in future endeavors. In my time at the paper from October 2008 through October 2009, I assembled a first-rate team of writers and editors, reformed the layout and design of the print and online opinion pages, and saved the paper more than $1 million dollars in operating expenses by streamlining operations in the opinion department, trimming print costs, and other reforms. I am delighted that most of my editorial team remains in place and that every day they continue to put out a compelling, interesting, and conservative editorial page.”

Miniter’s attorney, John Shoreman of McFadden and Shoreman, has filed paperwork to withdraw the federal complaint as well as the action before the EEOC.


The domestic violence case involving Italia Federici seeking a lengthier restraining order from Miniter is pending. Miniter is expected to appear in court on it in the fall. As for the TWT case, Miniter tells FishbowlDC, “I can tell you that I’m very happy with the outcome. I’ve gotten everything I wanted. They owed me almost a quarter million dollars in unpaid [fees]. I had a contract with them that they stopped paying, that and using my name to promote the paper without my permission and various other related claims.”

We’ll keep you posted…

TWT‘s Slevin Addresses Miniter Allegations

This evening, Jonathan Slevin, TWT‘s acting publisher addressed staff via memo about accusations of discrimination, an EEOC complaint filed by Richard Miniter and rumors about the pub in the “blogosphere.”

In the memo, Slevin requests of his staff, “that during this time of transition you read certain newspaper and blog reports about this organization with a discerning eye.”

If I may be so bold…I’d like to suggest that TWT begins communicating with their staff and the journalists that cover their organization less than two business days after scandalous stories about the paper hit the Web. I mean, really?

Memo obtained by FishbowlDC after the jump.

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Morning Reading List 11.18.09

Photo courtesy of C-SPAN: C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb, then C-SPAN President Paul FitzPatrick, and Sen. Byrd.

Good morning FishbowlDC! Congrats to Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) who becomes the longest serving member of Congress today. The above photo is from June 1986 on the day Senate coverage began on cable-funded C-SPAN2.

What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday the 18th of November…



Yesterday, investigators in NYC raided delivery offices for the New York Times, the New York Post, the Daily News and El Diario as part of a corruption probe into a powerful union.

The Examiner has a copy of the complaint filed by TWT‘s Richard Miniter against his employer. Miniter alleges religious,age and disability discrimination against TWT.

All eyes on Murdoch as newspapers ponder digital future.

Nostalgia: While cleaning out his home, Andy Medici ran across a 1955 toy printing press that promises you can “print your own newspaper.” If something doesn’t give, we might have to do just that.


YouTube has signed up NPR, Politico, The Huffington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle for YouTube Direct, a new method for managing video submissions from readers.

Time Warner Inc. has set the date (Dec. 9th) for its long-planned spinoff of the AOL division.


Ba ha! Levi’s johnston is saving print media!

Bloomberg has named Time magazine’s Josh Tyrangiel the editor of BusinessWeek.

Newsweek taps Bush aide for Obama reporting.


AP Layoffs Begin: One cut from Washington Bureau.


Seems the Redskins drama has suddenly taken a back seat to the media drama. Wise responds to Kornheiser.

TWT‘s Miniter Files Complaint: Forced to Attend Moon Mass

Wash TimesMIA editorial page editor Richard Miniter is filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the paper today.

According to TPM, Miniter will ask the government to enjoin the Times’ assets based on offenses of age, disability and religious discrimination. Among other allegations, Miniter claims he was forced to attend a mass wedding of the Unification Church (Rev. Sun Myung Moon‘s church).

TPM has the full scoop here.

Tonight: “Celebs” Compete for DC’s Funniest Crown, Moran & UCP

• Who’s DC’s funniest celeb? FBDC will be on-hand tonight at the DC Improv to find out. “Celebs” include: Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, US News and World Report‘s Anna Mulrine, Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, TWT‘s Richard Miniter, WDCA-TV’s Count Gore De Vol, Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA), Rep. Jackie Speier, Austan Goolsbee, Chef Geoff and Examiner‘s Mark Tapscott.

We’re bigger fans of some of the judges… they include the GEICO Gecko (seriously?!), Time‘s Karen Tumulty, Politico‘s Patrick Gavin, Chicago Trib‘s Clarence Page, NJ‘s Nora McAlvanah and the Examiner‘s Julie Mason and Gina Sacrapanti, among others.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games for this event… Check out WaPo‘s Amy Argetsinger‘s reporting yesterday. Funniest Celebrity Charitable Fund CEO Richard Siegel responded here.

Follow us on Twitter for updates (of jokes, and more likely, crashes-and-burns).

• ABC’s Terry Moran, Emmy-nominated actress Cheryl Hines, Office of Disability Employment Policy Assistant Secretary Kathy Martinez will celebrate United Cerebral Palsy’s “60 Years and Onward” at the Four Seasons. Moran will serve as the master of ceremonies to UCP’s event.

Morning Reading List, 08.22.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Most of you opt for the free cup of joe at home.

  • An ABC release announced, “For the sixteenth time in seventeen weeks, ABC’s ‘World News with Charles Gibson’ was the #1 evening newscast among Total Viewers, Households and Adults 25-54. Averaging 8.01 million Total Viewers and a 1.9/8 among Adults 25-54, ‘World News’ outperformed NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ by 580,000 Total Viewers and 190,000 key demo viewers. This marks ABC’s highest Total Viewer delivery in three months (week of May 14, 2007).”

  • USA Today ad revenue down almost 16 percent

  • Michael Skube says “The hard-line opinions on weblogs are no substitute for the patient fact-finding of reporters.”

  • “‘Lone Survivor’ Book To Be Universal Film

  • The 7,523th time we’ve seen this article: “Goodbye to Newspapers?”

  • Poynter Online’s Amy Gahran delves into the debate of the full-v-partial feed issue.

  • Mother Jones is still making a push to raise $60,000 for a new Washington, D.C., news bureau. To contribute, click here.

  • Richard Miniter offers, “An inside look at scandal and the perils of publishing what one insider calls a ‘sociopath.’”

  • “American Journalism Review, the influential but financially troubled media journal, could face a shutdown by year’s end.”

  • New Rankings Controversy — Over Community Colleges


  • The Council on Foreign Relations is looking for a Associate Director, Communications and Marketing.

  • AARP Services Inc. is looking for Web Content Producers

  • Greenpeace is looking for a Media Officer.

  • Bisnow on Business is looking for an Editor-in-Chief.

  • Salisbury Daily Times is looking for a Page Designer/Copy Editor

  • Times Community Newspapers is looking for a Reporter.

  • Reuters is looking for a News apprentice.

  • is seeking a Video Producer

  • MacNeil/Lehrer Productions is looking for a Foreign Affairs/Defense Reporter for NewsHour.

  • Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is looking for a Part Time Sports Producer

  • Cox, Matthews and Associates is looking for a Web reporter.

  • Public Strategies, Inc. is looking for a Principal, Media Relations

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