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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Journo risks meat purchase at convenience store

“Took a chance on some carne adovada at a convenience store in Alexandria after Dave Alvin show (typically terrific). Adovada almost as good.” — Albuquerque Journal‘s Washington Bureau Chief Michael Coleman in a weekend tweet. For the cuisine-challenged, carne adovada is marinated pork that typically comes in a burrito or taco.

Something easily applicable to Washington life

“My new pet peeve? People WALKING and texting- slamming right into me or stepping on my dog and sometimes onto the bumper of my car! @Oprah” — Comedian Ali Wentworth in a weekend tweet. She’s also the wife of ABC GMA’s George Stephanopoulos.

Bio of the Day

Fake Howard Kurtz: King of all MSM. Philosopher of conventional wisdom: Beltway style. CNN host, former WaPo‘er & now @TheTinaBeast’s bitch. Location: Deep in the Beltway. Twitter debut: June 14, 2011. Goal: Garden variety sarcastic ridicule of Kurtz.

My Source, My Source, My Source

My source told me what my source was told. Did someone misinform my source? I don’t know. It is what it is.” — Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain to The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong, who asked McCain, “Is your (anonymous) source 3rd or 4th hand? Just curious.” McCain wrote on The American Spectator blog Friday that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is expected to announce her presidential intentions this week. Palin replied over Twitter, “Really? Hmm, guess they forgot to inform me what I’m ‘expected to do’ next week.” McCain updated his post with the above Palin line and this remark: “OK, fine, governor, but I was reporting what my source had been told. Has my source been misinformed?” We think he’s going to be waiting awhile.

Picking a new Twitter handle for Weiner

“In the spirit of true bipartisanship, let’s help @RepWeiner choose a new Twitter name. Keep it clean (or not) #WeinerGate #Tcot #p2″ — Sean Hannity’s Hair in a weekend tweet on what ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) new Twitter handle ought to be.

A TV journo does Father’s Day

“Woke up to my 4 year old and 1 year old jumping on me! Best morning – breakfast – church and a little batman and iron man play in between.” — FNC anchor Bret Baier in a Sunday morning tweet.

TV bungles

Former CNNer Larry King confuses Saddam Hussein for Osama Bin Laden. He quickly corrected himself with help of CNN Host Howard Kurtz on “Reliable Sources.”

WaPo‘s conservative issues blogger Jennifer Rubin melds ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner and BigGovernment‘s Andrew Breitbart into “Andrew Weiner.” Again it’s Kurtz to the rescue. “Anthony,” he says. Rubin quickly corrects herself and explains that Breitbart was also a central figure in the Weiner scandal.

Media Travel Complaint Desk

“Re my flight debacle, I finally took off from JFK 3hrs late. My PA spent night sleeping on airport floor and just got to LA. Outrageous.” — CNN talk show host Piers Morgan in a weekend tweet. Earlier he wrote, “Two hours on runway. No info re when we will take off. Clear outside, no rain. PATHETIC. Why do people just accept this crap?”

“Witnessed the @UnitedAirlines computer outage craziness first hand picking my brother up at Dulles tonight. Confused reigned.” — The Hill‘s Keith Laing in a weekend tweet.

A boisterous D. Shuster counts down to ‘Countdown’

“2 days and 19 hours until the debut of Countdown with @keitholbermann. Thrilling to be part of the team!” — Current TV’s David Shuster in a weekend tweet. Shuster will serve as a primary guest host for Olbermann when O can’t make it. The program begins on tonight at 8 p.m. on Comcast Channel 107.

Editor backs away from scary fast food line

“Line for Shake Shack at Nats Park was terrifying. Retreating to friendlier ground. #HelloChiliHalfSmoke” — WCP Managing Editor Mike Madden in a weekend tweet. After three weeks of Weiners, we think he should have battled the Shake Shack line and ordered a cheeseburger.

The modern sex scandal

“Digital evidence is the new blue dress.” — The Daily Beast‘s John Avlon on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday.

A weird weekend convo between two journalists

BigGovernment‘s Andrew Breitbart: “@joanwalsh I apologize for being mean to you, yo wanna have sex?”

Salon Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh: “Thanks @AndrewBreibart, I’m just going to choose to take that in the nicest possible way tonight.” (Dear Readers: This was a spoof Breitbart tweet, notice the one “t” — so not from the real Breitbart.”)


Conservative Blogger Mocks Alyssa Milano

Rabid Conservative blogger and former Asst. National Editor for TWT Robert Stacy McCain is a real class act online. After actress Alyssa Milano, who was in Washington recently for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, remarked on being followed and stalked, McCain tried to (jokingly) get BigGovernment’s Andrew Breitbart on her tail.

Real funny stuff, McCain.

Milano: I expect to have my picture taken on red carpets. That’s my job. Being followed 24/7 & stalked, is not. That is harassment.

McCain: “AndrewBreitbart Are you following @Alyssa_Milano? Because everybody should, you know.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


MEAN MEN: Chris Matthews and Bill Maher are fat joke connoisseurs.

Maher makes Christie fat joke

“Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, you know who I’m talking about, Governor Lard?” — HBO Real Time Host Bill Maher on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews from Los Angeles Tuesday. He was discussing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (pictured at right). Matthews also has a great affinity for Christie weight jokes. At an appearance last December at the Ritz in Georgetown, Matthews wondered how Christie was going to balance the budget — what was he going to do, start with, supper?

R Blogger Down on Matthews

“Chris Matthews doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid, but he certainly is in a position of market dominance.” — Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain in a Tuesday tweet.

A nice blend of weirdness

“Quick glance at Twitter tells me Schwarzenegger got the D.C. panda pregnant. Also, the panda just left @TBD for a job at Huffpo.” – Joshua Hatch, adjunct professor at American University, in a Tuesday tweet.

Airport reading diet

“Hour 5 at LAX. Inevitable mag buying binge has occured, financed by delta food voucher. #priorities.” — Politico health care reporter Sarah Kliff in a Tuesday tweet with the accompanying photograph.

The Observer

“Washington DC is a city full of young, neatly dressed people who actuate their ambition through deference.” — Former NYT scribe Jennife 8. Lee in recent tweet.

Devious journo

“I just confused some lost Italian tourists in Adams Morgan by using the Latin ‘Quo vadis?’ thinking they would easily understand.” — WCP Asst. Managing Editor Michael Grass in a Tuesday tweet. The phrase means “Where are you going” or the more commonly used, “Whither goest thou?”

DSK sex scandal banter continues…

“DSK spends $3000 a night on a hotel room. What so many could do w/ that kind of money. Like pay for my dental surgery!” — NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard in a Tuesday tweet.


“We checked for a ‘Washington Post MasterClass’ on how to revive a dying news publication but, alas, nothing.” — A line in the Tuesday evening edition of HuffPost Hill. WaPo is offering new classes in everything from digital photography to Inside China to The Wines of Bordeaux.

An aide’s compassion for pols

“Even when politicians screw up, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them when pundits openly mock, laugh, and ridicule them mercilessly.” — Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) Communications Advisor Amanda Carpenter in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Schwarzenneger sex scandal joke…

Maria Shriver announces plans to cut off Arnold’s ‘Gang of Two.’” — Congress Matters and Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman in a Tuesday tweet.

Alex Pareene Apparently a Bigot For Wanting to End Bullying

In an odd post earlier this week, right-wing blogger and former TWT editor Robert Stacy McCain accused Salon‘s Alex Pareene of being a bigot based on a piece Pareene wrote expressly admonishing bigotry.

In response to a Tennessee state legislator who wants to ban public elementary and junior high schools from addressing homosexuality, Pareene wrote that supporters of the bill are “numskulls and bigots.” In state legislatures, he said, “where the national press seldom ventures…these morons are basically able to pass any fool idea.”

McCain didn’t like this. He called the article an audition for a “front-page gig at DailyKos” and said he understands that “Pareene hates him some Republicans. And loves him some gayness.” He also took issue with the Salon story’s last graph, where Pareene jokingly wondered, “Why a man named Stacey [note: the Tennessee legislator's first name is weirdly also Stacey] would want to make it more difficult to help children who are victims of homophobic bullying.” McCain said he had been “gay-baited.”

Conclusions: So, Pareene doesn’t want to ban talking about homosexuality in public schools, criticizes those who do, and is a “bigot” for doing so. McCain, meanwhile, advocates for the re-institution of “corporal punishment” in the form of paddling to stop bullying. Sounds like Stacy might need that paddling.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Journos


Tschida gets backhanded (?) compliment

“Complained about looking old. Photographer said “Just don’t get another facelift.” ANOTHER? weird but kind of a compliment i guess.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in a Monday tweet.

Publicist woes: Her head is exploding

“Fever, chills. burning throat and exploding head only made tolerable by the care and snuggling of a soft, purring cat who actually seems to give a damn.” — D.C. Publicist Wendy Gordon in a Monday tweet.

Overly ambitious spell check

“My phone just changed a misspelling of don’t to dong. No, autocorrect. No!” — Politifact founder Matt Waite in a Monday tweet.

Advice for CPAC  sickies

“BTW tip for everyone sick from #CPAC – use that antibacterial stuff after shaking hands with people #campaigntrick.” — D.C. Social Media employee Matt DeLuca in a Monday tweet.

Gossip girl watching – what else? – gossip TV

“Finally catching up on all that #gossipgirl. Yay!” — Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab in a Monday tweet.

Conservative blogger bashes MSNBC’s O’Donnell

“Watching some douchebag on Lawrence O’Donnell. “Hey, let’s do an entire segment about a competing network.” #GeniusProgrammingStrategy” — Conservative blogger and former TWT Editor Robert Stacy McCain in a Monday tweet. (Of course, FNC never does this.)

Bras are so handy

“CPAC11 nerd alert. When business cards fall out of your bra as you unpack because you didn’t have anywhere else to put…” — Houston Chronicle blogger Kat McKinley in a Monday tweet.

Tapper’s wife joins Twitter

“@jaketapper I signed up for twitter for you on V day. Love you!” — Jennifer Tapper, otherwise known as @MrsTapper, in her second ever tweet. She’s the wife to ABC News’s White House Correspondent  Jake Tapper. She was first featured on Gawker Monday for opening the account. To which MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie remarked: “Well this is a pleasant surprise: @MrsTapper makes her appearance on Twitter. now that’s love. #valentinesday.”

Valentine’s Day Dinner with ‘Stanford

“Deciding where to go for dinner tonight last minute with my Stanford Blatch.” — Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch blog in a Monday tweet. Stanford Blatch is Carrie’s gay best friend character from “Sex in the City” who has been referred to as the “Fifth Lady.”

Robert Stacy McCain May be the Loser of CPAC Coverage

While Politico‘s Alexander Burns drew the strange ire of conservative Robert Stacy McCain for Burns’ weekend Winners and Losers of CPAC story, others populated the beat. McCain complained about Burns working for Politico and being a Harvard grad, saying neither qualified him to judge CPAC. He referred to him as “Harvard boy.”

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza released his list today. The Daily Beast ran an editorial by former GOP strategist for President Bush Mark McKinnon, president of Maverick Media, who weighed in with this story. Cillizza named Mitt Romney and Rep. Michele Bachman (R-Minn.) as winners and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) and Ron Paul as losers. McKinnon went into greater depth about the attendees.

McCain, in his reverse snobbery, may want to also attack Cillizza for graduating from Georgetown. He may leave McKinnon alone since he was a song writer early on and studied at The University of Texas at Austin. He could be “Austin Boy.”

Blogger Gets Feathers Ruffled by Politico‘s Burns

Blogger and former TWT editor Robert Stacy McCain (at left), who writes at, is not happy with Politico‘s Alexander Burns (below). Burns wrote a piece yesterday with the winners and losers of CPAC. But McCain wants to know: “Who anointed Alexander Burns as the Decider?”

McCain says Burns is “a liberal columnist for a liberal newspaper” and his Harvard degree is a bad thing because “every Harvard graduate acquires the right to tell the rest of us what to think.” He points out that Burns graduated from Harvard in 2008. McCain, meanwhile, graduated from Jackson State University in Alabama. His career began at the Cobb News-Chronicle, which no longer exists. Obviously, McCain thinks somewhat recent college graduates from Ivy League schools are all morons. We think we get it.

One particularly bitter commenter, Rick Caird, said Burns must be from the “Ezra Klein school of journalists,” referencing WaPo‘s liberal blogger (and occasional professor). He went on: “That school does not bother to pay its dues or earn its position other than by dint of having graduated from some seemingly prestigious school. Klein is constantly making the mistakes fitting of a child journalist. I expect the same from his twin brother Burns.”

We’ve reached out to Burns and Klein for comment, but haven’t heard back.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Last night…Fox News contributor and President George Bush’s Press Secretary Dana Perino filled in for FNC’s Greta Van Susteren, who said she was going  over to PR maven Tammy Haddad’s place to celebrate her birthday.

When life gets in the way of good journalism

“Now my wife’s vacuuming. So much for attempting to transcribe audio.” — Conservative blogger and former TWT’s Robert Stacy McCain in a Monday tweet.

C.S. Lewis causes Monday stir with D.C. journos

The saga concerning author C.S. Lewis started like this: Politico‘s Ben Smith: “5 yr old devastated by ending of The Silver Chair. #cslewis.” Then deep thinker extraordinaire, The Nation’s D.C. Bureau Chief Chris Hayes, jumped in, saying, “@benpolitico those books changed my life at exactly that age.” (Changed his life? Of course at five-years-old, the age when most people really try to find themselves.) The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs, however, jumped into the conversation in a Monday tweet to second the sadness of the books, saying, “@chrislhayes @benpolitico That series serves as a dry run for life’s more epic disappointments. Rem. asking mom if all of them were sad.”

Journo confronts the unexpected

“I have mashed potatoes in my hair. What a day.” — Social Media Producer Katie Rogers in a Monday tweet. We love this, of course, but earlier in the day, she wrote, “Scared to leave the building.” She told FishbowlDC she was referring to the wind. She thought she left it behind when she moved here from Chicago.

Moe Tkacik and Lindsay Lohan

“I am about as rehabilitated as Lohan, and less “employable.” I keep a lower overhead, at least.” — Former WCP‘s Das Krapital writer Moe Tkacik wrote Monday when asked if she’d been rehabilitated (not in the alcoholic/drug sense, but on Robert Stacy McCain featured above).

Ezra Klein, the movie buff

“I feel like Natalie Portman did not take the lessons of Black Swan to heart.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein on news that the actress is engaged and pregnant.

Washington Speak in Fort Lauderdale

“The Fort Lauderdale airport terminal 4 needs an earmark.” — MSNBC Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert in a geek-filled Monday tweet.

Measuring dorkiness

“Am I dork or do all people turn off a new album to catch @NPR @Wamu885news ?” — asked freelance journo Matt Laslo. To which The Takeaway’s radio scribe Todd Zwillich assured him, “That first thing.”

Speaking of, um, dorky decisions…

“I’m finally going to get serious about Google Reader. Not a New Year’s resolution though; it would never happen that way.” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a Monday tweet. > Update: A sassy Freed got snappy and declared, “I don’t mind you calling me a dork, Betsy, but I wrote that tweet last Thursday.” (Fine, Freed, you wrote the tweet last Thursday. We humbly stand corrected. We didn’t, however, call you a dork. We called your decision “dorky.”)

Cream puffs or push-ups: You decide

“Roommate Ryan just did 50 straight push-ups. I watched from the couch while eating cream puffs and drinking beer.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Monday tweet.

F–k you Facebook for fat friend

“Old high school peer now so large I’d never be able recognize that person now. It’s only been 5 years! #FuckYouFacebook” — The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Winkler in a Monday tweet.

The critic

“Disappointed tonight’s HuffPostHill included no animal pictures. For shame!” — Roll Call‘s Christina Bellantoni on HuffPost Hill, which usually has animals sneezing, dancing and doing other oddities.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day


Lynda tries to steer clear of bad Salahi juju

“Michaele and Tareq push my buttons, but I don’t hold bad energy. It’s just not worth it to me.”
- Lynda Erkiletian on last night’s episode of Bravo’s the “Real Housewives of D.C.,” referring to the Salahis.

Dead bird alert

“Dead bird in my driveway. Hoping @TBD will have more details.”
- C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman in a Thursday tweet.

D.C. blogger in Wasilla

“I can see Russia from this coffee shop.”
Conservative blogger and former TWT scribe Robert Stacy McCain in Wasilla, Alaska making fun of Palin’s 2008 remark that she can see Russia from her house.

Buyat Bay Blue Fish Blog.JPG

Conservative Matchmaker Gone Wild

dina.png Former Assistant National Editor for TWT Robert Stacy McCain, a conservative journalist who writes the blog, “The Other McCain,” sure knows how to spice up life, if not his own, then that of contributor Dina Fraioli.

Warning: the ick factor here is medium high.

In a recent tweet, McCain poses the following question:
“OK, single conservative guys: Did you know @DinaFraioli is single? Please form a single-file line and be polite, gentlemen.”

Fraoli says conservative politics are her “bread, butter and crack.” McCain lives in Maryland with his wife and six children. They homeschool the children.