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This Week In Pool Reports

A slow week in pool reports, but the illustrious Mike Allen makes an appearance and posing with the POTUS brings in less than a pic wit FLOTUS. And, of course, Miss Beasley knows who her master is.

  • “After the speech, the president worked a rope line as your pool was led out. The two-minute ride back to the White House was uneventful. When he exited his limousine, the president was greeted by Miss Beasley, with whom he strolled back to the Oval Office.” — Bartholomew Sullivan, Scripps Howard News Service

  • “With a little help from our friends in the Press Office: Marine One was wheels down from Andrews at 8:05 p.m. The President — wearing blue tie, white shirt and dark suit — was in a jaunty enough mood to wave toward the press pen. Marine One manifest included Air Force General John Pray of the National Security Council; Mr. Rove; Tony Fratto; The Honorable Jason Recher; and Jared Weinstein.” — Mike Allen, The Politico

  • “The fundraiser for New Jersey Republicans was held in a spartan,
    warehouse-sized convention and exposition center in Edison, about 20 minutes south of the airport. New Jersey Republican Party spokesman Todd Riffle said the fundraiser would generate about(dollars) 675,000 and draw about 700 donors. He described it as ‘easily the most successful fundraising event we’ve had since 2001′ in terms of cash. But he didn’t dispute the recollection of one audience member that photos with Laura Bush in 2004 in NJ were going for (dollars) 10,000, while photos with POTUS on Wednesday were going for (dollars) 5,000. Non-photo tickets were (dollars) 300. The money will go to support Republicans running in state legislative races as well as in local races this fall. Riffle at first said that photos had been dropped to (dollars) 3,000 but almost immediately corrected himself and said they were (dollars) 5,000. The concrete-floored room was lined in black cloth, giving the event a somewhat serious feel.” — John D. McKinnon, Wall Street Journal

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    This Week In Pool Reports

    In this week’s pool reports, POTUS is handing out hugs free of charge and we learn that one of his special talents is something called a blanket stitch. We don’t know what it is either.

  • “President Bush told the several thousand attendees at the 26th Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on the Capitol grounds that he brought them a ‘collective hug’ from America. Then he descended the stage and gave out actual hugs — lots of them. He spent an extra hour on top of the time scheduled, working the rope line.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

  • “A brief interlude in the Oval with President Bush and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Usual seating in front of the fireplace, large contingent of Swedish press. No questions. Reinfeldt proved himself Bush’s kind of leader by speaking only a few words. As Bush talked about greenhouse gasses, Reinfeldt nodded and smiled.” — Mason

  • “Just prior to that, POTUS and FLOTUS also received a lesson in sailmaking from Josiah Freitus, who insisted that is his real name. Sitting on a bench with his sail and needle in his lap, he gave the Bushes a discourse on how the Royal Navy was setting standards for making sails, and was eventually going to put him out of business (in 1734). Nothing worse than government interference, Mr. Bush cracked. Then Mr. Fenty attempted to show Laura Bush a blanket stitch. I’m sure you have done a blanket stitch before, he told her. Bush shot his wife a look and raised his presidential eyebrows. Then, after a pause for effect, the president said wryly, was just doing one the other day.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • Marine One delivered POTUS, Rove, Crouch, Stanzel, and the rest of the traveling White House contingent to Andrews at 8:58 a.m. AF1 was up by 9:14. Stanzel came back to gaggle but the flight was so short that after a few minutes everybody had to run to their seats because we were literally minutes (like two or three, tops) from landing — proving once again that all of the restrictions on commercial flights are merely part of an
    unnecessary system of control by the airlines.” — Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times

  • “We landed in Pittsburgh just before 9:50. Potus was greeted by local reps, led by ‘fresh-faced’ Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. … No sign of protest during short ride to the event site, a large gymnasium, hoops up. We were at first surprised that we were not offered frosty cold Rolling Rock ponies upon arrival, but alas, the brewery has pulled out of town. Bush appeared in a purple and black robe at 11, and received loud cheers.” — Rutenberg

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    Mixed emotions this week in the pool between the news of Tony Snow and Wednesday night’s festivities. FLOTUS makes a fashion faux pas and John Boehner has a little trouble with the letter “G”.

  • “FLOTUS wore a shimmering purple/green dress — which the pool will bet dollars-to-doughnuts is the same dress she wore to last year’s Library of Congress National Book Festival gala (which just so happens to be the last time this pooler was pool for a black tie event.) Thankfully, no other attendees were also wearing it.” — Ian Bishop, New York Post

  • “As the First Couple waited off stage during the pre-dinner mingling period, DNC chief Howard Dean chatted away with folks. GOP co-boss Mel Martinez, less than 20 feet away, stood alone behind his chair at table #95, nursing a glass of red wine. ‘It’s been a long day,’ Martinez quipped. Ten minutes later they were sitting together at the same table, separated by Tim Russert.” — Bishop

  • “President Bush said he got a call from Tony Snow, 51, who was resting at the hospital. POTUS was informed that Snow’s cancer had returned. ‘He told me that when they went in and operated on him they found cancer. It’s a recurrence of the cancer that he thought that he had successfully dealt with in the past. His attitude is, one, that he is not going to let this whip him, and he’s upbeat. My attitude is, is what we need to pray for him, and for his family,’ Bush said, adding that he’s looking forward to his spokesman returning to the White House after he rebounds.” — Kenneth R. Bazinet, Daily News

  • “Mystery of the day: What WERE they talking about?? Bush and House speaker Nancy Pelosi engaged in a lengthy — about 15 minutes — and animated conversation at the outset of the ceremony, before the speechifying had begun, as the airmen filed into the Rotunda. He arched his eyebrows at times; she gesticulated. They leaned toward one another, then back, laughing at times, appearing serious at others. Much comment in the press corps about whether they were cutting a deal, or arguing over, the Iraq supplemental.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • John Boehner, the House Republican leader, mispronounced Tuskegee throughout his speech, creating some awkward tension in the audience. He said Tuskee-gee, with a soft G, as in gee whiz. People tittered, but the full extent of the embarrassment did not become clear until Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, rose to follow him. McConnell stood up and quickly pronounced Tuskegee correctly, and with great emphasis, drawing a huge cheer from the crowd.” — Stolberg

  • This Week In Pool Reports

    Vice President Cheney is a not so secret “VSAO”, warm is a very subjective state of mind, there is a flurry of activity at the Rove household and what makes POTUS’s hands so soft?

  • “A very ‘senior administration official,’ one who might, say, ride in a black limousine with D.C. license plates 800-200, fired out of the Executive Drive-way at 10:44 a.m. for a six-minute bounce to the Omni, shooting down a closed-off E Street Expressway to Rock Creek Parkway (where a jogger ran with one arm up, one finger extended, apparently testing for a head wind) and up onto Calvert Street. A black Suburban rode the entire way with the back hatch and side windows open; clearly visible, men in black with very large guns. The ‘VSAO’ entered through the back door at 10: 50 and =as on stage in the Regency Ballroom at 10:56. … OK, it was Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney. Sheesh.” — Joseph Curl, Washington Times

  • “The vice president thanked the crowd of 1,200, mostly men hearing those little VFW hats, for the ‘warm welcome.’ Warm, if he considers “tepid” warm. Some could say ‘cool;’ they applauded for about 20 seconds, then sat.” — Curl

  • President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush left the White House at 6:20 a.m. and were driven to dinner at the home of Karl and Darby Rove in the upscale Palisades neighborhood of Washington. Your pooler sent Mr. Rove a playful e-mail asking if he would mind sending a doggy bag to the press vans waiting outside. Sure enough, a short while later, an emissary arrived bearing gifts — sausage and quail wings. These were eagerly accepted, despite the fact that by now the pool was already scarfing down pepperoni-and-mushroom pizza from Domino’s. No word on whether all this activity, including the presence of a massive motorcade on Mr. Rove’s tiny street, riled the neighbors, most of whom are Democrats.” — Bill Sammon, Washington Examiner

  • “The last time there was news made at Mr. Rove’s house was nearly three years ago, when hundreds of protesters surrounded the brick structure and pounded on the windows, literally chasing Mr. Rove and his terrified family from room to room in their own house.(Ironically, they were demanding the relaxation of immigration laws. — Sammon

  • “‘Space Jam’ and ‘Jesus’ version of trash talk’ were among the themes of the Rev. Luis Leon’s sermon to President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush and scores of other worshippers at St. John’s Church this morning. … By way of explaining ‘trash talk,’ the Rev. Leon recalled the film ‘Space Jam’ (starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny) and his own experience of hearing such talk on the basketball court from a young relative who, according to the Rev. Leon, asked him: ‘You want a part of me?’ (Your pooler believes the proper trash talk phrase here is: ‘You want a piece of me?’)” — Sammon

  • “After an hour-long chopper ride here, Bush made an unscheduled stop to a poor black neighborhood here, wiped out by the storm. Trees upended, walls ripped off houses. Men in hardhats were helping to clear debris; people in t-shirts and jeans sifted through what remained of a house where two people died as they sought shelter from the storm. … ‘He’s very nice, loving and warm. He’s got very soft hands,’ said one resident, Felicia Stafford. The torrnado blew the roof off her house and let the rain in, ruining her wood floors.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times