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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Cliffhanger? “Just taped an interview w/trump-u will not believe what happened at the end. Tune in at 1p fri!” — FNC’s Megyn Kelly.

Keeping up Appearances…

Labor journo Mike Elk moves from his discomfort with men to Jewish men to his discomfort with all men generally at a whiskey tasting event at Sixth & I Synagogue in downtown Washington. Have another whiskey Elk? 1. My god I can’t believe I am at a whiskey tasting session in the basement of a synagogue & there are only men here – so weird. 2. Few things as scary in being a room full of just 40 Jewish men dressed in suits drinking whiskey – so weird. 3. I’m more scared of this room full of preppy Jewish men drinking whiskey than of drugs lords carrying machine guns I meet in Brasil 4.“Sitting in a room of 40 men, I’m reminder of why it’s easier to make friends with women – men r so douchey.”

Deep, dark admission

“I hate to admit it, but I’m much more likely to give money to a charity if the solicitation came with return labels.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin.

What spells relief?

“Nothing spells relief like being late for a school concert — to find you are just in time for your kid’s performance.” — CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood in a touching tweet with all the sentiment of a R-O-L-A-I-D-S commercial.

Anti-Gmail sentiment

“Ughhh just got forced into Gmail’s “New Look.” It. Seriously. Sucks.” — Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab.

Convo Between Two Journos

Two journos muse on the Aides Gone Wild revelation that surfaced yesterday in Rep. Rick Larsen’s (D-Wash.) office. The news first broke in the NW Daily Marker.

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza: “Rick Larsen, call your office.”

Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith: “His office would call him, but that might be drunk dialing.”

FBDC’s Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.


Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Washington Watch’s Resident Fashion Plate Roland Martin: “Me and wifey @jhoodmartin getting our Texas on at the Black Republican gathering.”

Up With Hazy, Down with Hazy: Not always easy to tell

“For all I know @chrislhayes is the greatest TV talent in the world. Still don’t get people who watch msnbc first thing Saturday morning.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg.

“Just starting my DVR of UP! with @chrislhayes . No spoilers, please! #uppers” — Mediaite‘s White House correspondent Tommy Christopher watches “Up with Hayes” like it’s a reality TV marathon.

Piers to his driver: I’m not that important

“My driver just went ‘around the block’ because he thought we were being followed. At 6am, in Los Angeles. Mate, I’m not the President.” — CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Super Committee Humor

“Failure of super comm is the most surprising thing to happen in Wash DC since the time that family values pol got caught having an affair.” — Former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett.

“It’s Sunday. Are you ready for some SITTING IN THE CAPITOL ON DEATHWAAAATCH!” — The Takeaway’s Capitol Hill radio reporter Todd Zwillich.

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: Media gets painted as evil

“The media’s a little bit like the Jurassic Park dinosaur, it notices movement in the polls & it moves in to kill it.” — GOP Consultant Mike Murphy on NBC’s “MTP” Sunday.

HUH? This week’s Date Lab includes 28-year-old Matt Holland, who thinks he has a handle on what women want. Holland, a grown man, says, “I had a good week at work, and afterward I went and bought myself a new sweater. Girls like soft sweaters.”

The Media Critic

“Ok – I don’t like this ‘Meet’ format. Kerry sits there while Kyl talks? No interaction? #peanutgalleryopinion” — Senate Fox News reporter Trish Turner.

The Observer

“Chris Wallace ‘dancing’ with turkeys is exceedingly disturbing. #sundaymorninghell” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton.

And now a positive word on Wallace…

“Chris Wallace is growing on me. He asks very pointed questions.” — Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith.

Journo Sundays

Politico‘s Jake Sherman: “My #sundayroutine: hour-long workout. Sunday shows. Work.”

NBC “MTP” Executive Producer Betsy Fischer: “My #SundayRoutine; wakeup at 4am, make some live television, start weekend, play with daughter, take a nap.”

WaPo editor Lindsay Applebaum: “Sometimes I like quiet weekend mornings just sitting here with my coffee and my newspaper and my iPhone and my iPad and my laptop and my TV.”

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza (on Saturday night): “The Bourne Supremacy on Bravo. And just like that my next two and a half hours are spoken for.”

A Convo Among Three Journos

Our favorite Cabbage Patch doll/blogger Matt Mackowiak: “Here’s an idea: the SuperCommittee could be working today instead of appearing on the Sunday Shows.”

NBC’s Fischer: “I disagree!”

Roll Call‘s Steven Dennis: “Maybe if they appeared together & talked it out w/Dr. Phil. Or Regis. #Supercom”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

“The problem for the media is there is no stained blue dress.” — The Daily Caller‘s media writer Matt Lewis on Sunday CNN’s “Reliable Sources” while discussing the sexual harassment accusations against GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Lewis’ remark set off a heated discussion on the program as another guest, Newsweek/Daily Beast‘s Lauren Ashburn, spoke bluntly of the sexual harassment she endured, including a boss’s boss who spoke about her “rack” in the workplace. Ashburn says the subject needs to be a national conversation, that women’s accusations must be taken seriously. She would not discuss an incident her mother experienced, saying sheepishly, “It involves underwear and it’s my mother and I really can’t do that.”

The Senate has a ‘Banging’ Committee?

“Closed captions on Meet the Press just said Chris Dodd was chairman of the Senate ‘banging’ committee. #transcriberfail” — Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith. Beckwith has officially redeemed himself after communicating with chewy granola bars online.

Congratulations to Slate‘s John Dickerson on becoming CBS News’ new Political Director. Dickerson, who had been a CBS News Political Analyst, had rough start to his new expanded roll this weekend as GOP Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann received an accidental email from him saying she wouldn’t get much play at the CBS/NJ debate. Dickerson remarked on Sunday, “Thanks everyone for your good wishes, support, humor and friendship over this last exciting and strange 24 hours.”

Have an issue with Weingarten? Take it up with the NYT

“Have you found that the folks who brag the most that they have deep faith and love God more than you do tend to be the ones who, like, get caught nude with a goat?” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten on faith and Christ and running for President. (At the end of his piece he noted, “If this has riled you at all, by all means write to me in care of the New York Times.)

To Gloria with hate

“Dear Gloria Allred: STFU” — The Daily Caller‘s TV reporter Jeff Poor.

Memory moves journo to tears

“Just broke down sobbing w/ family in Dubrovnik church lighting candle for Vukovar. Had not realized: 20th ann of massacre.” — NPR’s Scott Simon. The war crime — the murders of hundreds of Croatians by Serb militia –  occurred in 1991.

Journos Teach the Art of Interviewing

Jamie Dupree of Cox Media, WaPo‘s Emily Heil, Politico’s Reid Epstein and Ryan Teague Beckwith of Roll Call will be speaking about “The Art of Interviewing” at a panel at Georgetown University’s master’s of journalism program from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15th.

The panel is aimed at Georgetown students, but it’s open to the public. RSVP to The event will be at the school’s Clarendon Campus, just across from the Clarendon Metro stop at 3101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Va.


For more info, visit

What’s With Washington, D.C.’s Avalanche of Facebook Stories?

A sweep of publications around town finds an abundance of stories about Facebook. WaPo. NJ. Roll Call. They’re all writing them.

On Sunday WaPo ran a first-person account of one reporter’s decision to give up Facebook. Today NJ‘s Ethan Klapper, a recent AU graduate, writes about how Capitol Hill offices prefer Facebook for Social Media. His lede: “Congress would rather friend you than follow you, a new study says.” Not surprisingly, the study shows that staffers 30 and older think Social Media is worthwhile while those 51 and older are not so convinced.

Roll Call, in the meantime, has two Facebook-themed stories today. Features Editor Ryan Teague Beckwith writes about how lawmakers make Facebook personal — well, predominately one lawmaker. His story focuses on 58-year-old Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.) and his Facebook habits. An intriguing detail comes three fourths of the way down when he reports that Miller has received ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) type messages from strangers. “There are a few perfect strangers who worry me a little bit,” Miller tells Beckwith. “I think it might be an Anthony Weiner-like setup to draw me into something that would be politically embarrassing, so I obviously avoid that. And it’s not my nature.” (Yes, we should hope it’s not his nature to send snapshots of his johnson to female fans.)

In a second Facebook story, Beckwith’s Roll Call colleague Daniel Newhauser addresses the study that Klapper does above.

WaPo‘s Sunday offering was Innovations Editor Emi Kolawole‘s first-person account of why she can’t quit Facebook. The editor warned her friends and family, quit, and then signed on again — for WaPo. “Facebook: 2, Me: o,” she concluded. Most readers sympathized with her dilemma about staying or leaving as Kolawole expressed on Twitter how much she was enjoying reading the comments. But one reader, probably not someone the editor ought to friend, sounded completely fed up. “What a waste of space and ink (on a Sunday to boot)! Who cares about your Facebook issues! This has to be one of the worst articles in the Post all year.”

Beckwith Named Editor of

Mike Mills and Scott Montgomery announced today that Ryan Teague Beckwith has been promoted from Deputy Editor to Editor of Congrats to Ryan! Memo from Montgomery below:

We’re delighted to announce that Ryan Teague Beckwith has been promoted to the title of Editor of For more than a year, Ryan has diligently handled day-to-day operations of this free site, developing its editorial voice, cultivating relationships with contributors around the CQ-Roll Call newsroom, working relentlessly with IT to find opportunities to improve the technology behind this digital publication. All the while, he has done so with the title of Deputy Editor. His contributions to this important site, and to the future of our free strategy, necessitate a change in standing for Ryan. Please join us in congratulating him.

Mike Mills and Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery
Director of Consumer Publishing
CQ-Roll Call Group

Roll Call Snags N&O’s Ryan Teague Beckwith

The News & Observer’s Ryan Teague Beckwith has joined the Roll Call Group as deputy editor of

Beckwith most recently penned N&O’s Under the Dome column/blog. The memo from RC’s Mike Mills after the jump.

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