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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Capitol Hill Weirdness: “For some reason, this gigantic bear was being carried to the Kennedy Caucus Room today.”Politico and soon-to-be Washington Examiner‘s Tim Mak.

White House press returns from Europe

“Good to be back on the USA. White House media charter home from Ireland and Germany. Nothing like a red eye to start the day.” — CBS News White House Correspondent Peter Maer.

The Observer

“Great to see @SarahPalinUSA back on @FoxNews. She’s a wonderful woman and commentator.” — former maybe presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 6:08 a.m.

Did someone say fishing?

“Politician fishing: I heard newspaper took meeting with X, but not me. In fact, you know nothing, are lying to see if I’ll reveal anything.” — The Detroit News‘ Op-ed Editor James David Dickson.

Journo contemplates violence with languishing computer

“My computer is running so slow that I’m tempted to hit it with a softball bat.” — Politico’s Leigh Munsil.

Men’s Wearhouse fallout

  • “Men’s Wearhouse’s new, millenial-friendly slogan: ‘you’re gonna like the way you look when taking a selfie on a skateboard, I guarantee it.’” — BuzzFeed‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro.

And a confession…

“Both of my suits are Men’s Wearhouse, I’ve worn one to every job interview since ’07.” — Bloomberg BNA’s Alex Parker.

Reporter irked by visitor’s badges

“Pet peeve? News conferences filled with people with visitors badges.” — Roll Call Senate reporter Niels Lesniewski.

On Gandolfini’s death

“In every great Tony Soprano scene I watch, I’m drawn to how great other actors appear. Big testament to James Gandolfini’s talent.” — NPR “Morning Edition” Editor Arnie Seipel.

Crime reporter’s neighbors catch mugger

“My neighbors helped catch a College Park mugger this morning. What have you done today?” — Scott McCabe, former crime reporter for the Washington Examiner.



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Washington Examiner Crime Reporter’s Daughter Witnessed Dad’s Firing

The Washington Examiner recently dropped a bombshell on its newsroom, giving the boot to some 87 journalists to effectively start a new online political publication, including crime reporter Scott McCabe, whose work has actually helped solve crimes, and gossip columnist Nikki Schwab. McCabe and Schwab recently spoke with American University’s clean and professional District Wire News broadcast about losing their jobs and dished about went down during the firings.

In McCabe’s case, his daughter was on Spring Break and at work with him that day… Read more

Washington Examiner Hires A Lethal Writer

The Washington Examiner has hired Sean Higgens away from Investor’s Business Daily as an editorial writer. Watch out, Higgens may be “mild mannered” but he knows Krav Maga, an Israeli military defense technique. So if you disagree with him you may not want to mess with him. Meanwhile, Emily Babay, who has been on the Crime & Punishment beat, has been promoted to Digital News Editor. Aubrey Whelan, who covers Alexandria, Fairfax and and Arlington, will be replacing Babay on the crime beat alongside Scott McCabe.

Noteworthy: An Occupier apparently hit on Whelan a few weeks ago. Love is in the air? No, no, no, she firmly turned him down.

Read the memo from Editor Stephen Smith. Pretty creative and thorough for an office memo…

Read more

Separated at Birth: Examiner’s Scott McCabe

The Washington Examiner‘s crime reporter Scott McCabe has his mug in the paper every day. But it wasn’t until today that it struck us how much his photo resembles a more stern Zach Galifianakis of “The Hangover.”

Washington Examiner Crime Reporters Get Results

Sometimes it pays to anger a drug dealer.

After the Washington Examiner ran a report Thursday about Darrell Edwards, a Prince George’s County resident wanted for drug trafficking, the fugitive turned himself in that very day. The report included the mugshot pictured here.

Edwards didn’t like “how he was portrayed” in the story, so he took himself to the courthouse to turn himself in. The Examiners‘ follow-up story didn’t say what exactly Edwards objected to but thank God the reporters pissed him off. The report from Thursday said authorities described Edwards as a “6-foot-3, 245-pound … menace.” Maybe it was his weight. (That fat ass. Just kidding if he’s reading this.)

Edwards is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on April 6.

Some well-deserved self-congratulating in the Examiner‘s follow-up story:

“Forty-one fugitives have now been taken into custody after their cases were featured in The Examiner.

Others captured thanks to tips from Examiner readers include murderers, rapists, scam artists and sex offenders.”

And some congratulations to the Examiner‘s crime reporters Scott McCabe and Emily Babay. McCabe started the weekly “Most Wanted” feature in 2008 and law enforcement officials say it has been successful in helping track down dozens of criminals.

We reached out to McCabe to see if he had any thoughts on the Examiner‘s success in the crime department. We’ll update if he responds.

Washington Examiner Crime Reporter Gets Robbed

Scott McCabe, the Washington Examiner‘s longtime crime reporter, was robbed last night while lost in his own little online world. After his iPhone was taken on the Red Line last night, he chased the suspect down while unleashing a symphony of profanity.

McCabe wrote on Twitter: “Punk swiped my iPhone on the train. Chased him through station, over fare, through lot until police got him. Good work MPD, WMATA.”

Unfortunately, the iPhone got lost in the shuffle.

WTOP’s Adam Tuss has the full story.


Morning Dose of ‘His Excellency’ Weirdness

The saga continues.

Just to recap: Yesterday FBDC’s Matt Dornic brought you the wild tale of Nelson Lewis attempting to impersonate Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) and the subsequent video with Kate Michel over torturous high tea at The Mayflower Hotel in which Lewis claims to be His The Bahamas. Lewis worked at FNC as a booker and as a senior producer for the Laura Ingraham Show briefly until he was terminated. The Washington Examiner’s Scott McCabe broke the original story of Nelson’s arrest for being in possession of a congressional pin after claiming he had been assaulted but later admitted the assailants hadn’t touched him.

The story gets weirder still, as new details emerge.

Read more

Former FNC Booker Facing Charges for Impersonating a Congressman

Nelson Lewis, a former Fox News booker who took the role of senior producer for the Laura Ingraham Show for 15 weeks this year, was arraigned in District Court yesterday and is being charged with illegal possession of a congressional pin.

According to the Examiner‘s Scott McCabe, Lewis was arrested around 1 am at the 100 block of Independence Avenue SE on November 17th after Capitol Police responded to a call that a member of Congress had been assaulted.  When they arrived, they found the 26-year-old Lewis sporting the pin and claiming to be 55-year-old Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.).  Lewis later changed his story and said the pin belonged to a deceased uncle.

According to Lewis’s Facebook page, he is a currently a classic rock features writer and columnist for Rolling Stone.  FishbowlDC contacted the magazine’s HR department who could not verify his employment and a web search produced no Lewis-penned articles for the magazine.  Another source at the mag said, “never heard of him.”

In the meantime, check out McCabe’s piece for more info.

Note: We updated the original version of this post to reflect Nelson’s actual length of employment with Laura Ingraham.  A spokesman for the program contacted, saying “Nelson Lewis worked as a producer for the show for approximately 15 weeks before being terminated.”  Lewis’s Facebook profile claims employment from January to October of this year.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Score: Washington Examiner‘s gossip maven Nikki Schwab wins a new red Nikon Coolpix camera at the office holiday party in a raffle. Twenty plus prizes, including an iPad, iPod Touch, jewelry and more, were given away. Those who won included Editor Stephen Smith, and reporters Scott McCabe and Freedom Klopott.

Take that: “Damn your dumb bitch.”the tweet that caused Sen. Jim DeMint‘s speechwriter Amanda Carpenter to block someone. Carpenter is a former TWT columnist and political writer.

Journo heaven

“I love it when a breaking pile of scoop lands in my lap.” — J. Freedom du Lac in a Friday tweet.

Meghan McCain issues warning

“If u send me a death threat all that happens is ur shit goes to the FBI and I may have to be followed around by men in black action figures.” — The Daily Beast columnist and Sen. John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, in a weekend tweet.

A journo’s compelling question

“Is there research that compels radio stations to keep playing “blinded by the light.” What is audience 4 that? How does fm radio survive?” — Politico‘s Jonathan Martin in a weekend tweet.

How Ana Marie Cox amuses herself

“Amusing self with fact that in between my watching of Bravo reality shows on DVR, TV flips to C-SPAN. #nerdy #trashy.” — GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox in a weekend tweet.

Editor has trouble feeling her face

“OK, they may not be kidding about the whole 9 degrees thing. Unsure I can feel my face.” — Washington Examiner Features Editor Jacque Jo Bland in a weekend tweet.

Star sighting

“Just saw Angela Lansbury at Union Station. Kennedy Center honors? First thought, she’s tall.” — ABC News’s Amy Walter in a weekend tweet.

Scribe needs help with salami

“My son just had to give me tech help on how to open salami package.” Slate and CBS’s John Dickerson in a weekend tweet.

Olbermann upholds his manhood

“A woman who advocates assassinating doctors writes today asking how many abortions I’ve had. I think the anatomical cluelessness says it all.” — MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann in a Sunday tweet.

It’s a coincidence

“I’m Michael buying art supplies at Michael’s. Ironic? perhaps. All I know is that its early 4 a sunday! (@ Michael’s Art Supply)” — Washington Life‘s Michael Clements in a weekend tweet.

Fleischer urges Helen bashing

“I hope the media won’t be silent about HT. Whatever good she did has come undone. She deserves rebuke 4 now standing by ‘Jews Go Home.’” — Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in a Sunday tweet. The news is that Wayne State U. Wayne State Univ. suspended Helen Thomas Diversity Award post scandal. Read more about the issue on here. Read the Mediate story here.

Scribe Braces Hard Facts of Life – Even Severed Thumbs

The Washington Examiner‘s Scott McCabe isn’t afraid to think about some of the ugliest crime stories to cross his desk. He has his faves — one is the hotshot who forgot his thumb at the crime seen, another is a child sex offender (who was caught), and still another is a kidnapper who held his hostage “at a Days Inn in Northeast, but escaped from police in a wild shootout and ducked into the National Arboretum never to be seen again.”

Since July 2008, the Examiner has been running a weekly feature called “Most Wanted” on its Crime and Punishment page profiling some of the city’s most dangerous fugitives. McCabe, who gallantly writes it, notes that at least 24 featured criminals who have been scooped up based on readers’ tips.  Law enforcement officials sings their praises because the feature has been so successful.

Does being a crime reporter ever wig him out? “Writing about crime, you’re definitely aware of what’s going out there, and much of the way you know the city is based on the stories you covered,” he told FishbowlDC. “Oh, this is the street is where that little girl was shot, that’s where the guy got his head nearly decapitated, that’s where the Metro bus driver punched McGruff the crime dog for no apparent reason.”

McCabe says other forms of paranoia come with the job – he refuses to jay walk and rarely crosses the street against the red hand signal because of too many pedestrian deaths. “And I’ve developed an irrational fear of man hole covers because they have a habit of blowing up around here,” he said.

Read about his “favorite” criminal after the jump (it involves the man who got his thumb hacked off and left it for police…)

Read more